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Summary: It has been three years since their last meeting when she escaped in the middle of the night and left him. He remembered the note she left him stating that she would someday return to his side, but it was quite clear that it was an empty promise. He was tired of waiting for her to return to him. And he damn well would get her back where she belonged – even if it means forcibly doing so.

Rating: M

~A Thousand Years by Christina Perri~

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt, suddenly goes away somehow

Unforgotten Desire

Chapter Four: His Light


A silent sound abruptly awoke Sasuke from his light slumber. His eyes snapped open and searched the still dark room. As a young child, even the slightest of noises could awaken him from the deepest of sleeps.

This has both proven to be blessing and a curse.

It had be quite useful once or twice when kidnappers tried to sneak into his room late at night, but it did have its disadvantages when he would be awaken when his father would have his late night visitors engaged in a round of extremely vocal passions. From those past experiences, Sasuke had learned he'd rather stay up late and find sanctuary in the Town of Konoha rather than his room.

Onyx orbs quickly adjusted to the darkness that bleed around him and did a lengthy sweep across the shabby room. Inch by inch, he painstakingly slowly searched for the hidden enemy. Sasuke inspected everything from head to toe – not because he was scared of any kind, it was more of an instinctual act that had become a habit when he heard any sort of unknown noise. His eyes squinted in wonder when his observing gaze finally came to the end of the room.

It still seemed the same as before.

Nothing appeared out of place.

Sasuke couldn't understand why but it irked him greatly that nothing seemed to change.

It was probably the fact he was still held captive against his will.

God, it irritated him deeply that his situation hadn't changed much since his little nap.

Here he was.

Tied, gagged, and completely exhausted.

Had his father not noticed he wasn't back at the inn yet?

Sasuke mentally slapped himself. Of course his father wouldn't have noticed. When had he ever cared in the first place anyways? Hell, that blasted father of his probably wasn't even in the inn himself. Sasuke rolled his eyes and pursed his lips. Chances point to him finding a random woman off the streets and taking her to a different tavern for the night.

The young boy glanced up to the window and grimaced. The moon loomed brightly outside and the star glimmered dazzlingly. Despite such a beautiful and tantalizing night it brought forth a bitter taste in his mouth – it reminded him that much more how long he's been trapped here.

The moon was slightly descending from the sky, in a couple more hours the sun would be peeking over the horizon. Based on that little fact it was safe to say that Sasuke had been sleeping for a few hours. How he felt comfortable enough to sleep, he could not tell. Maybe he was truly exhausted not to even care.

Sasuke frowned and scrunched his brow in distaste. His body felt incredibly sore and ached in the most tender of places along his back, arms, and thighs. It just seemed to throb everywhere. His muscles felt strained and tight from the uncomfortable position that he was in. He was still situated in the same corner as before but this time he was on his side on the wooden floor.

His dark locks lay spewed across his face and he hummed in frustration. He tried quickly blew a stray strand out of his face but it was proven futile with that ghastly rag in his mouth, so he tired to shake his head to move it. Again it was proven futile. It annoyed him further when all it did was force more strands to skim down his cheek tickling the skin. Great, it caused an itch that he couldn't even relieve.

Huffing, Sasuke moved to shift his shoulder onto his back. Sasuke winced and hissed out a breath that instant he moved. That had been a big mistake. The muscles there had tightened and cramped instantly upon the sudden movement.

Sasuke had deduced that it was probably better that he just remained on his side.

His attention altered to the lump of the body of his captor that was still lying unceremoniously onto the bed. Based on how his foot stuck out from the sheets and hung limply from the edge he must have not heard the creak as he had.

Maybe it was his imagination?

No, that wasn't it.

His instincts were always spot on. They have never stirred him wrong before.

It was highly unlikely that they had.

Sasuke silently thought to himself of the other possibilities.

Suddenly, Sakon's snore echoed loudly into the small room.

Sasuke closed his eyes as his eyebrow twitched. It was a surprise that he hadn't awakened from this man's unsightly snoring rather than that low creak.

Maybe he it was just the stress of all this that was finally effecting him?

That was probably it.

As Sasuke prepared a second attempt of shifting his body to a more favorable position until a sudden motion behind the curtains caught his eyes instantly. He snapped his neck to that direction and bit back grunt when the joint in his collarbone cracked from the hasty movement. Thrusting the thought of the pain to the back of his head, he gazed intently outside and furrowed his brows.

