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Lucas was awoken the next morning with a loud bang next door. He jumped and immediately went out to see what transpired to make him wake up so early in the morning. "Ethan, get up! There's 15 minutes left!"

"Again? Honestly, Albert, wake me up earlier!" Lucas assumed that the dark haired teen was scrambling around to get ready. It was a funny thought.

"I still have the bruise to take care of!" Albert's slim figure made its appearance from Ethan's room, already dressed in his school's uniform. He caught sight of Lucas and gave a nod in greeting. "I see that you are awake, Lucas, have you slept well?"

The said man yawned, running a hand through his dark brown hair. "Until you decided to wake up your brother."

"I see, I apologize; breakfast will be ready soon." Albert gave a nod and made his way downstairs. Not a moment later, Ethan came out of his room, yawning, and followed his brother.

Letting out a sigh, Lucas headed back into his room and got ready for the day. He heard the faint yells of farewell, and the sound of the door closing, indicating that the boys were off on their way to school. He then made his way downstairs, dressed in a pair of jeans with a striped dress shirt, the top button left open, and his sleeves folded past his elbows. He would give anything in the world, other than his games, to not do anything and be a lazy sloth, but that wasn't allowed in this babysitting job he had been assigned to. "Do you have an apple, Giselle?"

He saw the woman start, turning around to face him. "Apple? They are in the fridge, help yourself."

Nodding, Lucas did just that. Washing it, he then made his way out of the house. "I'm off for a bit, you don't mind do you?"

He could see the question dancing in her eyes, but she didn't give in to it. "No, be careful though."

"Don't worry, I'm more than capable of that." He mumbled, calling out a farewell, he closed the door behind him. Taking a bite out of his apple, Lucas headed for the location of the twins' school. "It's about time I get a job…"


"You will regret touching my sister, bastard!" Albert looked up to see what the fuss was all about. He recognized the class gamer, who was from Japanese origin, apparently his family moved here because of a job transfer, yelling at his brother.

Ethan yelled back. "I didn't do it on purpose! Haven't you heard of accidents?!"

The girl that should be in another building, spoke in what Albert assumed was Japanese. It was logical, really, since they were from Japan anyway. Kenneth, the boy from his class, looked like he wanted to sock Ethan right there. There was no choice but to intervene, Albert was sure it'd hurt Ethan's pride, but getting a black eye gave a flick to his nagging switch. And he really didn't want to hear all that nagging either. "It's now or never..."

He made his way to the group, clearly attracting the attention of the remaining class in lunch break. Wasting no time in sliding between the two warring factions, Albert started. "I apologize on behalf of my brother."

Kenneth turned his scathing gaze on him. "And why the heck would the class loner stick up for the bastard!"

"Because he is my brother, or did you not hear what I said?" Albert countered smoothly.

"Albert, this is my fight! Stay out of this!" Ethan growled, trying to get past his brother.

"No, you stay where you are, insulting you is the same as insulting me." The blue haired teen continued, not taking his eyes off of the dark haired teen in front of him. "I'm sure you don't like having insults thrown at your sister."

Kenneth's face contorted in that of rage, but he calmed down allowing his glasses to reflect the light. "The bastard had his face fall on her chest, I can't take that down without a fight!"

Albert raised a brow, choosing to scan his surroundings for the usual group his brother would hang out with. Augusto and Percy were nowhere to be seen. Might have scrammed off after making a ruckus. He returned to staring at the Japanese teen. "Have you considered that Ethan could have been pushed?"

Kenneth stopped and thought about it. He turned and spoke with his sister, who nodded every once in a while. Then there was a moment of silence before the dark haired teen gave a remorseful sigh. "I'm sorry."

"Apology accepted." Albert nodded, the faintest smile appearing on his face. He elbowed Ethan who gave a grunt.

"I'm sorry too." He mumbled.

"That's good, now why don't you two get along and I'll return to my seat." Albert gave a nod to the Japanese siblings, and headed over to his desk, picking up his novel to read as if nothing happened.

The rest of the lunch passed without any drama, and the next class started.

The students did not expect the door to slam open with a leg stretched out from the doorway. Quite a few jumped at the sound, startled. A man entered, wearing thick rimmed glasses with multiple pins in his hair giving a clear view of his deep blue eyes, the striped dress shirt was donned with a tie, and his jeans were accompanied with sneakers. A huge difference with the usual uniform attire of a prestigious private school. That alone set many whispers throughout the whole class. Both Albert and Ethan analyzed the new teacher, feeling a familiar air about him seemed suspicious. The teacher cleared his throat, catching every student's attention. "Alright then, now let's see what that pi- I mean Principal, gave me..."

