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First thing in the morning and this is the news, not that Hiccup is shocked about it. He's been chief for almost two years and let's just say that there are always something new at Berk. One day, a house would just be burning because a child played with a dragon, then on the afternoon, someone would cut their own arm off (accidentally, of course) and would require the chief's full attention.

He's been in too many situations and the word of an incoming invasion was nothing new. The Outcast have attempted this for so many times and none succeeded, but his enemy this time won't be as stupid as the Outcast, even if the women and children who's been exiled are adopted by some of the tribes. The others just simply found an island and live in peace with dragons.

"Where are they?" he asked Astrid and just shook her head.

She played with her fingers "Snotlout sent a few men to know the location of our enemy, you're must talk to him." He nodded, she then grabbed his wrist "Hiccup, we need to talk about… us" she could see the hurt in his face. She didn't want to talk about it now since there's an enemy fleet ahead, but she might not have the chance to speak to him again. Dragons, they are really helpful, but if an arrow finds the heart of its rider… She couldn't bear the thought of Hiccup dying in her arms.

He snapped "Call the council, we need to plan our defenses." He ignored her last statement, "Get me-"


"Astrid, there's nothing to talk about, you left and that's just it. I completely understand you, now, call Snotlout for me." She couldn't do anything but just nod. Still remembering the time when Hiccup and her would talk about babies and how big their house would be, now it is nothing but a fleeting dream. Now, her mind is infested with 'What ifs' if she'd just stayed with Hiccup, after all of this… maybe, just maybe, they could live in peace. Together. "Prepare the dragons! Assemble everyone!" he yelled, ordering his people as he makes the preparation for their defense.

Inside the Mead Hall, every elders and council have gathered. Every hour, more and more chieftains arrived. Snotlout explained that he ordered some men to follow the boats discreetly, they took a quick sketch of the place that's probably called Weselton but there was no time to assess their military strength, they cannot recklessly land their dragons on a foreign land that's full of brick houses and large fortresses.

"What's the plan, Chief?" on the South-East of their islands, there an island that mostly has little population.

He pointed there "We'll land over here." Everyone was on the edge, when Hiccup speaks, people must listen. Sure he wasn't as huge as the Chiefs that once ruled Berk or any other tribe, but he's got something else. Other than the threat of a Night Fury, he's got a heart and courage that you wouldn't think exist on that smaller body of his. And he's now lean and stronger, being able to lift a sword, not to mention a flaming one. "We'll wait until nightfall and launch a surprise attack." They all nodded.

"What if they pass that island midday?" Astrid asked, she glared when Snotlout laughed at her.

"Then we wait. For a dragon, ships are slow, really slow" Snotlout said, "When night hits, we probably have up till morning to launch that surprise attack" he said. Hiccup tried to argue but he's right. Instead he was left thinking at how slow Astrid is today. "What's wrong with you? Spent too much time with your future husband?" he spat at her. Even before the incident with Drago… just after the Red Death's death, he started to respect Hiccup. He stopped flirting with Astrid since he's absolutely sure his cousin, the future chief, the one who let him ride Hookfang, deserves her a million times than him. She understood Astrid, but she hated that she's in a rush to get married. How he knew his cousin wouldn't simply let her wife be unhappy, but Hiccup sacrificed much, the least she could do is just hang on to him a little longer. And maybe she's right. Maybe Hiccup wouldn't have enough time to spend with her, he didn't know as well. But seeing as how Hiccup survived all these years, he doubt that if Hiccup and Astrid were to be married, he'd stop making her happy.

"Enough…" he ordered, his voice quiet and calm "How many ships, Snotlout?" Astrid was left to herself as she continued to act like she's listening. But she could hear Snotlout that it was a full scale invasion, an extermination quest to be exact. That very morning, the scouts really relayed a message that an invading enemy fleet is indeed upon them. "How long were your men gone?" he asked.

"Almost a week. They've been resting on some small isolated island near the southern isles, it only took a few hours to return to their place of recon." He sighed "Even with that, we never knew their full military strength." He told Hiccup how they only ships and their sizes. "Hiccup, we're going to engage in an enemy we do not know. Best we tread carefully" The chief nodded.

"You guys will back me up" everyone looked at him with a question "I'll do the first strike, you will wait until I ordered everyone to attack the enemy. I'll personally measure their weapons." Everyone argued with him, nothing wrong with their chief showing valor or fearlessness, but he has no heir. They all knew Snotlout would be next in line, he's good but not really fitted for being the Chief, especially when that Chief has every Viking tribes under the palm of his hands. Their new flag? A Night Fury along with its rider as he showed a sword that's engulfed in flames. Yes, everyone agreed that it'd be a perfect symbol for the newly found Viking Kingdom. Though there's no king, Hiccup is considered by everyone to be the ruler of every Viking. The others follows his commands, even the chiefs, not to mention most of them were his friends.

