Hi my name is Luea the Jewelpet. I have blue apatite on my eyes. I am in the Jewel Palace along with my other Jewelpet friends such as Ruby and the others. This year, we are now going to be partners with male people. I had a horrible time after I realized that two male people are my partners because there are no other Jewelpets left, including Larimar. One of them is Khristian Alcantara a teen who always fantasizes the Jewelpet Kingdom as his own. I have a bad feeling about this guy. The other one is named Christopher Cruz. He is very smart and he respected me very much. I like him more than the other.

"She's mine!"Khristian demanded as she pulled me near him.
"Hey, she's ours."Christopher replied, pulling me to the middle row."We are not here to fight."
"Oh yeah."

As soon as they stopped fighting, the main hall went dark. A beautiful lady apppeared on the center of the stage"

The hall became silent."Hello everyone." She started." Welcome to Jewel Palace!"

A round of applause roared inside the hall.

"You know why you are all here. Don't you?" She asked.

A moment af silence stunned the audience.

"If you do not really know, then you are here because you are all chosen to be one of the chosen ones to become a prince to Jewel Palace."

A loud wow echoed the hall.

"Do not worry, your parents allowed you to do this."

"I can't believe it!" Khristian said. "This palace will be mine if I will become the prince."

"Think before you act before you are going to be a prince."Christopher replied."We are here to become a full-fledged prince or noble if I it in my terms, not to become an absolute ruler."

I can still remember how I met them. As I went to earth, my Jewel Pod directed me to the two men, so I have no choice but to choose both of them.

"This is your very first day here in the Jewel Palace." The lady continued."We will start tomorrow for the basic lessons so pack up in your respective rooms."

"Rooms?" Khristian questions himself."We have rooms of our own? This place is awesome, save for the teaching part. Quick, put my tings on my rooms so that I could watch the Live Streaming of Boboiboy the final episode."

"No way." Cristopher said as he threw Khristian's stuff near him. You fix your room with your things. I'm not gonna fix yours. Besides, I'm going to be late for my Vocaloid Convention if I'm going to fix your stuff."

After the two had finished doing their stuff on their rooms, afternoon came. I came to Christopher's room and I am very pleased that his room is very neat and tidy. Just then, I looked at a figurine.

"Did you like it?" Somebody asked behind me who is just Cristopher."It's one of my collection of Vocaloid merchs."

"Uh.."I thought."Yeah, very kawaii."

"Kawaii indeed."

"Wanna look around more inside my room?"

"No thanks. I need to see Khristian first."

I went to Khristian's room and I feel so disgusted after looking that his room is about too much about his "Jewelpet Real and Official Society" in the poster. It looks like there is also the forbidden signs of Earth in that poster. He even had a poster on how he can handle the "Communist Jewelpet Society."
I don't think I can handle Khristian for now so I left.

Just as I walking at the hall, I saw Christopher.

"Hey Christopher." I called."Any more things before you are going to sleep for tomorrow?"

"Yeah." He answered."I'm going to the Vocaloid convention. Wanna come Luea?"

Since I don't have any more thing to do, my daily tasks are done, and by interest for Vocaloid peaks,"Sure" I answered.

"Ok then." It's going to be a while before we can get there."Do you want to ride on my shoulder?"

"sure." I answered, climbing to his shoulder. His shoulder is very big enough that it's like a chair to me.

Wow, his while took about an hour of walking to the convention he's looking to. The building where the convention take place is very large, I could feel something very exciting in my chest.

Just then, we heard someone running. We look behind and it was Khristian, stopping after he's near us. I then look around and saw that the live streaming of Boboiboy is also taking place where the Vocaloid convention took place.

"Looks like you're in time for the livestreaming."

"Yeah" he huffed.

Just as we are going to enter the building, the guard saw me.

"You two must be the Jewel Land Prince Candidates." he said."The entry's free for the both of you."

"Wow, free entry" Christopher commented."I could buy more merchs in place of that ticket."

"It's almost time" Khristian said, running. Just as he enters the hall, he saw at the Boboiboy section, having very few people. He went there and shocked him after he saw the poster that "There are no more Boboiboy after the Creator of the franchise died after he was killed by and accident to prevent jumping the shark. The live streaming of Boboiboy will be on next month and today's schedule will be replaced with the memorial of the creator."

"Next month?!" He said to the poster, with no answer."But I will be locked in the Jewel Palace for the next month!"

Angry at what happened, he cannot control his anger.

"This is your fault Vocaloid-retards!" he screamed in the air.

"Stop." Cristopher whispered."You do not want to unleash their wrath."

He didn't stop."I blame you all Vocaloid-Mongoloids for killing the creator of Boboiboy, and delaying the live streaming of Boboiboy the final episode you ASSHOLES!"

His last word echoed in the hall. The icon in the huge television which looks like a Vocaloid, I think, stopped singing and turned to where Khristian is and looking annoyed at him.

