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Summary: It has been three years since their last meeting when she escaped in the middle of the night and left him. He remembered the note she left him stating that she would someday return to his side, but it was quite clear that it was an empty promise. He was tired of waiting for her to return to him. And he damn well would get her back where she belonged – even if it means forcibly doing so.

Rating: M

~ I will Always Love You By Whitney Houston ~

And I hope life, will treat you kind
And I hope that you have all
That you ever dreamed of
Oh, I do wish you joy
And I wish you happiness
But above all this
I wish you love
I love you, I will always love

Unforgotten Desire

Chapter One: Cherry Gals Strike Again

The busy streets of Suna Capital ran rapid. Left and right, people plowed through the dirt paths like it was a usual thing. It was crowded at this time of day, past daybreak, but not quite midday. Everyone was out and about and rushing to do their everyday deeds that needed to be done before night came. It was already around that time of year when it became darker quicker.

This was also the time of day when all the early drinkers were partaking in their usual activities of smoking, drinking, and most of all – gambling.

From outside the saloon the high pitch jingle of the piano player jotting down his fingers over the keys skillfully could be heard. Those who weren't old enough or didn't want to enter the bar just listened soundlessly to the catchy tunes, sometimes breaking into a short dance then returning on their way to do their others chores for the day. The thick odor of whiskey and smoke practically seeped through the walls. It would make a person wrinkle their nose in disgust or envy.

"Did you see this?" A man threw down his paper and watched at it flopped onto the table. It flipped open to the black and white image on the front of it. It had a picture of a bar in the background with a white blur in the corner of a woman in a dress darting from the scene. "Those damn female bandits are at it again," the man drawled with a frown. "I don't understand how these harlots are able to get away every time." He glanced at the group of people that surrounded him on the circular table.

The man seated across from him snorted. "What I don't understand is why you keep interrupting our game with your nonsense." He placed his hand of cards face down and crumbled the paper and tossed it behind him. "And who cares what a bunch of darned females are doing with their time? As long as they're not my woman then I couldn't give a rat's ass what they do." He sent a wink to the woman seated comfortable on his lap. "Isn't that right, darlin'?"

Her delicate fingers were tracing nonchalant patterns on his brown vest. She fluttered her thick eye lashes and giggled behind the fan she held. "I do believe so, Mister Sheriff," she purred. The violet dress she wore fell loosely around her curvaceous figure, leaving the waist down to his imagination. Her lacy white bodice was tight and her violet flock fit snugly around her plump breasts, forcing him and the men that surrounded her to swallow their spit as they made an effort to try and make their lustful gazes discrete.

The slim man seated two seats away from him scowled and leaned back into his chair. "Well, I agree with your friend here." He motioned to the man in front of him. "I don't like it one bit that we have a bunch of females running around like a pack of cattle thinking that they can outrun a horde of cyotes." He took a swig on his whiskey and slammed the mug down. "It's unsightly and positively disgraceful to see women resorting to such despicable acts." He wiped his mouth with his sleeve. "Hopefully, they'll get caught soon. I don't want them trying to rob my bar."

One of the men slammed his fist on the table and cackled. "Yeah right, who would want to rob your broke ass excuse of a bar anyways?"

"Why you –!"

The man situated next to the couple cleared his throat and pushed his unruly brown hair out of his face and put forth his best charming smile. "You aren't like those wild women running rampant are you, sweetheart?" He leaned his elbow onto the wooden table and inclined himself closer to the beauty.

She made a delightful noise in her throat that sent shivers down to the men's burning loins and closed her feathery fan. "Now I wouldn't say that, mister," she said in a velvety tone that overflowed with sensuality and felt as if it was made of the finest silks that seemed to brush the men just right – to the point that they were quivering in their seats. The enticing and sensuously alluring power she held over them was invigorating. Her plump lips curled into a mischievous smile. "I can be very dangerous if I wanted." She tapped the tip of the fan on her chin and cocked her head to the side. Her dark sapphire locks spilled into mini tresses and tendrils over her pale shoulder.