"That's too dangerous!" Snotlout opposed "I believe a coordinated pattern is what's best." He said, the others agreed but not Hiccup.

"No. It's too dangerous. We'll risk more riders and if they captured one of our own, rider or dragon, I don't know what I would do." That's why they love him, that's why they follow him. He's too compassionate for his own kind, but they all knew that the world doesn't work that way. Sometimes you just have to use force, sometimes war is truly inevitable. "I-"

"Snotlout is right, it's too risky for you to go alone." Astrid retorted

"I agree with her, Chief," Fishlegs joins in "you don't have an… heir" he glanced at Astrid "if something happens to you…"

He chuckled lightly "I've beaten the Red Death, defeated Drago, and has survived for whatever life has thrown at me. You still think I'd die easily after all of this?" he joked, it was kind of dark in a way that he'd be thinking like that. Nobody smiled nor laughed with him, after all, they all knew the stress he's been at being a chief, then there's the problem with Astrid. "If I can't handle it alone, then I'd signal you guys." They all knew what to do. They all knew how they would attack when it's a night battle. Hide in the darkness that the cloud gives, strike when they are unprepared, repeat action until done.

They all had to agree, they have no choice to be honest. The final decision lies with him, he IS the chief after all. Whether they go to battle or not, declare war or not, it all lies upon him. A responsibility that's being shouldered by one man, the irony of Hiccup who's called Useless once, now has the entire Vikings existence lying on his hands. Nobody expected this, not when he was still scrawny.

"Prepare the dragons, we fly at nightfall. Relay this message to every chieftains, tell them I need their assistance." He pointed at the map "Meet us here" the man nodded and left hastily left the Mead Hall. Maybe the world was not yet ready to see how magnificent their friends, the dragons. He couldn't blame them, Vikings fought wars against dragons for three hundred years, but maybe he could put some sense in their mind. That these creatures are of no threat, just like a dog, when you're not planning to hurt him, he won't hurt you. "Leave me." Everyone nodded, he has a lot to think to and now he must make some final and critical decisions. For the fate of everyone is in his hands right now. "Astrid, I need to talk to you." That was the first time since their breakup that he has initiated a conversation.

They quickly got out as fast as they could, this wouldn't end well. With the loss of his dad, the problems when he became chief, the large scale war against the Outcast, and then Astrid… they were surprised that Hiccup is still sane, but then again, he IS Hiccup.

She gulped, once the strong and powerful shield maiden became a woman ever since she and Hiccup became a thing. "Yes?" she asked, taking subtle deep breaths.

He's looking at something again and not HER. "You will stay on this mission." He said, walking towards the gigantic door of the Mead Hall.

"WHAT!?" she caught up to him furiously, yes, she's a woman but she's not a weakling who couldn't defend herself. Hiccup knows that already, he of all people knows her the best. Not even her parents can compare the knowledge of how Hiccup knows her. She grabbed his wrist "If you think-" stopping upon seeing the saddest smile he gave. No, he's trying hard to make a real smile but he just couldn't.

"You're getting married, Astrid." She should be happy, she's getting married after all. But no. "I can't have you departing for some battle. We can handle this." Tears flowed through his eyes and he's still…smiling? Her heart broke into a million pieces as she saw him in his most breakable form. Not once, did he show this side of him. Sure, when Stoic died he's devastated but never opened up, not to anyone, not to her. "Y-You need to prepare for your wedding." He said, smearing that tear on his face.

She remained quiet. What could she even say to him? She betrayed him, no matter what she said, she simply betrayed him. She became selfish and now her actions cannot be undone. She wanted to be married, now she's got him. She's truly lucky that the guy she met was nice, she fell for him but not as hard as Hiccup's. He's just a normal nice guy, not even a rider like Hiccup. And Hiccup was exhilarating, breathtaking, electrifying, yet calm, peaceful, warm.

He opened the door, and his council immediately acted like they weren't listening at all. Toothless was the only non-human that was listening to his and Astrid's conversation. He pet his friend in a soothing way "Bud, please get our special friend on the woods." Being the Alpha, dragons followed Toothless, though some still challenged him into some type or roaring contest, most of the dragons he had seen has become good friends with Hiccup and Toothless. The black cat-like dragon became jealous since Hiccup didn't ride just one dragon. He has four dragons at his house, including Toothless. So he still has to fly all four of them, but when he has no time, he'd ride Toothless and the other dragons would fly beside him.

