Set after Derailed.

My take, sometime during Intent

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He calls out, as he's packing up his briefcase with his required paperwork and notes. The same required paperwork and notes that he'll be using for "her" case.

She's been pretending to work since she got in and he knows this for a fact because he's been in the office two hours well before she arrived. He didn't sleep last night, his limbs feel heavy and his heart beats faster as their 11:30am court appearance draws near. He has a nervous energy that he hasn't had since his time at the D.A.'s office, before her, before them.

This is his biggest case, both personal and professional. When it comes down to her, it's always personal. She is more than just his client, more than just his assistant, more than just his best friend, what exactly she is to him; he's too terrified to let his mind wonder. Her future is so unclear at the moment and that means his future is up in the air as well. He is and always has been dependent on her, it scares him how much he "needs" her to function. It's funny how people think its "Harvey and Donna," he knows, they know, its always been "Donna and Harvey."

As she walks into his office, he takes a moment to notice her appearance. To anyone she looks like her normal self but he isn't anyone. Just as much as she knows him, he knows her just as well. Her hair is flatter than usual, her eyes are getting bloodshot and the eye drops he knows she's been using won't help soon, her dress has a small wrinkle at the bottom and her mind is elsewhere, rightfully so.

"Can opener," he says.



"Let's just go, this is a waste of time," she says as she turns her back to him and tries to head back out of this office.

"I can't go to court without us doing our thing, come on, you know that," he says gently trying to get her to smile a little.

"You're going to court because of me, it cancels everything out." She was clearly going to have none of this.

"I'm going to ask you again. Donna can you please get the can opener or tell me where it is?"

"Second drawer below the printer," she lets out with a sigh as he heads for the door.

He finds the desired object and the thumbtacks exactly where she said they would be. He comes back into his office, closes the glass door behind him and sits down as close as possible beside her on the couch.

He places both the can opener and the pack of thumbtacks on the table right in front of her. She sits there and eyes the two items, he eyes her. He takes her hand, opens the fist she made and presses the can opener into her palm. He lets his fingers linger against hers for a second to long before letting go.

This moment is nothing out of the ordinary; they've done their little ritual numerous times. But this moment matters the most because unlike so many times before they know this could very well be one of the last.

She looks over at him, shakes her head "I can't" and "I'm sorry," are all that is said as she puts the can opener back down, gets up and walks back out.

Harvey watches as she walks away, his eyes are trained on her through the glass as sits back down in her chair and waits for him. Her phone rings, she answers, she twirls the cord around her fingers and a little smile almost reaches to her face, he is almost thankful for whoever is on the other end of the call, Most likely Rachel who is calling from school.

He continues to watch and notes the fragile line of her shoulders, her posture is still nearly perfect but her can see the subtle curve in her back, her fierce bright red hair seems a little dull, lacking its usual luster and he frowns at that.

Donna looks up, catches his eye on her. She motions to her watch as she cradles the phone to her ear, "late,"she mouths, and Harvey feels such affection not sympathy or pity for her in this moment that he nearly chokes on the foreign but not so foreign feelings that have been building up inside him.

Despite everything that is going on, she is still making sure he is ready to go and on time, still looking out for him. He picks up the can opener and a few tacks and does their ritual himself, not that he believes in luck or tradition but because doing it anchors her to him and anchors him to her.

He once told Jessica that they were a packaged deal, two for the price of one. He wouldn't come and work for her if he couldn't Donna. He meant what he said that day and he means it more than ever now, regardless if his name this on the wall. He doesn't know if he can continue without her, that leaves him no choice but to win.

He didn't fight for her last time, he knows it, she knows it, everyone at the firm knows it. This time he's not walking out of court without a knockout and his girl free of all charges. Can opener or not, he's never been more ready for court.