Five Nights with Jack

Chapter 1: The Billionaire

A certain Samurai Jack is waiting patiently at a pub in an unknown city waiting for a wealthy billionaire to show his face. A man in a trench coat ends up entering the pub and notices Samurai Jack.

"You there, you're Samurai Jack are you not, you have asked that you've requested me?" asked the man.

"Yes, there is a mysterious billionaire who states he has a time machine, a machine that'd get me back to the past where I belong" continued Jack.

"I am that man" continued the mysterious man, "but there is a catch, I won't give you the machine unless if you spend at least five nights at a run down restaurant."

The samurai was suspicious about this.

"Your ad never mentioned that" continued Jack.

"Of course, none of those who seek me are ever heard from again" continued the billionaire, "and they often try to avoid me, the ones whom are smart."

"Just what does this abandon restaurant hold?" asked Jack to the billionaire.

"Come with me and I'll walk you there" continued the billionaire.

Jack follows the billionaire as he gets up from the pub to follow him.

"I bought the place from the previous owner, mysterious things have happened to the security guards who use to work there" continued the billionaire, "some say it's haunted by vengeful spirits from the first security guard who murdered them."

"Intriguing" continued Jack.

The samurai continued the trek with the billionaire until they reached the restaurant.

"There is ample amount of supplies for food during the day, but at night, you better watch out for the animaltronics" continued the billionaire as he walked Jack in.

"You mean these robots?" asked Jack as he glared at the animaltronics on stage.

"It's not that simple" continued the billionaire, "the legend states they move around every night tryng to search for their killer, and when they find whoever might be guarding at night they try to put that poor soul into an animaltronic as well!"

"You want me to try to survive the five nights?" asked Jack.

"Absolutely, I've seen your skills" continued the billionaire, "when night falls, I'll call the phone number in the office, you just have to answer it, and I'll give you instructions. Samurai, you can survive this, I know you can, good luck."

Jack was skeptical whether or not this was a trick by Aku, but it wasn't a trick by Aku, as the doors closed, Jack was locked inside during the day. All he could find to eat was pizza whic he wasn't familiar with the food in question as he had to heat it up and eat it. As night fell, Jack headed for the office, which the billionaire dialed the number to call Jack.

"Ah samurai, you're there" said the billionaire as Jack pressed the speaker phone, "there are cameras and a security tablet that you can look at. Oh, aside from the animaltronics to worry about, you will have to wind up the music box during the night. Some legend of the first soul being killed still lurks about and is seeking revenge. Good luck and I hope you survive the night, use your samurai skills if necessary."

As the night began, Jack glared at the security cameras, it should be very simple for a samurai of his skills to get by or would it be was another question.

"Hmm, everyone seems to be there" said Jack as he noticed the animaltronics on stage, soon he realized Bonnie was missing.

Jack began to switch through the cameras and soon spotted Bonnie down a hallway.

"So you do move around don't you?" asked Jack as he glared at Bonnie through the security camera.

Bonnie just stood there glaring at the security camera with a sinister manner. As the night continued, Jack noticed Chica was out of her place. She was wondering around getting closer to the office which Jack had to shine a light on Chica and close the door as she got close.

"What caused you to be here?" asked Jack as he glared at Chica through the window.

Chica ended up just stairing right back at him. The night continued and Jack had to wind up the music box which was a tideous job for him to do, but it had to be done. He had hoped to get through the first night without any sort of issues at all. But as Jack glared at the camera he noticed Foxy was missing from his position, and heard some clamping like a robot coming closer to him. Jack soon closed the door to the right of him which Foxy literally ran into it.

"Aarrgghh!" roared Foxy as it began to bang the window trying to get to Jack.

Jack took out his sword being ready for anything.

"I didn't know I have to do this during the first night here" said Jack, "but I am prepared for you."

Jack continued to glare at the camera while he had his sword out, Freddy was still in his position and he noticed Bonnie and Chica were wondering around still. The night was still young as the animaltronics were running about, it would be only a matter of time before the samurai would make a mistake. The billionaire himself felt confident that Jack could finish all five nights, yet at what price would the samurai have to pay should he finish the entire week? Only time would tell, for Aku he was busy minding his own business when he spotted Jack doing this odd job.

"Bah, so that's what the samurai has been up to, being given permission at an abandon pizza restaurant" continued Aku, "hmm, maybe within the week I can spice things up a little for him, bwahahahaha!"

Aku indeed was hatching up his own plans to make it impossible for the samurai to survive, let alone make him draw suspicions over the billionaire as well.