What was that?

Small shadowy hands pressed into the glass as a shady shadow loomed over it peeking into the room. Sasuke couldn't make out much of the figure outside the window, but all he could take from the dim rays of the moon was whoever this person was their body was completely concealed by a dark cloak. The wind from the outside feverously blew the cloak from their small body and slithered behind the mysterious figure. Like a veil, the hood of the robe casted shadows over the person's face as they pressed closer to the glass.

Sasuke felt it. This person was inspecting the room searching for something – but what? He stiffened when the eyes of the person halted on his form. Their gaze lingered uncomfortably on his person and Sasuke wanted to just push himself deeper into the shadows to avert their unnerving stares. He didn't want anyone else to see him in this condition. Sasuke would absolutely love to avoid such things of rumors going around town that the mayor's son was tied and gagged.

But then again, Sasuke absolutely hated hiding – despised more so.

An Uchiha from a prodigious family line such as himself didn't hide – they confronted. Instead of coiling back deeper into the corner like he had first conjured up, he met the stranger's eyes and kept their intense gaze with his own.

It was a few moments when the person decided to make their move. The figure crouched low and moved with a silent quietness that was nothing short of stealthy. Fiddling with the frame of the window, the person gingerly pried it opened with the most careful of movements. It was a wonder how they open it without making a single noise – even someone with good hearing like himself couldn't make out the sound of the window opening.

The figure slipped in with a silent grace that made even him green with jealously.

Was the person a thief?

Or another bandit that heard the Mayor's son was being held captive and wished to collect the bountiful money instead?

Everyone just had to want a piece of him, didn't they?

The obscure cloak slide against the floor boards as the person neared him. The rush of the sudden chilling air reached Sasuke in a matter of moments and he involuntarily shivered from the change in temperature. Their footsteps were unhurried and measured as if they didn't have a care in the world as they leisurely creped deeper into the room.

Sakon grunted in his sleep and shifted in the bed. He tucked his leg back into the blankets and snuggled himself deeper into his sheets. He sloppily smacked his lips and muttered incoherent words tiredly into his pillow.

The figure briefly halted in their tracks and the hooded eyes glanced at him. When Sakon released a brazen snore, the person went back to sauntering towards their target. Sasuke refused to flinch back when the shadowy stranger knelt by his body. Though he maintained a cold and hard expression, he did feel alarmed at the close proximity of this intruder. An emotion deep in his gut crept up his neck.

It suddenly dawned upon Sasuke that he felt something that he refused to recognize as nervousness, something which he was largely unfamiliar with.

Sasuke Uchiha did not get nervous – it was inconceivable.

For a short time, there was a shared silent between the two.

They just kept staring intently at each other.

A pale hand slipped from behind the cloak and reached from him.

Sasuke didn't budge when the figure slipped their arm under him and coiled it around his shoulders. They gingerly pulled him upwards so that he was in an upright position. Sasuke swallowed a noise deep in his throat. His muscles screamed in protest but he didn't want to admit how much better he felt now that he wasn't lying on the floor. A sigh of relief slipped past his lips before he could help it.

Cold fingers wrapped around him and brought him closer. In a way, it was like this person was cradling him to their petite form. It felt almost like a loving embrace curled all around him. Despite the coldness of the robe, warmth spread through his form like a blanket and he couldn't help but lean into this mysterious stranger.

In this position it forced him to be face to face with the intruder.

His eyes widened.

His breath hitched.

His blood suddenly boiled with a renewed vigor that had awakened every nerve in his entire body.

It was her.

She was here.

She was by his side.

Sasuke didn't know whether he should be extremely happy at seeing her gorgeous face or embarrassed that she caught him in his most unsightly of situations. The burning in him came throbbing back. He wanted to reach out and touch her just to make sure that this wasn't a replica his dreams concocted.

He wanted to make sure she was real.

He moved his body against her so that her nose brushed against the rag wrapped around his mouth. She almost seemed startled at this sudden closeness albeit she didn't move from her position. Sasuke began moving against his restraints despite the stinging of the rope burns and tried to talk to her, but all that came out were muffled sounds.

Sakura stiffen and quickly pressed her palm over material above his mouth. She shushed him with a silent finger over her lips and slightly shook her head in a light panic. Her eyes were wide in alarm. Did he not get that they weren't alone?

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her and scowled. Did she just shush him like a child?

