Mizore was practically skipping through the snow, hoping to introduce Harry to his new grandma as soon as possible. All the village inhabitants that were out at this time watched with interest as Mizore skipped along the street with a child in hand. Harry was amazed by how happy she was to be with him. He did get a bit nervous when he noticed people staring at them. As such, he pressed himself closer to his mommy. Mizore stopped skipping and looked down at Harry, noticing that he was shaking with nerves. "Hmm? What's wrong, sweetie?" She asked. Harry mumbled in her chest, the only thing she heard was 'staring'. Mizore looked up and caught on to what was upsetting him. Various curious Yuki-Onna were looking towards Her and Harry with interests. She frowned at them. "Stop it." She said flatly. They stared for a moment more then went back to their business. Harry felt like a weight was lifted from his chest. "Do you feel better?" Mizore asked the tiny boy.

He smiled at her and nodded. "Thanks, mommy."

Mizore started to get giddy again after being called mommy. "Your welcome sweetheart. Now lets get to grandma's house." With that, she started to skip again towards her mother's place. Harry was excited. He had a grandma too?! Harry was very excited when Mizore reached the house where her mother lived and knocked on the door. "One moment!" Came the reply from the other side. A few seconds later Mizore's mother, Tsurara Shirayuki, opened up the door and smiled when she saw her daughter at the door.

Then she frowned when she saw the little boy in her daughter's arms. "...Mizore, why did you kidnap a child?"

Mizore frowned at her accusation. "I did not kidnap him mom." Mizore said evenly with a frown. "He's my son, your grandson."

There was a long moment of silence. "What? But...But how...?"

"I've adopted him." Mizore told her happily. "Yukari helped me with it."

"Adopted..." The older Yuki-Onna was stunned.

"Yeah, it's when people can adopt a child that doesn't have parents or guardians." Mizore told her. She smiled. "Harry had no one to love him...And now he does." She said happily.

Tsurara Was silent for a moment before smiling. "...You've wanted this for a long time." She said softly.

Mizore nodded. "I know, and now I have a child of my own."

Tsurara nodded. "So...Are you going to introduce me to my new grandson?"

Mizore's eyes brightened as she made Harry more visible. "Mom, this is Harry, your new grandson." Mizore introduced Harry.

Harry looked down timidly. "Um...H-Hi...G-Grandma..." He said softly.

Tsurara beamed at her new grandson. "You are so adorable my little grandson." Tsurara stated.

Harry let out a soft "Eep!" and hid in Mizore's chest. Tsurara looked at him in confusion as Mizore tried to convince him not to hide. "Hey, come on, sweetie, don't be shy. It's okay." Mizore cooed. Harry slowly Turned his head to look at Tsurara, who was smiling down at him. He gave a forced smile back, still shy. Tsurara leaned in and gave him a quick kiss to his forehead. He squeaked in surprise and blushed. Both the Yuki-Onna had to suppress giggles at his reaction. Mizore rocked him back and forth. This had the immediate effect of calming Harry down. He smiled up at his adoptive mother appreciatively. "Feeling better my snowflake?" Mizore asked him. Harry smiled widely. She even gave him is own nickname, like Petunia had for Dudley! Except that it wasn't a cringe worthy nickname. He loved it! Snowflake... And he was her snowflake, which made him happy. He smiles up at her. And she kissed his nose. Harry giggled as Tsurara watched, smiling in pride that Mizore was able to find such a sweet little boy.

"Why don't you both come on inside? I'll make some tea."

Mizore nodded as she and Harry followed Tsurara into the house, going into the living room while Tsurara made tea for them. Mizore smiled at her son. "So, do you like your grandma?" She cooed affectionately.

Harry nodded shyly. "S-She's nice." Harry told her.

Mizore giggled and stroked his hair. "I'm happy to here you say that snowflake." Mizore told him. "Now you have a grandma who loves you as part of your family." Harry could cry, he was so happy...

Minutes later, Tsurara came back into the room with a tray that had a kettle and three cups on it. She placed the tray on the counter. "I think I may have some cookies as well..." She retreated back into the kitchen, hoping to find some delicious cookies for her family. Harry's eyes brightened at the word 'cookies'. He was never allowed to have any cookies, always being tormented by Dudley when ever his ex-Aunt made it for her son. Dudley would eat them in front of him and loudly boast about how good they were. Now...He actually got to EAT some cookies! He was excited for his first taste of cookies as Tsurra returned with a plate of gingerbread cookies. Mizore smiled at her son. "Grandma makes the best cookies." She whispered in his ear.

Harry smiled eagerly as Tsurara placed the plate in front of him. "Well, dig in. Enjoy." The older woman offered.

