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He was there, yet he wasn't. He always felt that he was alone, yet he was building a small wall of lies telling himself he wasn't.
Soon he enrolled Teiko High, got friends, joined the basketball team. But this soon changed when his friends turned their backs, slowly leaving him. After a shocking announcement, he quit, and after that, he isolated himself from others.

? x Kuroko



" And what I am to you, is not real.
What I am to you, you don't need.
What I am to you, is not what you mean to me.
You gave me miles and miles of mountains, when I'll ask for the sea. "

Vulcano by Damien Rice

[[Kuroko P.O.V]]

I always felt that I was left out. That didn't mean I didn't have any friends, but I got this weird feeling pretty often. That I was there, but really wasn't. I can't blame it, I was born with a low presence.
But it feels like shit that nobody talks to you until you say something first. If you're quiet long enough, they forget you. You get the drill. I don't even have that many friends, and it's hard to me to get friends. Usually they run away screaming 'Ghost' when I talk to them. But some just laughs it off and start talking to me, and then forgets that I'm there if I'm quiet.

It feels pretty bad, that it's always me that reaches out for the others, nobody even bothered to noticed me, until I spoke to them. If I hadn't, I probably wouldn't have friends right now at all. It feels sad that they didn't even search for me if I 'disappeared'. Can I call them friends at all? But these friends are probably a small wall I built, lying to myself that I'm not alone.

I'm Kuroko Tetsuya, currently 16 years old. I'm today enrolling to Teiko High.

I woke up 06.00am when my alarm went off, echoing in my room. I slowly opened my eyes, giving a small sigh. Todays the day, I'm going to Teiko. I was a little disappointed that none of my friends from middle school came to the same school as me, but at the same time, I felt some joy. Maybe things were going to be different?

I got out of bed, and stretched my arms over my head and then slapped my face with my hands. I looked around my room, still dull as ever. The walls were painted light blue, seemed like cold ice. There was a small bed, a mirror, a desk and closet in the room. Layers and layers of books shattered across the room, covering the wooden floor underneath. He took light steps on the books walking to the mirror. Dull eyes were gazing through the mirror at him-self. Sighing in disappointment, his bed head was wild, again. He took off his pajamas and walked out from his room in black boxers. Later he came back, his hair dripping small drops of water, giving a small scent of vanilla. He turned his gaze and looked at his new school uniform hanging on a hanger, hooked on one of the closet doors. He took down the uniform and placed it on his bed and sat down next to them. He took the black pants and put them on. Later he put a light blue dress shirt on, and tied a black tie around his neck. And lastly he put on a white blazer, with Teikos emblem neatly stitched on the left side.

He walked down the stairs, not making the slightest noise. He turned to his left, walking in to the small kitchen. On the table laid two toasts on a plate, with a small note underneath.

"Eat. There's a lunchbox in the fridge.
Have fun at your first day of school.


He gave off a small smile, yet sad. His mom, she wasn't around anymore, she died in a car crash when I was 5 years old. My dad changed after that, he probably hates me for resembling her so much with my baby blue hair, and sky blue eyes. He used to work day time, but after the crash, he switched to night time.
And I never really saw him after that. Well I saw him, sleeping, exhausted after working, but I didn't want to disturb him.
And usually when I came back from school, he was getting ready for work, or was already at the work.
Sometimes I started a small talk with him but he just hummed and then went to work. He never actually talked to me.
I was jealous, that the people at his work saw him more than I did, talked to him.

I suddenly came back from my deep thoughts and slapped my gaze to the clock standing on the kitchen wall. 06.53 am. I took my bag and went to the fridge and took my lunchbox and put it in my bag, then turning to the table and wrote 'Thanks' on the note dad left.
I put on my shoes, and then walked back to the kitchen taking the toasts with me.
It was a 30minutes walk to school, it didn't actually bother me at all. I ate my toasts on the way to school.
I was a slow eater, so when I stood before my school, I took the last bite of my last toast.

The clock was 07.30 when I reached the school. In an half an hour, the classes would be filled with students.
The school ground wasn't filled with many students yet. I easily walked past them without being noticed, well that was expected. I came to a board, standing next to the head entrance. The new classes were listed there, names neatly listed. He didn't know anyone of them. He noticed his name and gave a small smile.

