Hey guys! Sorry I don't write that often...but have this quickly written, unedited, sorrowful piece of trash! Please do not read if you dislike: suicide, or major character death(s)


"Oh God..." A red girl whispers under her breath in a slightly maniacal manner, tears stinging her eyes.

Her clothes were no longer their usual light blue and black. No, instead they were tainted with a sickening mixture of red and green.

Her hair looked just as bad as it had started to tangle, even though she had been using a new expensive shampoo, and it contained droplets of the same damned substance.

She had just been at Yale. That was all. She closed her eyes and bit back...something. She wasn't sure if she was about to laugh or cry.

She should've seen the signs. She was his sister. His older sister.

She slowly sank onto the floor and bit her lip harshly, tasting the sweet-bitter-metallic substance that came from the act. He had started ignoring his friends. That alone should have been enough to alert her.

This time she bit back what she knew was a sob and reached over a shaky hand to tough his cheek.

It was cold. So cold. He had been here a while and the mere thought of that caused her to cry out like a wounded animal.

Someone should have cared enough to find him sooner...their parents should've have left to go to that stupid month long convention. She closed her eyes tight and faintly recalled when he tried to make them stay home. They, of course, said 'no' and left in their usual crazy manner.

They had just assumed he was old enough to take care of himself.

She opened her reddening eyes and glazed at his dull baby blue eyes.

How she wished they would come to life and laugh at this like it was some poorly-timed April Fools joke.

She was his sister.

And she pulled her face into a poker face worthy of an oscar and reached for the jet-black pistol laying in her baby brothers decomposing fingers.

She should have never went to collage.

She lifted the gun slowly, but surely and stared blankly into the barrel.

Her breathing evened out, she didn't even realize she had been hyperventilating, and she smiled warmly. The kind of warm one would see on a happy family vacation at the water park.

Defiantly not the kind of smile on a teenage girl finding out that her brother committed suicide.

She is his sister, and she's never going to leave him again.

Her smile turned to that of a madman, and her lips curled as she spoke one last time,"I'm here now."