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Summary: It has been three years since their last meeting when she escaped in the middle of the night and left him. He remembered the note she left him stating that she would someday return to his side, but it was quite clear that it was an empty promise. He was tired of waiting for her to return to him. And he damn well would get her back where she belonged – even if it means forcibly doing so.

Rating: M

~Oh No! by Marina And The Diamonds~

I know exactly what I want and who I want to be
I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine
I'm now becoming my own self-fulfilled prophecy
Oh, Oh no! Oh no! Oh No-oh!

Unforgotten Desire

Prologue: The Bounty

The air was overflowing with the solid musty aroma of dirt and moister, so thick, and humid it made the simplest task of breathing difficult to achieve. It was a wonder how people could be used to such harsh conditions. It was in the middle of July and it was the hottest time of year – the scorching time of the year more so. Many would say that it was because hell was passing by and punishing people with heat for their unbecoming behaviors. Although, they were met with a brief relief that somehow did more harm than good.

A vast thunder storm had just hit the small town of Konoha and smoldered the dirt paths with water, pouring into every crack and opening it came across, completely filling it up whole till it was overflowing. It was wonderful to feel that cold liquid pressed against their flesh, some would even step out and let the rain rinse their dirty and sweaty bodies of the day's work. Once the storm pasted, some of the town folks would be unfortunate enough to somehow find themselves stuck in those accursed sink holes – it was obvious that they would need assistance to get out.

Also, a few stray streaks of lightening also damaged some of the property that the dark clouds drifted over. It was certain that they now needed to do some repairs to their beloved saloon, it was obviously a bad idea to have the bar at the edge of the town, but the mayor seemed to disagree and wanted it to act as an attracted to bring in new folks to their small town. Sadly, the bar needed a new ceiling. Much to the dismay to some of the citizens of their good city for they will have to go without their moonshine and whiskey for a few days till it was fixed – the mayor refused to allow his people to drink at such a shabby saloon plus it might be too dangerous to have drunk civilians in the bar while repair work was being done, a drop of a hammer could certainly end someone's life in an instant.

Mayor Uchiha stood before the establishment and watched as some of his man crept over the roof. They pulled off the scorched wood and began hamming down the new timber in its place. He nodded in approval of their good work, the mayor was greatly happy when they volunteered their time to do the repairs for free. Since their town was quite poor, money came scarcely. That was why he purposely built the saloon by the entrance so that travelers would be able to see it first and stop by. Their mayor source of wealth came from the saloon.

"Good work, my boys!" Sasuke Uchiha praised in a low tone. His onyx eyes curled up with his smirk, they shined a boyish glow that some were fortunately enough to ever have seen a rare sight.

His men momentarily halted their work and waved their hammers at him with a nod of their head and continued their work. Most of the civilians around truly respected their beloved mayor, he was a blessing in disguise for trying to repair and better their rundown town.

Sasuke pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose and tucked his arms behind his back. Though he was a man in his early late twenty, he recently became the mayor of Konoha Town. It has been about six months since he's been in charge. When his father passed, he took over in his stead. The old man died of a heart attack which wasn't that surprising, all he did was eat and drink himself to death, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

After his departure to the afterlife, it only came naturally when the people choose his son to take over. As a young boy, Sasuke had accompanied his father through all of his constructions and financial work involving this town. It only seemed fit that he be next in line.

Sasuke did hold some respect and love for his father, but he wasn't going to be like him, he wasn't going to waste all of the town's funds on women and alcohol – he didn't want to see the place he was raised in turn into muck and ruble beneath his polished boots. He wouldn't stand for that nonsense. He was a better man than his worthless excuse for a father.

"Mister Uchiha?" A sultry voice called out.

Sasuke was snapped out of his daze and turned to see one of the daughters of the town's banker. She gave his a tooth fill smile and cocked her head to the side. The emerald feathers in her hair brushed her red cheek in the process. Her crimson eyes ranked over his lean form. She bit her plump lips as she took in every detail of his body in this tightly clad suit.

He shared her smile. It wasn't uncommon for him to receive such looks. He knew he was a man that women wanted – a man with wealth and power. In a way, he was a woman's wet dream. A man dressed in nothing but the finest cotton and silk with the refined nature that would leave a woman on her knees.