Her emerald eyes drifted over her shoulders. When he didn't get signal, she sighed to herself and made a motion with her chin. This time Sasuke followed the gesture and came onto the still sleeping Sakon.

It finally dawned onto him. He wanted to kick himself for forgetting about that man that held him captive was only a mere few inches away. She did it again! Being in her presences always makes him careless and unwise – it was like all sense went out the door. This was something that he was unfortunately becoming more and more familiar with.

Sasuke returned his gaze to her face and bobbed his head in understanding.

Sakura allowed her palm to linger for a few more seconds until she removed her hand and her pouty lips formed into a smile that seemed to warm him up from his toes up. Her eyes glimmered more brightly than any star as she held him closer. Now that he thought about it, he could feel the swell of her breast press into arm.

He would never grow tired of such a beautiful and lively smile. A stray strand of pink slithered out from under her hood and caressed his cheek in the gentlest of strokes. A wave of shivers went down his arms and this time it wasn't because of the cold.

Sakura knew that look he was giving her. Dark smoldering orbs bored into her own. It was same look he gave her when they first met one another. The same one that made her feel like liquid goo and made her weak to her knees. Even now, she yearned to sample the taste of his perfect lips and bask herself in his masculine spice until she was permanently imprinted with his musty scent.

God, this boy was so dangerous.

The desire to be near him was so powerful, that the need to find him drove her into a frantic frenzy of worry.

She had to find him.

She had to know that he was safe.

She had to be in his presence again – even if it was for a short while.

Sakura all but ran around town to find any information on his whereabouts. For hours, she's searched and searched for him. It was almost proven to be hopeless. No one knew of a kidnapping involving the son of the Mayor of Konoha. Many stared at in wonder and just walked off stating they knew nothing while others found her odd and brushed her off. It was a full and irritating process of rejection.

That is –

Until she wondered into the Sand Saloon – a regular place where she met most of her targets.

What met her was a raving pink haired woman that was ranting in drunken slurs how her boss, a tall slender man with dark gray hair, needed a messenger to deliver a message to the Mayor of Konoha. It didn't take long for her to place two-and-two together and after buying a drink for the woman she easily let the information slip that Sasuke was being held upstairs.

Then she made her plan of rescue.

Sakura reached out and tugged the rag from his mouth and allowed it to drop around his neck. "You're going to be okay now, sugar," Sakura whispered hotly. Her breath ghosted against his sensitive skin.

Sasuke's breath mixed with hers in silent puffs of air. "What are you doing here?" he inquired below a whisper taking a sharp glance at Sakon. "It's dangerous for you."

The pinkette leaned closer and brushed her lips over the corner of his mouth. It was a light feathery touch that barely touched his skin. "That's quite a welcome you got there, sugar," she purred. Sakura leaned in closer and tapped her nose against his in a light sweep of skin.

Sasuke felt his breath caught in his throat once again falling prey to her bewitching gaze. If only time would stand still and allow him this moment just to drown into her lovingly emerald orbs and sink deeper and deeper into them.

Sakon snored and loudly shuffled his position once more. This time his face was turned towards their direction, his mouth was wide open with a single strand of saliva trickling down the corner of his lips. He grunted and clutched the blanket closer to him.

The raven haired teen stiffened and scowled to himself. This wasn't the time or the place to get distracted – again he silently added!

He had to know why this woman was here, in this place – with him.

"That doesn't answer my question," he said dryly, a little bitter about the fact that she had sidetracked him from his current situation. He was unfamiliar with the feeling of a single woman enticing his entire thoughts as much as she did.

Sakura giggled against his cheek and rested her forehead over his. This single touch ignited a burning flame inside him that craved for further stimulation. "I came for you or." She lifted her chin away from him so their noses barely touched. "Is that so hard to believe?" Her eyes flashed with a mischievous glint.

Honestly, Sasuke felt his voice stuck in his throat. He didn't know how to react. From the way she was looking at him like he was some kind of dessert that was meant to be savored almost had him wishing he wasn't tied up. He wanted to partake in his earlier activities and finish what he had started only hours ago.

He wanted her to be the one tied up and withering in want instead of him.

The pinkette could feel his arms flex as he tugged subconsciously onto his restraints. Her lips twitched at this. "I think I like you like this," she breathed with hooded eyes. She leaned her face closer to him and rubbed her nose against his cheek down to his neck and pressed a light chaste kiss on his thundering pulse. Sakura held in the moan when she finally had her sample of him – he tasted of musk, sweat, and all male.

