Hi everyone. This is my second crossover story. I've always planned to write a crossover between Star Wars and Avatar: The last Airbender, since I first saw Star Wars and Avatar. As you can probably tell, I like to put myself in my stories(and yes, for those of you who have read my other Jurassic park and walking dead crossover, Jacob is me). In TWD and JP crossover, I was a young paleontologist trying to survive. In this case, I am a Jedi, which I dreamed of becoming when I was 10 years old! Before we start, there are some things I must explain and it can get a bit confusing and hard to grasp/explain, so try to bare with me here. Jacob is a wise and powerful young Jedi and became a master at the young age of 15. He was thought to have been too old when he entered the Jedi order at 8 1/2 years old, around the time Anakin was being trained by Obi-Wan, though master Yoda himself saw great promise in him, when many of the other council members did not, and insisted that he be trained as a Jedi. As a matter of fact, he entered into an apprenticeship only two years after Qui-Gon Jinn was killed. As you may know(or not! Spoilers!) Anakin Skywalker is the chosen one. Well here's where it gets tricky. Jacob is also the chosen one. But he is considered the first chosen one. (so that would make Anakin the chosen second? I guess?) Finally, Jacob is the reincarnation of Darth Revan, which is why the council decided to train him, to see if they could keep him off of the dark path and steer him towards the light. So far, it's working, but this is unknown to Jacob, that he is Revan. Here's the confusing part. Because of his immensely strong dark side and light side powers, though he may appear older, he is able to retain the age he looked like when he was fifteen and became a master in both physical appearance, and mentality. Much like Avatar Aang does since he is really 112 years old though he looks 12 since he was frozen in ice. In reality, Jacob is in his twenties or something? I could really use ideas from readers on how to make this make sense. I know it sounds weird, but I've had this idea to make Jacob appear as I've just explained since I was around 12 years old. Jacob does have an apprentice, named Cetra, though they were separated during order 66. Jacob is also skilled in his force powers and in lightsaber combat. He was a member of the Jedi council, but sense this takes place in the Galactic Civil war/ the time of the galactic empire, the Jedi council is all but destroyed. One more thing: Jacob is able to control all of the elements as well, but that does not make him an Avatar. Though he has no knowledge of this, due to his exceptional force abilities, he later learns that the elements are a branch off, if you will, of the force. I have yet to come up with how many years this takes place into the galactic civil war, but maybe around the time that the Rebels had planned to take out the Death Star. Sorry if this all sounds confusing, but I just wanted to clear all of this up before I started the story so it will make somewhat sense when you read. More things about Jacob will be explained later! Thanks for reading and Enjoy.

P.S. Thanks to SaberWolfe for the inspiration to finally put the ideas I've had on paper or in this case a writing site. You should really check out his awesome Star Wars/ Avatar crossover too! Thanks again!

The imperial star destroyers were blockading the planet of Corellia, where the Rebels were supposed to discuss their next plan of action against the empire. It was two weeks before the Rebel alliance had planned to destroy the Death Star. Jedi Master Jacob Bishopp was in his Y-Wing starfighter tracking down TIE-Interceptors that were chasing down Biggs Darklighter who was in his X-Wing.

"Ah! I can't shake 'em! Help!" Biggs said through the the comlink in his ship.

"I'm on 'em!" Jacob said as fired the twin blaster cannons at one of the interceptor's wings.

"Direct hit! Nice job sir!" Biggs said as the interceptor crashed and exploded into a nearby ice asteroid from the nearby planet.

"Don't mention it. Let's just get down to the surface and see what this meeting is all about, get out of there before any more imperials arrive!" Jacob said into the ship.

"Captain Solo? Do you copy? Have you found us an opening? We need to get down there before the empire does," he said.

"Nothing yet kid! Keep your eyes open though, Luke and I took down one of the Star Destroyers. If we keep takin' 'em out, we'll have more than enough room to get down there," Han said through the Millennium Falcon's communicator.

"In that case, let's blow some more up!" Jacob said enthusiastically, pushing his throttle forward to the nearest cruiser. He sped towards one of the Imperial Star Destroyers, getting ready to arm the proton bombs.

"R-9, route all power to forward deflector shields and weapon systems. We need all the fire power we can get to take this thing down. Red 5, come in. Luke? Do you read me? I need a little a help taking down this destroyer," Jacob asked Luke Skywalker from inside his ship.

"Loud and clear commander Bishopp. I'm on my way," Luke said, heading towards the direction of Jacob's signal. When look arrived, he armed his proton torpedoes, while Jacob made the final preparations to launch his proton bombs.

"Fire on my mark. Focus all of your damage on the bridge of the ship. Without that, they won't have anything to control their systems, and they'll be going down faster than a womp rat on Tattooine with T-16!" Jacob said with a sense of dark humor. Luke chuckled at this in his ship as well. He lined up his bombs with the bridge, as did Luke with his torpedoes and waited for Jacob's signal.

"Ready...Aim...Fire!" Jacob shouted as he pulled the trigger on his ship's joystick. Luke did the same. Both the bombs and the torpedoes made a direct hit with bridge, instantly destroying it, despite the shields still being up.

"Great work Luke! That leaves us just two more destroyers and we can have this meeting without any unwanted attention when we get down there," Jacob said.

"Thanks Jacob. I'm gonna go give Han a hand with the fighters," Luke said.

"Okay Luke. I'll join you as soon as we know that this thing is really down," Jacob said. Luke nodded in his ship and headed a few hundred yards away to help Han. Jacob shot a few more bombs at the destroyer to make sure it was down, and sure enough, it exploded with ease. Jacob had a satisfied look on his face at the sight of the now ruined ship. As he turned his ship around, he caught something out of the corner of his eye: it looked like a black hole that may have resulted from the explosion.

"What in the name of the force is that?!" Jacob asked to himself.

"What? What is it?" Han asked. Suddenly, all of the rebel pilots as well as Luke and Han saw what he was looking at: a black hole the size of a planet had ripped a hole in the star-lit sky of the atmosphere around Corellia.

"Get outta there kid! It's a black hole!" Han yelled through the communicator.

"Rrrrraaaarrrrggg!" Jacob heard Chewie yell, as if saying the same thing Han did in Wookiee language.

"I can't! It's acting like some sort of tractor beam! All of my engine systems are dead! I can't-!" He was cut off. The black hole had somehow shut down his entire ship! All he could rely on was his astromech droid, R9-F6.

"R9! I can't make contact with anyone! Can you try to restore the power?!" Jacob pleaded with his astromech.

"Beep, bloop beep beep boop!(I can't! the whole system was fried by the black hole! We can't pull out!)" R9 panicked.

"I guess this is it then. I've had a good life as a Jedi. Thank You for being my companion through it all R9," Jacob said sadly, bracing himself and his ship to be ripped apart by the black hole.

"Beep...Boop...Bleep...(sad whistle)(It's been an honor serving you master)" R9 whistled sadly. Suddenly, the ship was tossed around violently in the black hole, and Jacob hit his head on the ship's dash and was knocked out, sucked into the black hole, with no where to go...