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Chapter 13:

The 1st Round: Kaito vs Vivio

"Hmm? What's the matter you guys? Not hungry?"

As both the Son and Leigh group ate together, Goku glanced at his friends who themselves were not even touching the food on their plates and merely had agape expressions on their faces.

"Eh? Ah, no, it's not that." Haruna began. Even she couldn't believe the sight before her. "It's just that... we're all a bit surprised that's all."

"Hmm? About what?"

"Well... I think it's the amount of food you all are eating." Haruna pointed out as she watched the other Saiyans of the group, along with Lala who herself was actually able to keep up with them somewhat but to a smaller degree, devour the food served to them at an incredibly fast rate and were already ordering their fourth serving. They didn't even look like they were slowing down either, adding to the surprise of the group.

"What's so surprising about that?" Goku asked. "This is actually pretty normal for us."

"Not of all us are vacuum cleaners when it comes to food you know." Puck spoke up. He knew first hand how much Goku and his family could eat, but he could never get used to it no matter how many times he saw it.

"This is normal for you all...?" The blunette asked. "But, earlier today at lunch, you guys didn't eat that much. And during school your lunch is normal too."

"That's because my lunches at school are just there to keep me awake during class." Goku smiled somewhat cheekily. "And the reason we ate so little during lunch was because we were probably all still full from our breakfast. Well, me, Mikan and Grandma were at least. Beat and Note ate a big breakfast too before coming to the island. I bet the same went for Vegeta's family too."

"I see." Haruna nodded in understanding, still in awe as she watched him eat tremendous amounts of food along with the others.

Now knowing how much food Goku tends to eat, perhaps she should start taking more lessons in cooking? Her homemade meals weren't half bad according to her sister, but they were also the average side of things. Perhaps if she got better, Goku would want to try it out for himself?

As the girl began to daydream somewhat once more, her two friends began speaking to one another.

"Where do they put it all...? Lala-chan, Mikan-chan, Bloom-chan, Note-chan, and Leigh-san all look so slim too. That's not fair don't you think?" Risa commented, envious of the fact that despite the amount all five females were eating, they didn't even look all that fat.

"Well Lala-chi's an alien, and since Son-kun is part alien too, which also extends to his family... Maybe that's why they don't get fat." Mio added her piece.

"Does that make those three aliens too?" Her blonde friend commented as she pointed to the Leigh family.

"Probably. I wouldn't really be surprised by it anymore." Mio noted as she gazed upon both Lala and Yami, the latter of which sat beside her and Mikan.

Speaking of which, Mikan was far more reserved in eating her meal but equally ate an amount that would make any other person faint. Beside her, Yami looked as though she was really enjoying the meal she was eating.

"The food on Earth really is good." She commented.

"What do you usually eat Yami-san?" Mikan asked. This wasn't the first time she met the blonde, having encountered her during that one time during New Years. But this was the first time she would actually speak with her full on.


'Seriously!?' Both Son siblings though simultaneously.

"Maybe you should be eating something more than just that..." Mikan muttered while smiling somewhat nervously at the blonde's words.

It was at that point that the young girl had a bright smile on her face as she remembered something.

"Hey, now that I think about it. Yami-san, do you think you show me your transformations?" Mikan asked. "I saw how you used them in the Battle Royal earlier, but I really want to see them up close now!"

"Well... it's not really something worth showing off." The blonde replied, her tone somewhat somber. "My power can't be used other than to harm others."

Goku and Mikan grimaced as did some of the others who were listening in at that moment. The former could understand her reasoning behind what she said due to knowing about her past, but couldn't help but think that Yami was wrong.

"Yami-chan~! Do you think you can cut this?"


With a quick motion, Yami transformed part of her hair and quickly sliced a roast ham into many pieces at Lala's request. Said ham was now neatly cut into cubes, each equal in size and shape.

'Now that's pretty useful...' The others thought as they clapped in awe of the action.


"What the-!?"

A certain pink female majin appeared out of nowhere as she hugged one of Goku's arms. Everybody knew who this person was, for she was a contestant in the main tournament together with Goku, Vegeta, Beat, Note, Bloom, and Yami.

"V-Vivio!" The boy exclaimed in surprise while the few who held an interest in him minus Lala stared at the majin girl as she began speaking.