Sasuke's Adam apple bobbed as he swallowed down the lump in his throat. "Like what?" he managed to say with a straight face but he could feel his mask quickly crumbling when she kissed his neck again running her lips along his pounding veins.

Sakura's other hand ranked her nailed over his chest until it rested on his hardened pectorals. A single finger traced random patterns above his muscles that had his chest rippling. The pinkette made a noise in her throat that she approved of his reaction. She brought her mouth to his ear and traced her tongue on the outer shell. "I like you tied up," she murmured shamelessly. "It allows me to play with you without any interruptions." She latched onto his ear lobe and nibbled it. Her teeth scraped against the skin in a light teasing tug.

Sasuke hissed in approval and leaned closer to her hot pampering mouth. It was hard for him to concentrate on anything other than the wet strokes of her tongue against his ear. Blood began to pump down to his trousers.

The pinkette tugged harder at his lobe and brought it into her mouth. She suckled it like she would a lollipop. This brought forth a disgruntled moan from the young man and she smirked wickedly against him. "Oh yes, sugar," she whispered passionately. "I bet you like that, don't you?"

"I reckon I'd like that too," a tired voice said. The clank of a cocked gun clicked in the silent room.

Sakura gasped and felt her stomach sink. Damn, she almost had forgotten that they had company. She twisted her body to see Sakon sitting up on the bed.

His face was grim as he had his gun lodged at her. "Well, well, if it isn't the little lady from before." The blanket was pooled over his lap as he tiredly ran his hand through his hair. "I'd ask why you were here, but I think I can figure it out." His scoff turned into a mocking sneer as his eyes ranked the form of Sakura and Sasuke.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and growled. He didn't like how Sakon's eyes fixated onto the pink haired blossom a moment longer than he should have. He tried to move to sit up more but immediately his muscles spasmed with a sharp ache that forced him down.

The pinkette gritted her teeth and clutched Sasuke closer to her. "Well, that's good for me, isn't it darlin'?" She curled her lips upwards. "I'm not one to explain myself." Unbeknownst to Sakon, Sakura whipped out a blade from under her coat and slipped it under Sasuke. "So tell me, darlin' what do I have to do to take this cargo off your hands?" Her voice was soft but there were hints of warning behind them. With a quick flick of her wrist, the rope gave away from the sharp blade.

"I've got to admit, little girl, you've got guts." Sakon chuckled. "But having guts is going to get you killed one day." He jiggled his revolved to emphasis his point and shrugged. "By me, of course."

Sasuke felt the rope slacken and ignored the protests of his body as he moved to sit up properly. The pinkette swiftly latched onto his wrists and brought them back together. The stinging spike of pain shot though his arms and he shot her a glare.

Sakura slightly shook her head and conveyed to him a secret message through her eyes. She slipped the blade gingerly into his palm and waited for him to grip it. Without a word, he held the small knife. The pinkette flicked her eyes back to Sakon. "That's not very nice of you." She pouted cutely. "I was hoping we wouldn't have to fight." She heaved a sigh and cupped her cheek. "I guess I have no choice but to beat you," she said with a wink.

"Oh?" Sakon titled his head to the side, grey stands of his unruly locks silently swiped over his dark eyes. "What makes you think you can beat me?" His amusement was clearly written on his face.

"Like this," she chimed sweetly.

Sakon's revolver was suddenly blasted from his hand and landed with a low thud across the room. "What –?" His eyes widened as he clutched his injured hand to his chest. "When did you –?" His gaze rapidly darted around until it came on to the black gun residue slipping through a small hole in the cloak. It dawned on to him what had happened. She had her gun pointed at him this entire time!

"You little –!" His voice died out the moment her own gun was lodged at him.

Sakura was on her feet with her pistol ready for another shot. The dark cloak was pushed over her shoulders. "Ah, ah, ah." With her other hand, she wagged her finger at him as if chastising a child. "I told you that I had no choice but to beat you, darlin'" she said putting her arm on her waist. "But you didn't listen, did you? You could have saved yourself from this embarrassment."

Sasuke took this as his chance to get up. In spite of the throbbing soreness pulsating throughout his rough body, he held his head up high and straightened his back. He glared at Sakon on the bed. This man was going to pay for humiliating him. He wasn't going to rest until these band of fools were placed behind iron bars after this.

