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Lucas was satisfied, his 'dress up' skills weren't all that bad. Though it was yet to be on par with the World's Greatest Hitman. He snorted at the thought. Attention wasn't something he was seeking, not after what he had done. Shaking his head, Lucas focused on concentrating on making sure his infamous haunted look was well hidden with the sleep he had on the plane ride. Though it wouldn't be long until his withdrawal symptoms start to kick in. Peeling off the peppered beard, he muttered curses. "Stupid old man, couldn't he send one of the other's? I'm not some ready-to-go package."

Three minutes of painful peeling, Lucas was beard free. He scowled at the hairy thing and tossed it into his open luggage in favor of treating his skin. "They should make them itch-free, I swear I am going to get rashes if I don't treat it properly…"

Another few minutes later, and Lucas was done, his casual clothing of gray sweatpants and a matching gray sweatshirt was the closest he could come home to his abode back in Italy. Giving himself an onceover, Lucas nodded in satisfaction, zipping up his luggage, he opened the door and was met with the matriarch of the house, Giselle Tetsuya. They both stared at each other, the bluenette woman's eyes wide in surprise, the taller of the two noticed that the woman had a faded mole under her right eye. Lucas decided to break the silence, it was turning out to be awkward, and so he cleared his throat giving his best smile. "Thanks for letting me use your bathroom, Giselle."

That seemed to snap the woman out of her trance. "Oh! Right! You're welcome, let me lead you to your room, I'm sure you had a tiring day."

Lucas nodded. "That would be grateful of you, don't know how much longer I can stand after an eleven hour flight."

"Oh, nearly half a day." Giselle mused as she stopped beside a room. "I'll wake you up when dinner is ready, time zones aren't merciful."

Lucas gave a distant nod as he entered his room, thanking the woman before he closed the door. Turning around he inspected his room. It was plain, other than the green square carpet on the wooden floor, which was fine with him, a twin bed to one side with a bedside table beside it, a desk was on the other end of the room near a window for a nice view. It met his standards, he then turned to inspect the closet, noting that it was empty, despite the broom and dustpan shoved underneath the shoe rack. A few empty hangers but nothing else of definite value. "This place isn't so bad, I could get used to it pretty quickly."

"If only I had my games with me…" Lucas didn't bother to hide his yawn, closing the closet. He made his way over to the bed, leaving his luggage beside the closet, and promptly let sleep take over him. "Stupid... old man…"

Downstairs, Giselle was seated on the sofa staring at the TV. Though her eyes were hardly taking in what the screen was displaying. Instead, she was thinking about the stranger she had allowed in her house. He was pretty good looking…

But he was a stranger.

Giselle sighed as she played with the remote, a small pout was forming on her features. Still she wasn't expecting the hermit looking man to be a handsome looking guy… he was tall too…

Get a hold of yourself, you are a married woman!

Letting her head fall back, Giselle gazed up at the ceiling, distantly noting that Lucas' room was above where she was, and let her mind wander to her late husband. She then got up, pushing her thoughts back as she headed for the kitchen. Maybe turkey would do good for dinner. "Better start now!"


Albert looked up from his book in favor of scanning his class. It wasn't all too different from his daily routine, get up and get ready for school, wake up his brother, and get to school on time. The routine at school was no different, go to classes, take notes, break, more classes, more notes, lunch, and the last class with all its notes. He sighed. He loved his academics, but sometimes he wished that there would be some change in his life. Looking out the window, Albert noticed his brother heading off of school grounds with his group of friends. "… Ditching school again?"

Shaking his head, Albert resumed his reading.


"Let's head over to the café that's two streets down!" One of the group members, Ethan distantly reminded himself that his name was Augusto, barked out a laugh. "I hear they have good service!"

"Then why not?" Percy grinned. "I'm more for the girls wearing those maid-like outfits!"

"Dude, those are in Japan," Ethan pointed out.

Augusto smirked. "Doesn't mean that America is short of it's maid outfits."

"You haven't even been to Japan, dude," Percy patted Ethan's back. "so how would you know of such things?"

"There is something called the internet," Ethan pushed the hand away. "and America is known for it's boobs, man."

"Boobs, moobs, I'd rather slap a booty!" Augusto gave another bark of laughter. Percy soon followed commenting on how he was up for that anytime, Ethan merely tuned them out. It was a fact that his friends would get seriously annoying with their banters on all this stuff about women. He was glad that the café wasn't far, and immediately found them a seat near the back. Augusto was the first to comment on what he thought of the menu, rather loudly. "What's with all these cheap stuff for? I could go to a five-star restaurant and they would get me the best of the best!"

"Dude, keep it down, everyone is staring at our table." Ethan muttered.

Percy heard it and grinned. "You are a noob at picking up girls, despite your good looks, Ethan."

The said teen gave a glare at the former. "Pardon my lack of 'chick-hunting', my good looks are natural."

"Now, now, no need to be so uptight." Percy snickered. Ethan merely snorted.

It seemed that Augusto's loud talk was bearing fruit, since there seemed to be one of the staffs coming over. A teenage girl to boot. Augusto grinned, waving the menu in the air. "Finally some assistance!"

"What do you need sir?" The raven haired waitress questioned in a light tone, her unique colored eyes of golden-yellow bore through Augusto. Her clothing was in uniform of black slacks and flats and a white blouse with the trademark apron tied around her waist. Ethan couldn't help but think that if she had a smile and got rid of the dreaded scarf, the bandages, and get the scar cosmetically removed, she would look much cuter. He held his tongue, choosing to view the drama on site.