"Hey there Goku~!" The girl said as she looked him in the eye. "I though that you would be here. Vivio got bored and so she decided to come here."

"Huh?" Lala looked towards her and smiled. "Hey! You're one of the participants in the tournament aren't you~?"

"Um! My name is Vivio. Nice to meet you~!"

"Same here, my name is Lala. Let's get along alright~?" The girl said. "I saw how you and that person Juubi fought earlier. You guys were so cool! No one from Deviluke has abilities like yours!"

"Deviluke?" Vivio tilted her head in confusion at the word.

"Never mind that." The boy suddenly spoke up. "How are you by the way? I saw you fighting earlier and you're not half-bad."

"Hehe, thanks~!" She then materialized a chair and sat right next to Goku, right in between him and Lala. "Vivio's really looking forward to tomorrow. I can't wait for the chance to fight against you all!"

"Same here." He replied before looking around. "Huh? Where's your cousin?"

"She's with Mr. Piccolo right now." Vivio's expression then turned into grim smile. "He's scolding her about her letting her guard down earlier and how easily she should have been able to dodge... it's not pretty."

'What kind of teacher is Piccolo...?' The boy thought as he saw the majin girl shiver somewhat as she spoke.


The people inside the cafeteria all looked outside the windows to see small explosion taking place in the night sky. Due to the nature of its appearance however, most thought it must have been a firework set off by someone.

"Don't tell me..." The boy began.

"That's Piccolo for you." Pan spoke up as Goku and the others looked at her, the elderly woman having a smirk on her face. "If he thinks you're slacking off on your training when you're his student, then be prepared for a lot of pain. He's a believer of tough love when it comes to these kinds of things."

'Is he a demon...?' Goku thought while sweating profusely at the aspect.

"That aside..."


Goku looked over to Bloom who had an irritated expression on her face. By the way she was glaring, he could tell that she was looking directly at Vivio.

"Would you mind getting your hands off him?" The blunette asked in a slightly ticked off tone, though it seemed more like a demand than anything else. "We're in a public setting... don't you have any shame?"

Currently while sitting together with the boy, the pink majin had her arms encircled around one of Goku's arms. An action that caused the others to stare at the two, most especially Haruna and Bloom herself.

"That's right! You're being way too clingy with him!" Run exclaimed.

"Wait, Run? When did you switch out with Ren?" Goku commented, having just noticed the girl.

"Hmm? Why should I?" The majin girl replied as a smile appeared on her face. "It's not like Vivio's doing anything wrong is she?"

"Because it's troublesome for Goku-san that's why!" Bloom retorted, starting to get real annoyed at Vivio.

"What? But I'm not really-Ow!" The boy himself began but flinched when he felt someone pinching his side.

"Just stay out of this." Mikan said as she stopped her brother from saying anything less he make the situation worse for himself.

And so the night went on for the group.

Outside standing atop the building where said group ate, Piccolo stood by himself arms crossed content on watching the scenery of the night sky. Beside him laid an incapacitated Juubi with spirals in her eyes.

While enjoying the scenery was what he had in mind, he overheard the ongoing event down below thanks to his super hearing. And he only had one thing to say regarding that was...

"Tch. Kids these days..."

The next morning...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for waiting!"

Standing atop a floating platform, the announcer greeted the crowd exuberantly. Just like the day before it, the stadium was completely packed and many were quite anxious to see the First Round to finally be underway.

"Isn't it a beautiful day today~? A beautiful day for two young fighters to duke it out!"

With that, said two fighters appeared on the platforms where the Battle Royal took place yesterday.

"Just so you folks remember, allow me once again to introduce Majin Vivio and Tadashi Kaito. These two contestants were able to mow their way through other competitors during the Battle Royal, so you can all look forward to a splendid match up between these two!"

As the crowd began cheering, Kaito walked over to Vivio.

"Let's have a good match shall we?" He offered his hand to her.

"Um! Let's!" The girl nodded vigorously before noticing something. "What's with that get up though?"

"This? I like samurai." Kaito simply replied as he and Vivio shook hands.

"Samurai?" Vivio uttered the word with slight confusion but shook her head as she focused on the upcoming match as the announcer began explaining the rules.

"Alright you two, rules here are simple. Whoever gets knocked out or can no longer fight loses. You can use weapons as much as you like, but if you kill your opponent, then I'm afraid it's game over." The announcer declared. "Also, you have a 30-minute time limit since we still have to make room for the other matches."