"Yes, Karin?" He responded, turning his whole body towards her.

"I have a message from Deputy Neji, it seems that you have company waiting in your office." She battered her eye lashes and crossed her arms over her abdomen. The tight corset forced her breasts to push more to the rim of the lace, almost pouring out. If she had lifted her arm up a fraction more than her nipples would have no doubt be poking out. It was clearly meant to be an invitation.

But Sasuke didn't feel like he was in the mood to play right now. He supposed that she had to wait next time. The so called guest is someone that's he's been waiting weeks for him to finally come. It has been an excruciating wait to say the least. With these blasted telegrams it was very difficult in knowing if your message was received. In the arrival of his guest, it apparently must have been read and granted.

"Thank you, my dear. That is much appreciated," he said softly. He slicked back a stray obsidian strand that stuck out of place from his perfect complexion.

His enchanting voice sent shivers down her arms. Was there truly a man that could pour out sex appeal such as him? There was no other male that could simply speak and cause her to be so wet. Karin almost moaned, just by being in his presence her nipples hardened. She craved to be filled by him once more. It's been weeks since they've last lain with one another.

As he moved to leave, she swiftly latched her arms around his biceps and brought it down on her chest. "How come you don't see me anymore?" She pouted.

Sasuke regarded her for a moment and leaned his face close to her. His hot breath fanned her lips. She would have gone for a kiss, but his glove covered hand that held her chin prevented that. Karin could feel herself whine as she tried to reach for him, but with his other hand he held both her wrists down to her stomach.

"All in due time, my dear, I have business to take care of." His heated stare held her in place. "When I'm done, we'll see where it takes me from there, alrightly?"

She sighed in bless when the hand that once held her wrists began to brush her bangs out of her face. It was a light feather motion, but it reduced her to putty in his palms. Karin inclined her head. "Okay. I'll wait for your visit, Mister Uchiha."

He released her and swiftly left her to her naughty thoughts. With his long legs, he stalked past the barely crowded shops. Occasionally there would a town folk that would greet him in which he would graciously return the greeting.

Sasuke would have rolled his eyes if it wasn't ungentlemanly of him to do so. That Karin…well the majority of the female populating in Konoha sought out his attention, even those who already had devoted husbands and children came to him. He absolutely despised when woman threw themselves at his feet like that ... well that might have been a lie.

Sasuke deeply enjoyed the desire women felt for him, it stroked his ego to no end. It was when they resorted to catching his attention through such lewd motions that got on his nerves. Did they not hold any decency for themselves in any way? He was after all a man of class, he expected his woman to act the same.

If there was one thing that he found absolutely attractive in a woman, it would be her fierce and fiery attitude. He liked his woman to have a bit of fight in them before he claimed them and made them his love slave. Sasuke positively strived for the fight that would come from it, it would be too boring if all the woman did was open her legs and let him in, he wanted a conquest – he wanted to conquer.

Before long he found himself before the town hall. He pushed open the swing doors and rapidly bypassed his cohorts with a nod of the head and went straight to his office down the lengthy hall. His footsteps creaked with the old wood floor; he mentally added this to the never ending list of things that needed to be repaired.

Sasuke ceased his advances before he met the door. He took a deep breath and smoothed out his creased gray vest and lightly patted down his dark slacks. Once he felt he was satisfactory, he turned the polished door knob and pressed into the small room.

His guest was already slouched against the chair across his desk, his brown wide brimmed hat covered his face casting a shadow over his face. He didn't even make a move to acknowledge the mayor as he went to take a seat.

"Welcome to Konoha, Mister Uzumaki." Sasuke held out his hand for him to shake, but still the man didn't make a move to interact with him. When he realized that he slowly brought his arm down to his side. He cleared his throat. "Thank you for coming here on such short notice. Can I offer you a drink of some sort?"

The man still didn't seem to respond to him.

The Mayor frowned at this man's rudeness. Where all bounty hunters like this? Regardless of this man's uncivilized manners, he needed to at least be polite to his guest. "Perhaps a sip of some of our finest whiskey would suffice your tastes?"