Harry grabbed one of the gingerbread cookies and took a bite out of it. He smiled and let out a hum of content. Mizore and Tsurara smiled as Harry blissfully enjoyed the cookie. Mizore gave her child another kiss atop his cute little head. Harry smiled from the kiss. "Thank you for the cookies grandma." Harry told Tsurara.

Tsurara giggled. "Why, you're certainly welcome, grandson." For awhile, they all ate cookies and talked about whatever came to mind. Harry remained silent for the most part, however, still shy. Then, the topic of his adoption came up... "So how exactly did you adopt Harry?" Tsurara asked Mizore as she placed down her tea cup after sipping from it.

Mizore's happy expression faded almost immediately as she remembered seeing him for the first time. "Well...it all started two days ago on the beach. There were these two nasty people and their spoiled son who was making a fuss, demanding ice cream." Mizore started to explain. When she finally got to the part where she met Harry, she had to close her eyes out of sheer anger. "That monster, that horrible monster...was burning Harry on top of a stove." Mizore told her mother as she tried to hold back her tears. "His screams of pain was horrible." Tsurara stared blankly at her grandson, her eyes betraying no emotion... Then without warning, she engulfs him in a tight hug. Mizore blinked. "Mother..."

"Daughter, please let me hold my grandson."

Mizore nodded and allowed her mother to tearfully hug Harry. The child was amazed. Even his grandma wanted to give him hugs! Harry found himself snuggling into her hug. She was cold just like his mommy... But like his mommy, he found his Grandma's cold embrace relaxing and nice. He loved his new family... And he hoped that he will be with them forever. Tsurara looked at her daughter. "Mizore, would you and Harry like to stay for dinner?"

"Of course we would." Mizore answered with a smile.

"Yes please, grandma." Harry added.

Tsurara giggled. "Alright, how about I get started on dinner." Tsurara told them.

"Awesome." Mizore replied calmly.

"A-Alright." Harry added timidly.

Tsurara smiled. "Is there anything in particular you would like to have?" Harry shook his head. As did his mother. Tsurara giggled. "Alright you two, I'll just find something and make it." With that, Tsurara disappeared into the kitchen.

Mizore and Harry sat in silence for a few moments. "So how are you liking your new life so far?" Mizore suddenly asked her son.

"I love it mommy." Harry said innocently.

Mizore smiled. "You've definitely made my life better." She cooed softly.

Harry blushed at her complement. "Y-you made my life better too." Harry told her.

Mizore gave her son a sad smile and kissed his head. "I know..." She whispered softly. "I know..." At this point, Tsurara came back in and watched the exchange with a proud smile. It was nice to finally see her daughter happy. She retreated back into the kitchen and allowed then to sit comfortably until dinner was ready. The two of them had a small, innocent conversation between mother and son. "So what do you want to do tomorrow?" Mizore asked the adorable child in her arms. Harry looked up at her and shrugged. "I could give you a tour of the village." She offered.

Harry smiled and nodded. "I would love that mommy." Just then, Tsurara reentered the room to announce the completion of dinner.

"Come along, now, you two, and have some dinner."

"Okay mother, we'll be in a second." Mizore said as she picked Harry up and went to the kitchen. Harry wondered what meal they would be eating. Mizore placed him in a seat and sat next to him while Tsurara brought the food to the table. Harry tilted his head at the plate of food, curious as to what it was. It was a big crockpot that had some sort of soup in it, but it had chunks of different things in it. Mizore calmly took a forkful of his meal and gently placed it into his mouth. Harry hummed in delight as he chewed it and swished it in his mouth. Mizore giggled, always delighted by her son's cuteness. After Harry was done chewing the chunk, he swallowed it. "How did you like it my little snowflake?" Mizore asked.

He smiled. "It's yummy! Grandma's better at cooking than I am!"

They paused and went deadly silent when they heard that. Mizore sighed deeply. She remembered her son mentioning something like this back at the beach... "What do you mean?" Tsurara asked him.

Mizore answered for him. "His relatives made him cook..."

Tsurara narrowed her eyes, knowing that if they made him cook, then it was less then pleasant for him. "Dear, where may I find these relatives of yours?" She asked Harry. "I have a few...complaints about the way they raised you."

"E-England." Harry told her, feeling nervous when she brought them up.

"Where did you live?"

"N-Number Four Privet Drive..."

"Mizore, are they still alive?"

"I think I saw them on the beach with frostbite as we were leaving." Mizore replied.

"...Dears, in a week or so, I will be going on a...erm...'vacation.'