'1E, huh' he thought.

He was about to turn around to walk when he heard shouts of enthusiasm of upper classmen rush out from the head entrance with fliers. Some of them were wearing silly costumes.

"Join the best club ever!"

"Join the basketball club!"

"Join the book club!"

So it began the war of clubs, who'll get the most members to their club.
Kuroko easily passed the students and walked inside, leaving his shoes in his shoe locker, and searched his way up to his class.

[[End of Kuroko P.O.V]]

"Oi, Akashi!" a green haired teen shouted.

Akashi stopped and turned around to see four of his friends run after him.

Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryota, Midorima Shintaro, Murasakibara Atsushi, all walking closer to him, closing the gap between them.

"Geez " Aomine huffed "Why are you in such a hurry?"

Akashi just glared at Aomine, later giving him a smirk "Because I don't want to be late for the opening ceremony"

After the opening ceremony they walked into their class, 1E.
Girls gasped when they saw them walking in. They walked in to the center of the classroom, taking their seat next to each other. They kept on talking how their summer was, and what they did.
They had been best friends sense middle school.

The class quieted down when their teacher walked in, dragging a gray haired teen behind her.

"Geez, I can't understand. You're caught smoking the first day of school. I can't understand you" she murmured. "Take a seat" she said and let the teen loose from her grip.

The gray haired teen cursed under his breath and made his way to the back of the class, to an empty seat next to the window. He was trying to sit down when the whole class heard a faint voice.

"Ouch. Excuse me, but this seat is already taken"

That sweet dull voice had the whole class turning towards the voice. Everybody noticing the teal haired teen sitting there.

"What the hell? Where did you come from? How long have you been here?" the gray haired teen hissed.

"Sense 07.30am" Kuroko answered.

Akashis eyes widened, how come he didn't notice him before?
He turned his gaze towards the teacher, noticing she's as surprised as the rest of the class. Just who was he?

The class soon recovered from their shock and returned to normal.

"My name is Takemi Yume" the teacher introduced herself. "Now I would like the whole class to stand up and tell the whole class your name, and interest of some sort"

The class began to introduce themselves to the class. Some introduced them with a serious manner, others fooled around.

"My name is Haizaki Shougo, age 16. Interest different martial arts" the gray haired teen introduced himself.

"Akashi Seijuuro, age 16. My interest? Easy, it's shogi" Akashi said with a hint of seriousness.

"Aomine Daiki, age 16. Interest, sleep, and Mai-chan" Aomine stated with a boring tone.

You could hear the class whisper 'Mai-chan? His girlfriend?'

"My name is Midorima Shintaro, age 16. A follower of Oha-Asa" Midorima stated, pushing his glasses with his index finger. While in his other hand he held a small hello kitty camera.

"Kise Ryota is my name, age 16. Interest modeling and basketball" Kise giving off his legendary smiles that girls would fight to see.

"Murasakibara *munch* Atsushi. Interest food" Murasakibara stated, while eating a chips.

The teacher huffed, she sure had weird students in her class this year.
She turned around to write on the board what they were going to do today, when the faint voice was heard again.

"I believe you skipped me, miss" Kuroko said, still standing in front of his desk.

'How did I forget him?' Yume wondered, giving a small expression of surprise. "Ah, please tell" she smiled.

"Kuroko Tetsuya, age 16. Interest books and baske…well, that's all I guess" he said and sat down.

Akashi narrowed his eyes, was he just about to say basketball or did he hear him wrong? No, Akashi was never wrong.

Lunch break came sooner than expected and everybody either rushed to greet and talk to Akashi and his friends or run down to the cafeteria to buy their lunch. Akashis eyes scanned through the whole classroom. But Kuroko was nowhere to be found. After some harsh words and threats they got out of their classroom and made their way to the roof. The roof was empty and they sat down to breath the fresh air.

"So what do you think of our class Midorimacchi?" Kise questioned.

"Mmh… I guess it's not that bad" Midorima answered and took a bite of his bread (his lunch).

"Well I'm kinda interested in that phantom" Aomine stated, looking up to the sky at the moving clouds.

"Phantom? Who's that" Murasakibara asked, munching on his chips from the new bag he just opened.