No one disgraced Sasuke Uchiha.

No one.

There were banging against the wooden door. "Hey, Sakon are you okay in there?" One of his members rattled the doorknob. "We heard a gunshot."

"Get in here!" Sakon ordered through gritted teeth.

"Come on!" Sakura bellowed. As the door swung open, Sakura latched onto Sasuke's wrist and yanked him towards the open window. Sasuke tried to keep up with her hurried steps but he was still a bit sluggish in his movements.

Thrusting him up to the window, she all but pushed him out the opening and glanced back at the three other members who were beginning to fill the room. Sakon was crawling out of his bed towards her but he halted when her gun was once more pointed at him.

Sasuke leaned himself closer to the building and briefly glanced to the ground below him. It wasn't too much of a drop. How fortuitous of them to only be on the second floor. He glanced up to the sky and pursed his lips. Little peeks of red and orange were creeping along the darkness that surrounded him.

"It's you!" Jirobo shouted. "The same little harlot who stole from me!"

Sasuke heard from outside and his onyx eyes peered back into the room.

Sakura smirked. "You remember me, do you?" She brought her hand to her mouth and laughed humorlessly behind it and narrowed her eyes. "You better not follow us," she hissed. She pulled the trigger when Sakon's comrades were moving to grip their weapons strapped to their hips. The bullet deeply embedded itself into their leader's thigh.

Hollering in agony, Sakon's hands clutched onto his wounded leg. "You Bitch –!" he screeched. The other members of the Sound Four halted in their advances and stared wide-eyed at the pinkette.

"Do you want me to shot your head now? I hate that type of language, darlin'" she growled and flicked her eyes to the other occupants. "If I see you lot anywhere near me or my friend here again, I won't hesitant in shooting you down." Cursing to herself, she leapt soundlessly out the window.

"Don't just stand there! Get them!" Sakon barked.

Sakura scowled. "They never learn do they?" she said to herself and once more gripping Sasuke's wrist and pulled him along the wooden railing on the roof.

Tayuya and Kidomaru came stumbling after them. He bumped his shoulder into her and almost caused her to fall off. She gasped and swung her arms wildly as she regained her balance. "Watch where you're going, you idiot!" she snarled at Kidomaru smacking him upside the head.

He growled, baring his teeth. "Maybe you should watch where your big feet are stepping, you clumsy cow!" he barked.

"What did you just call me?!" She dug her heels into the wood and sent a punch at the man successfully making him tumble off the roof. "Take that!" He fell into the metal tin that was used to give water to the horses. He coughed and spit out the water that had gotten in his mouth and shot a glare at the woman. Tayuya threw her head back and laughed.

Jirobo poked his head out the window and frowned. "Focus, Tayuya! Get those pesky kids already!"

When Sasuke and Sakura reached the edge, Sakura tugged him close. "This way!"

Sasuke's widened a fraction when he saw the large tower of wooden boxes stacked atop one another like a staircase. The pinkette bound for the highest box and forced Sasuke to fall in step with her as they jumped from crate to crate until their feet touched the ground.

"Get back here!" Tayuya yelled. She was steadily catching up to the pair of teenagers as she leaped onto a crate.

Sakura swiftly kicked a crate from the bottom and watched the tower that she had built earlier tumble. She was lucky that all the wooden crated were empty when she stole them from a market; they were surprisingly light when she stacked them up – than again she did posses the strength of ten men. She watched in satisfaction as the woman sunk into the clumpy pile with a loud groan.

Not being one to take an opportunity of escape for granted, she grabbed Sasuke's hand and wrapped her fingers tightly around it. "Come on," she said softly.

Sasuke stared at their joined hands thoughtfully. Her hands were so small compared to his; they were completely engulfed by his larger palms. They felt so fragile and tiny – like they would easily break under his grip. He lightly ran his thumb over her knuckles and relished in the smooth silkiness of her skin. Normally, he wasn't the one to like physical contact of any kind but dare he say this touch wasn't exactly unwelcomed. If anything, he genuinely felt content.

Sakura's eyes shined as she smiled at him. "Let's get out of here, sugar." She began leading him to the back of the saloon. He was more than happy to comply with her.

"How does it feel to be dropped, Tayuya? It doesn't feel good, does it?" Kidomaru cackled as he effortlessly lifting a crate from the fallen woman.

