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Omake: Ghoul School

The Colonel's eyes were fixed on his rival's new coach as he tried to figure out exactly why the other man was so familiar. Based on what his cadets had told him about the other man he likely knew him from the other side of a protest line or something similar. It was something he'd never understood about the antiwar movement, the way so many of them blamed honest soldiers for doing their duty. He was about to turn away when the man's dog ambled onto the field; it was a ugly brute, he thought to himself, not like . . . the man froze as an old memory rose to the surface.

Mild disgust turned into profound shame and he cursed himself as he realized why the other man looked looked so familiar. It was only the fact that he'd been concussed and down several pints of blood the only other time he'd seen the man that allowed him to keep even a shred of self respect. In his mind's eye, he saw a filthy face looking down at him, telling him that he'd be alright, that he'd be going home. The face of the man who'd carried him through a division of enemy soldiers to friendly lines and then gone back to do the same at least a dozen more times, the face of the man who'd saved his life in a place called Vietnam.

"Roper!" he barked as he began walking back towards the academy.

"Sir?" the cadet replied, falling into step behind his Commandant.

"I don't want to hear any of you boys say another thing against Grimwood's new coach," he ordered calmly.

"Sir?" the boy's tone was full of confusion.

"Show him the same respect you'd show me," Colonel Calloway said firmly. "Understood?"

"Understood, sir, I'll spread the word," the Cadet Captain agreed. "You can count on me, sir."


Shortly after lights out, the girls gathered together under a tent made of blankets to discuss their newest professor of physical educaiton.

"You noticed anything different about the Calloway Creeps?" Winnie asked, the young werewolf's ear twitching to point in the direction of the other school.

"Other than the fact that they've been eyeing coach like Sibella eyes his neck," the phantom's daughter laughed shrilly.

"I doubt they're interested in a quick bite," the vampire hissed playfully. "Pond scum tends to thrive on a different substance produced by the human body." Her smile deepened. "Since when have you started paying so much attention to our dear instructor?"

"Since the fact I noticed that there was something familiar about him that I can't put my finger on," the young werewolf admitted.

"Does Winnie have a crush?" Phantasma laughed again. "Or does Sibella have to worry about someone getting to her emergency food source before she does?"

"Your sense of familiarity is fangs to his mutt," Sibella interjected. "It endows him with a certain perfum de loup. Something that also serves to keep him safe from my dietary needs."

"None taken," Winnie replied with a grin. "Not even from your suggestion that dogs smell anything like wolves. Dad says I need to remember the fact that vampires can't smell as well as . . . ." the girl froze.

"Noble wolves I assume," Sibella finished dryly.

"My dad, that's who Shaggy reminds me of," Winnie said looking more than a bit confused. "He smells a bit like my dad. It's really weak, but that's what it is, no mistaking it not that I know what to look for."

"Any chance it's because daddy's a bit too close to Shaggy?" the phantom asked curiously.

"Not like that, they're two different scents they're just close," the little werewolf replied.

"Do you have any idea why?" Sibella asked.

"I don't even know how it's possible," Winnie said firmly.

"Seems our coach is hiding something from us, it's up to us ghouls to find out what that is," Phantasma laughed.


While the girls discussed him, the man in question was just settling down to the night when his rest was disturbed by a visitor from his past.

"Like, not you again?" the former member of Mystery Inc. whined through chattering teeth.

"Hello again, Shaagii," the vampire said. "It's so nice to see you again."

"Not from where I'm standing," Shaggy replied nervously. "Dracula."

"Relax, Shaagii, ve have found a new verevolf for the race. You need not fear further attempts to change you back." Dracula smirked. "At least, not for now."

"Not for now?" Shaggy echoed weakly.

"I have done research on you, Shaagii," the vampire explained. "You see, I needed to understand how an ordinary human could have defeated me, most powerful of the monsters. I was understandably relieved to hear how far from ordinary you are; from your partnership with the infamous boo brothers to your quest to return the thirteen worst to the Chest of Demons, to what you did before that."

"I see." There was a bit of hardness in the man's gaze as he, for the first time made eye contact with his former adversary.

"Do you still have the spellbook you took from me, Shaagii?"

"Why?" he asked, a bit confused by the sudden change of subject.

