Kono Dragons: Sea Dragon, Wind Dragon, Hurricane Dragon, Lightning Dragon, Earth Dragon

Last and deranged: Fire Dragon

Powers of Dragons

Aqua for Sea, Pink for Wind, Blue for Hurricane, Yellow for Lightning, Green for Earth, and Red for deranged Dark Ranger

Dragonite Flutes to morph

Goddess of Dragon Heaven: Serene

Dragon like costumes and helmets with Gold all over the suit, a crystalized saber attached to the side with crystal ends, and Gold plates around helmet, Gold gloves, Gold boots, a bright Gold thick line that comes down from one part of shoulder to the side of belt

Kim: Visor like Tori Hanson's, Miko- Visor like a star, Becca- Like a wave, Braxton- Like a Tide, Nevie- Like an Earth, and Rachel- Like a fire

October and turmoil does not mix for Nevie Campbell of Washington D.C.

She hates getting picked on and teased by the dump of a school. Just because she's a mom's girl.

An extraordinary unsociable girl.

And for that, she's labeled 'demented.' "To stay away from the freak..."

She didn't particularly care. She just wanted to concentrate on helping her Cancer addled mother in Washington General.

But it was times like this where she wished to be un- extraordinary.

"What is a Dragon card," said Kim to the woman in a hunter outfit. It was made of smooth Buck's skin.

She walked into a forest when she was attacked, but this Sky kingdom appeared on a foggy cloud and someone jumped through it, landing with her staff hitting and whirling like a hunter's weapon. It was in a unique costume and carried flute like daggers, descending out of the cloud.

She used the spear to scare off the Liz- Tiles.

They are the foot soldiers of Dark Dragon, a half Demon- half Dragon like creature with the talons of a Serpent and the head of a bird. The Griffin with a tail of the Griffin.

He shape shifted into regular civilians at times and became a Vietnamese girl Rachel.

She had big doe eyes and a Red punk shirt. Her hair is straight until it came to the ends where they would furl and tuck in.

It's long and silky.

But, 'it' wasn't her. It was the Dark Dragon.

He wanted this new world he discovered. For it to be his Liz- Creatures' playground.

Miko and her cousin are the two new Japanese exchange students for Valley High. Kasami walked in and looked around at the interior. "Big baby," she said in Japanese. Miko shrugged and bounced her bag over her shoulder.

"I miss Kiota," she said stubbornly.

"Kiota isn't here. This is our new found life... In... Washington, USA..."

"Hey, you hear about the new students," said Cur. Braxton swung his foot around and hurled the ball at him.

"You could get yourself a new girl..."

"Haha, very funny man," he kicked the ball.

The Vietnamese girl showed up. Dark Ranger glanced around with his eyes flashing for a second, a deep fire red before going back to their original color.

"Is that the exchange student...?"