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Chapter 1: The Alien and the Creepy Girl

Earlier That Day:

It started out like any other day for the four boys living in a certain mansion. The names of the four boys living there are Kyohei Takano, "Yuki"nojo Toyama, Oda Takenaga, and Ranmaru Morii, three of whom were lounging around outside in the mansion's beautiful yard. This lasted for about five seconds before the fourth boy came leaping out of some of the yard's bushes and started running towards the other three, startling them. He yelled at them for being so relaxed as it was the day of the new arrival, the niece of "Auntie".

The woman called "Auntie", who owns the mansion that the four boys currently reside in, had informed them of this a few days ago. She had also tasked the four boys with the responsibility of turning her niece into a real lady. At first they were hesitant, but when "Auntie" informed them that succeeding in doing so would result in all of their living expenses being free, the boys were more than willing to accept, even though failure would result in their rent tripling. Upon accepting, she got on a helicopter and took off to travel the world and find her one true love big enough to to make her happy, or "to satisfy her buxom", in her own words.

Now the four boys were just waiting for her to arrive. Ranmaru, who has red hair and is the "playboy" of the group, decided to go pick some flowers for their soon-to-be fellow housemate. Yukinojo, a short blonde-haired boy who goes by "Yuki" for short, decided to accompany his red-haired friend, when he notices a couple of nearby bushes rustling. Figuring that it was a cat, Yuki bent down in front of the bushes and called out to it, only to fall and get into the feedle position with a fearful look on his face. Kyohei, who is the tall blonde with a temper, is now annoyed and demands for the person in the bushes to stop playing games and come out.

A moment later, he wished he hadn't.

A girl with long, black hair, which also covered up her face, stood up while twitching at an inhuman speed. By doing this, she greatly resembled the ghost that climbs out of a well in the horror movie, "The Ring".

The guys scream in terror, thinking that the person now standing before them is a ghost. Upon closer inspection, however, they realize that she is a human, or at least they think she's a human, though the more they look at her, the more inhuman she looks to them. Her hair is long and unkempt. She wears a 500 yen shirt that has mysterious stains on it, along with an amoeba-patterned skirt and shoes that don't even deserve to be called sneakers. The negativity in her aura, which is pitch black, is so strong that it is actually visible to the naked eye. Then it dawns on them that, much to their horror, this girl is none other than Sunako Nakahara!

After taking a few moments to calm down, the four boys were about to head towards back towards the mansion with the girl, when a person suddenly appeared out of thin air. His back was facing towards them, so they weren't able to see his face. Even so, the group immediately noticed three distinct traits about this guy. This guy was 10 feet in height, a mountain of muscle, and his sickly, greenish-yellow hair extended straight out from his head in the shape of sharp, pointy 12-inch metal spikes. On a sidenote, his arm was also extended towards the sky, and the the hand attached to it was balled up into a fist, as though he had just thrown an uppercut.

After a few seconds of motionless silence, the mystery person shouted in disbelief. "WHAT THE HELL?!"

Everyone blinked a couple of times in bewilderment upon hearing the newcomer's sudden outburst. They didn't know what to think of this...seemingly impossible scenario.

"EEEEEEK! G-G-GIANT CREATURE OF LIGHT! SO...RADIANT...! GAAAAAH!" Sunako fainted in a massive pool of blood which came from her own nose upon seeing the 10 foot tall man of astounding muscle.

The giant stranger did not turn around for a moment because the girl's comment, along with the sound of her fainting from blood loss that he heard coming her nose, caused his mind to shut down and reboot from disbelief. Of all the countless people who had ever seen him, this was the first time that he had ever seen anyone react like that. It was so bizarre that his mind overloaded.

"'What the Hell?!' That's what WE want to know! Are you actually telling me that you appear out of thin air and don't even know where you are?! HOW did you even appear out of thin air in the first place?! I want answers, now start...talking...?" Kyohei, being the hothead that he is, used this time to shout his questions at the mysterious man before the, only to end up squeaking out the final three words of his rant while going pale upon seeing the mysterious person turn around.

The man's eyebrows were also the same color of his hair, but that wasn't what had Kyohei shaking staring at him in fear. It was the giant man's eyes. Neither one of them had a pupil nor an iris. There was only the sclera. Therefore, his eyes were completely white. That in itself was unnerving to Kyohei, but the fact that the one with those eyes was a 10 ft. tall giant man with the perfect muscles to back up his size terrified the hotheaded bishounen. The scowl that this man was giving Kyohei probably had something to do with it as well.

"Oh crap! Kyohei, I think you pissed him off!" Yuki stated with a fearful, shaky voice.

"What, you think I don't know that by now?!" The hotheaded bishounen yelled at the shortest of the group in return before turning back to the scowling giant. "...Or feel free to take as long as you want to answer any questions that I may have for you. However, ask anything you want of me and I'll gladly help out in any way I can! I'm Kyohei, by the way!" He said nervously while mentally praying for his attempt at diffusing the situation to be successful.

