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Elsa was restless, today dates the arrival of the Dragon Conqueror, Trainer, Master. A man with so many titles, surely it would take more to interest Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. She didn't want to admit it but she read the entire book of their history. It was far from being believable but something told her that it is. Otherwise, the King of Denmark wouldn't go crazy like that. Even now, Denmark has become isolated from the world. Both countries are abandoned after all, nobody wants to wage war with United Kingdom. Not that the other major countries couldn't take them, it's more of 'We don't want to lose men with a child's fight' Oh how they knew that this is just a reason for England to invade, to expand their empire.

The other reason why England hadn't gone south is because the other countries would unite against them. But now that they have a good reason to attack back, nobody would get in their way. Denmark is already lost, but the same thing can't be said about Arendelle. Though their military force is far from being superior, the fjord upon which their kingdom is placed.

"Elsa, calm down." Anna said, there were cakes and everything, a banquet fit to those who rides dragons. The Queen of Arendelle was restlessly changing the Ice sculptures she made on top of the grand cake. "Earth to Elsa, do you hear me?" what was so great about pleasing this Dragon Conqueror, it was supposed to be a meeting for the future of both their kingdoms. Anna knew that Kristoff hasn't told Hiccup about the invading fleet. At first, Anna wasn't pleased to hear that they are coming, not one bit, but she understood her sister's point of view. Arendelle is defenseless should the british land, they have no weapons strong enough to counter the power of the incoming fleet. She shook her sister "Elsa, just calm down" she giggled, she never seen Elsa in this situation before.

"Y-Yeah, uh, what?" she stuttered, changing the ice sculpture once more into a man riding what seems to be a dragon. "What does a dragon look like, Anna?" she asked, changing it again. Anna laughed and soon Kristoff and Kai arrived to see the restless queen.

Kristoff laughed "Hey at least that 'thing' has wings, eh?" he joked, making Anna snorts. Who wouldn't? That creature that seems to look like a dragon is like a devolved lizard that has wings. It was so far from what Kristoff saw, sure it's dark but he got a clear sight of what a dragon looks like. At least one of them, he read in the book that there has been hundreds of types of dragons out there.

Elsa glared at the man, he quickly shuts his mouth off but and was smiling innocently at her. "Then what does a dragon look like?" she asked, her brow arched as she impatiently waits for an answer. "I mean, you did ride one, right?" she smirked, though she knew he wasn't lying to her, she doubt that her Royal Ice Master can tell what a dragon looks like in details.


"Uh-ha! You can't even tell me what a dragon looks like. And I'm the one who hasn't seen one." She chuckled, she stopped when Anna reached for her.

"Elsa, I thought this was all just a meeting for the Dragon Conqueror?" Anna asked, something was fishy here. She knows the importance of this talk but not enough to be this big. She could be doing this to lessen greatly the panic which Arendelle has been feeling ever since the word of attack. United Kingdom declared war and the only way they would stop is if Elsa took the Crown Prince's hand in marriage. She saw the drawings of the prince and not one bit was he attractive. Not that she's looking for a guy who has good looks, that's normal for her, but the face of the Crown Prince's is of a pervert. Even the stories.

"I know…" she replied, massaging her temples. Kristoff and Anna gave a small smiling sound.

"Elsa, you prepared a five day feast." Anna said, not one bit did she know about her sister's letters to the King. So yes, she didn't know that Elsa could be married to a man who's only good thing is his title. "I'm sure he'll find this very interesting. I promise." She smiled softly at her sister, she lightens up, and she knew how to make her older sister happy. "Now, go take a shower, he might arrive at any moment." Anna stated, pushing her towards her room.

"Hiccup, be prepared." Snotlout said, his chief's life is on his hand. Being the second-in-command to the now called Dragon King or was it Viking King? He can't remember, but he knew of Hiccup's new position to their world. Not much has changed really, they just made it official.

