On an evening day at a town known as Kuoh Town in Japan. The lives of two individuals will change forever. See the adventures they will embark. This is Highschool DXDXS: A Pervert and a Warrior.

Chapter 1: Beginnings.

At Kuoh Park. Two people are standing in front of a fountain.

"Would you die for me?" a cute black haired girl just asked Issei Hyoudou, a pervert at Kuoh Academy as near a fountain at the sunset. She is wearing a black dress with a light purple jacket. The boy surprised of the words she just said to him. The boy is wearing a black dress shirt with matching pants.

"Huh, what was that?" the young hero wonders of the question she just asked him. He scratches the back of his head. The girl smiles sinisterly as she points at the boy.

"I said I want you to die for me hahahaha!" The young girl says to him as she changes from a young girl to a beautiful and big breasted woman with wings that looked like a crow. She wore what you would see in a dominatrix and smiled sinisterly at Issei who is wondering what the hell is happening to him just now, though having some blood dripping from his nose.

"Whoa, those were real naked breasts! That is so awesome! Wait, I got to pull myself together. What happened to Yuuma? She looks like a demon and she just said she wants me dead" Issei thought as he falls down to his bottom seeing at the beautifully hot Yuuma who is looking at him with a deadly gaze. He wipes his nose a bit.

"I must admit that I did had fun with you at our date but unfortunately you must die!"

The dark haired girl says as she creates a lance that seems to be made of light.

"Yuuma, Wait! Why…acck!" Issei asked but stop at mid-sentence as the lance pierces his stomach. Issei coughs up blood as he tries to pull out the lance but it disappears leaving a severely deep wound.

"Sorry but your existence is a great risk for us and we can't have that. If you want to blame someone, blame him for making you have that sacred gear." Yuuma explains as she smiles of his pain.

"What the hell is she talking about?!" Issei thinks as another blood cough comes out of his mouth.

"Oh and thank you for the gift you gave…"

"Power Pole extend!"

Suddenly a long orange staff almost hits Yuuma. She quickly dodges away from it.

"What was that?!" Yuuma asks as she stares at a young spiked haired man wearing a black martial arts gi with a kanji symbol meaning sky written on his chest where his heart is.

"Hey, it's that guy…Goken…, why is he here…and what's with that staff" Issei says to himself as he looks to see the person he met just recently. The staff quickly returns to a regular size and points it to Yuuma.

"Listen I don't know why you're doing this but I'm going to stop you!" Goken says towards Yuuma. As he prepares for another attack.

"You little... this does not concern you, if you knew what you he has then you would've done the same thing but I don't have time to play with you so I'll kill you as well!" Yuuma gets her light lance out again.

"Let's go!"

"Why is this happening to me? Why is it that this guy is trying to help me….and why is it that the day I saw real breasts, I have to be killed? I don't want to die a virgin." Issei asks as he stare at the fight between his girlfriend and the guy he met yesterday.

We flashback just two days ago where Issei and his friends are sitting on top of a hill watching a group of girls jogging at Kuoh Academy.

"Okay guys tell me again of why we are at this school again?" Issei asks his two and equally perverted friends Motohama and Matsuda.

"Idiot like you don't know. Not until a few years ago, this school was a girl only academy and now that this school is now a coed academy." Matsuda replies to his friend.

"Yeah, and with this, the female to male ratio was a great advantage to us and with the transfers that come here, it was a bonus for us." His glasses wearing friend Motohama continued on form where Matsuda stopped.

"With this we all could've achieved our number one dream…"

"That's right... So that we can get our very own harem!" Issei replies as he and his friends stand up and proclaim their goal.

"Well that was the initial plan, but since this is our second semester, we haven't had any luck and none of us had a girlfriend." Issei sadly says.

"What's the point, none of us have a chance."

"No we can't give up, we still have a..." Issei encourages his friends but stops as he hears a scream.

"Kiyaahh look it's Kiba!" A girl shouts. The guys quickly look to see a handsome blond haired blue eye teen. He was walking along and stops to see three girls running towards him.

"Look its Yuuto Kiba of Class 2-C, every girl wants to do him while every guy wants to kill him." Motohama explains.

"Hey Kiba, do you want to go and sing Karaoke with us." One of the girls asks him.

"I'm glad for the invite but I have a club meeting to attend too. I appreciate the invite and wish to go. Sorry." Kiba response as he then heads his own way.

