The fire left a scoring mark on his skin.

King Cyphrus woke him up.

"Where's my mother Alcmene," he demanded.

The War God's soldiers all weren't too keen on messing with him today. He looked angry and wild, walking into camp in Peleia City. "Gods, save us from that animal...!"

He glared at Cupid's soldiers decked in patheticness that made his chin tick. Humans. Always begging for mercy from the Gods. It's no wonder Zeus shunned him and Aphrodite tried to take away his strengths out of possessiveness. But, she wasn't really bad. Just evil at times.

"The Goddess of Jealousy," he sighed.

"You rang sweet cheeks," she shimmered into sight out of Blue sparkles.

"I want out of this human EXISTENCE!"

She shook hair from her face.

"What do you want to trade for...?"

"Clean my temple, shrine, any of my expensive jewelry that the Fates have given me...?"

"I will give you what you want. Alcmene abandoned me and now she's back to come and say her 'worthless' apologies. Make her grovel at my feet for years and I will definitely make you Queen!"

The universe that was created in his world changed by this slight miscalculation. Aphrodite wants to marry him for power and he's still evil Hercules ten times. They will rule everything on Olympus. Even Iolaus, the God of War.

Alcmene faced the river and Hera put a hand on her. "Do not fear Alcmene, they will not harm you."

"You don't know him Hera! He's as bad as it gets!"

"And worse! With Aphrodite, that spineless heathen!"

"I swear to Tatarus, they will pay!"

"We can't ever rely on the Centaurs enough," said one drunken man. He chugged his beer and finished the rest.

"I saw a Hind..."

"Ey, I thought Hercules' wife was the last!"

"NO, I saw her with my own eyes. She was all Golden female Doe..."

Hera found what she was looking for. A whole other world and she chucked the Sovereign right out of there.

She waved her hand. "Sit!"

He did, but was shocked. One minute, he was chatting with his she- devil- in- crime and the next, he was here facing the Goddess of Love. Gods, he hated her...!

"Now, I have a proposition for you..."

"You, giving me propositions," he laughed. This is hilarious!

Her peacock eyes glowed.

"What's up with the eyes... You have a new assignment, Love Goddess...?"