"Yeah, we don't know what surprises they have in store for us." Astrid added, he nodded, and that's why he brought them all in the first place. They were the best of the best, that's why all of them are wearing their armor. Hiccup's outfit hasn't change since he made them, his gliding suit can only be triggered with a push of a button.

"Yeah. But let's hope it's not what we think it is." Hiccup retorted, dead tired about everything that has happen. "At best it may take a week before we can return to Berk. I don't think it would be easy to set aside our difference." Everyone nodded, they are Vikings despite the changes they've made. The world knew them as cruel humans who knows no conscience. Trader Johann is a living proof, he always had this stories from where he came and told them how were Vikings describe outside. He has read a lot of history books, everyone knew that they came to Berk three hundred years ago, but they knew little of how or why they got there. He didn't knew as well but he knew about the other tribes who left towards different places. They might be the only Vikings left and the world would surely want their kind to extinct. "Plus, I don't think it's a trap. I reaaally hope it's not"

Just in case, they came prepared, at the bottom of the ocean a mysterious creature is following them, a power that pars with no one. If they were attack and escape, he would spare this Arendelle, but if fleets once more gets in his way, they're probably armed with some anti-air defense. That's why Hiccup will attack from where they do not expect, the thing that their ships calls as an ally: Water

"Yeah, maybe we could fly around the world once this is all over." Astrid said, nobody responded to her words. They didn't who knew who it was for. Hiccup looked down, this was their dream after all, to see the whole world together. Draw maps, spread the news about this beautiful creatures that they have befriended with. "All of us." She quickly added, not wanting everyone to get the wrong idea. They quickly agreed with Astrid.

Hiccup was in front of everyone, they could not see their face neither did he want them to.

They've been flying for a slow pace, carefully examining the area if ships can be spotted. But Hiccup didn't want this to take long anymore, with a single push with his prosthetic foot, he and Toothless burst into an incredible speed. One time he got so fast he could not see the way anymore, that's why he created this glass type and put it in the eye holes of his mask. It blocks the wind and lets him see the way clearly.

They all sighed "Astrid, I know you didn't mean that but let's be a little careful." Fishlegs said.

She nodded "Yeah… Sorry." They didn't blame Astrid for breaking up with him, she had her reasons and only she would pay the price, should she regret it. She wanted to pull out from this thing and just be back with him, she could see the end of the tunnel in Hiccup's hardship, now he will need someone to take care of him once he got out of that tunnel. Can she still be that person? She doubt it, unless Hiccup would cancel the marriage and just sweep her off the ground. She loved the man whom she's about to marry, but she loved the guy who let her met Stormfly, the man who's life is full of adventure. The first man she ever fall for. She missed his touch, his smell, his voice, and his kisses.

"Uh… We should catch up to him, I know it's just straight towards Arendelle but he could be in danger."

They all nodded and the riders went flew fast, in hopes of catching to Hiccup and his Night Fury. "Guys, wait for me!" Fishlegs yelled "Don't go too fast, Meatlug is sensitive, don't leave us behind!" Fishlegs yelled louder but none of the riders stopped. Tuffnut turned around to laugh at him. Some things never do change.

"It's already three in the afternoon, we have been prepared since this morning" Elsa said, there was fear in her heart that the Dragon Conqueror would not appear. Everything was critical at this point, the fate of Arendelle and her life depends on this enigmatic Dragon Conqueror. "What if they don't show up?" Elsa asked, though there's no one around her.

"Would you please calm down" Elsa was startled when she heard Kristoff's voice. "I bet he doesn't even knew there's a celebration like this." He smirked, "Thank you, Elsa, for making this happen." His words earnest, she could feel the happiness she brought to him.

"Don't go crying on me now." Kristoff chuckled, promising that he won't. After all, tonight's going to be the best night, he hopes.


"Kristoff, how many times did I told you to-" she stopped, she turned around to where the man was pointing. Up above in the skies, six figures are approaching them. "I-Is that them?" she asked, not bothering to look around or hear an answer. She knew it was him, he was coming with five dragons behind him. "How do I look?" she asked again, she wants to look presentable when facing the man or the people whom has Arendelle's fate in their hands.