The giant person then got a dark smirk on his face that made Kyohei's stomach drop. "I'm Broly. I have only one question. What planet is this?" The giant person now known as Broly asked.

"Wait, whaddya mean by that? Planet Earth, of course! It is the only planet with any intelligent life on it, after all," Kyohei replied while looking at Broly like he had just asked the most idiotic question in the world.

"OOH! OOH! Maybe he is from another planet!" Sunako, who had just regained consiousness when Broly had asked what planet he was on, exclaimed excitedly.

"You mean an alien?! You cannot be serious! Aliens don't exist!" Kyohei snapped angrily, followed by the other three teenage boys nodding in agreement.

"Oh really? Then why does he have a tail?" Sunako asked calmly while pointing towards Broly, whose tail was waving around lazily.

"Tail?! What tail?! I don't see any-oh, there it is," Kyohei said calmly before his mind registered it all. "WHAAAAAAAAT?! A-A T-T-TAIL?! AND IT'S M-M-MOVING! WE'RE BEING INVADED BY ALIENS WHO WANT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!" Kyohei screamed at the top of his lungs and tried to run off, only for Broly to appear directly in front of him.

"I hail from Planet Vegeta. I am known as the Legendary Super Saiyan, the strongest Saiyan to ever exist," Broly stated matter-of-factly to Kyohei, who had now lost the will to run, seeing as it wouldn't do him any good.

"KYAAAAAAA!" Everyone turned and gaped at Sunako, who had just squealed in glee and was lunging at Broly with her arms wide open. "ALIEN!" She shouted as she landed on Broly's face in her chibi form and started crawling all over his body like a spider. "Alien! Alien! Alien! Alien! KEEHEHEHEHE!"

Once more, Broly's brain overloaded and shut down, this time with the added effect of smoke rising up out of his ears.

"She's creepy!" The four teenage guys cried out while shaking violently out of fear at the girl's antics, as well as for their own safety.

Just then, the Legendary Super Saiyan's brain rebooted once again, and he roared angrily. He was just about to flare his ki to crush the girl, but he lost his concentration as surprise overtook him yet again when Sunako jumped down, returned to her normal size, and grabbed the giant man's hand gently.

"Oh quit being so grumpy and come with me, Broly! I've got something to show you that's to die for. Keheheheee!" Sunako said with an excited laugh as she led the Legendary Super Saiyan into the mansion and up to her room.

A TV which provided the only source of light. A VCR. A creepy-looking mannequin that looked like it belonged in the back of a Japanese Physical Education classroom, minus the missing organs. A skeleton in clothing. Shelves with containers holding brains, eyes, brains with the eyes still attached to them, and skulls lining the walls. These were just a few of the things that were in the room of Sunako Nakahara.

"Well, here we are!" Sunako exclaimed happily as she went off in search of something. "I usually don't let anyone into my room, but you're an exception. Ah, here it is!" She said in a giddy tone of voice and returned to the TV with a video in hand.

Broly looked around the room with a frown marring his features. After taking everything in, one of his eyebrows rose in slight interest, wondering why this girl had such disturbing ojects in her room. He was actually quite fascinated with the room, much to his shock. It was as though Death itself lived in this room! It was beyond creepy, a feeling that the Legendary Super Saiyan thought that he was immune to until now. The experience was so foreign to him, yet so...exilerating. How odd.

"Quick, over here! It's starting!" Sunako exclaimed in a hushed voice while patting the floor beside her, snapping Broly out of his thoughts.

Curious as to what this girl was going on about, the Legendary Super Saiyan did as asked and sat down next to her. Just then, the TV screen showed an image of people screaming in terror before either suffering a quick, gory death or a slow, painful death via gruesome torture that was also quite gory, much to the amazement and delight of the spiky-haired giant.

"Kehehehehe...Kyahahahaha!" Broly then turned his head to find Sunako emitting cute, high-pitched squeals of gleeful laughter as she watched the movie while drooling.

For the first time ever, Legendary Super Saiyan found something that he truly enjoyed other than bringing death and destruction to others. He now knew the joy of horror movies.

"Kyahahahaha!/HAHAHAHAHA!" Both Broly and Sunako laughed in maniacal glee as they continuec to watch the movie.

Once the movie ended, Broly spoke up. "I have decided that I won't blow up this planet. I will stay here and watch more of these horror movies with you instead," Broly said to Sunako, who squealed in excitement.

"Awesome! Then can we blow up the planet?" Sunako asked of Broly, causing a large sweatdrop to form on the back on his head while wondering how anyone could possibly be so excited about having their home planet blown up by another person.

Outside With Kyohei, Ranmaru, Oda, and Yuki:

"What just happened?" Yuki asked with a dumbstricken look on his face.

"Our lives are about to get a lot more hectic," Oda stated.

"A crazy girl and an alien are now living with us, it would seem," Ranmaru sighed in resignation.

"This is a nightmare," Kyohei whined in despair.

"WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO US?!" The four teenage boys screamed to the Heavens as comical anime tears streamed down their faces.


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