"What did you jusy say, punk?!" Asked a Vocaloid fan."You ruined this convention."

A huge swarm of Vocaloid fans come near him, readying their fists for beating.

"I told you." Christopher whispered as he leaves whe Khristian is standing long with Luea.

"This is for Rinnie!"
"This is for Hatsune Miku!"
"This is for the Vocaloids!"

Khristian screamed like a girl before he was being fisted with angry fans.

After that incident, Khristian was declared blacklisted in that building forever and the livestreaming of the final episode his favorite show is at that place next month.

"Cheer up buddy." Christopher said as the three were going out of the building while Christopher carries tons of Vocaloid merchs at evening time."At least you may become a prince in Jewel Land and from there you may remove the blacklist."

"I guess. I may become the president-"


"Prince of Jewel Land."

"What made you think that you want Jewel Land to be a democratic system?" Christopher asked."This is a fantasy turned into reality at least for me and your just gonna add in politics?"


"I get you but please be well-mannered since we are just going to be trained as a prince starting tomorrow."

Khristian then grabbed me from the arms."Hey!" I startled.

"Well it's my turn now for me and Luea since both of you had a good time there and I want my good time with her."

"Ok then."

Moments after, me and Christopher are going farther and farther.

"Where are you going with Luea?" Christopher snapped.

He didn't said a word. Khristian just goes farther and farther.

"Suit yourself." Christopher replied to his silence and the two just split up.

As I lose sight to Christopher, I look to where are we going. We are going to a forest.

Khristian stopped in the middle of the forest.

"What are you going to do here?" I said cautiously.

He didn't said a word. He just looked at me and smiled. He took of my accessories, from my butterfly hairpin to my black roses, the he took off his clothes, then he clutched his hands into my arms and then he put his thingie into my you-don't-wanna-know forcefully.

I felt a huge grudge after I felt it. A dark malevonence in his presence.

"NO!NO!NO!" I screamed. This is just too much for be being a Jewelpet.

"YES!YES!YES!"he just replied." All what I want is that you are my wife forever and ever and we will have a Perfect Communist Jewelpet Society so that someday the only shows that we have are Boboiboy and Hello Jadoo and Me, no more Mongoloid Vocaloids and just us and our future kids are the parts of the Communist government.

"Help!Help!" I screamed in my mind since I cannot move my mouth bacause of tremendous force. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!"


...I know that voice from somewhere. He stopped forcing me, proritizing looking on the voice first. Then, an arm from the bushes handed me a gun and then I felt I know what I should do.

I bunny kicked his hanging thingies near to his thingie which caused him to scream in agony. I took the gun and I banged him in the face(using the gun). Just then another arm came with a gun and began shooting him in the face many times until the ammo ran out.

He then fell in the ground with many holes in his head like a swiss cheese.

I dropped the gun. I felt extremely disgusted after what Khristian did to me. He had almost done that but I am mentally scarred.

A face comes out from the bushes. It was...Lady Rector. Wait, what?

I looked behind and it was...Lady Jewelina.

I began to cry."Lady Jewelina." I said as I was coming closer to her.

Jewelina comforted me."Are you ok?"

"No." I sniffed."I am not."

"Well, we'll fix that later." She looked into Khristian's dead body."I have seen into your eyes that you will never be a Jewel Prince the first time I ever saw you and you are never meant to be. If two persons have been chosen by the phone then that means that he must have rigged the system. I should've knew it from the very start."

"Then what are we going to do with him?" I asked.

"We'll dispose him immediately after an hour along with his body and stuff back to earth for he abused you."

I guess that should be the right thing. Do I pity him? Never!

After that business is done, Christopher grabbed me after he saw me.

"Luea." He said. "Are you alright? Please tell me your alright."

Since he said please,"I'm all right."

"Oh, thank goodness since I saw something in Khristian's room about his future plans in the Jewel Kingdom then I reported it to Lady Jewelina." He said, looking worried.

"Well, stop worrying now since he's dead." I said.

"Wait. Dead?" He asked.

"Yes, dead". Jewelina answered."For he abused Luea which is never allowed in the law."

I can't believe it myself. A Prince candidate died even before the official training starts.

"Christopher." Jewelina called.


"Since you protected Luea very much, I would like you to be Luea's Partner for the rest of the year"

He smiled."I thank you Lady Jewelina and I will promise that I may become the Chosen prince of Jewel Land."

"Then so be it." She said and then she left.

Lady Jewelina banished Khristian's dead body and stuff back to the earth. Where they are, I don't know.

"Somewhere not near civilization as that is the punishment as well." she answered.

I didn't expected her to answer my question but its fine as well.

Many weeks after, I am amused on how Christopher performs and acts. I really wish that He may become prince of Jewel Land someday, unlike Khristian.