"So, who do you think's going to win?" Goku asked.

Standing in the room where fighters were to wait before their turn, Goku stood with Vegeta, Bloom, and his two cousins as they watched the announcer explain the rules.

"My bet is that it's going to be that Majin girl." Vegeta said. "There's something about her that makes me think."

"I'm sort of leaning on Kaito myself." Beat added. "I mean, he's a friend after all. So it's sort of feels awkward to bet against him."

Goku nodded at both of their words before turning to look at Bloom and Note, the two of which were now doing light exercises.

"What about the two of you?"

"No comment." Both simply waved their hands. It seemed like the two didn't really care who would win this match. Understandable considering that both had their own match to consider and prepare themselves for, even if it wasn't until later.

When he looked at the other fighters in the room, he saw that they were either chatting with each other, as Shigure and Rin did, or keeping to themselves, such as Johan, Abra, and Yami. He already knew who Juubi was going to cheer for, so there was no actual point in asking her opinion.

"C'mon Vivio! Beat that person with the silly outfit!"


Kaito looked around as he laid a hand on the handle of his sword.

"What's wrong?" Vivio asked her opponent, noticing that he suddenly became tense.

"It's nothing." The young man replied "I just had a feeling that someone insulted my armor."


"So... that girl and her people are called majin."

Standing atop the roof cover of the audience stands was Froze, the young man keenly observing the situation below. He had never encountered as species like theirs before. But at the same time, he couldn't help but remember something when he head the name majin.

"Something about her that peeks your interest?"

Not too far where he stood was none other than Piccolo himself. The Namekian Warrior having decided that it was a more decent spot to watch the upcoming match of his student rather doing so down below where Goku and the others where waiting.

"That girl and her people..." Froze began. "They wouldn't happen to be related to the Majin Buu would they?"

"And if they were?" The latter said, and that was all the former needed to confirm his suspicions.

"Then that would make Earth the strangest place in the Galaxy." The Glaerisian King merely responded. "First it's home to the last remnants of the saiyan race, then I find out that it's also home to a powerful Namekian such as yourself, and now the descendants of a being who was known as chaos incarnate in some parts of this universe live here as well. Next thing you people tell me is that a God lives here too."

"Heh. You'd be surprise." Piccolo smirked in response.

"Wait, what?"

Froze on the other hand looked somewhat incredulous at what the Namekian stated, not knowing if he was just messing with him or was actually telling the truth.

Back to the two, they both took a stance as the officials began beating on their drums. Both waited anxiously as the beating became quicker and quicker.

It then came to a halt, the announcer then exclaimed.

"Are you ready? GO!"


As the bell was rung, both fighters quickly made a move.




Echoes of the two fighting surged throughout the arena as they both moved at high speeds. The only ones capable of keeping up with them were those who actually trained in martial arts in the first place.


Drawing his blade, Kaito sliced through a pillar as Vivio dodged the incoming attack in the nick of time.


She then followed up with a kick to the back of the head, sending the young man flying into a wall. However, Kaito quickly picked himself up and was able to use his feet to jump off the metal wall and right back into the action.

Soon, a trade of punches, kicks, and sword attacks took place between the two, neither of the two looked like they were going to give in soon.

"And we're off to a fast start folks! Vivio and Kaito are throwing everything they've got at each other, who will be the one give in!?"


Vivio disappeared as soon as Kaito tried cutting her down.


He himself then vanished as Vivio reappeared and tried delivering a roundhouse kick only to miss by mere inches.

"Guh...!" The majin girl growled in annoyance as Kaito reappeared on the platform below.

"Hehe... looks like I can't beat this girl with simple tricks. I guess I have to take it up a notch." He noted as he sheathed his blade and took a stance. This action caused Vivio to look confused.

"Hey! What are you doing? Why are you sheathing your sword?" She yelled.

"You're about to find out...!" He responded as leaped into the air. "HISSATSU-KEN!"

"Wah!" Vivio began panicking as suddenly Kaito appeared in front of her and began an assault of rapid sword slashes directed at her.

Were it not for the intensive training she went through under Piccolo's tutelage, she would have probably been cut apart already by the boy's attacks. Her body was moving on instinct as twisted and turned to avoid being hit.