Still there came no response.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, the tips of his spectacles slid down the bridge of his nose in irritation. He clenched his fists ready to just about demand this man to leave his sight. If there was one thing he absolutely despised in this entire world, it was not being treated with respect – sine meeting his vulgar man he had been nothing but polite. Despite needed this man's expertise in his tracking abilities; he would gladly find another bounty hunter that could do this job. Just as he was about to lash out at the man he was halted in his tracks when a sudden loud snore interrupted him.

The man shifted in the chair allowing his arms to drape unceremoniously on the velvet armrests. He leaned his head back just enough to reveal his sun kissed face, his hat sliding to the back of his head. His eyes were peacefully closed and his mouth was wide open with little bits of drool spilling from the corner of his lips.

Sasuke could feel his temple throb at this unsightly display. This man had the audacity to fall asleep in his office! What an impulsive buffoon! This man had quite the deplorable manners. A loud snore once more interrupted his train of thought.

That's it!

"Mister Uzumaki, I will not tolerate this horrid spectacle any longer!" He slammed his fist on his desk.

The sudden noise jerked the blond man awake with a start almost flipping the chair back in the process. "What? Who –?" Naruto frantically searched the room until his eyes landed on the fuming mayor. The bounty hunter leaned forward in his chair and grinned broadly. "Good evenin' Mayor Uchiha." He inclined his hat. "I got your telegram that you needed a bounty hunter." He stretched his arm out. "Naruto Uzumaki at your service, Mister Mayor."

Sasuke inwardly rolled his eyes that this blond nitwit. With the tip of his finger he adjusted his glasses. Of all the bounty hunters, why in the world was he the most sought out for man? Perhaps his informants were wrong and gave him the wrong name of this legendary hunter? The mayor took the man's hand surprised how firm his grip was. "Sasuke Uchiha," he informed softly as he shook the excited man's hand.

Naruto chuckled once again slouched into the comfy cushions of the chair. "So tell me Mister Mayor what job you have for me so that I can get right to it." His cerulean eyes shined with the thrill of the new hunt.

Sasuke intertwined his fingers over his mahogany desk and leaned back into his wooden chair. His dark eyes sized up the odd individual. This man acted like quite a fool, but he had spent a rather hefty sum of money to track t his man down.

Perhaps he should give Naruto a chance to redeem his dreadful manners and see where all the cards fell.

"Fine then, let's get right down to business." The mayor nodded and took out a gold key from his vest pocket and got out of his chair. He went to the corner of his office and took down the picture of a cowboy taking down a baby cattle.

There was a safe hidden behind it. He twisted in the combination and placed the key in the key hole and twisted it. The safe snapped open with a load clank. Sasuke pushed the thick metal to the side. Within it, there was only two items: a bag filled with gold coins and a neatly folded piece of parchment. The mayor took out both of the items and processed back to his desk.

He placed the bag at his feet and gently unfolded the paper. Sasuke took a quick glance at the paper – there was smoldering glint in them that made the man across from him uncomfortable. There was a heat in his eyes that could only mean one thing – he was aroused. The bounty hunter shifted in his seat and straightened his back.

Sasuke reluctantly handed the paper to Naruto. He cringed when he practically tore it out of his palms almost ripping the corner he held onto. If he didn't desperately need this man's assistance he would have leapt over the table and have strangled the man till there wasn't any life in him for almost tearing one of his most prized possessions in the world.

Quickly regaining his composure, the mayor made a noise in his throat and adjusted his glasses. It was time for business. "Have you ever heard of the Cherry Gals?"

Naruto had on a chestnut cloak that completely concealed his body. The mayor was quite sure it was hiding the many weapons that he kept on his person. The bobbed his head. "Of course, they are a notorious band of women that rob saloons and banks. They have a knack of getting in and out without ever getting caught by the sheriff." Naruto gazed at the paper.

It was an old wanted dead or alive poster, the paper was crinkled and was beginning to change brown with its age. But what caught his eyes most was the picture of a woman in the middle of it. The ink was beginning to fade so it was hard to even distinguish who she was, but the name printed on the bottom revealed her identity for him. Naruto frowned and cocked his head to the side. "Is this who you want me to hunt down, Mister Mayor? The leader of the Cherry Gals?" His eyes flicked to the mayor to the picture back to the man in front of him.