Ethan was sure the man was about to say 'pig', and despite the accuracy of the word, it was the fact that he covered up an intentional slip up, that gave off the perplexed reaction. He watched intently as the man at the front of the class flipped through the documents he had with him. "Oh, here's the class list, how convenient."

"Um, Professor, er... Sir," The whole class turned, Ethan was no exception, to see that Kenneth stood up from his seat. He burned under the attention he had attracted, a total different façade from a while ago. "Ar-Aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

The man looked up, a bland look as he scanned the class. He scratched his head, his eyes then lighting up in remembrance of his duty. "Oh, right, right, the introductions."

He cleared his throat, as he leaned back at the front of the desk. "The name's Lucas, no 'teacher', no 'professor', no 'sir', just Lucas."

Ethan couldn't help himself, he stood up, pointing at the now recognizable figure. "You!"

"Yes, me," Lucas nodded solemnly, his eyes on the dark haired teen.

"What are you doing here?!" Ethan announced, frowning outwardly at Lucas.

The said man shrugged, getting off of the desk, and made his way to the board. "I merely decided to take ov- I mean, to teach your class, for the rest of the year. That's all."

Many protests started to arise, but were cut off short when Lucas brought a pistol out of the back of his pants. "Of course my class wouldn't be going out of the discipline circle either."

"What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Are you trying to kill us?!"

"You must be crazy!"

"I still want to live!"

Lucas rolled his eyes, it was to be expected to have some sort of an uproar at the sight of a gun, but for them to be this noisy? He aimed the pistol, ignoring the slight trembling in his hand; reminding himself that it wasn't an actual gun, and fired at the desk. Only for it to hit the unsuspecting student on the nose. He blinked and looked down at the toy gun in his hand. "Oh, it has a mind of its own..."

The whole class was horrifically stunned as they turned to the student who had been shot. The said student blinked out of his dazed state, and patted his body and then went on to pat his face, trembling in relief. "I-I'm a-alive! I'm alive!"

Albert stood up from his seat, the faint traces of curiosity growing stronger as his gaze was trained on the pistol in the older male's hand. "Lucas, mind telling us what you brought for your... discipline?"

"Ah, it's a copy of the M-49 pistol, but its bullet intakes are different, they are liquid water balloons, that if you hit a target with it, they would be, marked, or so they say." Lucas made his way to cover the windows with their designated blinds, and turned off the lights, allowing the targeted student's nose to glow a faint green. Various amounts of shock was presented by the class, but they were cut off with the light blinding them again. Lucas opened the blinds, letting the sun to filter in, and made his way back to the front of the class. "So now you know what it does, I will now explain the rules for my discipline act."

The class was now silent, anticipating what was to come. "Treat each other with respect, the golden rule of the century, I don't want any pointless stupidity showing through. Next, don't call out of turn, no mocking each other, stay in line for your turn, and don't worry, I'll get to everyone eventually. Thirdly, no cheating on a test, you'll have your papers shredded, or whispering, talking, chatting, or making excuses of going to a bathroom during or after you finish your test, a five minute rule is to apply, and since I can be kind once in a while, I'll give you the time limit of 30 minutes to complete the given test."

The class started to complain, but was cut off by a raised hand. "Hold on, I'm not done yet. Now where was I? Oh yes, assignments need to be finished at home, not at school, and handed in the next day right here on my desk in a neat pile."

He patted the desk's corner and continued. "Any late assignments, or the ones with the least satisfactory work, will have a penalty of mark deduction, how much would depend on how much you decide to leave out work. As for your attendance, you must be here, otherwise you will all miss out on the fun, and that would be a pity, considering on what I would do to you if you do skip out."

Lucas tapped the pistol innocently, as he thought more on the rules. "Also, if you don't answer a question in a five second time frame, you will also be disciplined, any questions?"

"Yeah," Percy spoke up, standing up. "what does the pistol have to do with all of this?"

"I'm glad you asked," Lucas let a grin take over his features, twirling the pistol on his finger before throwing it up to catch it and shot Percy in the chest. "For every of the mentioned rules broken, I get to shoot you, and don't worry, they will stay on you for a good 13 hours before they start to fade away."

"Now, let's start class, shall we?" Lucas gave smile.


"I can't believe you just waltz in there and announce that you are taking over!" Ethan fumed at the dark brunette male, situated across from him.

The said man was hardly paying a single attention to the younger male, as he opted to play around with the napkin in front of him. Albert took the chance to reprimand his brother. "Ethan, we are in a café, don't raise your voice, your gaining everyone's attention."

The three males were situated at a seat near the window of the said café. An after school treat, a disguise for Lucas to reveal the bit of history of the Astrale Famiglia to the twins. It was about time they understood their inheritance. But so far, the disguise wasn't working with Ethan yelling and gaining attention to their table.