"Not bad. So this is how a top student of the Kikoukenjutsu School fights." Johan Podovisky commented, having decided to watch the match himself. In his years of experience, he saw many different people with their own fighting styles before. The Kikoukenjutsu School being one of them, and now he was seeing one of it's best students battling it out on the grandest stage of the Earth had to offer.

"It looks like he has that girl on the ropes." Beat added while smiling.


Hearing a quiet voice speak up, the boy looked to see Yami beside him watching the match as well.


"Look more closely and you shall see."


"She's got you there Beat." Goku spoke up as he pointed a finger at the ongoing fight. "Just focus your eyes and watch."

'Damn! This girl is a lot faster than I thought!'

No matter how many times he swung his sword at Vivio, the girl seemingly found a way to dodge each incoming strike. And each time she did, Kaito couldn't help but get frustrated and increase his attempts.




Kaito widened his eyes in surprise as Vivio caught his blade in between her teeth! How was that even possible!?

"Hehe!" She muttered as the blade was still in her mouth. "Impwesib arnt I?"

"Heh, a little." He smirked. "But it's not over yet!"


Filling his blade with Ki, Kaito blasted Vivio from within her mouth with his blade, a hole forming from the inside of her throat to the back of her head and sending her flying as a result. Many thought that it was now over, but they were wrong.


Vivio quickly recovered with a roll. causing the audience to cheer but were all silenced as she had teary eyes.


She floated frantically covering her mouth as the burning sensation from the attack remained even after her regeneration was already complete. She then quickly flew down to the water and dunked her head. The audience merely laughed in response at her actions while Kaito could only look on with incredulity as the girl began glaring at him after floating back to his level.

"Hey! That was really mean just now! Apologize!"

"Uh... no." The young man replied. "You were the one who decided to put it in your mouth after all."

"Grr...! This and that are two different things!"


"Whoa that was close!" Kaito exclaimed as he barely missed being blasted in the head. "Wanna play it like that-Huh...?"

Seeing a storm incoming, Kaito frantically dodged several dozen incoming blasts as the girl tried annihilating him out of anger and annoyance.

"What is she a child?" Froze commented.

"Technically speaking she's teenager by human standards. A very childish teenager that is." Piccolo stated with a sigh. Dealing with Vivio and Juubi was a lot more difficult compared to Goten and Trunks.

"It looks like Contestant Vivio has snapped! How will Contestant Tadashi deal with an angry girl that's trying to blast him apart!?"

"Don't ask the obvious you twit!" Kaito yelled as he flew high and low avoiding Ki blasts.

'Damn, this girl just keeps blasting away. The amount of power she has in those blasts, just how much reserves has she got!?'


The young man stopped just in time as the area in front of him exploded and went up in smoke.


But he was taken by surprise when Vivio appeared from within the smoke and delivered two blows to his torso.


Vivio then grabbed Kaito by the leg before dragging him with her and smashing him into the platforms below, punching through it with sheer force and sending the young man straight into the waters.

The young majin floated above the water and searched for her opponent.


Kaito came bursting out of the blue depths charging straight for Vivio with his sword at the ready.


Vivio barely missed being cut apart once more as Kaito's attack destroyed a column and a part of her outfit's cape.



Unable to react in time, the young majin girl was taken off guard as she was smacked in the face with Kaito's sword sheath. The latter then performed a series of maneuvers with his hands before stretching them forward.



A flame imbued attack directed at Vivio exploded and sent her crashing into a rock formation as smoke and dust covered the area. Kaito floated down towards the area as he waited for Vivio to make her move.

He didn't have to wait long as a light began shining throughout the arena starting from where the girl was standing.


Her voice could be heard as the young swordsman began sensing a large amount of energy being gathered as the smoke cleared.

In the middle of it was Vivio in a crouching stance as she held both hands together and drew them back.


"Shit...!" Kaito cursed as he was about to make a move before realizing it was too late.



A pink stream of energy burst forth from Vivio hand's as she outstretched them forward towards Kaito. The young man on the other hand had other ideas as he drew his katana and took a stance.


Pointing his sword at Vivio, a torrent of energy filled the blade and then took the form of a large energy saber, extending his weapon's reach.

"Hah!" He swung his sword down hard, hoping to bisect the incoming attack.