The Sheriff threw his head back and barked a laugh. "My, my, you are quite a jewel indeed, darlin'." He shifted one of his hands and began to stroke up the dip of her waist brushing over the expensive lace until he came to her bare back. A slight smirk stayed firmly on his lips as he swiftly tucked his fingers into the fabric of her dress touching skin that have been hidden from other's wondering gazes – it gave him a wonderful sense of masculinity of being able to touch something that other men could not see.

"Tell me something I don't already know, Mister Sheriff." Her glove covered hand reach down his waist, a light caresses over his sides bulging over his constrictive leather strap that held his prized silver pistol.

The man next to him pouted when the woman didn't even acknowledge him and huffed back into his seat. "I hear the leader of the Cherry Gals is some old and ugly windbag."

The owner of the bar crossed his arms and shook his head. "I hear quite the opposite."

"Oh yeah?"

He nodded. "I hear that she's a very attractive and exotic woman." He motioned with his hand for the bartender to bring a new round of whiskey to his table. "Some say that she's so comely that some men will actually beg on their hands and knees to have a taste of her voluptuous body." He slapped his kneecap and guffawed. "I bet she's pretty loose, if you get what I mean boys?"

The men broke out into hard laughs that filled the vacant saloon.

"She's probably a very experienced harlot."

They laughed harder.

"Hey, hey, if I had a few rounds with her I'd have her begging for more!"

They just hollered banging their fists on the table.

"Know what? I hope she tries to rob my saloon, perhaps I'd convince her to have a quick go in the back room. I bet she'll be coming back after that real soon!"

The bartender picked up the empty mugs and placed them on a tray over his shoulder then scurried back to the bar. He lifted a heavy tumbler and plunked it down. Without another word, he poured the amber liquid into the glass until the very tip fizzed over.

The woman's lips curled into a pouty frown. "That's not very nice to say."

The Sheriff tsked and stroked her upper arm with his large palms. "Don't tell me you're mad, darlin'?" The bartender arrived back to his table and nudged new rounds of whiskey to the men. The sheriff inclined his head in appreciation.

"I'm not angry, Mister Sherriff," she cooed softly. Her lavender orbs shined with an innocent that had a glint of something more behind them – something blistering and searing – that left him completely immobile and smoldering.

The man relaxed immensely. "Good," he breathed. He didn't want this gorgeous creature to be angry with him – not with the plans he had for her. Oh would he savor this stunningly crafted body of hers. A rare beauty like hers deserves to be bedded by men of his capability.

"On the contrary," she said sultry, curing her fingers over his sides once more. "I'm furious."

In a quick swipe, the sheriff's gun barrel was lodged deep under his chin, digging painfully into the skin. "What the –?" He choked on his saliva. The men that surrounded them leapt to their feet, their chairs screeching and slamming onto the ground.

"You know Mister Sheriff." She tilted the pistol to pop open the chamber and bit her pouty lips in satisfaction when she saw that it was still filled with bullets, not one had been used. Perfect. "You should really learn how to speak when you're in the presence of a lady." Her lengthy eyelashes framed her narrowing eyes brushing along the tops of her cheeks. "Or you might regret it." The woman cocked the pistol and gave the man a toothless smile when she heard the gun barrel lock into place for the shot. "I don't believe I appreciate you talking about me like that. I can assure you that I am a lady and not a harlot as you said." She twisted herself towards the other men and placed her other hand over her heart in mocking hurt, never once moving the gun away from the sheriff's throat. "It really does hurt my feelings, boys."

The men stumbled back in shock, the youngest of the group actually lost his footing and tripped over his chair.

"You mean yo-you-you're..." the owner stammered, his hairs prickled at the nap of his neck as he gulped down his sudden heightening fears.

All amusement was lost in her lavender eyes as if someone had wiped it away. "That's right, boys." Her lips twitched to a sardonic smile. "The name's Sakura Haruno." She crossed her legs and smoothed down the fabric of her dress flicking off a nonexistent particle of dirt. "I'm the leader of the Cherry Gals."

"What do you want?" One of the men inquired shakily. A layer of cold sweat was beginning to lightly coat the back of his neck.