Toothless gave a low warble and flew to the woods. One of the people listening was Astrid's fiancée "She's not going, keep her grounded" he nodded, their house was almost finished and there was absolutely no going back on this one. Even if Astrid came back to Hiccup and her fiancée is just some butcher on Berk, it could still pose some threat within the traditions. "Eret, take Skullcrusher and scout the area. I don't want any surprises. I'll bring our entire force once we are ready." Eret nodded and flew towards their meeting point.

"Hiccup!" Astrid yelled, she's furious, however her fiancée hugged her and said to her 'Calm down, darling' to which she angrily responded "Don't call me that!" she swing her arms to release her from his grip. "Haddock!" Ruffnut was shocked, all of them were. Astrid never called him by his last name. The other blonde grabbed Astrid, telling her to calm down.

"My decision is final, Astrid."

"My Queen, I have something to report to you." Her general said, they convened one final meeting. Diplomats are being set to different kingdoms, the kings of the joint force helped the Queen of Arendelle as well. Telling that to those who have seen the fleet, they are of no threat to the other kingdoms, save for the Vikings. Of course, it's still something that the kingdoms could just ignore, but if they could prove the threat of dragons, maybe they'd help them as well. "I've sent ten men to the ship, they're on the King of Denmark's ship. The most protected ship." The entire fleet was reported of 117 ships, since the King himself wanted to see these so called dragons. "But we need an intelligence on someone we can truly trust." He explained, after all, the Duke of Weselton isn't a man to be trusted. "If the King should… die" he coughed "There's no other person that can be trusted but ours." He explained, his Queen remained silent but it was clear that she's angry, she hated when her advisors and generals, the people whom she trust Arendelle with holds secret from her. But this is a time to make drastic measure.

"General, next time please inform me." Her general nodded.

They all looked at the map "They're only hours from reaching their checkpoint." Her advisor said "God, help them all" maybe it was indeed a good time to pray. After all, dragons… creatures that fly on the sky and rain fire from the heavens. The thought scares Elsa already, and to be in the hands of the Vikings, barbaric and mindless creatures… it was something she had never expect.

But Elsa was truly fixated on the outcome of this war.

Hiccup and his entire force landed on the lush islands just between Berk and Norway itself. The sun was setting down and the fleet was still nowhere to be seen. Good. If they are to arrive at here when night hits then it's their win. He could launch a full-scale surprise attack and sink their ships in no time.

"Hiccup, Flightmare is here." Fishlegs said, as he gets all excited to see this still mysterious dragon.

"I know. We need her should we see the need to board their ships."

"Umm… why?"

Everyone was hiding, away from any ship's sight. Thanks to the large trees, they can hide easily and comfortably. He relayed to the messenger that the late forces that would reinforce them was to pull back. They can't risked being see within the island, who knows what weapons they have.

"We need to grab their weapons and maps, you know, stuffs like that."

Hours later, the sun started to set. Just before it was dark, the ships has been sighted not too far from the island. Thankfully, they all pushed a little closer to the island to hide some of the most important ships. The King's and their strongest ships.

"Boulder class, grabbed the Zippleback's contained gas ball." Though not much when it comes to fighting and speed, the boulder class fights back with its ability to carry weight. Well, the Gronckles that is. They poured in gas from the Zippleback and puts in a large rubber balloon. "Nightmares and Nadders, work together. Combine the Nadder's spike with the Nightmare's fire. Attack from a very long range" they all nodded. "Take down their vital ships." It was a simple plan of attack. "Flightmare, only show up when I called for you." It was more likely Toothless's gaze that made the Flightmare followed.

"Stay away from them as much as possible. We don't know their tricks, so we'll remain as a mystery for them" Snotlout ordered, Hiccup smirked, his cousin is becoming more like him every day. All he needs now is a prosthetic leg.

"I'll start"

A few hours after the ship stopped, the king's men took their rest. Mostly inside the ship. Meaning if they could burn the deck of every ship then it could be their battle right at the start.

With the sound that the Night Fury made, the King ship's deck was burning…

One week later…

"Your Highness, the fleet has arrived…"

She rushed outside to see only three ships have returned. "Where are the rest?" she asked, she knew the answer but she's hoping that the others are on the way or is already making their way home. The guard shook his head "That's the King of Denmark's ship right?" her general rushed to her side upon hearing the news. The man confirmed that it was indeed the King's ship. "Get him here now, they need help!" Southern Isles, Denmark, or whatever country or kingdom you came from you are still a human in the eyes of Arendelle's Queen.