Two energies collided as sword and beam tried to tearing through the other. The force from the struggle was easily strong enough to cause most of the audience to hold on to their seats even with the energy barriers that were designed to protect them from the fights still running.

"What a surprise! Contestant Vivio has just performed a Kamehameha wave! The signature technique of the Turtle Hermit School! How will it fare against Contestant Tadashi's sword technique!?"

"This is so awesome~!" Lala cheered from their group's place inside the reserved booth. "Come on, Vivio~!"

"Hmm... I may have to redesign the barriers later." Bulma noted as she jotted down her thoughts inside a notebook. If the wind force from the attacks, like the ones being performed at the moment, were still able to go through the barriers with ease, then perhaps she underestimated how strong the competitors were this year.


Another explosion rocked the stadium as the struggle came to a close with neither side winning as their attacks timed out.


"What the...!?"


Taking advantage of the smokescreen, Vivio came bursting through with a hard headbutt directed towards Kaito's head. The force of the blow so hard that the helmet that he was wearing was began to break apart.

He landed on a nearby platform and took it off, giving view his natural face. He had spiky brown hair pointed to the sky along with matching eyes.

"My oh my folks! Contestant Vivio has just destroyed Contestant Tadashi's mask! And underneath it, we see a very decent looking young man! Somehow it's disappointing."

"What!? How is it disappointing!?" Kaito demanded as he drew his attention away from Vivio and towards the announcer.

"Well you wore a mask, so we figured you had something to hide. But it turns out you looked pretty normal." The latter replied.

"You just say whatever's on your mind huh?" The young swordsman growled in annoyance.

"Well I'm also a commentator after all."


Kaito quickly dodged an incoming blast from his opponent who by now was looking quite annoyed at him.

"Hey! Don't ignore me!" She exclaimed as she fired off another blast.



Kaito sliced the blast in half as it split into two different directions and blew up. Vivio looked down on him watching him intently, the former doing the same as he readied himself for the next assault.

'Hmm... If I keep this up, then she might run out of energy soon with all those blast attacks she's been doing.' He thought to himself before smirking as he thought of something.

"Come on!" He called out to her. "That the best you've got!? I've seen little kids with stronger firepower than you do!"

"Is he talking about us?" Beat commented as he looked at his twin sister.

"If he is, I think I'm going to hit him." Note replied looking mildly annoyed at being referred to as a little kid.

For the next few moments, Vivio blasted away at Kaito with the young man doing everything he can to either dodge or counterattack due to sheer number of blasts coming his way. Perhaps goading her was a bad idea?

'Damn it... just how much energy does this chick have!?'


At that moment he sliced through a boulder after it was thrown at him by Vivio.

"Now you're throwing boulders at me!?"

"Teacher said to make use of your environment as well as your own skills!"


Kaito sliced through another two boulders before realizing that Vivio was now suddenly in front of him, having used one of the boulders as a cover to get in close.



The young man quickly countered with his own attack, and the ensuing explosion sent him flying towards a platform on which where he recovered and landed on both feet before he crashed.

"I can do this all day pinkie! Bring it on!" He hollered as Vivio floated midair.

She remained silent with her eyes closed after Kaito provoked her with his words. A good moment passed and the latter began thinking that it was possible she had fallen asleep on the spot seeing as some of the Majin that he had met before all had that same habit. Suddenly however, she opened her eyes and looked directly at him with a smile of her own.

"Here I come!"

The girl suddenly darted forward like a meteor poised to strike the earth. Kaito readied himself as he suddenly sheathed his blade and took a stance.

Vivio came closer and closer, a pink aura surrounding her body, and at that moment the young man leaped as he grasped the hilt of his blade. The distance between the came to a close as they were mere inches away from each other, the young man began to unsheathe his weapon as it suddenly began getting warmer.




"What the hell!?"

A flash of pink light enveloped his vision as Kaito was blinded by it due to the close proximity. When his vision returned however, he also noticed something felt off.

When he realized that the feeling was coming from his hands, he saw what it was and his eyes began bulging out of their sockets.

"A-A CANDY CANE...?!" He exclaimed in shock as he felt his body go numb. His sword is a priceless family heirloom! How was he going to explain this to his parents!?



