Chapter One: Leapt through the window to the worlds wonder

The years they roll away,
and how the house is cracking, yes mother is breaking.
The daughter is trying to break the lock.
But it doesn't open, no the door doesn't open.
Nothing will take this sorrow away, she's soon 16 and
she knows that spells don't help.
She screams for God to get her out!

And mother's eyes are already dimmed.
She says the world is drowned by shadow fields, this same world that took your sister away.
And I tell you my last words and it's a NO!

And one night in June, the daughter wakes up and changes.
Through the window she leaped towards the worlds wonders.
In another room, mother falls asleep with a smoke in her mouth and soon wakes up in a shout.
She screams and she screams for her daughter.
But her daughter is long gone, and soon next to the moon.

Ei (No) – Maija Vilkkumaa

It's been a long time, Akashi humored and brushed the picture with his thumb. He had just found his old photo album from the old shelves in his room. The album was filled with colorful, happy pictures from his High school years. He gave off a small smile remembering small incidents and laughs that happened during his years. One of his happiest memories he had to admit. But today would be a much, much better day.

Because today; he would move with his friends into an apartment. It had been 6 years since they got out from High school. The six of them were like brothers, and while none of them wanted to settle down yet, nor live alone, they soon decided to move in together.

Akashi had been packing his stuff into boxes for weeks, ready to move them to the new apartment in Tokyo. His father had looked at him with a disapproving look, but Akashi had done the thing he should have done a long time ago, flip the finger. Of course his father had ben enraged and started ranting and yelling. But Akashi had assured his father he would continue studying and still had the intention to take over the company when his father decided it was time to step down, if that ever happened.

He wasn't raised as a spoiled brat, some may had though he was, he could handle himself. And that's exactly why he wanted to move out, even though he would be living with his friends. His father had laughed at him and said his so-called-friends would be the ones serving him. But that was just another reason for Akashi to flip the finger.

He picked up multiple boxes, stacked on each other. And walked downstairs. Not really being able to see fourth he took each step with an extra look to the sides and listening to whom could stand in front of him. Tossing the boxes into his car, and slamming the door close, he turned around to look one last time to his once called home. He gave off a small smile, and gave a small bow to his father who stood next to a window looking out. But he just scoffed and turned around. For Akashis own amusements he could compare his father's actions to a child. He climbed into his car and drove off.

The house was nothing that stood out, just another apartment house on a street. The house looked nice, clean and had a welcoming neighborhood. The house itself was creamy white, with a black roof. And beautiful multicolored hydrangeas blooming on each side of the main entrance. Many windows to the street were open and welcoming, inhabitants giving off a small wave to the bypassing people down the street. Except one, one of the windows was covered with thick black curtains, so no one could see in.

Akashi met up with his friends who came running downstairs with a loud noise trailing close behind them. Akashi just gave of a small sigh until it was replaced by a smile.

"Akashi! You're finally here!" Aomine shouted and tackled Akashi.

Akashi gave a small grunt and elbowed Aomine in the stomach. The "Release me please~" gave Aomine a instant flinch and he let go the small crimson haired man.

"Akashicchi! Do you need help with moving stuff?" Kise came forth with much so slower pace than Aomine had, Midorima and Murasakibara trailing close behind.

Akashi gave a small nod and opened the car doors to take out the boxes. With teamwork the moving was done quickly and they soon had moved Akashis boxes into the apartment in the second floor.

Akashi came in last, placing his box down to the floor and pushed it to the side.

Akashi looked around, standing in front of their front door to their apartment. Next to the right was a door that led to the bathroom. And the front entrance soon opened to a welcoming big room with couches. The big room led to different rooms where each person slept. The windows in the big room, gave off a beautiful view outside. To the left from the big room was the kitchen, blocked by a small wall.

From the so said kitchen came an amazing smell of someone cooking food.

"Akashicchi came last!" Kise shouted in glee.

From the kitchen stepped out a gray haired man with an apron, cleaning his hands to a small towel.

"Welcome home, Akashi."

"I'm home Chihiro." the crimson haired man smiled.

'Can't they shut up!
My head hurts just by hearing them shout.'

"Aww Look at us - picture – so cute!"

More laughing could be heard behind the wall. Sound of happiness, fondness… fun.

The pale man who was sitting in the corner of his apartment, pressing his back to the wall, slowly opened his eyes and watched the wall from where the noise came from. Dull eyes, lifeless blue. That kind of sound was unwelcomed to his ears, distaste to his mouth. Like black ink that was slowly forced into his mouth through a thick tube of lies, slowly choking him with bittersweet lies. His once teal hair, seemed to have changed colors to a much whiter color. Hair covering his eyes, as most people would have been irritated and started pushing their hair behind their ears, he let them hide his dull eyes. He had been sitting in his room for years, doing nothing but read books. He usually hissed to light, so the lamps were taken away from his apartment, he wouldn't use them anyway. And his windows were covered with thick black curtains to stop any kind of light from getting in.

His years reading in the dark, had taken toll on him, and his eyesight had gotten worse, that didn't mean he had gone blind, but some size and type of text would appear blurry to him.

He gave a fond smile to himself when he heard the landlord busting into the neighbor's apartment and started ranting how they should quiet down. He wanted to hear this conversation, he tipped forward and crept towards the wall and pressed his ear to listen.

"HUSH! You should quiet down!" The landlord hissed.

The teens? Seemed to be confused and chattered with each other.

"But, eh-, mam'? It's only 5pm?" someone said.

"Yes, but, gosh. I should have told you earlier. Your neighbor -"

Oh they were talking about him now huh?

"-has S.A.D, he likes his quiet. So if you want to rant like fools, you better ask him if you can chatter away a bit louder."

"S.A.D?" another voice said.

Somehow these voices sounded familiar, but from where?

"Social Anxiety Disorder." the landlord answered firmly.

'Hey hey! Don't go giving others diagnoses to others Damn Woman!'

A sudden 'oh' noise could be heard.

"Well we better ask him right away!" another voice said.

"Shall we go and ask now? Akashi."

He flinched and leaped away from the wall. Akashi? Did that mean the others-?

No. No. No. No. No. This is bad, really bad!

Apparently Akashi had said a yes, because soon they were knocking on his door. Each knock he flinched to. He slowly crept towards the front door and slowly stood up. The knocking had soon turned into small bangs, and small shouts of 'Hello are you in there?'. The teal haired man decided to look through the peep hole to confirm if it really was them, and indeed it was. All 6 of them, stood tall behind his door. He seemed to get an small panic attack, because the next thing he knew, he was on the floor, and a small bang could be heard. The noise behind his door silenced immediately.

"Are you ok? What happened?" the voice, he now recognized as Kises said.

He didn't answer, he just stared at his front door, soft murmurs could be heard behind his door. In his eyes, his door seemed to transform into a lion, and he was shacking like a hunted pray. He slowly backed way from his front door, and soon he could feel his curtains embracing from behind. And before he even knew it, his front door was kicked in. Who the hell kicks in someone's door!? Aomine apparently, he had his right foot up in the air. Their eyes met. And he understood the 6 of them could see him.

He heard the landlord start ranting, getting enraged by their act. But all the noise around him started to numb away, and he soon stood up, ripped the curtains to the side.

Slamming the window open, he jumped to the worlds wonders, before he could again hear the screams that came from his apartment.

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