Chapter 4.

As the sun was starting to set, the raccoon, baby bear, anteater, and squirrel were walking in the middle of the woods. Nutty asks in confusion, "So, what now?" "I'd say we build a snowman!" Sniffles said in excitement. "Sniffles, for the last time, it's not winter!" Nutty exclaimed in agony, considering the fact that they have been walking for about an hour. "I think we should camp out here tonight. What do you guys think?" Shifty asks. Just then, Cub's tummy starts to rumble because he hasn't eaten anything since 3:30 today. "Okay, is annyone hungry?" Shifty asks. Nutty told everyone, "Don't worry, everyone. I brought snacks, but I didn't bring a whole lot." as he got a bag that had energy bars, 'Nutty Bars,' packs of crackers, and apples in it. "Good job, Nutty. Let's eat." Shifty said as Nutty was giving everyone an energy bar, a 'Nutty Bar,' a pack of crackers, and an apple. Cub takes an apple and tries to bite into it, but he only has two front teeth. 'How am I supposed to eat this?' he thought. Then, he just realized that he had a pack of crackers and a 'Nutty Bar,' which aren't as hard as an apple. He didn't really want the energy bar, knowing that it's an "energy" bar and that it might taste like a pile of brussel sprouts. As the four tree friends ate their foods that were offered by Nutty, the sun sets, letting them know that it's 7 p.m. "Okay, how are we going to make fire if we don't have anything to start it with?" Shifty asks Nutty and Sniffles. "Couldn't we just use two sticks to light the fire? It may take a while, but at least it'll make fire!" Nutty tells him in a curious tone. "We'll try that. In the meantime, I'll look for some rocks and flint. Sniffles, can you watch Cub while I look for the fire stuff?" Shifty asked, seeing if he can trust Sniffles to do this important task. "Sure, I'll watch Frank for ya. Come here, little fellow." "Please, don't call him that. I forgot to ask, what is your name, little one?" Nutty looked, closely, at Cub's beanie hat that said his name in the red area of the hat. "Why don't we call him 'Cub?' It says his name in the red part of his hat." Nutty told the hatless raccoon, who agrees, "Okay, we'll just call him 'Cub.'"

As Nutty was looking for two sticks, he was complaining about how hard it was, despite the fact that there were trees everywhere, "Just two sticks is all I'm asking for. Is that too much?" Just as he said that, he hatched an idea. "Aha! I've got it!" Since he is a squirrel, this makes it easier for him to climb up a tree and just pick off a branch. He did that and went back down from the tree. "Why didn't I think of this eariler? Duh." After his success of getting those two sticks, Nutty heard heavy breathing that sounded very familiar. He was starting to get a little frightened by it and started to walk a little faster than he normally did. As he did that, he still heard the familiar sound. It was getting closer each time Nutty was going faster than before. He, then, sees a figure that was a shape of a bear. 'Could that be the missing father?' Nutty thought. He gets closer to the figure that could possibly be Pop, but then realizes that it wasn't Pop. It was too late after Nutty figured out who it was. "Aaahhh! Fliqpy! Hey, buddy, how's it going? I haven't been expecting you here. Hehe." Nutty told him in a frightened way. "But I've been expecting you." Just as he said that, Fliqpy jumped at Nutty with his bowie knife in hand. He, then, sliced his neck, instantly killing Nutty.

As Shifty was finding some rocks and flint, he was starting to regret leaving Cub because he left you-know-who with him. He started to find rocks and flint at a faster paste and went back to where Sniffles and Cub were at.

Over to where Sniffles and Cub were at, Sniffles was trying to keep Cub entertained until Shifty and supposedly, Nutty, return. "Hey, Cub. What's this?" Sniffles asked as he was doing what looked like bunny ears with his fingers. "Ooohhh!" Cub said in an entertaining tone along with his usual laugh. "Also, what do you call a hug made by bears?...A 'bear' hug!" Sniffles told him and laughed out really loud along with Cub. Then, Shifty returned with a handful of rocks and flint and asked, "Has Nutty not returned yet?" "You mean that squirrel that's been with us for a while. I don't know." Sniffles told him as he was still entertaining Cub. Shifty was getting a little worried about Nutty now that he hasn't returned for a while. "Well, I'm gonna go find Nutty. Make sure Cub doesn't leave this spot. Neither do you." Shifty was off to find the green squirrel.

"Nutty! Where are you, Nutty?!" Shifty kept on screaming his name until he saw blood trails, which could possibly lead to the squirrel. "Blood trails, that's not good." As Shifty was walking along the blood trails, he gets closer and finds the corpse that belonged to Nutty. He gasped as he saw the dead, headless body hanging on a tree. Shifty was getting really scared seeing this, thinking that he could be next. He ran as fast as he could, following the blood trails that leads back to where Sniffles and Cub are at.

We go back to the supposedly camp area and see Cub asleep on the ground and Sniffles sitting next to him. As Sniffles was about to fall asleep, Shifty runs over, who was about to pass out after what he saw back to where the bloody trails lead to. "Shifty, you look a little down. Have some water." "I would, if there were any water. We lost a buddy. Nutty's dead." Shifty told him as he was trying to breathe. "Anyways, let's start the fire." Shifty said that and got a rock in one hand, flint in the other. As he clashed them together, there was a flash, starting the fire.

A couple of hours later, everyone fell asleep. Cub, however, was starting to look like he was having a nightmare. Cub woke up, starting to cry, which woke the other two up. "Huh? What's wrong, Cub?" Shifty asks. He just realized that Cub might have had a bad dream. "Did you have a bad dream, little one? Come here and...Do you have a teddy bear, Sniffles?" "Why would I have a teddy bear? That's for babies. Oh, wait, he is a baby. Nevermind." Sniffles told him as he got a small teddy bear from his shirt pocket and gave it to Cub. The baby bear was starting to feel a lot better and fell back asleep. "I hope we find his father soon. Otherwise, one of us will have to take care of him forever."