She gave him a look as if he was stupid and pursed her lips. "Why else? To take the loot, of course." She gazed at the heavy sum of money planted on the table the men were planning on gambling away. "I give my thanks for you who took the liberty of trying to gamble away your saloon's profit." She gave the owner a knowing smirk with her naughty hooded eyes staring him down. "It saved me quite some time of trying to find the safe myself."

The owner gritted his teeth and growled low in his throat. "Why you little Calico Queen! I'll never let the likes of you to try and steal my money!"

She brushed the insult to the side and nonchalantly flipped her dark navy hair over her shoulders into the sheriff's face. He jerked his head back and gritted his teeth when she pressed the cold tip of the pistol harder into him. She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and laughed lightly. "Ah, ah, I wouldn't do that, Mister Sherriff." When all he did was bob his Adam's apple, she turned her attention back to the men in front of her and narrowed her bright orbs in distaste when she saw them reach for their own pistols strapped to their hips. "I would think it would be in your best interest to refrain from doing anything stupid, gentlemen."

They hesitated. Even now her feminine power over them almost had them bending to her will, but the owner wouldn't have it. He rapidly thrust his pistol into the air and aimed it directly at her head. "Any last words, harlot?" He sneered and cocked the gun.

"That would also include going for your revolver." She sighed and bent her elbow on the table and rested her cheek on her fist. "Are you stupid, Mister Owner?"

He tsked. "What? Scared of a little gun?"

"No," she said with a wink. "But you should be."

The owner roared in rage and pulled the trigger.

In a flash of black powder residue, the bullet jolted out of the pistol barrel. He snarled as he clutched his fist to his chest. His beady eyes flicked to his gun that lay a couple feet to the left on him and they flicked back to the woman who hadn't moved a muscle. When did she –? His gaze turned to the window to the other side of him and realization dawned to him when he saw the shattered glass in the shape of a jaded hole. One of the shards that were hanging onto its other half, swing back and forth from the gentle breeze until it could no longer hold on and shattered with its fallen comrades.

Her face distorted to a smug expression that he deeply wished that he had the opportunity of shooting right off her face. "Did you really believe that I would be working alone, Mister Owner?" She purred. "I have people hiding ready to take you down if you don't do exactly what I say." Lifting her bell-shaped dress, she glanced to the boys and almost hummed in approval at their appreciated gazes that bore down to her slim, shapely legs. The tips of her colorfully hued petticoat came into view as she continued to reveal more of her desirable body.

The men sucked in a breath and allowed their eyes to linger on her leather boots that were adorned with golden tassels up to the net stockings that lead up her porcelain flesh until their hungry eyes landed on the lacy garter that kept her stockings in place. The sheriff shifted uncomfortable in his seat, secretly craving that he was joining his lucky friends in the wondrous view that he was sure they were being presented. He gnawed the inside of his cheek when the pistol bit roughly into his neck; it appears she wasn't too happy about his movement.

The woman halted and kicked her leg out just enough for the boys to get their fill of her untouchable figure. Teasingly, she caressed her calf and painstakingly slowly ran her fingers on her flesh. Like a silky wetness, her pink tongue grazed her pouty lips. These men were making this way too easy for her. It was almost unsightly to see men almost grovel at her feet – but then again it was positively empowering.

She reached her upper calf and curled her silky fingers under her knee cap and stroked the sensitive flesh there. She fluttered her eyes and released a breathy moan and watched in delight when the men stiffed as the flesh over their neck began to fluster red. With the tips of her fingers, she ran her hand up to her stockings and curled her fingers into the lace of her garter. To torment them further, she ascended her fingers slightly higher and teased them with the sight of her short bloomers.

The owner found himself whining aloud. Blood began to pump to two parts of his body – his brain and his burning loins that ached for her touch. It was almost unheard of for a woman to wear such scandalous bloomers, traditionally the bloomer should have covered her entire legs, but no – hers only covered the assets that they so yearned to see.

Their grotesque physiques did nothing to give her the entertainment that she desired anymore. The woman stared at them with hooded eyes and suddenly found herself bored with this little game of seduction. Retracting her fingers back to her garter, she hooked her hands into the lace and pulled out a brown wool bag, it was wonder how she was able to hide such a large bag under her garter. She tossed it carelessly onto the table. It landed with a slight flop over the money.

