Chapter 7: The Purple Spirit

Jack felt confident that he could finish the last night at the run down restaurant, after vanquishing Springtrap, the hideous animaltronic that made a pact with Aku, the samurai had hoped he could just simply relax for the last night. The billionaire was impressed as he called in to the samurai as night fell.

"Ah, samurai I am rather impressed you handled that pesky Springtrap pretty well, however you should be on your toes on the final night, things will go literally bump in the night if you catch my drift, anyway when you survive this night I'll bring out that time machine in the front of the restaurant in the morning, good luck!" laughed the billionaire.

Jack knew the last night would be quite problematic, as he gazed at the cameras, the animaltronics were roaming about more than usual as if something else had spooked them. Springtrap was no more, but Jake could sense some purple mist in the air.

"So, samurai, you thought getting rid of my vessel would have stopped me" said a dark voice throughout the restaurant, "but remember, I always come back one way or another!"

Jack was well prepared to deal with the Purple Spirit that use to be the form of the Purple Man, the Purple Spirit roamed around the restaurant wrecking havoc in its way. Jack could see such destruction of the restaurant and the Purple Spirit was coming toward the office. Jack took out his sword being well prepared for a fight, as the Purple Spirit entered, it was able to squeeze through the doors with ease.

"You cannot harm me in this form samurai, but I can harm you!" laughed the Purple Spirit.

Jack gazed at the purple mist.

"Evil spirit, you shall not stop me from my quest!" roared Jack.

"We'll see about that" laughed the Purple Spirit.

The Purple Spirit first began to toss objects at the samurai at first Jack was able to get the hang of it, until a large object came right at him which nearly pinned him against the wall had he not been able to squeeze right out.

"Why won't you be squashed!" roared the Purple Spirit.

"It is your fault to why the children are trapped in these animaltronics, the Puppet told me about it" said Jack.

"That brat, ha, he was my first victim!" laughed the Purple Spirit.

"You are just as bad if not worse than Aku!" roared Jack.

"Ha, I am sure Aku would like that one!" laughed the Purple Spirit.

The Purple Spirit ended up pushing Jack which sent Jack flying into the air crashing against some tables. Some of the animaltronics such as Chica and Foxy tried to attack Jack, yet the samurai was able to keep them at bay with his sword.

"There is no way you'll ever escape" continued the Purple Spirit.

Jack soon witnessed his sword being taken from his hands as the Purple Spirit held the sword.

"Let's see if the tables can be turned!" laughed the Purple Spirit.

The Purple Spirit slashed Jack's sword at Jack, yet Jack was able to dodge the attacks.

"Go ahead, try to hit me with that sword" continued Jack knowing the powers of only those good could use the sword's magic.

The Purple Spirit was about to get his wish as Freddy managed to creep up and hold Jack.

"You're not following the rules" said Freddy.

Freddy then began to play his music in a typical manner, Jack closed his eyes as the Purple Spirit charged with Jack's sword, but when the Purple Spirit had the sword hit Jack, the music ended up stopping which surprised even Freddy. The Purple Spirit kept on trying again to use the sword, which Jack ended up grabbing his sword.

"Now for you and the rest of the animaltronics!" roared Jack.

Jack slashed each animaltronic that charged its way toward him, as he made his way to the Purple Spirit. He then took his sword and dug his sword into the Purple Spirit.

"Evil spirit, you shall no longer occupy this plane any longer, I hearby banish you to the firey pits of the Earth where you belong!" roared Jack.

Jack then planted his sword into the ground after absorbing the Purple Spirit, the Purple Spirit screamed as he was being sent to hell itself. After that action, Jack looked up and noticed that the spirits that the Purple Spirit had caused harm to were coming out of the animaltronics, even the Puppet and Golden Freddy who came onto the scene were impressed.

"Thank you" said the Puppet in a garbled message to Jack.

As morning came, Jack exited out of the restaurant, hoping to see the billionaire with the time machine promised, however Jack soon discovered the billionaire did had the time machine, but instead of seeing the time machine he saw Aku outside holding the billionaire to his neck and the time machine in pieces.

"How dare you try to help out the samurai!" roared Aku to which he turned over to Jack, "Oh, looking for your time machine, ha simply waited to see the look on your face in the morning!"

"Aku!" roared Jack as he took out his sword, "Put him down!"

"Make me!" laughed Aku.

Jack charged at Aku as he began to use his sword, Aku felt the pain, in spite of Aku trying to change into a typical bunch of monsters to try to stop Jack, it was too much for the shape-shifting wizard. The billionaire saw what a warrior Jack was as he fought Aku, and until Aku finally fled in a typical manner.

"I am sorry, I was about ready to show the time machine until Aku ambushed me" continued the billionaire.

"I'll sadly have to find another way back to my own time and stop Aku once and for all" continued Jack.

"I understand, wish you the best of luck, it'll sadly take another decade to create one of those time machines" continued the billionaire.

Jack heads off into the distance once again to continue his journey, as the samurai glares back he could see the spirits of the children waving at him as a white light from the sky shines over them.