"That's an interesting nickname for Kuroko" Akashi agreed.

Their conversation was interrupted by a small sneeze not so far from them, and their gazes turned towards a teal haired teen, sitting alone, eating his lunch box.


Kuroko was holding a small book in his left hand while he held his chopsticks in his right hand.
The teal haired teen turned his gaze towards the group now staring at him.

"Oh please continue, you're not disturbing my reading anyway" he said and returned to his book.

Akashi stood up and walked to Kuroko and sat down.

"Why are you sitting alone, why aren't you with your friends or something"

"…" Kuroko lifted his gaze towards Akashi, looking him right in his eyes.

Akashi noticed that Kurokos eyes were dull, seemed dead, no light in them.
And then Kurokos gaze returned to his book and just hummed. The rest had stood up and walked towards them and sat down next to Kuroko and started talking to him, not getting any answer.

Just when the lunch break was going to end, Akashi opened his mouth.

"Did I hear right that you like basketball?"

Kuroko looked up. The rest seemed surprised. Only Midorima pushed his glasses to look like he already knew this.

"Yes, it's fun. Basketball I mean" Kuroko answered and gave a small but cute smile.

"Would you like to join the basketball club with us?"

[[2 years later]]

Teiko Highs basketball team was unbeatable. The best.
They hadn't lost once, earning the title of 'Generation of Miracles'.
The Generation of Miracles a.k.a GoM consisted of 5 members, everyone 18 year old. But there was a rumor, that there was a sixth player, but because no one has ever seen him in the game, or ever knowing who he was. He was just known as the Phantom player. Not knowing if he was real or just a stupid rumor.

Little did they know that the Phantom player was real, Kuroko Tetsuya.
Under the 2 years, he had gotten to know the rest of the miracles, they had become good friends, even if it took a while for Kuroko to open himself up to them. But he never talked about his family to them.
One year later, the rest of the team had started getting greedy, 'Winning is breathing', polishing their skills to the ultimate, slowly leaving their beloved phantom alone. They weren't a team anymore, only 'close friends' trying to score over 30points competing each other, who got the most points.

Kuroko didn't like it at all, just when he thought he got new friends, that noticed him, searched for him if he 'disappeared', cared for him… they were slowly leaving him. It hurt him, he didn't want to be alone again.
He was benched often, the miracles leaving him out of the game. Sometimes he tried to resign and just get out of the basketball team. Only then they had turned towards him to tell him they needed him and that he was important. They had let him play in a couple of games, and then it returned to being benched.
After the 3:rd time, they started blaming him that he wanted attention and that he wasn't serious enough to play basketball, that he should get real and just go away if he wasn't going to play. Kuroko didn't know why he didn't quit, maybe because he was yet again lying that he had friends, so he wouldn't be alone again.

This game, was going to change everything.
It was the finals, if they were to win this, they would be known worldwide and would fly to America to play against new teams. It was actually a surprise when Akashi had asked Kuroko out on the court to play with them. Only later being hit in the head by an elbow and fainted.

He was probably out for an half an hour or so, when he woke up.
He walked out to sit on the bench, sitting next to the their manager Momoi.

Momoi noticed him and gave him a small smile asking if he was ok. Kuroko nodded and kept his eyes on the court. And soon, Teiko won. This wasn't the surprise Kuroko was soon to get.

"Teiko won!" The crowd shouted. "This team is unbeatable!" "This is crazy"

The crowd slowly quieted down when Akashi took a microphone and said:

"You may have heard the rumor of the phantom of Teiko? Have you not?"

The crowd cheered. Kuroko felt his heart jump, he was surprised.

"The Phantom is real, here he is, Mayuzumi Chihiro." he smiled, when a gray haired teen walked next to Akashi. The crowd cheered.

Kurokos smile dropped. Mayuzumi was a player, who had joined the team alittle before the team started benching him. Mayuzumi was also a quiet person, not really invincible, but could easily disappear on the court. Kuroko had a hunch that the team benched him because he couldn't do anything else than pass. While Mayuzumi could score and was obviously better. But it hurt, his title, that was given by his friends, was given now to a player, that didn't even spend time with them after school. It felt like his stomach was turning upside down forming a black hole, eating his heart. His face became dull as he walked out with heavy, unheard steps.

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