"Guagh!" A strong kick directed right at his gut caused the young warrior to flinch in pain. Due to his earlier confusion and the fact that Vivio had appeared right in front of him so suddenly, he wasn't able to sense it coming before that moment.

As he looked up at her, he saw that she already readied a full powered Kamehameha wave. The smile on her face told him everything he needed to know, especially considering the small distance between them.

"Hehe! It's my win~!"

"That's just my luck..."


"That technique..."

Froze muttered a little in slight amazement. He had heard rumors of it before, but he didn't expect...

"This isn't your first time seeing magic I take it?" Piccolo asked as he looked at him.

"Yes. And I also heard rumors of Majin Buu being able to use magic before, so I partially suspected it might be the same for that girl and her people too after you confirmed my thoughts earlier. But I never realized that it was actually all true." Froze replied in all honesty. "I suppose one learns something new everyday."

"I guess they do."

"And the winner is Majin Vivio!"

The announcer declared the end of the match as Vivio waved enthusiastically over to the crowd who were all cheering her name in applause at the wonderful showing she and her fellow fighter had performed.

Speaking of Kaito, the young man was currently slumped over with a cloud of depression hanging over his head at the apparent fact that his sword was now a very large candy cane. He didn't mind the fact that he lost, it was more on the matter of how it happened.

He should have known that the girl would have tried that trick at one point. He had seen many Majin perform it before, it wouldn't exactly be a surprise for one to perform such a move in the tournament itself. He cursed his own carelessness. Because of that, his family sword had been changed into a tasty treat for one to eat.

"Oh, I nearly forgot about that. Here you go~!"


Pointing her finger at the candy cane, Vivio fired off a pink energy and enveloped said item in it. When the light died down, the candy cane returned to its original form. The form of a Katana.

"Oh, thank you, thank you!" Kaito quickly began bowing in gratitude towards the young Majin. "You saved me right there! My parents would have killed me if I brought home the family sword as a tasty treat!"

"It's no problem at all." The pink majin smiled at him. "You're pretty good to have been able to keep up with me for so long."

"You too. The way you were blasting away would have done major damage to me if I let any of those hit directly." Kaito stood up as he smiled back. "It's shame that I lost, I wanted to fight against someone else. But, I probably wouldn't have stood a chance anyway. Either way, if it's against someone like you, I don't really losing."

The two shook hands, and that caused the crowd to applaud at the two once more.

"Take a good look folks! This is what being a true sportsman is all about!" The announcer declared.

And with that, the first match ended.

"In accordance with new tournament rules, a 30 minute break will be allowed before the next match begins. Spectators or combatants who wish to leave the arena in order to attend to other business in the mean time may do so. However, if the combatants aren't back within 30 minutes and are late by another 10 minutes, then their participation will be considered forfeit. That is all."

"A 30 minute break? That's a new one." Goku commented.

"It's for changing the field obviously." Vegeta came up beside him as he motioned for his rival to look towards the platform field. Because of the battle earlier, it was now mostly reduced to rubble.

Suddenly though, the ground shook ever so slightly and that's when Goku realized that the field began submerging as the water itself began decreasing and later split apart to reveal a blast door, or the equivalent of whatever the actual word was, opening itself as the field slowly lowered itself into it.

Afterwards, it was then replaced with a empty platform that filled the entire field. Soon enough, one of the workers placed a capsule in the center and later remotely activated it, causing a giant puff of smoke to cover the arena. When it died down, the empty space was now filled with what appeared to be a small city block.

"Whoa! A lot of buildings appeared out of nowhere!"

Inside their personal booth, Lala and the others watched in amazement at the scene before them.

"Amazing! I didn't think Capsules were able to miniaturize something as big as that." Haruna muttered.

"It's nothing that special. My great-great-great grandmother once miniaturized Capsule City itself a long time ago during the alien invasion back then to keep it and the people safe during the conflict. This is just a small application of that same technology, only a lot smaller."

"I wouldn't exactly call this small, but your family always were the types to think big." Pan commented.

"This is actually pretty cool." Goku commented somewhat in awe.

"In order to give a different sense of outer aesthetics, mother had Capsule Corp design different fields since in her words: Using the same place for every fight is kinda boring don't you think sweetie? Why don't we spice things up a bit?" The shorter male said, speaking his mothers words in a higher pitched voice than usual and an annoyed look for some reason.

Goku on the other hand was caught off guard by something else.