"Aww." The disappointed trio reply as they watch the famed boy idol walk away.

"Damn it what makes a guy like him so popular, just because he is cool looking, smart, athletic makes him a babe magnet!" Issei angrily yells

"Face it, when compared to him...we're just losers." Motohama explains to his angered friend who quickly feels depressed.

"Oh crap, I'm gonna be late!" Matsuda shouts. He gets his bag then starts running down.

"Late for what?" Issei asks as his perverted friend who then looks back and shows a perverted grin on his face.

At Kuoh Academy's Girl's Locker Room.

"Wow look at the size of those mountain."

"Check her butt, man wouldn't I give to at least touch that."

"Oh man, can't believe I almost missed that." Motohama and Matsuda comments as they peek at a hole outside the Locker Room. The sight they both see are beautiful girls stripping down to their underwear. A short haired brunette girl takes off her skirt, showing off white panties, while a light orange haired girl with a white hairband starts taking off her shirt, showing off a pink bra. The two pervert's noses start to drip blood.

"Hey come on, let me have a peek." Issei loudly whispers as he tries pull one of the out and have a look at the peep hole.

"What was that…I think I heard something outside?" One of the girls says.

They all look at the direction of the peephole. Matsuda and Motohama quickly get scared.

"Oh shit! Bail!" Matsuda says as the two flee, leaving their friend behind.

"Man… wait guys…" Issei say as he sits in the ground.

"Well, well, well, what a surprise." A girl says from behind. Issei looks behind and sees a bunch of girls with bamboo swords.

"Wait, hang on…Aaaaahhhh!" Issei screams at the girls of the kendo club beats on him.


"Thanks guy, you guys are true friends." Issei wobbly says as he rubs his cheeks and sores.

"So did you see any good stuff?" Matsuda asks his beaten friend.

"Hell no, I was getting my ass beat by those chicks! At least you should've let me see, that way it would've been justified."

The perverted trio who are hiding at a building to make sure that heat dies down.

"Geeze guys, you should've huh?" Issei exclaims but then looks up and sees a beautiful long crimson haired blue eyed girl with a voluptuous bust. She stares down at him and he stares back, she moves away from the window and disappears as fast as she appeared.

"Did you see that bodacious honey? Can you imagine those jugs in your hands?" Matsuda says,

"What is it that red hair makes a girl so sexy?" Issei says with a blushful face.

"That's Rias Gremory, She's the president of the Occult Research Club. Word on the street is that she is foreigner who transferred here from Europe. She's the most popular girl in the Academy. She also been known to have the biggest breasts." Motohama explains to his friend.

"Rias Gremory…" Issei continues to stare at the window where she once was.

Inside the building.

Rias proceeds to walk to table where a chess game is shown in the middle. Another girl is standing beside the table. She has an equally large bust, with long black hair tied with a yellow ribbon.

"Who is that boy?" Rias asks her friend Akeno as she sits down at a sofa.

"Hmm? Which boy?"

"The one in the middle?".

"Oh I think his name is Issei Hyoudou of Class 2-B. Why? What makes you interest in him?" Akeno replies as she watches Rias move a chess piece.

"Oh nothing. I just have a hunch on him...Checkmate." Rias finishes her move.

"Oh my you win again. Did my best making it harder for you." Akeno says as she looks closely at the chessboard.

"Thank you, I look forward for the next time." Rias says as she strips down and gets in a shower that was in the old house. She displays beautiful white skin and a great figure. She turns on the showerhead and warm water runs down her hair and breasts. "Hmm Issei Hyoudou. Could you be...?" Rias wonders as she moves her hands thru her hair.

Later in the late evening.

"Oh man, the closest thing I'm ever gonna get to a girl is on my porn DVDs and magazines. This sucks!" Issei yells as he stands at a bridge. Issei then stares towards at the city until.

"Excuse, are you Issei Hyoudou?" An unfamiliar voice calls his name. Issei looks to his left and sees a girl he's never met before.

"Yeah?" Issei replies to her.

"Huh, I don't recognize that uniform at all. What school does she go but more importantly she is hell as fine!" Issei thinks to himself. The girl had black hair with violet eyes. She had a great well-endowed figure. She wore a different academy uniform than the one in his school.