"Something evil approaches on the horizon, Shaagii, something that vishes to take our daughters and corrupt them for its own foul purpose. Use that book and any other tool you can find to to keep them safe. Keep them safe and you need never fear becoming the verevolf again against your vill. This time, my fangs are uncrossed, Shaagii."

"Like, they're my students. I'll do everything I can to keep them safe."

"Thank you, Shaagii. Do not hesitate to ask for anything you need to keep the children safe. Every resource I command is at your beck and call."

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Omake: Blood

"Sending your men to follow him is sending your men to die, sheriff."

"There's only one man capable of tracking him down." The General smiled. "He should be here any day now if he got my message. I trust your men will show this one more respect. Rambo alone is bad enough Rambo and Shaggy . . ." he trailed off.


There was no big fight, no sudden need to get away from each other. It was a combination of the others growing tired of the road and a desire to sleep in the same bed more than three nights in a row. He understood but didn't share their feelings.

The universe is funny, in life, in another world Shaggy would have gotten home a week late thanks to a bad case of food poisoning in New York. In this one, the usual health inspector would tear a muscle playing golf and would be replaced by one less inclined to accept 'donations' in lieu of inspection to supplement his income. Thus missing a letter asking him to take care of an annoyance and just in time to recieve a phone call from a General desperate to find a way to save the life of one of his best men.


The fugitive knew something was up when his pursuers began to pull back. For a brief moment, he entertained the hope that they'd given up, that hope died a quick death when he realized the truth. That the bush league players he'd been dealing with had been replaced by someone from the majors.

"Roast beef, turkey, or ham?!" a familiar voice called out from a dense stand of timber a couple hours after his realization.


"I've got three sandwiches. Thought the polite thing to do would be to give you the first choice," the trees replied. "Like . . . you don't have to decide which you want right away, why don't you come up and get a look at them first."

Fearing a trap, the fugitive cautiously approached to find a familiar face of the best dog handler the US Army had ever produced.


"Behind you," the other man replied, answering the question before it had been asked.

"You here to take me in?" the fugitive former soldier asked warily, trying to decide how to respond to the appearance of a ghost from his past.

"Like, the General told me to find you." Shaggy gave the man a half hearted grin. "He didn't ask me to do anything else."

AN: Had thought about doing a mega crossover of Shaggy wandering through countless 70's and 80's tv shows and movies. Only ended up producing the scenes above as part of the process to rough something out.

Omake for Chapter 01: The Devil Princess

"Our guests are awake, Lady Seto," one of the woman's veiled ladies in waiting reported.

"Have either of them given any information that will shed light upon the situation?"

"Princess Dawn recognized one of the attendants in the sickbay and has let slip several intriguing facts," the woman reported. "Chief among them is that the two of them seem to have come from another dimension."

"Lord Xander?"

"Assured himself of the Princess's safety and has been mostly silent since, so nothing directly. The Doctors have found a number of interesting things in the course of their treatment though."

"Such as." The Jurain noblewoman's eyes narrowed.

"Evidence that Lord Xander had a very difficult childhood and a very rough life in a place with horrifically primitive medical care. One of the few things we were able to get directly was the fact that he was personally charged with Princess Dawn's safety by the Third Empress. A couple other comments seem to indicate that he is personally loyal to her even above the Crown."

"What have we been able to learn from speaking to Princess Dawn?"

"She was apparently hidden on a primitive world with her mother after having her memories sealed."

"What?" Seto's eyes widened in shock. "Why would . . ." her mouth went dry as she contemplated the reasons a princess of the blood might be hidden in such a fashion. An application of will returned her face to impassivity. "What else?"

"There was what sounds to be a pirate attack during a local festival. Lord Xander was able to repel the first wave of attackers before being joined by a . . ." the woman double checked her notes. "Lady Elizabeth, who was either posing as or actually is Princess Dawn's elder sister. Lady Elizabeth remained behind to delay pursuit while Lord Xander escaped with the Princess."

"Have the sickbay attendant my granddaughter recognized relieved of any duties that may keep her from the Princess's side and be sure that similar orders are cut for anyone else she recognizes," Lady Seto ordered.

"Yes, my Lady," another attendant agreed.

"I also want a message delivered to Lord Xander," the Devil Princess continued. "Inform him that I can think of very few reasons why his charge would be hidden as she was and that I would very much like to discuss them at his earliest convenience." She hesitated for a moment. "Inform him that I am not adverse to the idea of lending official support to preemptive action should the situation be sufficiently compelling."