Kristoff run off towards everyone, the castle staffs, Anna, Kai, just about everyone who helped make this happen. He came back, sweating a bit, clearly he was running from back to back, he got a white flag with him and the symbol of Arendelle's crest on it.

"They seemed to welcome us greatly" Ruffnut said, smiling as she saw the people crowding in.

"Yeah. Wait until nightfall" Tuff smirked, thinking about how much of a genius he is. "I'm so smart I know they're going to asshashinate us."

"Idiot! It's assassinate." Ruff retorted.

"Guys, please, let's not talk about that in front of our host." Hiccup said, commanding them to start their descent.

"Why are they wearing their armor?" Kristoff asked, he already saw the boy in tunic so why not just wear that. Elsa said something about them being careful, teasing the man that he didn't read every detail in their history book. Vikings never wear anything formal except for marriage or something, they're usually one with their armor, especially with the people they have yet to trust. "Good point." He said, he was never a warrior to begin with, so he didn't know the rules, if those even exist.

They all landed and the crowd awed at the beast before them. Fear and respect was mixing inside their hearts, the creatures remained loyal yet they follow their rider's commands. But like all animals, there's some things they cannot change. Elsa took one last deep breath and stepped forward.

"Welcome, Hiccup the Dragon Conqueror." She stated, the man laughed and the others snorted.

"I'm… Snotlout"

Kristoff went to her side and turned her body to where the Dragon Conqueror is. "That's Hiccup." He said, waving at the masked man. "Welcome to Arendelle, Hiccup." He nodded as he starts to remove his helmet.

"Oh…" Elsa flushed, she already made a mistake and it was as simple as greeting the man. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"

He messed with his auburn hair, chuckling as he puts his helmet aside and switched his prosthetic foot. "It's alright. I get that a lot, really" he laughed a little quiet. "Um… Queen Elsa of Arendelle." He smiled awkwardly at her. He's never done this before, meeting someone so important outside his country. What was their tradition? Clearly, the way they made their houses is a lot different than Berk or any other island out there. He's nervous as Hel, Loki might be playing some tricks with him. One mistake can definitely ruined their image as Vikings. But what the heck was he supposed to do?

"Thank you, Hiccup the Dragon Conqueror." She replied, gaining more composure than she had a few seconds ago.

"Hey, at least one of you got the person right." Kristoff whispered, enough for Elsa to hear.

He chuckled lightly casually "Please, Queen Elsa, just Hiccup. The name's long enough." He said, it must be tiring to keep repeating that 'the Dragon Conqueror' title. She shook her head with elegance "No, please, I insist." He seems to be speaking in proper manners, truth be told he's just speaking like how he speak to the chiefs.

"Okay, then Elsa, no Queen." She smiled at him, he was the one who shook his head this time.

"I can't-"

"I insist, Hiccup the Dragon Conqueror." He laughed, she's playing with him. He had to admit, he didn't expect that with the Queen of Arendelle.

He surrendered "Alright," he coughed "Elsa." He smiled "So… um… what now?"

"Oh! Over here…" if it wasn't for this nervousness, she would have been a better host for Hiccup. The feast would have to wait tonight, there's a lot of surprises after all. She lead Hiccup inside the castle where there are fewer people, the meeting will also take place in their War Room. She moved with poise, not realizing the child like Hiccup looking here and there.

He couldn't help but be awed, the way this structures was built. He wasn't an architect but he's an inventor, it's not entirely the same but it has some identical perks. There were different types of clothing as well, though the hair seems a bit similar to theirs. Braids, the Queen of Arendelle has a loose braid that is swept over her left shoulder. She's wearing a crystal-blue, off-the-shoulder dress.