"Hello I..." The girl says with a blush on her face.

"Hi, if there's anything you need help with?"

"Yes, there is something I want to ask you…are you seeing anyone right now?" The girl replies to him.

"Uuhmm No."

"Really? That's great." The girl happily replies.

"It is?" Issei questions her.

"Yes, you see, I always watch you go to school and I want to ask you if…If can be your girlfriend?" The girls ask the bewildered pervert. Issei stares and then gets a realization.

"Are you serious?! Did she really ask me that?!" Issei thinks loudly in mind.

"Yeah, sure of course" Issei replies quickly.

"Great! Are you free this Sunday?"

"Yes, I am" the excited pervert replies again.

"That's great, let's meet up at Sunday, I'll see you tomorrow." The girl happily replies. She runs down the stairs and is out of sight.

"Yeah see ya." Issei waves goodbye then happily jumps away to his home.

"I am so lucky! I have a girlfriend and she's so cute." Issei runs down the stairs heading home with his head on cloud nine. As he runs, a small white haired girl watches him run off. She is wearing the Kuoh Academy uniform and licks a blue popsicle.

"I better report this to Miss Gremory." She says in her minds as she licks a Popsicle.

"Boy I can't wait to see the face of those two see that I have a girlfriend." The perverted teen runs towards home, just as he goes the corner he bumps into someone and falls down.

"Whoa what hit me?" Issei says he rubs his head. "Felt like I hit a wall."

Issei then looks straight and sees a boy who looks he is about fifteen.

"Ouch, sorry about that, guess I should look out. Heheheh" The boy is wearing a black gi with an orange undershirt. His gi had the kanji symbol of Sky. He has black spiky hair.

"Man he's buff. Wonder what kinda workout does he does." Issei wonders, he then gets up and hold out his hand to the stranger.

"Huh, oh thanks." The stranger replies as he grabs his hand and helps pull him up. He is about almost his height.

"Hey, could tell me you tell where I can go for a place to eat? I'm starving." The stranger asks.

"Oh go straight ahead, there's burger joint there." Issei says as he points to him which direction it is.

"Great! Thanks a bunch!" The stranger then runs towards that direction. He then stops and turns to where Issei is "Oh before I forget, what your name?" Issei wonders how fast he got there and then replies to him.

"Huh, oh the name is Issei Hyoudou" Issei replies.

"Issei huh, the name is Son Goken, it's nice to meet you. If there's anything you need, just ask me when we cross path!" Goken yells at him and runs towards the burger joint.

"Sure thanks!" Issei yells at him as he runs to the distance. 'Weird guy but he seems cool." Issei then runs off to his home.

Meanwhile at Kuoh Academy.

"You were right Miss Rias. They came in contact with him." The white haired little girl said to Rias who is once again playing a game of chess.

"Right again"

"Thank you two. I'm glad you were able to keep a watch on him." Rias says with a smile.

"What do we do now?" the white haired girl asks.

"We need to make our preparations ready, and after that, it all depends on him." Rias answers her question as she moves another chess piece.

In the late morning at gates of Kuoh Academy.

"WHAT?!" Matsuda and Motohama yell as they see their friend with a cute and hot girl.

"Guys this is Yuuma Amano, she's my girlfriend." Issei proudly proclaims as he introduces her to his friends who are very confused of this situation "Yuuma, these are my friends, Motohama and Matsuda."

"Is this a dream? Please tell me this is a dream." Matsuda says as tears drops down to his face. Issei then goes close to them.

"The best part is that she asked me out." Issei whisper to them. The guys tear flow even harder when they heard those final words.

"I'll see you later Issei!" Yuuma shouts as she heads back to her school.

"Of course!" Issei shouts back as he waves goodbye to his new girlfriend.

"Why him?!" Motohama and Matsuda yell at the sky as they just witnessed their perverted friend with a girlfriend.

"Don't worry guy, it will happen to you." Issei says with a smirk on his face.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city

Goken is casually leaning on a branch on top of a large tree at the park.

"So this is what a city looks like huh. Wow, Gramps said that there would be things I need to experience in the outside." Goken says to himself as he finishes eating a burger that he saved.

"Man I wish there's a river here, I wanted to catch some fish or at least see a deer. I'm so hungry. I used the last of the money my gramps gave me." Goken thinks to himself. The Martial Artist then jumps down from the tree and lands on the ground. "There aren't many strong people here. Most of them have an average power level but I sense something different about this place." Goken continues his train of thought.