The woman's bounty was five hundred dollars in the poster, but he definitely knew for a fact the money over her head has grown up to the thousands over the years.

Sasuke nodded. "Precisely, do you think you could do it?"

The bounty hunter nodded his head, once up and down. "I can do it, but I'll have to raise my price." Naruto knew of others who would gladly pay him big bucks to track down this mystery woman. He had to know that the mayor was serious about finding this notorious bandit.

The mayor scrunched his brow in distaste. "Is that so?" His voice thick with irritation.

"No one has even seen this woman's face in many years. Most don't even know what she really looks like now." Naruto explained with a simple shrug of his shoulders. "Some say she's dark skinned and thin and other say she white and plump. It will be tricky tracking down someone whose face you don't even know, Mister Mayor."

"Very well." Sasuke sighed and placed his hands on his lap. "How much an increase are we discussing, Mister Uzumaki?" He lifted his hand to gingerly rub his forehead. This was beginning to give him an aching headache

Naruto grinned and waved his nonchalantly. "Oh nothing much, I will just need at least a two hundred dollar bonus."

The mayor could feel his grip tightened on his thigh. "Oh?" He narrowed his eyes a fraction. "Isn't that quite a steep increase, Mister Uzumaki?"

The man shrugged his shoulders and scratched his cheek. "Do you want me to find the girl or not? It's that simple, Mister Mayor. If not, find someone else. There are many people who would pay me a pretty penny at tracking down your girl here." He moved to get up.

"Done." Sasuke quickly blurted out. "I'll add two hundred more dollars to your payment."

Naruto beamed. "Then we have a deal, Mister Uchiha."

The mayor adjusted his glasses, a glint reflected off them. "Although, I have one, one, condition that you must follow even if difficulties are to ever arise. I want her brought back alive and well, you hear. Not a single scratch is to be on her flesh." Sasuke said was a stern gaze that almost flattered the bounty man's grin, the dark look in his eyes meant business – a promise that there would be consequences to be met if he were to ever go against his order. "I trust you can do that much." The mayor dropped the bag of gold on the desk. It slammed heavy with a thud, the pouch opened from the impact revealing the shimmering gold the lay within it. "This is half the payment, when you bring her back, I'll give you the other half afterwards, Mister Uzumaki."

Naruto stood to his full height. Even through Sasuke was a tall man in his own right going for six foot two, this man could easily tower over him. The bounty hunter carelessly threw the paper on his desk and collected his payment. He left without speaking another word to the mayor.

Sasuke released a breath that he didn't realize he was holding and picked up the wanted dead or alive poster. He gingerly brought it to his face and lightly caressed his finger tips over the picture.

It was a picture of her.

Why didn't women have the fire within them that ignited the all powerful flame within him? He wanted someone who could challenge him, defy him in a way that left him wanting more.

Sasuke felt himself frown at the thought. Unfortunately, that probably wouldn't happen. The women here were too easy, all he had to do is snap his fingers and a group of them would be outside his estate and be fighting to the death with one another to see who would grace with his bed. He thought back to his juvenile years when all he did was disobey his father and run off into neighboring towns.

Back when he when he first met her.

Unconsciously, he lifted his palm to his chest and clenched the fabric tightly. If his gloves weren't on, someone would see how white his knuckles were turning. There was only one woman that could possibly make his head turn, one woman that resisted him in a way that left him hard and unsatisfied after the fact.

She was the only one meant for him.

There was no other woman that could compete with her.

No one would do.

She was his.

He had claimed her as his – no one else could have her.

No one.

Even when the bounty hunter spoke of no one knowing her true face, he knew.

He saw that face, worshiped that face, adored that face, loved that face.

If he were to bring him the wrong girl, he would know in an instant. Though, how could anyone not know it was her? She was an extraordinary creature that deserved to have all the recognition the world had to offer.

No one was like her – no one could possibly take her face or take her name.

It was absolutely preposterous.

It has been three years since their last meeting when she escaped in the middle of the night and left him. He remembered the note she left him stating that she would someday return to his side, but it was quite clear that it was an empty promise. He was tired of waiting for her to return to him. And he damn well would get her back where she belonged – even if it means forcibly doing so.