She said with her soft, luscious voice. "I ask again, Mister Owner." Like a curtain, her dress fell back over her legs. "Are you stupid?" Her hardened eyes stared at him and to the loot and back again. "Will you comply?" She pushed herself off the sheriff and ran the pistol's tip on his sweat drench skin until she reached his temple. "Or will I have to resort to harsher means of persuading you?"

Almost as if it was an automatic response, him and his friend stepped up to the table and stashed the paper money and coins into the wool bag. It was like the threat of killing their friend hadn't even registered to them – all they cared about was pleasing the woman before them.

She hummed happily as they tied the bag shut and nudged it towards her side of the table. With her other hand, she curled her fist over the bag and snatched it up. "Thank you kindly, boys," she purred at the weight of the bag. She made a mental note that this saloon wasn't so broke as she previously thought – perhaps she would come again. "I appreciate your cooperation." She stepped away from the captive.

"What are you boys doing? This is Sakura Haruno – the Sakura Haruno – can you imagine the bounty she has over her head?" The sheriff snarled, his crow's feet scrunched up in distaste as his eyes glared into her own. "We can't just let her go!"

Suddenly the chair that held him gave out when she swiftly kicked the leg of it. He cried out in pain when his head smashed onto the wooden floor. He sucked in a sharp intake of breath when a bullet embedded itself right next to his ear through the floor board. The man screamed and clutched his ear and turned to his side away from her.

She hissed, narrowing her eyes to slits. "Hush up you." She switched her haze to the other and gave them a two finger salute and cocked her head to the side with a wink. "Have a good evenin' gentlemen."

Before anyone could react, she disappeared behind the saloon's entrance. All she left behind was the whimpering sheriff and the flopping doors swing back and forth from the power she pushed into them.

The woman jolted to the side of the saloon through the small space between the buildings. It was a tight enough squeeze that if any man was after her, he would have gotten stuck from his broad shoulders. She leapt skillfully over a fallen wooden barrel that she previously planted there as a precaution if somehow a smaller man came after her and would trip over the obstacle. She quickly exited the passage and then ran to her left. Another alleyway came into view and she advanced into it. Then into another one. And another one.

Until finally, she slowed her advances as she exited through the last of the routes that she had traveled through. It was a secluded area behind one of the food markets in town. Glancing over her shoulders to ease her cautious mind that no one had followed her. She smiled to herself and turned her attention to the beautifully crafted stagecoach that awaited her arrival.

It was painted in the light hues of crimson and rose, the colors that exclusively belonged to the Cherry Gals bandits. Anyone who saw these colors knew better than to go near this carriage. Some unfortunate bounty hunters found themselves lying in the desert the next day for attempting such a feat. The large wooden wheels made the stagecoach tower high – higher than most others, they were customly crafted with redwood and had the carvings of flowers along the inner findings of the wheel until it met the middle of it. A cherry blossom tree was engraved expertly into the side of carriage, its branches spreading wide across the wood – every stroke and every dab of paint created this perfect masterpiece.

Four large and towering brown horses scuffed their hooves waiting to make their move from the coachman that was seated patiently behind them. The finely dressed man tipped his hat to her as she neared the carriage. "Good to see you safe, ma'am," he spoke in a professional politeness.

The woman found herself by the carriage, after sending a polite greeting to the coachman, she opened the door and stepped on the metal stair. Once inside she latched the door closed and took a seat onto the silky cushion. She sunk comfortably into it and placed the loot and the pistol to the vacant space next to her – from the weight of the money it too sank comfortable into the cushion.

"Good you see that were unharmed, madam," the man seated directly in front of her spoke. The man was dressed in a white dress shirt with a black vest and another grey buttoned vest over it. His overcoat was left unbuttoned to allow wondering eyes to take in his wonderful physique. He had on a pair of dark slacks that fitted his lean body perfectly and black leather boots that were obviously polished to perfection.

"Mister Inuzuka," she inclined in greeting. No matter how many times she has been in this man's presences, he always manages to take her breath away. His form positively radiated stern and strict power that made even her want to shudder.