Everything was so new, they have this fortress that could protect themselves from incoming catapult attacks. It was also high to which dragon riders can be easily shot down, the thickness of the walls would also prove hard to set it on that from the outside or simply destroy it. It would take quite a while before they could break in. Not that he would, still he's thinking of the possibilities that might happen.

"Your weapons, sir" one of the guards said before he entered the War Room. "Both parties are not allowed to have weapons, sir"

Elsa smiled and nodded at him. "Fishlegs, Tuff, Ruff, stay here. Astrid and Snotlout, follow me." He ordered, though it was rational to not allow weapons during the meeting room, it was also the time that they are most vulnerable. He left Fishlegs and the twins outside to guard their exit, Snot and Astrid are the best when it comes to combat, should he have a hard time.

Elsa had a time to breathe when Kristoff whispered "So, he looks good right?" she flushed, how can Kristoff be thinking of such irrelevant things during the meeting. "I mean, you have to admit, he's not really all that Viking. Plus, he looks nice." He whispered again, only to receive an elbow from Elsa.

She cleared her throat as the three Vikings entered the room. They waited for a minute until another woman arrived in Elsa's side. "Anna, you're late" Elsa stated, narrowing her eyes at her sister who has a cake on the side of her hair. She can't believe it, her sister has been playing with Olaf even when the Vikings have already arrived. They had to hide Olaf, they wouldn't know what they would think of a living, breathing, and talking, snowman.

"Let's begin, shall we?"

The talk went on until it was around seven in the evening. Elsa kept her elegance and composure in front of Hiccup, half of her mind was indeed on what Kristoff said, he really didn't look bad at all. Then again, so was Hans. He seems uninterested with Elsa or Anna's life, instead of asking whether they are married or not, he was asking about the castle, and the technology that they possessed. One might easily say that he's looking for a whole in their defense, but Elsa knew that they have dragons, even with their current technologies or the other nation's they still stood little chance when fire-breathing creatures rain down from the sky. There was a moment of peace when the now named two Vikings beside him talked to Anna. Astrid and Snotlout, the closest he could trust his country in to. Astrid and Snotlout were handling both the trade they have been talking about and this alliance. While Kristoff was showing the blueprints of his new sled, she could just see the smile on Hiccup's face when he heard about a thing that can slide through ice.

They have dragons… why would he still be interested on a sled? She chuckled at the thought, she spared a few more minutes for everyone, and it's been hours since they first started, no wonder that they are tired and would want to party hard. Because Vikings like ale, right? And nothing goes better with an ale on their hand. She's never the one who drinks to be honest, but that's a little price to pay of what's to come.

She wasn't expecting anything yet but judging the expression he made, he loved their first meeting. He's shown great interest towards Arendelle, not because she's interested in her, but because of what they could offer for him and his people. Now, the only thing she needs to say is forging an alliance to help repel the incoming invasion. At any moment England could attack them, if Hiccup's army is not here by that time, they are dead.

Everyone left except for Hiccup and Elsa, she asked for a few moments with him while the others starts to party. They could hear the noises outside, the music and the people cheering. The good thing about Arendelle is that they can accept some things that are never meant for this world for the others. Her powers, which the Dragon Conqueror has no idea of, has been accepted by her people.

"Yes, Elsa?" he smiled at her, he has no idea what this is after all.

"We, the people of Arendelle, would like to thank you for your acceptance to my invitation."

He smiled, and looked at her straight in the eye "It's us who should be thanking you. A chance for the world to see us in a different light" he said, slowly exiting the room. Elsa followed quietly as he continued talking to her "Dragons, huh. We never really thought we could become friends with them at first."

"I've read the book" Elsa said "The history book."


She nodded "Yes, the book Kristoff gave me."

"I gave Kristoff… Fishlegs" he knew the only person whose mind is probably the same as his. Elsa burst into laughter, though she quickly covered her mouth with her hands. "What?" he asked, and she just shook her head smiling innocently. He became persistent to know what it was she found funny. He simply didn't get why she laughed.