Just the mere thought of her sent him into a frenzy, even now she still possessed this searing power over him. If it were any other woman he would have been enraged, but it wasn't – it was her.

She was an exception – his exception.

Sasuke could feel himself become hard with need at the thought of being near her once more – the thought of seeing her, embracing her, and making love with her again was utterly captivating. It was so enticing and alluring that he could feel himself quiver in his seat.

Soon, they would be together forever.

The tightness in his pants suddenly became unbearable. He needed release. Now. Sasuke unbuckled his pants and allowed his hardened member free. It pointed upright upon its release. The veins throbbed with each pulse. The ridged flesh whined for attention.

Laying the picture on the desk, he pulled out a handkerchief from his breast pocket and wrapped it over his shaft – he didn't want any unwanted stains on his favorite desk now. Sasuke rolled his head back as he encircled himself with calloused hands. Imagines of his beloved filled his mind with naughty things she's once did for him.

Today he imagined her on her knees taking him in her hot, tight mouth.

At first his strokes were slow and steady.

She caressed the head of his penis with her fingers, rubbing it with slow, sensual movements that left him panting like a dog. She giggled and showed him the pre-cum that he produce, spreading her fingers allowing the sticky liquid to spread out like a web. "Look how wet you are, Sasuke." She brought her fingers to her mouth and suckled at her digits until they were clean of him.

He could feel himself moan at the lewd sight.

"You taste so good, I need more."Her slick tongue peered past her plump lips and circled his crown, pampering it with her hot wetness, stroking him with large and hard circles. She nipped teasingly at the tip of his member and engulfed his head into her sweet mouth.

Sasuke closed his eyes as he quickened his pace. The feverish heat began to consume his entire being.

She wrapped her tiny hands at the base of his cock and moves it up and down in slow movements all the while bobbing her head. She sucked generously at his crown as she swirled her tongue all around him, completely cleaning him. She released him with a pop. "Did that feel good, Sasuke?" She questioned, laying her cheek against him, feeling him hard and firm against her soft skin.

"Yes," he hissed. "Please, continue, my love." He was close, so close now. His grip around his cock tightened as he met the pace that he so desperately craved.

She rubbed against him like a cat. She swept her tongue across the silken throbbing ridges she felt in her mouth. Spittle leaked from the corner of her mouth down her chin. The fur like hair at the base of his large cock tickled her lips each time she shoved him down her throat.

Her emerald orbs met his gaze and gave him a smile. It was a smile that she always had. That smile that always said she was thinking wicked little thoughts, things you'd only did in the dark.

He wanted everything that her smile promised and much more.

She held him against her mouth and bit down on shallow flesh, not hard, just a graze of teeth. She licked that most delicate of skin. She drew his balls into her mouth, one at a time, carefully, so carefully. She rolled them in her mouth with tongue and lips, until they were wet and slick. She gazed at his hardness that quivered over his stomach. She wrapped her hand around his member and stroked the velvet warmth that was him.

Sasuke's eyes lost focus as his neck spasmed from the immense pleasure surging through his body. His breath came out in short pants as if he had ran for miles.

She swallowed him down, down to where her nose touched his pubic hairs. She made a noise deep in her throat that vibrated around his cock. She sucked him, pulling hard and firm, then forcing her mouth down on his shaft. She went down on him fast and hard, thrusting him up and down her scorching throat. Licking him, rolling him, sucking him, and when he was making enough noise, very lightly, she used teeth.

"I'm cu-m-ming," he stuttered, feeling his release upon him.

"Don't hold back, baby." She kissed the tip of his dick as if kissing his lips. "I want it all."

That was it.

That's was all it took for him to met his ecstasy.

He tossed his head back as full rapture took over his power frame. Sasuke released his hot seed into the handkerchief. Load after load, the piece of fabric took it all until it was soaked to the brim. Sweat glistered his pale skin, his chest heaved as he panted and groaned out his release. His body trembled from the aftermath of the wondrous climax.

His eyes gazed lovingly at the image of the woman that possessed his entire soul and body. Taking off his gloved hand, he reached for her imaging the warmth that radiated off her cheek.

"I love you, Sakura."

She leaned into his land and held it close to her face. "I love you too, Sasuke."

Like that, she was gone.

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