"Excuse me, could you keep your tone down, it's disturbing the other customers." The males looked at the person who spoke, Lucas more lazily than the twins. The waitress' golden-yellow eyes pierced through the dark haired teen.

Ethan immediately looked away, breaking out into cold sweat. Lucas noticed this but didn't say anything, as he preferred to observe the scene before him. Albert gave a small smile at the girl. "Sorry, we'll promise to keep it down, right, Ethan?"

The blue haired teen turned to look at his brother, but was met with a fidgety gaze. "Ethan?"

"Y-Yeah, we-we'll keep quiet! Th-That's a p-promise!" Ethan gave a nervous laugh, not meeting the three sets of eyes trained on him.

Lucas finally shifted, turning towards the girl. "Looks like you two know each other, mind spilling the story?"

The girl turned her gaze onto him, her features calculating. "I don't see how I would benefit if I told you."

"I'll give you a tip?" He raised his brow, he was aware of the rising suspicion coming from Albert. The furtive glances he sent them gave away that much.

The girl adopted a more hardened look of calculation, as if to see if there were any loopholes in the statement. A few minutes passed, and her features relaxed slightly, as she held out her hand. "That would be 45."

"So expensive..." Lucas muttered, but fished his wallet out, handing the bills to her. She made a grab for them, but he held it back. "Nu-uh, not until you tell me your name."

"Lucas," The said man ignored the warning from Albert, choosing to have a stare down with the waitress.

She gave in, giving a crisp reply. "Fiore."

"No surname?" Lucas prodded further, but Fiore stood her ground, her hand still out. The man clicked his tongue, handing over the money to her. "Fine, now your relationship to my student?"

Fiore counted her money, making sure of the amount and put it away under her shirt. She sent a look to the dark haired teen, Ethan, then back to the lazy man, Lucas. "Your... Student, and his friends, came here yesterday, flirting. I was the victim of the cause."

She watched as the blue haired teen stilled, the cogs in his brain clicking into place. An amused smile was hidden well into her scarf as she watched him turn to the dark haired teen. "So that bruise you had gotten yesterday..."

Ethan was having a mental breakdown with the pressure he was receiving. He grew more fidgety.

"Think what mom would say, Ethan! Where the heck do you pick up this kind of personality!?" Albert scolded his brother. "I'll continue this speech later, in the meanwhile, reflect on your actions!"

He turned towards the waitress. "Fiore was it? I'm terribly sorry for what my brother did to you, if there is anyway I can repay you, just tell me."

Fiore raised a brow. "You don't need to take responsibility for his actions."

"I'm afraid that as his older brother, it is my responsibility." Albert answered swiftly. He got out his wallet, and took out a 50. "Here, take this."

Fiore looked down at the bill, half tempted to snatch it and place it with the others. However, she squashed the urge and scowled. "You're looking down on me, aren't you?"

Albert held his pose for a while longer, before relieving himself of the strain. "Not in the least, I apologize if it seemed that way to you, but look at it as a token of friendship."

Fiore almost snorted. "I don't give my trust so easily, so keep your 'token of friendship'. Now do you want anything, or are you lot just going to stay here and banter, 'cause if you are then there are plenty of other places that can welcome it other than this place of work."

"I'd like a parfait, got any of those?" Lucas intervened, shifting in his seat. "And coffee, a double."

"Is that all?" Fiore scribbled the order down on her notepad.

"That's it," Albert answered, putting away the 50 he had saved for a book. Fiore nodded and turned to head back and give the order. Albert then gave a look to Lucas. "So what's the history about?"

"Well, to make a long story short, Yakumo, your father, was the Don of the Astrale Famiglia." Lucas answered with a small contemplation, he played with the fork on the table. "He, and all his predecessors, were a direct line to the Primo, and founder, of the Astrale Famiglia."

"What was dad's status in the Famiglia?" Ethan spoke up, recovering from his busted moment.

"I told you that he was the Boss," Lucas paused in order to thank the waitress, a different one than Fiore, for delivering his coffee and parfait. He watched her leave, and continued to speak after judging that she was a good distance away from their table. "Yakumo was the Diciannovesimo."

"The Nineteenth in line huh," Albert mused.

"Wait, so that makes us the Twentieth?" Ethan exclaimed in shock.

"Settle down, would you?" Lucas pointed his spoon at the said teen. "Of course it makes you the Ventesimo. The Astrale Famiglia have been around for quite some time, it wasn't created out of the blue."

"He's right Ethan, you also have to remember that an Italian Mafia isn't all sugar cookies and sparkles either." Albert pointed out.