He crossed his legs and folded his glove clad hands over his lap. "Did any complications arise?" He arched a dark brow at her, strands of defiant dark chestnut hair dusted over his creased forehead. Despite such a commanding and powerful air around him, he still managed to maintain a sort of animalistic quality to him – especially his eyes. His eyes held a hidden glint in them that were so overwhelming and domineering that it left women and men alike quivering in their boots.

"Nothing of great importance to report, Mister Inuzuka." The woman glanced away from his piercing gaze, almost afraid to meet his eyes for he might be able to see the lie behind them. "It all went according to plan."

The door to the other side of the carriage jerked open. Another woman entered and took the vacant seat next to the man. The carriage slightly dipped from the added weight of the other passenger. Neither of them jumped at the new sudden invasion of the new occupant. In an instant, the entire air within the stagecoach made a sudden shift, it was as if having this woman suddenly within their presence made everything around them seem lighter – more carefree and untroubled.

As if by an unspoken command, the stagecoach began moving.

Her rosy dress brushed the man's leg and thigh when she settled down in her seat – he didn't seem to take any heed to it. The tight silky material of the gown shaped and outlined a curvy voluptuous figure. "Now, now, I wouldn't say such lies, Hinata," a soft melodic voice lightly chastised her.

Mr. Inuzuka kept his gaze locked with the woman in front of him, a frown now adorning his aristocratic face at that fact that the woman just stated. "Lies, you say?" He broke his gaze to turn to the gorgeous woman sitting next to him. It was his sudden downfall – for now he couldn't bring himself to turn away from this beautiful and enticing creature that sat only inches away from him, an arm length away from touching. The longing to reach out and lightly glaze his fingers on her fine skin was almost too tempting, but he held himself – coiling his control as tightly as he could.

Her hair was a rich shade of cherry that was both unnatural, but well sought out for by many suitors that have strived for this beauty's heart. It flowed in curly tendrils that twirled over her shoulders to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Despite many rough obstacles and battles, her flesh has still managed to remain untouched and unmarred by any difficulty. Her almond-shaped eyes, framed by long and thick lashes, were a bright emerald-green that held the ability to brighten the world if she willed it. Her facial features were nothing short of gorgeous – a straight button nose that anyone would yearn to press a loving kiss on, and full pouty lips that begged to be ravished mercilessly – she was the living embodiment of perfection.

Mr. Inuzuka had to take a discrete deep breath to calm his raging nerves and closed his eyes. He ran his fingers through his brown hair further disarranging it until he pressed his palms over his forehead and combed back his mane until it was all neatly slicked back. Reopening his eyes, he took one last glance at the woman and noticed a single rosy strand swayed away from its comrades, it lay innocently over the soft skin of her cheek. His hand twitched wanting very much to tuck the strand behind her ear – desperately finding any reason to touch this woman.

"Granted, you did very well acting as my face." The woman wagged her finger at her as if speaking to a child. "But If I hadn't had come along when I did, the owner of that saloon would have easily gunned you down if I had not interfered back there." She crossed her arms over her slim stomach as her emerald eyes bore into her lavender ones in disappointment. "I thought that I had trained you better than this, Hinata."

"But Sakura," Hinata's voice heightened an octave or two – dare she say it almost came out as a whine. Her jaw fell slack. "Those men were speaking of things that they had no right to speak," she argued back with a stomp of her feet. "They were calling you such mean and terrible names!" Her fist clutched the fabric of her dress at the mere thought of those men speaking so lowly of her beloved friend and leader – how dare they speak such nonsense.

"I understand where you're coming from, but you shouldn't have allowed your temper to get the better of you." Sakura's hardened face suddenly softened as she reached across the distance to wrap her glove covered hand over Hinata's. "From my travels around, I can tell you from experience that men are going to say what they want no matter how foul and distasteful it may be." With her other hand, she patted Hinata's palm affectionately. "As women, we have to learn to pay no attention to such scum bags. In our line of work, petty names shouldn't cloud our judgment, my dear."

Hinata pouted her lips and slightly down cast her face. Her lengthy bangs were like a curtain that veiled her face from the outside world.