"I do sense weird energy around me. It's not Ki but at the same time it is." Goken looks around at every direction. "I think if I stay here for a while, I might meet one of those weird powers." Goken then starts heading off and sees if he can find a place to camp.

"Grrrrrr" A loud growl suddenly appears. Goken looks to his stomach.

"I better find some food."

Sunday Mid-Afternoon. At the center of Kuoh Town.

Issei is walking toward his meeting spot with Yuuma.

"Boy it's my first date! I can't wait!" Issei happily thinks to himself. He makes it to the spot and waits. "Weird, she should've gotten here by now." Issei says until a piece of paper is shown pointed at him.

"Here have a flyer" A girl says he looks up to see who was holding in it.

"Bye" The girl then replies as she heads off. Issei wonders why he was given to this and reads the flyer.

"Your wish will be granted? Yeah right if that was true."

"Issei!" A familiar voice shouts his name. Issei looks to see his girlfriend.

"Sorry if I kept you waiting."

"No, I'm just glad you came." Issei says to her "I always wanted to say that to a girl!"

Later the two have a good time, they went shopping together, ate at a maid café and gave her a toy key chain as a gift. Everything was going well for Issei. As the two are having their date, Goken is finishing some few pushups at the park.

"I should've asks Grampa how I can get some money before I left." His stomach begins to growl some more. "Man am I hungry."

Back to Issei's date, He and Yuuma finish their date at the park. They both take a stroll and stop the park's fountain.

"This is the best day I've ever had." Issei smiles. His hand touches hers.

"Oh man, is this the time to make my move?" Yuuma suddenly skips ahead to the fountain and turns back to him.

"Can I ask you a question? I want to do something to commemorate this moment, something for you to do?" Issei blushes.

"Oh man, is she asking for a kiss? Maybe something more?"

"Oh yeah sure." Goken in meantime notices that it was getting dark and was looking for another place to camp. As he walks down a path, he notices Issei and a girl he was with.

"Huh oh hey, it's Issei. Didn't think I would meet him again so soon." Goken say as he walks towards them. Just as he is about to call him, he witnesses the girl shoots a light beam thru his stomach. Goken is shocked to see this.

"What?!" Goken shouts as he sees his new friend fall down to his knees. "Why is she doing that to him? I got to stop her!" Goken dashes towards them and takes out his staff.

Back to the present.

"I won't let you hurt him!" The fighter shouts as he run forward to her and tries to kick her. She almost gets hit but she flies up and dodges it.

"He's fast, I didn't think a human can be that fast. He seems normal but that staff he has is definitely a sacred gear." Yuuma thinks. "I got to take care of him as well." She then shoots another light lance at Goken but he is able to dodge it.

"What was that? That wasn't any type of Ki I've seen." Goken thinks to himself. "Ah man, I'm still hungry, feel weak. Gotta worry about that later." Goken looks up to Yuuma.

"I can do that to you know!" Goken replies as he begins cups his hands and points behind him. "Ka…me…ha…Aaaahhh!" Goken screams in pain as he looks back to notice that the beam had moved in reverse and pierces his back. "She was able to control it?!"

"I don't know what you were trying to do but I'm not gonna let you do it." Yuuma says to the wounded warrior. Yuuma then shoots another lance at Goken and it went thru his stomach like Issei.

"Aaaaaahhh!" Goken shouts from the attack. He places his hand on his wound.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I wanted to thank you for the date we had. It was fun." Yuuma then looks to Goken clutches his wound. "And as for you, you just came at the wrong time, Bye" Yuuma flies off in the sky and disappears.

"Dammit…" Goken says he coughs up blood. Goken then walks up to Issei and tries to carry him for help. "Hey Issei, don't start dying on me. We'll get you some help" Goken tries to pick him by the shoulder and starts limping for help. Issei wealky looks to Goken and back to the ground.

"Dude I appreciate the help, but it seems we're both are goners. Man this sucks, couldn't she at least let me touch those breast before I die…don't they give people last request before getting killed…" Issei thinks to himself as he nearly passes out.

"I can't give up, there's someone here who needs help. Grandpa… anyone, is there anyone who could help us." Goken thinks to himself. Issei looks at his hand and sees blood on it.

