I know this is out of order, but the Ponds are coming along a bit more slowly. Here is Soufflé Girl herself! For now she is the last of the Doctor's companions to get a story, but I might update if Twelve gets any regular new companions, or possibly do one for Sarah Jane if I have the inspiration.


Dear Diary,

I just realized that I haven't actually put my name in here yet. Hello! My name's Clara. Clara Oswin Oswald, adventurer extraodinare! My Mum gave me this diary several weeks ago, and I've written in in almost every day.

Today, however, I'm going to do a real entry because something exicting happened today! It was my birthday, so Dad and Mum took me up in a hot air balloon! We could see so many places and it was totally awesome! And after we were done they dowsed us with schampane, so we had to take baths afterward. It was the best day of my life!

Mum and I read our book together tonight before she left for the night, 100 Places to See. I love going new places. Someday, I'm gonna travel with Mum and Dad all over the world and see everything. Mum and I are going to go to Paris and eat souffle's. Yum!

I'm going to share a secret with you tonight, because I think that's what diaries should be for.

I'm a little, teensy bit scared of the dark. I'm a little old to be scared of the dark, but I still kind of am. Mum always tucks me in and tells me about the pretty new morning that's coming tomorrow, but it's hard to imagine how tomorrow could be any better than going up in a hot air balloon!

"Sleep safe and sound, Clara Bear," she always says, every night, just like when I was little. (I'm almost a little embarrassed by it now. Haha.) "Morning's coming, so you don't have to be afraid of the dark."

I can't wait till I'm older and can go traveling! Maybe it'll happen faster if I go to sleep really fast?

I'm yawning now, so it's time to find out. Good night, Diary.

-Clara O. O.

Dear Diary,

I've really been nelecting you lately, and for that I very much apoligize. School I good. So is music class, and Kung-Fu. I can do a whole C-scale now, going up and down on the piano keys. And Sifu said he likes that I'm so quiet.

Mum is dead.

I guess that should have been on the first line, but I just didn't feel like it. It would be like making a headline on a newspaper, posting it out front because everybody's exicted about it.

I don't want to do that with Mum. I don't want her to be dead.

I miss her, but not it feels like I've said that a thousand times and it doesn't change anything. I don't miss her any less.

I want her to come back and hold my hand and make choclate for me after school and read me stories. And I don't care if that's selfish, because I know that's how Dad feels about it, too.

He's always talking about how he feels. Maybe he thinks it'll help me? I don't know if anything helps. I never got upset before when Mum went away on trips. But now I just hurt a lot and now I can't even think about how Dad feels because I can't even hold all my own hurt inside. And now if you can't tell I'm CRYNG ALL OVER THE PAGE. YOU PROBIBLY CAN'T EVEN READ THIS ANYMOR.

Gosh, I didn't mean to write this much.

She died in a car crash on the way home from work. I don't have any idea why someone thought they could do that to her! Didn't they know she was somebody's Mummy? Mum! I miss you! Please come back!

-Clara Bear

Dear Diary,

Mum has been gone for a while now. I just realizd today that I don't feel like I have fire burning my insides all the time. That's nice. I still feel really hurt, though.

Dad isn't spenting much time with me anymore. He's working a lot, and I'm starting to wonder if I have any parents left at all.

Argh, I promised myself I wouldn't cry this time! Sorry about the smudges.

Okay. I'm thinking about happy things now. Happy things don't stop you from hurting but they do make you forget why you're cryng and then you stop. So I'll do that for now.

I am reading a lot now. Aunt Stacy got me a giant stack of books from the library and said she would take me next week to pick out my own. I like to read more than my other classmates. It's so much fun to hear the stories and adventers! One day, I'll go on adventers of my own. Maybe Dad will come with me, and it'd help him not to be sad anymore.

I'm having an awful time trying to get caught up on homework. Sometimes I wish they didn't reckwire a break from homework when 'inccidints' happen. It makes it so much harder to go back, and I would have liked to have a break from sad thinking by doing some book work. All the kids at school are acting funny around me. They're either asking weird questions in tiny, shy voices about my Mum or not talking to me at all. Some of them don't even want to sit next to me anymore.

I wish I was a grown-up with grown-up friends who don't have these uncomferteble problems.

My parents always told me how I blew into the world on a leaf.

I think maybe, sometime, I'd like to blow away and see evrything else out there that there is to see. See the whole ouniverse. See all the stars and countries and eat all the yummy food. Maybe I could learn to make a soufflé all by myself, and make Mummy proud.

I love you, Mummy. Sleep safe and sound.

Morning's coming, so don't be afraid of the dark.

Your baby girl, Clara

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