The King was surrounded by his surviving guards, she could hear him stuttering some words but was very unclear.

"King of Denmark, what happened?" Elsa asked, Anna and Kristoff arrived just as she asked the king. It was clear that the King only suffered minor injuries, spared perhaps? But that doesn't matter right now.

"D-D-Demon!" he screamed "Dra-dragon Master!" he was still too much in a shock to speak some sense.

"General." A man greeted, along with the other nine behind him. Arendelle's men.

Without wasting any second Elsa, her General, and the ten men, including Anna and Kristoff was gathered in the War Room.

They explained how a sudden noise alerted them, but by the time they could rally their forces, everything was burning. No one saw a dragon that day. Flaming spikes came from the dark sky, as ear-piercing roars boomed the entire area, like thunders coming down from the sky.

By the time the dragons stopped their attack, everything was quiet, with only the King's ship and the two closest to it survived. Something came out from the darkness, it made a shrilling sound as it releases a mist that paralyze everyone on the ship. The two ships were affected as well, it was scary… the spectral thing came out, glowing blue then out of nowhere he landed. A man in a leather armor with a helmet that covered his face. The King was out in the opened but by no chance could his guards protect him. They were paralyze like the King was.

"What happened then?" They asked, fear and curiosity where taking place.

"He pulled out a sword… a retractable blade. The moment he pulled it his sword it went on flames!"

He continued the story at how the Dragon Master spoke to the King one-sided conversation. The King nodded like a fool as fear was flooding his mind. His entire fleet, destroyed within hours, not being even able to fight back. His men, floating on the ocean, lifeless, his entire naval fleet utterly destroyed. And now, the man who calls himself the Dragon Master is about to take his life.

"Go back to where you came. Return if you wish to face our wrath again! That were his words" the men said.

"It doesn't make any sense…" Elsa said, as the people around him began to wander as well.

"What do you mean?" Anna asked.

"They keep to themselves. They have dragons, destroyed the entire fleet of Denmark in hours without suffering any casualties, such powers and yet they keep to themselves. They don't conquer, wait- aren't Vikings full of tribes fighting against one another?" she asked, and everyone nodded "Are they united?"

"Not that we know of, Your Highness"

"Maybe we could try diplomacy?"

The General laughed but quickly realized that he had offended the Queen. "Apologies, your Highness, I didn't mean to-"

She raised her hand, stopping the general. "It's alright." The man looked down, ashamed of what he just did.

"It's just that, we don't really negotiate with-"

"My Queen," A messenger intrudes "British fleet are on the way to Denmark and here" their eyes widened, this is considered as an act of war. Her hands started to shake, as ice began to form, Arendelle could be at war. He handed her a letter.

People of Norway,

Due to the late message that Denmark has sent, we hereby declare war upon Denmark and Arendelle of Norway. You have not only crossed our border, but you also brought an entire fleet. It seems that we are fortunate that a storm took place, it had managed to take out the entire fleet. As for Arendelle, they simply let Denmark's fleet stage an attack towards our country, their actions are considered as a crime towards the King of England, my father.

I haven't been able to response whether to allow Denmark's fleet to have military access to my borders and yet they crossed it. Such actions will not go unpunished. All of those who will aid Arendelle and Denmark shall feel the wrath of his Majesty's military forces.

John of England, Crown Prince.

They quickly sent messengers to the every kingdom in Norway, asking for help. Denmark refused to help as well, once the King returned after a week of resting at Arendelle. With the excuse of rallying the rest of their forces to defend their country against the incoming british. The kingdoms in Norway refused to help as well. Arendelle was isolated, the other kingdoms are far from it. "My Queen, Hammerfest, Tromse, and Osin refused to help." The diplomat looked miserable. Not being able to accomplish anything, Arendelle stands alone against the entire British force.

"Elsa…" Anna worriedly called her name.

"We need help." She said, trying to be as calm as possible.

"But nobody will help us!" Anna retaliated.

"The Dragon Master… we need his help." Elsa said, the entire crowd gave a disbelieving look.

"But- you heard what he said. One more time we walk towards his islands, we'll be toasted!" Anna wasn't joking but her words were simply…

"I'm going." Elsa said, "Please prepare a ship, General" the General just stood there, his mouth wide agape upon hearing her Queen's words.

"My Quee-"

"General. Prepare. A. Ship." She commanded "I have a meeting with the Dragon Master."

They are so close to meeting each other! Also, I just called it England, I don't know if in the 18th Century if United Kingdom is already called United Kingdom. I've searched a 18th century map from Britain, Faroe Islands which is north of Britain, and up to Norway and Denmark.

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