"Blood as red as her hair...I wish I could've seen her one last time…" Issei thinks as he pictures a naked Rias Gremory who is smiling at him. Her breasts are white as silk, with pink nipples. She smiles at him with her blue eyes. Just as he finishes picturing the woman of his dreams. A red light started to appear from the ground. Goken quickly notices and wonders what's going on now. Appeared from the light is Rias Gremory, the girl that Issei was just thinking about.

"I have come for you. You are the one who summoned me correct?" Rias says as she turns and notices Goken holding up Issei by the shoulder. "Oh it seems we have another one here." Rias says, she looks at the staff he has on his back. "That's an artificial Sacred Gear. It looks like the staff that Sun Wukong had." Goken surprised of what is occurring but gets to his senses.

"Hey listen, my friend needs help… I can sense his life being drained…can you help him?" Goken asks the girl with questioning the reason she is here.

"I can save him." Rias replies to him.

"Good, then just what you have to do to save my friend…" Goken smiles as he then loses all of his remaining strength and falls down to his face. Issei soon follows as the two are on the floor.

"Interesting, not once did he ask to save him as well, even though he knew he was going to die next." Rias says as she watches the boys in the ground. She then opens her hands revealing 8 chess pawn pieces, "I was going to use these 8 on Issei but something tells me that saving him as well will also benefit me. Since you both are at deaths feet, I will gladly save you both. From this day forward, you two will live for my sake." Rias explains as two bat like wings appear from her back. Issei looks up a bit and

"What she has wings too…Glad I got to see her." Issei thinks to himself before passing out.

The Morning.

"Better wake up or I'll chop you to pieces, better wake up or you won't get to wake up again!" an alarm begins to ring with a video clip of a girl with bandages. Issei turns it off.

"Man, this alarm gives me the weirdest dreams. Wait a minute… was it a dream?" Issei finds himself awake at his bed wondering of what happened to him.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Goken has just awakened from his sleeping bag at the park. "What the heck?! Was that real?" Goken wonders as he gets up to look at where his wound was at. "Strange, there's no scars or anything. I was sure that I was dying. And that Issei guy too. Wait! Where is he? Gotta find out if he's okay." Goken says he prepares to search for him. Just he gets ready, his stomach begins to rumble. "Oh man, I'm still hungry. Guess I got to get something to eat. I might find a place to Goken plans as he runs towards to the bay.

Back at Kuoh Academy

"Hold on minute are you sure guys don't remember Yuuma?" Issei asks his friends.

"No sorry dude, there's no one I know named Yuuma." Matsuda causally replies.

"Yeah, we would definitely you having a girlfriend. And beside you having a girl asking you out is impossible" Motohama gives his reply.

"Look if you don't believe me, I'll show you her… what? All of her contact information is gone." Issei says he looks up to his phone. "What's going on?" Issei then looks up at the stairs and sees Rias walking down. As she passes by she smiles at Issei and which makes him blush.

"Wait, she was there too. And that guy Goken. I wonder if he remembers" Issei wonder as he continues to watch Rias go down the stairs.

Later that day, Issei goes to the fountain where he last met Yuuma.

"I'm sure that Yuuma was real, and that was no dream." Issei then sits down at the fountain.

"Hey it's you!" A familiar person yells at Issei which makes him turn and sees Goken.

"Oh hey it's that guy Goken!" Goken then runs towards Issei.

"I was wondering if you made it out okay." Goken asks. Issei is shocked to hear that.

"Wait you say you remember what happened to me and Yuuma. Wait a second you were there too." Issei says to Goken.

"Yeah, I thought that was real too. What do you think happened to us?' Goken asks Issei. Just then both of them feel something and look towards their left.

"Well look at this, I'm surprised to see not one but two of your kind together. How unfortunate for you two." An unfamiliar and dark voice comes from the shadows beside them. A man wearing a cloak and hat comes from the shadows and approaches the two young men. Goken quickly goes to a fighting. He crouches and raises both arms in front of him and Issei jumps back a few feet from them.

"What the hell, I just wanted to jump back but not this much." Issei asks himself. Goken on the other readies himself.

"Listen I don't know who you are but I can tell from you didn't come here for a walk." Goken says to the mysterious dark gentlemen.

