Johnny's Bad Dream

By Shadowgate


Johnny Test sat down on his living room couch with his talking dog. The movie they planned to watch was one they had to watch. Well they didn't have to but it was either that or nothing. Hugh Test said no to the R-Rated movies they were looking at.

Johnny said "well Dukey it looks like we'll be watching a 1950's Godzilla Movie."

Dukey said "oh wow and I'm sure it's in black and white."

Johnny immediately said to Dukey "no kidding because lots of movies were back then. Hey look on the bright side, we get to respect the history by watching it."

Dukey fell on the floor laughing.

"When do you ever respect history Johnny? Every time you have a history test you try to convince your parents you're sick so you can get out of it. Don't you realize that you'd just have to make it up? Oh and Johnny you're not the most convincing liar on the planet."

Johnny became annoyed and asked "can we just watch the movie?"

Johnny puts the DVD in and grabs his Hershey Bar with almonds. After the movie Johnny said "oh I'm too tired to do anything else tonight" and he fell asleep.

Dukey fell asleep beside him.


People ran screaming through the streets.

Johnny looked out his window and said "oh no, we're screwed."

Dukey asked "what's the matter Johnny?"

Johnny turned to Dukey and said "Godzilla has come to Porkbelly."

Dukey laughed and Johnny snapped at him "I'm not kidding do you hear the people screaming?"

Dukey looked out the window and saw the horror.

Johnny couldn't believe his eyes at the sight of the anarchy. Johnny knew he'd have to become Johnny X or do something drastic to stop it.

Mary and Susan Test yell for Johnny and say they need to take cover in the lab.

Johnny finally rushes to them and says "well I need to become Johnny X if there's a chance of beating this beast.'

Susan commented "we tried to get in touch with our friends at the CIA but all communications in Porkbelly have been jammed."

Mary added "more like terminated."

Johnny remarked "we'll all be terminated if we don't do something."

Susan said "hey Johnny speaking of terminated now is the time we share a secret with you."

Johnny asked "what's the secret?"

Mary answered "oh Johnny it is true that Susan and I can see dead people."

Johnny gave them a strange look.

Susan said "oh Johnny it's true."

Susan pointed to the wall beside them and a flash appeared with the image of an old lady.

Johnny jumped in shock. He then replied "that reminded me of the Cradle of Filth Song "Her Ghost in the Fog."

Mary said "observe the old man in my vision."

Mary points to the side wall and Johnny sees an old man.

Johnny asked "so who was that old man?"

Mary answered "all I can tell you is he's been dead for around 100 years."

Johnny asked "how do you even know that?"

Susan interrupted and said "she gets a feeling and goes on it. Now we have to deal with Godzilla."

Johnny, Dukey, and his two sisters ran out of their house. They looked straight up to see the beast himself.

Soon after they looked up Godzilla hit Porkbelly Middle School with a flame and destroyed it.


Susan said "they, no not they Godzilla alone. Plus once it's rebuilt you'll go back to school."

Johnny replied "no kidding."

2 seconds later Eugene came down in a ship and through a bullhorn said "get on now."

When he landed and the entrance to his ship opened they entered.

Bling Bling Boy said "I have no intention of seeking a date with you and I know we need to unite against the beast."

Susan smiled and was grateful.

Johnny looked out the window and said "hey I see waves coming. Godzilla can make waves?"

Susan answered "what? No way."

Night turned to dawn allowing them to see the waves coming. A big wave 7 feet tall came toward them and Eugene activated the space ship power boosters to avoid being taken away with it.

When the wave hit they heard the sound of it outside and after it past Johnny said "that was cool. We made it through the wave."

Then it hits Johnny "wait a minute. Godzilla is a fire breather and doesn't make waves. Mary, Susan, if you two could talk to the dead and show the dead person you were talking to you would have shared that with me long before now. I must be dreaming."

Johnny woke up and looked at the clock in his living room. It was 6AM.

His family had a blast when he shared his dream with them.