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You're not supposed to fall in love this fast. You're not supposed to forget the one person that was your best friend and your lover, you're not supposed to forget the way he made you feel, how your body used to erupt in butterflies, how your heart just grew with his smile. Why did her wolf have to erase every feeling she felt for him? All their memories were getting fuzzy, she could remember what happened but not what it felt like. All Rachel could think about was how Quinn's touch made her feel. Just by being in the same room as her she felt her strength returning.

After a quick chat with her parents she decided to let things progress as naturally as possible given that the system was already rigged in her favor.

Quinn wasn't fairing any better she barely slept all night and the cause of it all was Rachel, apparently, she couldn't even escape her in her dreams.

Locks of brown hair falling on Quinn's face and their owner would lean down and place soft kisses all over her neck, behind her ears, her jaw, cheek, her lips would brush their way to her forehead were she left a light kiss, another on her nose before she lifted herself up again to look Quinn in the eyes with a smile that made her eyes shine and resemble melted chocolate that made Quinn feel warm in a lot of places.

Rachel leaned down, brushed their noses together, making Quinn follow her movements and then she finally dipped down to kiss her lips.

Before that could happen, Quinn awoke with a start, her body still feeling warm and electrified by the dreams.

Thank God for the weekend she thought as she rolled back in her covers and continued to sleep. Quinn decided that for her own sanity she would stop fighting away these new feelings, at least in the privacy of her own room.

On the other side of town, unbeknownst to the rest of Lima, the newly formed pack was having their first meeting. Santana met the wolves in their huge ass residence to become acquainted with Rachel's family and Lucas.

Rachel's parents decided that Blaine and Santana should show Rachel and Lucas around the town, so they could get better situated. After a few groans and grumbles mostly from Santana the small group were on they're way.

They got to town pretty quick and something was tugging away at Lucas. He walked ahead of the group following his instinct, he could barely hear the others calling for him. Lucas started to sprint, his wolf screaming with urgency. He ran past stores and apartment buildings, coming to a stop in front of a window, it was a dance studio. Lucas was confused, yes, he and Rachel were both competitive dancers but why was the pull towards the studio so bad, he didn't miss dancing that bad. Everything became increasingly clear when his eyes landed on her. He finally understood what Rachel felt.

Feeling Rachel next to him, he turned to her for guidance.

"She's has our mark Luke"

They could hear Santana snickering behind them.

"Of course she's your mate!"

Both their eyes land on Santana confused by her mirth.

"What? Isn't it not hilarious that he mated with a fae? He is literally going to marry Tinkerbell!"

Santana's laughter attracted the attention of the group inside, meaning Lucas' mate made eye contact. Suddenly everyone got quiet, the girl even took a few steps forward as if being pulled like a magnet.

The moment was only broken with the sound of the door to the studio opening, Rachel quickly made her way inside towards the front desk.

"Good morning dear, how may I help you today?"

"Good morning, I wanted to know if this studio has a competitive dance team?"

"Well yes we do!"

"Great! Is there anyway my friend and I could audition for it?" Rachel said pointing at a very entranced Lucas. "We've been dancing together since we were 7 and have won a couple competitions with our group back in California."

In reality both Rachel and Lucas are nationally ranked dancers, specialized in contemporary but can dance to almost anything. These people would be lucky to have them.

"I would have to speak to coach about an audition, if you could just leave us your contact information I will give you a call with the date."

Rachel wrote down both their contacts knowing that they would check for them online first.

"Thank you so much and have a great rest of the day"

With that Rachel made her way back to her friends.

Having a fae in her pack made her think about the war coming their way, fae's not only are known for their mischief but they are the only supernatural creature that can restore humanity. This made Rachel worry, how bad was things going to get.

"Her name is Avery by the way"

It's the last thing Santana says before walking away from the group, completely over the whole dramatics that is werewolf mating.