"Okay." Mizore said with a glint in her eyes. "Do you need me do to anything for you while your on vacation?"

"Well, I did get a cat not long ago, I was feeling a bit lonely...If you could feed him every now and then I would appreciate it."

"Alright, I'll feed your cat." Mizore told her. "Where is he by the way?"

Harry's eyes brightened. "You have a kitty, grandma?!" He LOVED kitties! Ms. Figg's kitties were always nice to him...

"I sure do." Tsurara told him as she got up. "If you give me a second, I'll find him for you." Harry smiled and clapped his hands gleefully. Tsurara giggled at his enthusiasm. "Alright, I'll be right back."

Harry clapped his hands happily, excited to see the kitty. Tsurara was gone for a few minutes but haven't got back to them yet. they stared to wonder where she was when they heard a soft meow under Harry's chair. Harry smiled happily and moved out of his mother's lap, recognizing the sound of a kitty. He looked under the chair to see a beautiful orange cat with a patch of white fur on it's nose. He gently got down on all fours. "Hi, kitty." He said softly, reaching out slowly so as not to frighten it.

With out hesitation the cat went over to his hand and sniffed his fingers. After a few seconds, the cat was rubbing his head on his head, begging to have his head scratched. Mizore smiled warmly as she watched her child innocently react with the 'kitty', as he so ADORABLY put it. Moments later, Tsurara entered the kitchen looking disappointed. "I'm sorry, I couldn't find him any-" Tsurara stopped when she saw Harry loving the Taby that she was looking for. The older Yuki-Onna sighed. "Always in the last place I look..."

Mizore giggled towards her mother. "Aren't they cute together?" Mizore asked her mother, who walked over and sat down.

"I believe Harry is always cute." She replied. "He's as cute as you when you were little."

Mizore blushed at the compliment. "He's even cuter than I was..." She replied bashfully.

"I think both of you are the cutest kids in the world." Tsurara stated.

Mizore blushed harder. "Mother, you're embarrassing me!" She whined.

Tsurara couldn't help but laugh loudly at her daughters embarrassment. "And that adorableness never faded. You're so cute when you blush." At this point, the young Yuki-Onna's usually pale face is completely red. "Mizore, dear, I worry your body temperature may actually become warm with all the blushing." Tsurara teased.

Mizore muttered as she decided to watch her son. She didn't care what her mother said, Harry was MUCH cuter than she was. She considered herself more pretty than cute anyway, not to toot her own horn... She watched for another thirty minutes until Harry started to get tired and yawned. Mizore put a hand to her mouth and giggled. "Oh, someone's sleepy." She said playfully. She picked up Harry from the floor and held him in her cradled arms. Harry looked up at his mother with a tired smile...And then the kitty decided he wasn't done with Harry yet. With a mewl, it leapt onto his belly and curled up there. Harry looked surprised and smiled while Tsurara and Mizore cooed. "What's your cat's name, mother?" Mizore asked.

"Oh right, his name is Arashi." Tsurara told her.

"Hi, Arashi." Harry said sleepily before yawning again.

Mizore took that as a sign to get him to bed. "Mother, would it be all right if we spend the night?"

"Of course you can dear, just go to your old room, I haven't changed it since you moved out." Tsurara told her.

Mizore smiled softly. "Thank you, mother..." She kissed Harry's head.

"C-Can Arashi come too?" Harry asked, still petting the tabby.

Tsurara smiled. "Of course he can come with you, though I don't think I'd be able to separate you two anyway." Tsurara remarked based on what she saw from their interaction.

Harry smiled happily, then snuggled closer to his mother. Mizore smiled and kissed Harry on the forehead. "Night mother, we'll see you in the morning." Mizore told her mother.

"Good night, dear." Tsurara replied with a nod. She was going to get some late night reading done...

Mizore, Harry, and Arashi went to Mizore's old room and got ready for bed. Mizore did some poking around, and smiled when she found her old teddy bear, Snowy. Mizore quickly tucked Harry under the blankets. with Arashi deciding to curl beside him, and handed Harry her teddy bear. "Harry, meet Snowy. My mother gave to me when I was about your age and I want to give it to you." Harry looked at his mother and smiled tearfully. She had done so much for him... He quickly gave her a hug, and started to thank her repeatedly for all she's done for him. Mizore let out a soft coo of delight from his cuteness and kissed his cheek. Harry giggled and snuggled into her. Mizore went under the covers and cuddled with Harry. "Night, sweetie." She whispered softly. Harry yawned and closed his eyes

. "Night mommy." and like that, Harry was out like a light. Mizore watched Harry for a few minutes before she finally fell asleep, Harry tucked into her arms.