"Impressive, you may be lower class but you are prepared to fight. Can't say about your friend over there." The gentleman says as two black feathered wings come out of his back. He jumps and land straight on front of Issei.

"Just like Yuuma! How is this happening?" Issei questions as he looks straight towards the winged man. Goken growls and prepare but soon stops.

"Oh man, I still haven't eaten anything yet and I don't think I can handle him." Goken thinks to does not stop him from trying to fight him.

"I don't sense any great magic from either of you and there are no others with you, so you both must be a pair of strays. This will be easy." The cloaked man says as he pulls out a large light lance like the one Yuuma had.

"He has the same weapon as that girl from yesterday but it seems more dangerous to me for some reason." Goken thinks to himself. Goken tries power up but can't go full due to being weakened of hunger. "Darn it, I'm at full power." The man looks and aims at Issei.

"Issei duck!" Goken warns Issei but before he can realize, he is once again stabbed in the stomach.

"Man this is even worse than before. Feels like acid is burning my insides." Issei grunts in pain. Goken then growls at the man who smiles at Issei's pain.

"Hurts doesn't it? Yes, it's deadly for your kind both of you. I'm surprised that you're alive, guess I have to try again." The cloaked man informs the two teens as he walks towards them. He then brings out another lance of light.

"No you won't!" The martial artist tries to jump kick him. The man quickly stops his lance of light and guards himself from Goken's jump kick. He is pushed pack knocking off his hat. Goken quickly gets back to his stance.

"How dare you! Sneaky little devil!" The man yells at Goken. "You will pay for that!" The man then prepares another of light spears until it gets destroyed by a dark and crimson energy.

"What the hell! What did you do?!" The man asks as he wonders what just happened to his attack. He, Goken, and Issei still wounded from the attack look to see Rias appear in a magic circle as before.

"Don't you dare touch those two." Rias says confidently at the man.

"Hey it's that red haired girl from last time." Goken remembers as he stares at the beautiful crimson haired girl.

"You shouldn't meddle in other people's affair, otherwise you will get burned!" The man yells as he shoots another Light spear at her but this time is stopped by an electric attack. Akeno appears later with a smile and static resonating from her hands.

"What the? This is the energy I felt when I got here." Goken thinks to himself as he sees the two girls behind him.

"That hair, that magic, of course you're from the House of Gremory" The man says he picks up his hat that fell after the attack he received from Goken.

"My name is Rias Gremory, and who might you be other than being a fallen angel." Rias says to the man.

"So this place is being controlled under the next heir of the house of Gremory. What a surprise." The man now revealed to be a Fallen Angel.

"Fallen Angel?" Goken wonders as he watches the two have conversation.

"So I take it that those two are part of your household I take it?" The man finishes dusting off his hat.

"If you do any harm with these two, you will get no mercy from me." Rias says to the fallen angel.

"My apologies for the misunderstanding, but it is most unwise to leave your servants out in the open. They might meet someone who is not as forgiving as myself." The Fallen Angel prepares to take his leave.

"I thank you for the advice, but if this happens again you will regret the crossing the path of the House of Gremory."

"No offense to your house hold but the same thing can be said to you" The Fallen Angel flies off to the air. "My name is Dohnaseek, I pray that you and I don't meet again." Dohnaseek takes a quick glance at Goken and disappears. Goken stares at the sky where he lasts sees of Dohnaseek. Goken growls.

"Yeah, if we do cross path I'll make sure you don't this again" Goken proclaims, he then remembers Issei at the ground. He runs towards him.

"Issei come on, this time I'll help you." Goken says at the fainted pervert. Rias and Akeno then walks towards them.

"Don't worry, I'll heal him." Rias kindly say to the fighter, Goken then looks at the two girls.

"Thank you very much but who are you?" Rias smiles at him.

"My name is Rias Gremory and I'm a devil." Rias reveals herself to Goken.

"A devil?"

"Yes a devil, and you are?" "Rias asks the young man.

"Oh I'm Son Goken."

"Goken, cute name and also from this day forward, I am your master Son Goken." Rias says to him.

"Master?" Goken asks as he wonders of what she meant as Master. Rias smiles at him innocently.

And so Issei and Goken are now servants of the house of Gremory, what will lie on for these two. Why did Yuuma try to kill Issei and why is it that Goken had a sacred gear? Check it on the chapter of Highschool DXDXS