Chapter 1.

Just like any other day in Happy Tree Town, the Tree Friends are playing around in the park, eating burgers in Happy Tree Diner, or just watching TV. We first find Pop and Cub sitting out in the front porch, with Cub playing in his sand box and Pop sitting on his chair looking at a newspaper. Pop, then, looks at his watch and sees it's almost 2 p.m. "Are you hungry, son?" Pop asks the baby bear. As Cub nods, meaning that he is hungry, Pop walks into the house and makes Cub and himself some lunch. While Cub plays with his toys he has in the sandbox, he sees something shining in the front left corner of his sandbox. The glowing disappears from the sandbox later on. Then, a few seconds later, when Cub was playing with his toys, the glowing appeared, just like last time, only bigger and brighter. This was staring to scare him as it kept glowing until 10 seconds later. Then, Cub just stood there, not playing with his toys anymore.

We now find Pop in the kitchen, getting Cub some applesauce and making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Pop was humming the town's song that goes like "la la la la la la la la la la la la la la." As he was getting the stuff he needs for their lunch, Pop hears the phone ringing in the living room. He walked off, leaving the food behind, and answered the phone in a friendly way, "Hello?"..."Oh, hey. I wasn't expecting you to call."..."No, no, It's just me and Cub."..."Well, I don't know if I'll make it there for sure because I need to take care of Cub and-"..."Yeah, I understand."..."I'll get Cub and we'll be on our way."..."Okay, goodbye." (the whole time it was unknown who Pop was talking to on the phone).

We go back to Cub, supposedly playing with his toys in his sandcastle, but the same glowing hole has been appearing for the last several times and gets bigger and bigger each time. This very last time the glowing hole has appeared, it literally covered the entire sandcastle, sinking Cub.