"Now, now, don't make such a face," Sakura cooed gently, tapping a single finger on her companion's chin. Hinata hesitantly peeked through her bangs. "You are much prettier when you smile, my dear." Her red covered lips spread to a contagious smile that had Hinata's lips twitching upwards. "I can't allow my face to look sad like that, now can I?" She teased with a wink. "Unless you want me to have one of the other girls to act as my new face instead?" She turned her gaze to Mr. Inuzuka knowingly and gave him a charming bat of an eye. "That can be arranged. Tell me, Kiba, how is Miss Tenten fairing at the moment?" She held her hand over her mouth to conceal the grin.

Kiba shared her smile, the tips of his rather sharp canines slightly peered over his lips. His eye glinted with amusement as he watched Hinata shift in her seat with a start. "I believe she is fairing quite well." He stroked his chin. "I do recall that she's been wanting an opportunity to arise of being used as your next face."

"Sakura!" Hinata bolted upright and gaped. "No! I promise I won't do something so careless again!" She held Sakura's hand close and held tightly to it. "I'll do better next time, I promise! Let me act as your face for a little longer!" She was truly afraid that Sakura wouldn't use her as her face anymore. She wanted to do anything that was within her power to keep her beloved leader safe – even if she had to use her own face by doing so.

Sakura released a joyous laugh that almost had the other occupants wanting to join with her. "Come now, Hinata." She reached over and tenderly stroked the troubled woman's cheek. "I would never do such a thing to you." She lightly slapped the flesh and chuckled when Hinata flinched. "You are the perfect stand-in for me and you know that. Honestly, who could pull off seducing men like that?" She placed her hand over her chest. "Myself and –" She pointed to Hinata. "You. No one can do what we do best." Her emerald eyes twinkled with a shine that seemed to sooth Hinata. "We are one of a kind type of people."

Hinata couldn't help herself but to beam at that comment. There was no one in the world that she treasured more than her beloved leader and this praise brought her indescribable happiness. "I will do better next time," she chimed gleefully.

The pinkette chuckled and relaxed back into her seat. "Good, I look forward to you next job." She cupped her cheek as her gaze flicked to the bag of money. "It appears that this saloon had quite a bit of loot stored away, didn't they?" She hummed in approval.

Hinata nodded. "Yes, but –" She scratched her cheek and gave a bashful smile. "I also took their gambling money as well, so it looks a bit bigger than it was supposed to."

Sakura's eyes gleamed with laughter. "That's my girl." She reached for the bag of loot and weighed it with her hand. It wasn't too bad a find from a shabby saloon. Sakura glanced at Mr. Inuzuka and tossed it at his direction. He single handedly caught it with ease. "I trust you know what to do with this, Kiba?" She crossed her legs and smoothed out the fabric of her dress.

The man inclined his head. "Of course, Miss Haruno, I will place it where all the others are." Mr. Inuzuka was a man that Sakura had entrusted with maintaining and keeping all of her money safe from those who would want to steal it.

Sakura's lips twitched. "Please, Kiba, we've known each other for a long time, no more formalities." With the tip of her crossed leg, she brushed the fabric over her ankle along his leg in slow, suggestive motions. "Sakura will do just nicely," she said in that voice that could melt chocolate. "No more of this Miss Haruno nonsense."

Kiba felt a wave of shivers ran down his spine in heated strokes that had him tugging the collar of his dress shirt. "Well –" His voice came out a little higher pitch than normal. He quickly cleared his throat which earned him a muffled giggle from Hinata who quickly slapped her hand over her mouth and blushed under his piercing eyes. He quickly turned back to the object of his fascination. "Very well, Sakura, I will place your loot with all your other wealth."

"Thank you, Kiba." She gently placed a hand atop his upper leg. Kiba instantly jumped from the sudden touch. "I deeply appreciate it." Her palm slightly squeezed his thigh.

He immediately fell victim to her captivating eyes and shakily gulped down a breath. "Please, it is my pleasure, Sakura." Kiba felt his face begin to fluster with the familiar heat that he's often experienced when he was in this gorgeous woman's presences.