Augusto, being the overly expressive guy he is, had his grin grow flirtatious. "I want you to sit on my lap, babe~"

Ethan raised a brow and turned to look at Percy's reaction, the said teenager had an amused smirk, and that was all he needed to know. Turning back, Ethan noted how the air seemed to become tense around the two staring at each other. Either Augusto was a smart guy to ignore the tension, or he was way too dense to even feel it. He bet it was the latter. "So babe, what would it be?"

"How does a special sound to you?" The waitress questioned, not missing a beat.

"And what special would that be?" Augusto wiggled his eyebrows. "I'd accept anything if it would come from you~"

Ethan did his best to suppress the urge to cough at the absurd act, he could hear Percy's light chuckles. The waitress simply went on, her act was superb. "We have a parfait with the best ingredients that is what you wanted, the best of the best?"

"Of course," It was hard to suppress the urge to smile at the failing act of being attractive. Augusto was visibly having a hard time not to bite back, but refrained.

The waitress turned to him and Percy, her golden-yellow eyes bore into them, a notepad at the ready. "Would that go for you two as well?"

Ethan gave his most charming smile and nodded, while Percy gave a cat growl, he gave an awkward cough. "Yes, thank you."

The waitress nodded, her high tail bouncing with the movement, as she wasted no time in scribbling the order. She turned, and immediately Ethan's eyes were glued to the girl's ass. Now it was his turn, it wouldn't do if he was the only one who didn't do something to her. He reached out and groped it, he was then greeted with a slap.


"Do you want me to know?" Albert placed an ice pack on his younger brother's face. It was afterschool, and both brothers were in the Nurse's office. Where the supervisor was, wasn't their top concern. The eldest had noticed that his younger brother was supporting a bruise when he had come back when school had ended. He wasted no time in herding his brother into the current room and patching him up.

Ethan flinched at the cold but took hold of it, giving a grin. "You just need to know that you're missing out on chasing after girls."

"… Right," Albert nodded, eyeing his brother. He turned, shaking his head. "let's go, we don't want mom getting worried over us."

They both got up and packed up their bags in order to leave the school grounds. Albert mused that he would have to push his visit to the bookstore for another day.

Finally! I brought it to a close! :D So as promised here is the character that was introduced, along with one of the ones I have created (gotta get them out somehow):

By: Xx-Aotsuki-xX

Name: Fiore Moretti (Fiorello)

Nationality: Italian

Age: 16

Zodiac: Scorpio

Birthday: November 24

Appearance: She has long raven black layered hair that flows down to her chest that is usually tied into high ponytail. A lock of her hair is swept to the right near the center of her face. On the right side of her face, a part of her bangs are covering some part of her right eye, the same with the left eye. The rest of her bangs are being swept to the left and tucked to her left ears with some strands framing her face. She has a pair of golden-ish yellow eyes that are sharp and her pupils looks like slits. A fair skin tone, slightly paler and slim build. A scar on her right cheek. Bandages wrapped from the elbows to the wrists.
When she cross-dresses as a guy, she has slightly long but neat black hair (if you know SAO, her hairstyle looks like Kirito) and she doesn't wear any contact lenses since it hurt her eyes. (Her hairstyle is a wig)
Her usual clothes are black tank top underneath grey see-through shirt that hangs loosely off her arms. A dark blue wide collared vest that reach down to her mid-thigh with the tip of the collar white. The arm holes are loose. A torn, black scarf around her neck covering her mouth slightly. Dark blue thigh length denim shorts. She wears black converse and black knee-high stockings with two belts on top of it.
Her usual clothes as Fiorello are a black loose T-shirt underneath a hooded grey jacket. Navy blue pants with the left side of the pants folded up to her knee, the inside of the pants are white. She wears grey converse.

Personality: she is a calm and cool person. In every situation even a life threatening one, she will remain calm and solves the problem with clear head. She is secretive as she tends to hide her problems from her friends. She is a compulsive since sometimes she doesn't like to be controlled and prefer to do things on her own. She doesn't immediately accept new people but once he/she gained her trust, she'll be loyal. Although, she doesn't like crowded places, people got attract to her due to her magnetic personality which annoyed her greatly. Her intuition sometimes are very accurate, making some people think she could predict the future.


By: 27tunafiamma72

Name: Ethan (Kage) Tetsuya

Nationality: American-born, part-American, part-Japanese

Age: 17

Zodiac: Leo

Birthday: August 15

Appearance: Ethan has a more slightly built figure, as he plays a lot of sports, unlike his brother, Albert. He had taken more traits from his father than his mother, only sharing the clear blue eyes with the latter. His hair is black that is slightly parted from the left, and has a few strands of hair framing his face. He is half an inch taller than Albert, and is slightly tan due to the sports he plays. Like his older brother, Ethan wears casual clothing outside of school. His clothing consists of white sport shorts, a white tank top, along with sneakers.

Personality: Ethan is very proud of his athletic skill, as how his brother is with his academics. He likes popularity among the group of friends he has at school, and is often hanging out with them. As a healthy teenager, Ethan has a hidden perverted side. Ethan has a quick temper, and resorts to violence rather quickly. He doesn't like to be lectured either. Since the passing of his father, a Japanese man named Yakumo, Ethan has felt there is always a hole inside him. He loves homemade food as well, like his brother, and he doesn't fail to advertise this. At times, Ethan could be real sassy whenever he feels irritated.


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