"Shut it!" she growled shoving roughly at the wooden box. "We can't let them escape!" Tayuya got to her feet and rammed into Kidomaru to get out of her way and scattered towards the teens – not without stomping on his feet, of course. He cried out a number of profanities at her back as he brought his foot to his hands and jumped around in agony.

Sensing the rampant female quickly approaching them, the pinkette glanced over her shoulders and winked at Sasuke. "I know of short cut where we can lose them." Running deeper into the backs of stores, they advanced to a particularly color building and took a sharp corner. Circling around it, they ran across the market's entrance and continued their advances.

Sasuke furrowed his brows in question when they were quickly approaching the same saloon that he was held captive in. It was like they had just gone in a complete circle. "What are you –?" His voice died as soon as Sakura shoved him into the small space in between the saloon and the store. It was on the opposite side where the crates were tumbled about.

Sakura pushed him deeper into the alleyway until the back of his knees hit a barrel and forced him to sit down. "Hey –!"

"Be quiet, sugar," the pinkette murmured quietly. "This will be all over soon." She straddled his lap and draped her cloak to cover his shoulders. Sasuke realized in this position if someone were to pass by this alleyway that the dark cloak she placed on both of them acted as a natural camouflage in the darkness.

"Confound it, where are those kids!" Tayuya hollered. They heard the hurried footsteps of hers nearing them.

"We need to –"

Sasuke didn't even get an opportunity to finish his sentence.

– Tayuya swiftly passed the darkness that they were concealed in.

The young raven haired teen's mind became flat-lined and completely, blissfully blank, nothing occupying his thoughts but the pleasant feeling of Sakura's lips – sinfully soft lips – pressed against his own in a chaste kiss.

All he knew was that she was all he could see, all he could feel, and all that he could think about.

She took over him.

There was only her in the world.

Her alone.

No father.

No bandits.

Nothing else.

The second her lips captured his, his entire body went ridged with surprise at the sudden contact, but after a few seconds of the light pressure Sasuke leaned into her. Sakura smiled against his lips and went to deepen the kiss. She cocked her head to the side and created the angle that she desired. Her tongue's gently slipped out and prodding against his bottom lip asking shyly for entrance.

By no means was this her first kiss, she's had plenty of practice of mastering the art of kissing, but for some odd reason this kiss was different – it didn't feel the same as exchanging saliva with a complete stranger.

It felt special.

He relaxed his body and focused on the slick appendage slithering against his lips. Its glossy wetness was driving him completely senseless. He's never experiences such a sensation before. It was all new to him. Truth be told, he wasn't exactly experienced in kissing – it wasn't like women didn't pursue him into the act, it was that he never took the time to actually go out and experiment.

Sakura's tongue sent a wave of pleasant shivers down his spine. Oh yes, he's never experienced something like this, indeed. The delectable pleasures of those simple strokes were simply maddening – it was all too much. He didn't know how much he could take. His senses were going haywire as she took over his entire being. His nostrils flared as her sweet scent smothered him, coiling tightly as it caressed him.

She sucked in his bottom lip into the hot crevasse of her mouth and scraped her teeth and tongue over it. Sakura couldn't get enough of him. He was just so damn exquisite. His lips were so succulent. And his taste was so scrumptious that she could just devour him for hours. She knew that now she's had a taste of him that there would nothing else in this world that would satisfy her.

Nobody – expect him.

Sasuke made a deep noise in his throat and finally caved into his inner most desires. He allowed him to partake in the one thing he's been wanting to do since the moment he laid eyes on her.

He was tired of waiting.

The warmth of her mouth sent an electrical current through his body – it drove his need and longing for this woman. The raven haired teen parted his lips for her and allowed her all the entrance that she could ever ask for accepting all that she would give him.

Sakura plundered his mouth with wet strokes of her tongue the instant he allowed her in. The sudden taste of him was overbearing. The heavy aroma of musk wafted into her nostril. She moaned breathlessly and pressed herself harder into him. It overwhelmed her – smothered her with his flavor and scent that poured into her. She could honestly say that she relished in it. She took all of him in.

Sasuke was swept away by the sensation of her tongue. It was just too much.

How Sakura lived without tasting something so delectable was beyond her.

As she thought earlier, he was most diffidently a dessert that was meant to be savored and enjoyed – and enjoy it she shall.