Sakura inched her mouth up to his ear and teasing blew into it. "I'm sure it is, Kiba." The way she said his name was excruciatingly tantalizing. The all too recognizable ache that tugged at his trousers was maddening. Mr. Inuzuka straightened his back and gripped his kneecap tightly. If he wasn't wearing his gloves she would be able to see how white his knuckles were turning.

Hinata couldn't help was find herself enjoying this scene. She knew the effect Sakura had on men and many times it wasn't intentional – she was just naturally a gifted seductress. It was a wonder how Mr. Inuzuka was able to maintain his cool for as long as he did, most men would have already been mewling for a taste of the sweet blossom.

"Is all our business done, Kiba?" Sakura inquired while tilting her head to the side, a single tendril of hair grazed her alabaster shoulder slipping into the curve of her plump breast.

The stagecoach suddenly halted signaling that this was Mr. Inuzuka's destination.

Kiba gnawed at the inside of his cheek, the little pain assisted in clearing his mind of the ragging thoughts that were sure to haunt him as he slept tonight, and moved to nod his head, but then suddenly remembered something. He coughed in his fist and placed his black top hat on his head inclining the tip of it forward so that is casted a shadow over his eyes. "There is still one more thing that I must inform you before my departure."

"Oh?" Sakura brushed her shoulder into his bicep. "What is it?"

Mr. Inuzuka nodded, his lips moved to a straight line. "Yes, my sources have informed me of some alarming news."

Sakura frowned. Somehow Kiba didn't think something like that suited her. "Tell me."

"They have notified me that there is a bounty hunter coming after you."

Sakura sighed and shook her head. "Another one I see." She retracted her hand from Kiba's thigh and folded her palms over her lap. "When will those brutes learn? I won't be an easy target to catch. Those men who are hiring these bounty hunters are just throwing away all their loot." She swept a glance at Hinata and curled her lips to a half-smile. "I suppose, me and Hinata could take whoever is coming for me. I know we can handle it." The dark haired girl agreed eagerly with a bob of her head.

"Unfortunately, this bounty hunter isn't like anyone we have encountered previously." Kiba coiled his fingers over the hook of his black cane. "I believe that we will actually have troubles with this man."

The pinkette narrowed her eyes slightly. "Why is that, Kiba?"

Mr. Inuzuka inhaled through his nose. "I've only heard a bit here and there about him, but from what I collected." He placed his full attention on Sakura, his eyes displaying the deep worry he held for her. "He's a master tracker that always gets his man."

Sakura snorted unladylike and waved off his concern. "Kiba, first off we will see how this master tracker will be able to find me when no one knows my original face and second, I am a woman, not a man." She leered at him with her bright orbs that were filled with determination. "Let him try and find me, I encourage it." With the tip of her finger, she pushed rims of the top hat upward to see Kiba's full face and inched forward. "Tell me, what is the name of this master tracker?"

From this distance, Kiba was able to smell her overwhelming florescent scent that filled his nostrils. "He goes by the name of Naruto Uzumaki."

"Now that doesn't sound like a name that I should fear." Sakura said smoothly. "So there shouldn't be anything to worry about." She stared at him with hooded eyes. "Do you know of the person who hired him? He must be someone wealthy to hire a master tracker," she commented with a slight tug of the velvety curtain that concealed them from sight and glancing out the carriage window.

"My sources say that he's a mayor of some town down south." Kiba pushed his weight onto the wooden cane and moved to get up.

Sakura stiffened a cold chill ranking down her back, the curtain slipped through her fingers and fell back into place. "What, pray tell, is this mayor's name?" She kept her gaze locked on the fabric to the side of her.

"The man who hired this bounty hunter is the mayor of Konoha." Mr. Inuzuka observed her closely wondering why she kept her face hidden. "His name is Sasuke Uchiha." His eyes narrowed when the pinkette's fists coiled tightly around the laces that adorned her dress.

The next thing Kiba knew, Sakura rammed her shoulder into him forcing him to stumble into Hinata's lap and all but tore the stagecoach's door open. With a flash of pink, she picked up the fabric of her dress and rapidly vanished from sight.

Sasuke Uchiha.

Of all the men to come after her.

It had to be that scoundrel Sasuke Uchiha!

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