"Fishlegs? What kind of a curse word is that?" she laughed harder this time, and she thought Vikings excel at being bad-mouthed men.

"You'll see…" he smirked at her as they made their way to the party.

She continued talking with him while they are still far from the party, neither of them showed interest in one another, but they did asked about their kingdoms. She's never had a man besides Kristoff to talk about simple stuffs. Admirers and her suitors would always show off their skills, talk about their accomplishment and would always be the man in shining armor for her, even though she can clearly protect herself. But Hiccup was just talking to her, not looking at her as a goal or a trophy that he must have. She didn't quite get what she's thinking as well, but it's fun talking to him that's for sure.

"Remember when I said the word Fishlegs?" she nodded, they both arrived at the part and Hiccup's friends was in sight "Just yell it."

"What? I don't want to!" he must be planning something on her, she knew that, but what is it?

"Do it!"


"Just yell!"

"No!" she heartily yelled, both laughing as Hiccup continued to tell her to yell the word "FISHLEEEEEEGS!" she screamed, everybody went quiet, even her own people. She covered a hand in her mouth, Hiccup just forced her to yell. She was doing her best not to laugh, so did the boy.

"What?" a fat man asked, he stood from his chair even if the remnants of his food was still on his cheeks.

She burst into laughter but thankfully the music continued playing so nobody could hear her laugh in an untamed manner. "That's a Fishlegs" tears were starting to form in her eyes, she's going to die laughing.

A minute later, everybody calmed down.

Kristoff cleared his throat, enough noise to boom everyone. "I'd like to make an-an announcent" Hiccup and Elsa sit beside one another, watching Kristoff. "Anna, please um-um…" before he could finish his sentence, Anna stood up. She gave a questionable look on her face, something is indeed fishy around here. But she played along, knowing Kristoff it's probably about the Vikings. Or his sled. He bent a knee and kneeled down before Anna "Would you make me the happiest man on the world by marrying me?" he asked, Elsa slapped her forehead while smiling.

Kristoff was as pale as a snow, he was so nervous it felt like her eyes would turn around, his skin like a snow. He was sweating bullets even though the night was chilly. A few seconds has passed and Anna has yet to give him an answer. She looked at Elsa who smiled back, Hiccup who was very amused at the sight before him, and everyone who was waiting for an answer.

"Kristoff…" she said, a bit disappointed "I WILL!" she screamed suddenly, the man who just proposed fell in the ground with a loud thud. "Kristoff? Kristoff?" she got to his side, crying, smiling, and laughing. She knows that she should be happy, she really is, but she didn't know what face to make of this moment. Her man just asked her to be with him forever, is there even a face for that?

The party went wilder and wilder with each second, celebrating the engagement that Kristoff just announced.

Elsa saw Hiccup excused himself from the party, his fellow Vikings was well… different than what she expected. They quickly got to know the people of Arendelle and it made her happy. She really thought they were different and convincing them would take a lot of time.

She followed Hiccup quietly, he was taking great observation of their land. She followed him towards where their dragons are staying, not too far away from the castle. They were near the body of water as well should the dragons find the need to drink. She eyed the dragons while hiding in a tree, they were all playing against one another like children. Children who breathes fire and has the strength of a hundred men.

"Hey, bud." She observed the pitch-black dragon who happily greets Hiccup. Judging by the saddle he's wearing, it's clear that this is Hiccup's dragon. She saw him riding that dragon when they arrived by with his prosthetic foot and the artificial tailfin that dragon has, nobody else can ride that dragon except Hiccup.

He sat on the ground and pulled out a book, the next he surprised her.

He's drawing Arendelle…

I know it's not a sparky meeting. Because it wouldn't be in any ways I looked at it. Arendelle was a mystery for the Vikings and the Vikings are ruthless, cold-blooded murderers, for the people of Arendelle. Of course there's tension. But there's also the formality etc… I won't make Elsa fall fast for Hiccup, sure crush and admiration is a must, but falling… we're still a long way from there.