"You actually said the word sweetie..."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at that, somewhat taken off guard Goku's comment.

"I thought there were other arenas down below? We aren't using those?"

"No, those are going to be saved for special events." Vegeta replied. With that, he shook his head and turned his attention elsewhere, which the latter boy also did.

When Goku looked around, he saw Beat talking with Commissioner Podovisky. Abra looked like he was playing around with Juubi, in a sense that they were trading light blows with each other. Perhaps they knew each other? It wasn't far-fetched considering all Majin come from the same clan.

Bloom and Note were talking about things that most girls their age would talk about. Apparently their earlier tension disappeared as the two had smiles on their faces. Goku himself smiled when he saw this, noting that getting along with your friends was the best thing indeed.

His senior at school, Kujou Rin was keeping to herself, as was her opponent Shigure. Though both would at times glance at each other while doing so, and at the moment, both were polishing their blades.

Goku also noticed that neither Piccolo nor Froze were around inside the fighter's lounge. Rather, from looking outside the window, he could see them standing on top of a roof that covered the audience from things such as sunlight and rain depending on the weather that is.

He was mildly worried about Froze considering who he was, but the fact he hadn't done anything up until now alleviated that stress of his mind. And with Piccolo here, he, along with Goku and others, would be able to handle Froze should he try anything.

That said, he couldn't take his mind off the matter for some reason. Just looking at his fellow competitor caused Goku to actually flinch on the inside. It wasn't something that was caused out of fear or any other similar emotion, but rather something else entirely. Like an itch that wouldn't go away.

It was at that moment he noticed Yami standing by herself looking directly at the monitor that showed them the fight from earlier.

"Something the matter Yami?" He asked, taking his mind off Froze.

"So they allow that technique to be used in the tournament?"

Hearing her words, Goku looked at the girl somewhat surprised.

"You've encountered it before?"

"I did not spend all my time on Earth just staying in one place, Son Goku." The blonde replied without looking at him while continuing to stare intently at the screen showing the two fighters in the arena waving to the crowd, specifically looking at the winner of the match.

"It looks like we're up next aren't we?"

Yami looked beside her and noticed Juubi standing there with a big smile on her face. The overly friendly aura that girl was exerting was quite... disturbing to say the least. At least in Yami's eyes it was since she wasn't really used to having people so close to her personal space aside from the ones she knew personally.

"Let's both give it our best all right~?" She said as she grabbed both of Yami's hand's quite suddenly. The blonde haired assassin could only nod back in response as the person in front of her reminded her a little of the princess.

"There's at least 30 minutes before the next match. Why don't the two of you prepare before then?" The young man next to the two suggested.

"You have a point, Son Goku. I will be heading out now." Yami declared as she turned around and headed for the door and left. Goku merely sighed as for some reason he knew what the girl was going to do during the thirty minute break.

"Hmm... I might as well do the same thing too." Juubi said after thinking about the prospect for a few seconds. "C'mon Abra! Let's go get something to eat okay~?"


With that, the duo left the room quickly. Goku wondered if it was really alright for a person to eat just before a match in a tournament like this. Not that he was one to judge considering he sometimes did so as well.


"What the... Lala-!?"

The young man found himself suddenly being tackled to the ground. At that moment, he actually thought that the perpetrator was the alien princess who was living at his house with his family. When he saw that the person had pink skin, he immediately knew who it was.


"Hehe~! Did you see my match? Vivio was awesome wasn't she~?" The majin girl spoke as she pressed herself onto him. Goku could only feel embarrassed by this considering their current position and the fact that everyone was now staring at the two.

"Hey! Don't smother him so much!"

Bloom stood up from her spot and pointed a finger at Vivio while shouting, a very annoyed look on her face.

"What~?" Vivio complained. "You again...?"

Soon enough, the two got into a small argument while the others in the room looked mildly amused by this.

"Having two girls fight over him? Goku has become quite sinful hasn't he?" Johan said as he chuckled at the sight.

"I think I know at least two more who are interested in Goku-nii who came here today to watch the tournament." Beat commented. "It kinda makes me jealous."

"Well isn't that something. I suppose tough times are in store for your cousin Beat. Let's just hope he doesn't get himself burned if you know what I mean." Johan began laughing with Beat.

Meanwhile, Vegeta only had one thing to say regarding his rival's situation and his sister's current attitude.


