'Where is Jason's phone number,' she screamed in her mind frantically digging through her drawer and her pockets and closets.

She went into her Gacci and pulled it out, a small slip of a note in a pocket book. She found the number: 855- 2722. "Ey, big brother, pick UP!"

Jason just got out of the shower, drying himself with a towel. Adam and Rocky are in the living room, playing with the Nintendo and fixing themselves a Sandwich. It was time to leave to work for them. They agreed to share an apartment and Ninja Ape Dragon Dojo was formed. They decided to leave out the Frog cause it didn't fit.

The phone was ringing off the hook so Rocky left the game. "Hey, you're calling Rocky Desantos!" "Thanks," Kim actually needed the humor with the extent of her shock. She was just afraid 'Green' will get her the next time.

"Rocky," she said with fear. "Okay, who am I talking to," he persuaded cautiously. "Don't you recognize my voice, Ape Man...?" "Kim," he said super excited. But, she didn't sound excited and he lost his nerve, gulping. "What's the matter, Kim...?"

"It's Tommy! Something happened to him... And I- I think... he's evil!"

Rocky took a deep breath. "How...?"

"It's this new villain, Dark Dragon and he just sent someone after us. I guess he wanted Tommy cause he brainwashed him!"

Rocky didn't know it, but he accidently put them on speaker.

And Jason and Adam were listening. They were stunned and round eyed.

"Just put Jason on!" She said almost pleading.

But he was already picking up the phone in his kitchen. His voice was blank.

"Kimmy, tell me what's wrong with Tommy!?" "We kind of have a serious problem," she said weakly and morbid.

Green Ranger began firing at everyone in his pent up frustration. He just had a nasty argument with Dark Dragon's mate. It was on failing. Being 'weak,' as she put it.

'Real' evil Dragon wasn't weak. He was just cunning.

Tommy once again took control. He stopped evil Green's work.

"I have to control myself somehow!"

'Or HIM...,' his mind told the truth.

Nevie was walking when she saw the Ranger.

'There is another Green Ranger...?'

"Hey, hello...?!"