Ethan sunk deeper into his seat, muttering under his breath. "I knew that!"

"Is there anything else you need to tell us?" Albert pressed, leaning in forward slightly.

Lucas savored the last bits of his parfait as he thought. He removed the spoon from his mouth. "Ah, there is, every Don of the Astrale has a set of Guardians that surround them, and it's original comes down to thirteen, including the Don."

"Please explain it further." Albert urged, he wanted to know of every little detail that might lead to his father's hidden persona.

"The thirteen individuals that uphold their positions take after the constellations of the horoscopes," Lucas answered.

"Horoscopes?" Ethan questioned, frowning. "What kind of bogus is that?"

"It's not bogus, you dumb nut," Lucas sipped at his warmed beverage. "There is another Famiglia that upholds the weather, so it's fair play."

"The weather?" Ethan could only become more frustrated with the confusing answers he was receiving to pay attention to the insult that was thrown his way.

"Continue, please," Albert steered the conversation back to the main topic. "you were going on about the constellational Guardians."

"Indeed," The older male nodded, taking a sip before resuming his explanation. "as I was saying, the Don of every generation adopts the Leo constellation insignia, and this is determined due to their birthdate, the rest are adopted the same way; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces."

"That's twelve," Albert replied immediately. "you said there were thirteen."

"There are, the one that doesn't always make it into the family is Ophiuchus." Lucas nodded, finishing up his coffee. "They are very tricky to find, some of the previous Dons merely gave up before they even started the search, and others hardly gave a care."

He stood up, placing his money on the table. "Now let's go home, Giselle is cooking roast beef tonight,"

"But that can't be all to the history!" Surprisingly Ethan spoke up, getting up from his seat. Albert agreed with a nod.

There was a distant amused thought in the dark brunette's mind of them being completely absorbed with this, he gave a shrug. "That's all the history lesson you're getting for now, unless you'd like to forfeit 40 years of your life to being a scholar instead?"

That got them to clam up, and Lucas gave a nod in satisfaction. "Alright, let's go."

All three exited the building with Lucas glancing back one more time before catching up with the twins, murmuring. "There goes one off the list."

Finally! Now the OCs for this chapter, finishing up the beginning four, and the two side characters that are introduced!


By: Kurokagehime

Name: Kenneth Fang

Gender: Male

Description: A 3rd year highschooler, who likes to play games on the occasion and is often brought in to save his sister

Appearance: 5'8", sturdy build, glasses, rough black hair, black thin hoodie (pulled up sleeves), red T-shirt, ragged jeans with chain accessories, watch, homemade bracelet


By: Kurokagehime

Name: Crystal Fang

Gender: Female

Description: A 2nd year highschooler who likes manga/anime, and often gets into trouble due to her clumsiness

Appearance: 5'4", silk-like smooth short hair, yellow and white bunny pattern sweater (It's a large Yellow sweater with white stripes on the arms and a white bunny design on near the bottom middle), hotpants, knee high socks, couple of rings, a watch, and a homemade bracelet


By: 27tunafiamma72

Name: Lucas

Nationality: Greek

Age: 30

Zodaiac: Aquarius

Birthday: February 17

Appearance: Lucas has a lanky figure, and if it weren't for his constant slouch he would be slightly taller than most average men his age. He is slightly tan genetically, but has grown pale due to being locked up in his room constantly. He has a haunted look more than half the time because of his all-night gaming. Aside from the usual suit, Lucas wears his comfortable gray sweatpants, a white T-shirt with a matching gray sweatshirt, and sneakers. His hair is a dark brown perm of constant bed head, it gets into his eyes so he pins it up with bobby pins or a single clip. His eyes, aside from the bags and bloodshot look, are deep blue.

Personality: Lucas is the epitome of laziness, he would rather go through a two-week marathon on games than do anything that stresses him out, both physically and mentally. He often hoards food in his room, explaining why he doesn't come out often. When someone intends to drag him out, he whines non-stop, though his arguments are mostly outdone. Lucas loves his sleep, and being the lazy sloth he is, would ignore anyone, preferring to wait them out until they leave. His patience has grown to a commendable degree, all thanks to his gaming experience. He tends to get excited when there happens to be an even, game-wise, with high rewards. He welcomes a good cup of coffee anytime, though he isn't a caffeine addict. Lucas isn't one for violence, but he isn't afraid to throw a punch if he is needed to. He prefers the peace and quiet, especially during his gaming sessions. Despite the dwindling manner, Lucas has a broad range of etiquette, especially during parties. He despises loud noises; throwing a random projectile towards the cause is his instantaneous reaction. His emotions are kept to a minimum, an innate habit he adopted to when he goes for a mission.