Yami sat on a bench that was more or less in an isolated location compared to other places in the area. Finishing up a batch of Taiyaki, she noticed that she still had at least over twenty minutes to spare before her match would start. Deciding it would be best if she returned now, she made her way back to the arena.

"Golden Darkness..."

Hearing someone call her name, she turned around and saw who it was.

It was none other than Gato, one of the competitors in the tournament and the fighter that was set to participate in the fourth match of the day against the man known as Piccolo to Son Goku, but went by the name Majunior for some reason.

"It's been a while, hasn't it? Five years to be exact right?"

"That voice... so I really was right." Yami said in response, particularly to herself. Gato's voice was now different compared to how it was when he introduced himself the other day to the announcer.

She had her suspicions due to the gut feeling she had whenever she looked at him. His sword looked familiar to her too now that she thought about it, it wasn't a blade that was created on Earth. She could tell that from looking at its design.

"I didn't think it I'd run into you here of all places, especially considering the kind of setting a tournament like this is." Gato replied.

"I have my own business here. Something of which isn't really your concern."

"True. I suppose you're here to finish that contract of yours about killing that kid Goku?" He asked, but got nothing but silence from the blonde. "The silent treatment eh? You're the same as always."

"Why are you here?" This time, it was Yami who asked the question.

"Why? I have my own business to deal with, which is none of your concern I'm afraid."

Gato smirked when he saw that Yami frowned at his words, apparently noticing that he also more or less used her own words against her.

"At any rate, I really am curious as to why you haven't killed Son Goku yet given your track record. Why is that?"

"He is not someone that can be taken lightly." Yami replied, slightly remembering her first encounter with her target. "And we also have an arrangement. If he defeats me in this tournament, I give up finishing my contract to kill him then."

"I see." Gato nodded, somewhat satisfied with the answer. "Still, for you to even agree on such a thing when before you would never take back a contract... you really have changed."

"Are you making fun of me?" A dangerous glint came across the blonde's red eyes.

"Not at all. I'm only making assumptions, no need to get angry." He replied with both hands held up defensively. "Anyway, since you told me your reason for being here, I'm going to tell you mine just to be fair."

"Then go right ahead."

"To be blunt, a golden opportunity just came by to Earth that I couldn't resist following." He began. "I think you already know who I'm referring to."

"Froze." The blonde spoke quietly.

The current ruler of Planet Glaeris. Second son to the former King, he assassinated his father and banished his older brother before taking the throne for himself. He was a smart individual, and he was no slouch in battle either. Overall, a person who was not to be messed with especially given his current station in life.

She had thought so the moment she heard his name, but she couldn't really believe that same person was now here on Earth. What could he be up to?

"He's my target, so I won't allow anyone to touch him."

"Then why enter the tournament?"

"Obviously, given his level of power, I'm going to have a hard time dealing with him by myself." Gato began explaining. "So if I have him fight against several other people, he'll eventually tire himself out."

"I see." Yami nodded in response.

"Still, the fact that he's on Earth is because there's something here that interests him. And I think that something may have to do with your target, Son Goku, and this guy called Vegeta."

Yami was surprised by this. Why would someone like Froze want something from her target?

Perhaps it had something to do with that technique he performed in front of Gid Lucion Deviluke not too long ago? The amount of power she had witnessed then... anybody would have been interested in the boy if they had seen that.

"I overheard him speak the other day. He may have just come here to have a little fun, you know, get in on the action. But at the moment, I'm still not sure about that either since it could have been just a mislead to that guy named Piccolo so he'd get off his back."


"Back to the matter at hand, I only really came here to say that Froze is mine. I don't want you interfering or anything."

Yami remained silent as he spoke before nodding her head in response.

"Very well. So long as you keep to yourself, and do not harm the people here, I will not interfere for your sake nor for your target's sake. Is that alright with you..."

She paused for a moment before continuing.


His actual name now said, Coolrade merely smirked a little in response as he spoke.

"It's fine. Harming civilians isn't on my agenda anyway." He turned around and began walking. "So long as my King Froze isn't going to do anything strange himself, I will keep my word."

With that, he left. Leaving Yami by herself as she stared in his direction.

Did the current situation become complicated with the special guest that was here? Or did it not change anything?


Author's Note:

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