She massaged her tongue against his in almost bashfully strokes that sent tingles raging down his arms. Sakura gripped his biceps and could feel the goosebumps from underneath the flimsy fabric of the button up dress shirt.

After a few more moments of exploring his wonderful mouth, he still didn't seem to respond at first. It unnerved her. Sakura felt unsure of herself. Was this not good enough for him? She's been told she's a good kisser, but maybe he was more experienced than she was? She wanted him to enjoy this kiss as much as she did. The pinkette moved to separate herself from him.

As if sensing her hesitation, Sasuke warily coiled his arm around her slim waist and brought her body closer. He gently placed his palm on the back of her neck and led her lips back onto his. Sasuke never wanted her to stop. Ever.

That was all the encouragement that she needed.

She ran her tongue boldly over his perfect set of pearly whites and swept it sensual over his tongue. Sakura didn't want to miss a single nook in his mouth – she explored deeper into him thrusting her wet appendage into his mouth. The musky flavor that belonged to him coaxed her senses. It was staggering how easily she lost all control over herself. Her desire for him was so vast. And she knew that it would never be quenched. She would forever thirst for this man.

She greedily devoured him.

Consuming all that he would offer her.

Sakura opened her emerald eyes and stared deeply into his dark smoldering ones. They were glazed with lust and she found that she liked it when he looked at her like that. Maybe she would see more of them in the near future?

The pinkette returned to the task at hand and wrestled her tongue more aggressively with

Sasuke's own tongue. She was tired of being the only one having all the fun. It was time he played too. She coaxed him to match her swift pace and join in the heated tussle.

Sasuke grunted and closed his eyes allowing the pleasure to all sink in. At first, his strokes were shy and hesitant against hers. There were moments when he would touch a certain place in her mouth that forced a soft mewl of pleasure from the back of her throat.

He knew that he had to hear more.

Perhaps it was selfish of him, but he wanted to feed on every last ounce of passion that she had to offer him.

To allow his starved self to feast.

To fill up the emptiness of his existence.

To satisfy the hankering thirst.

Until he was filled to the brim with her essences.

Feeling confident, he turned the tables of their match and drew her tongue into his mouth and sucked on it softly. Sasuke didn't really like sweet things, but he believed that he had found an exception to that rule. Her divine flavor poured into him. It was incredible. It was extraordinary. It was all consuming– she was all consuming. He just couldn't get enough of this gorgeous woman.

Sakura's moan was soft, barely audible but Sasuke heard it.

But it was unacceptable.

He wanted to hear her moan louder.

The arm around her waist rubbed random patterns over her shirt causing her to tremble under his hot touch as her muscles jumped and flexed with each of his gentle strokes. Sasuke raked his nails into the fabric over her hips craving the smoothness of her flesh. His hands sunk deeper into the material trying to forever imprint her figure into his raging thoughts and found that he could slip his hands underneath it.

Questioningly, Sasuke reluctantly pulled away from her lips – curiosity getting the better of him. Wasn't she wearing a gown the last time they met? His widened at the attire that she had chosen to rescue him in. She wore a white shirt that was clearly three times too big for her size, the sleeves were bunched up by her elbows and the first few buttons on the top were undone giving him a peek of her porcelain neck.

He watched intently as Sakura gulped down her pants – fixating his gaze towards her unmarred neck. The light sheen of sweat glazed her flesh. Subconsciously, his hands fell from her hips to her thighs that straddled him.

Sasuke almost jumped when he realized that he touch her smooth legs rather than fabric. His eyes darted downwards and he felt himself boil as if all his blood had been replaced with lava that was coursing through his veins. An inferno was ignited deep within his groin and throbbed with longing.

The pinkette had on a pair of dark trousers that were also quite too large for her petite form. The only thing that seemed to keep them on her was the large leather belt that was tightened to fit her slim waist. But what truly made him blistering was how they were carelessly cut through around her upper thighs. Sasuke had an eye full of her creamy legs. He swallowed his saliva shakily as his palms twitched over her supple flesh.

Sakura's lips curved up at his wondering eyes. It brought her great pleasure that he was so fascinated with her body – more so caused a deep wrenching sensation in her gut. She allowed a charming giggle escaped her. His eyes shot back up to her twinkling orbs. "Now, now," she said sultrily, caressing his cheek tenderly bring his face closer. "You didn't think I would rescue you in a dress with a hole in it, sugar?" They were nose to nose now. "Now that would be improper of me." She brushed her lips over his in a light feathery touch. "I wouldn't want to ruin another dress."

Sakura leaned her head back when he tried to deepen the kiss and smiled at his disgruntled expression. She tapped his nose with her finger. "Oh, sugar." She placed a soft kiss on the same spot. "Don't give me that look." The pinkette nuzzled her cheek on the side of his face and inhaled his intoxicating musk. "I wouldn't want to be the source of your displeasure," she purred.

This woman was driving him completely crazy! Sasuke latched his hands to clench around her hips and brought her impossibly close – so that was positively no space separating them. His grip of tight around her – so tight incredibly that it was as if he was afraid that she would slip away from his grasp if he loosened his hold.

The pinkette's stomach leapt for the skies when she felt his desire touching her. Sakura felt herself pant as a dark blush coated her light skin. It was like she would feel his throbbing veins through the material of their trousers. Her pulse thundered a rhythm that made her weak kneed – it was lucky that he was holding her so tightly or she would surely fall backwards.

He smirked and began to grind his hardness over her core in slow and sensual stokes – showing her just how much she affected him – how much he desired her.

Sakura gave a throaty gasp and threw her head back and closed her eyes in bliss. The hood fell from her and allowed her rosy locks to escape and cascade down her shoulders in unruly tresses. Her thighs trembled and quivered under the friction of his merciless shaft – it just kept going. Rubbing, pushing, and sometimes dipping into her core. It felt so deliciously sensual that Sakura wasn't able to think straight.

And that was what Sasuke was hoping for. He wouldn't allow her the chance to conjure up the unfathomable idea of leaving him. He wanted her stay – and stay she would – even if it meant he use dirty tactics of doing so. Sasuke leaned his head towards her and began running his tongue over the pulse of her neck.

Sakura moaned wantonly and tilted her neck backward so that he had more access. The young man gladly took this opportunity and began pampering her skin with moist kisses as he would occasionally stroke his tongue under her chin.

A new wave of pleasure shot through her.

This man was truly dangerous.

Sakura reopened her eyes and leaned her chin upwards so that he could have all of her neck exposed to his pleasure. He rewarded her by suckling at the flesh where her neck and shoulder met. Her lust filled eyes gazed towards the peeking rays of the sun as it steadily ascended towards the sky.

In a few moments, it would be morning.

Wait a minute –

Sakura's eyes widened.

– The morning!

She swiftly shoved Sasuke back and slid off of his lap. She shouldn't have stayed out this late. By now her mother would surely be awake wondering why she wouldn't be in bed – oh dear – she was diffidently going to hear an ear full today. Her mother was going to kill her!

Sasuke stretched his arms out and tried to ensnare her in his grasp, but Sakura quickly stepped back far enough that he wouldn't be able to reach her.

Touching was bad – she couldn't allow him touch her.

Because she knew, the instant he would touch her again, she would be back on his lap greedily lapping at his soft lips. The pinkette watched as he scrunched his nose in displease of being so rudely denied. His expression was – dare she say it – cute. This almost made her want to continue their pleasurable endeavor, but she held fast.

Despite what she wanted, she had to head back home or her mother would be sending someone to come fetch her. And she didn't want that. Not at all.

Sakura stared into his dark eyes for a moment and took a step back. There was no time to waste. She promptly turned away from the handsome man and sprinted towards the exit of their little alleyway.

"Wait!" Sasuke shouted, reaching out his arm towards her.

Sakura halted at the edge of the alleyway and placed her palm over the building next to her. She didn't turn back to look at him, afraid that if she did that the greater temptation of remaining would become more increasingly difficult.

"Tell me what your name is," he said scooting off of the barrel and standing to his full height.

The pinkette gave a tooth filled smile and hummed. "That certainly is a romantic way of asking for a young lady's name, sugar." She gave into the pull of looking at him one last time. Her emerald eyes gleamed with laughter as she met his gaze.

– The morning's breeze trickled through the small alleyway.

Her hair surrounded her petite form like a light wavy halo of rosy hues.

– The sun rose higher into the sky shining down its persistent rays.

The way the beams of the light hit her just right.

She just seemed to glow with a radiance that captured him – called to him – that forever entrapped him into her tight hold.

"My name is Sakura Haruno, sugar."

Maybe, just maybe, she was the light that he's been looking for.

I have died every day, waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

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