Disclaimer: All rights and property belong to J.K. Rowling I am simply borrowing the her world and characters as well as those of Joseph P. Genier to screw around with for a bit.

Vultus In Tenebris Est, Spe Fortissima

In Face Of Darkness Is Hope Strongest

Potter Manor: October 31, 1981

James Potter was waiting on his wife Lily, who was upstairs getting dressed for a party which they were attending that night. He called up the stairs, "Lily hurry up we're going to be late!" She replied back to him, " James I am almost ready, but be quiet I just put Michael to sleep. By the way is Peter here yet?" James more quietly this time called, " Yes, Peter is here he arrived ten minutes ago." Just then Lily walked down the spiral staircase in a beautiful emerald green gown which matched her eyes. James's eyes sparkled as he watched her come down, " You look ravishing Lily but we must go now. Peter will be fine watching the boys , won't you Peter?" Peter Pettigrew, a friend from of James' from Hogwarts, responded, " I am fine, James, the kids will be just fine as well ." After a couple more minutes the Potters left the manor. Peter waited till they had been gone for a short while and weren't coming back, then he apparated to an old dirty house. He walked before a tall, pale snake-faced man and knelt kissing his robes. Peter spoke softly almost whiningly, " The Potters are gone, my lord. You can now end the prophecy and kill the." The dark lord known as Voldemort interrupted the snivelling coward of a "man" before him with a hissing snarl, " Be silent Wormtail, you do not tell the dark lord what he can or cannot do. I decide what happens now not you and do not presume to give me orders worm." "I offer my most sincere apologies my lord, I would never presume to give you orders," Wormtail cried. Voldemort wasn't paying any attention to the cowardly man before him he was getting prepared to apparate to potter manor and with a swish of his cloak did so. Seconds later he arrived at the edge of the wards of potter manor. He drew his wand swiftly and with the ease of great practice and much use. He flicked his wand once - a bright flash flew from the yew and phoenix feather wand and the wards exploded. Thus the dark lord walked silently into the manor with his robes billowing behind him. He slithered up the stairs towards a room which he knew belonged to the children. He pointed his wand at the door and it burst open revealing a clean, spacious room with a cradle near the window on the far side of the room. A small, chubby redheaded baby lay crying in the cradle the older boy was nowhere to be seen. The baby continued its incessant wailing which further served to annoy the dark lord. Lord Voldemort slithered forth silently and in a moment had his wand point directly in the face of the screaming infant. The first syllable of the killing curse was barely across his lips when he heard a slight rustling behind him. He turned with incredible agility for someone in robes. There before him stood a young child no older than four years of age, with no sign of fear in his eyes only deep curiosity and intrigue. The young boy, whose name was Harry, gawked at the tall pasty man with blood-red eyes and snake-like nose. He then spoke with a small light voice that all boys of that type of youthfulness possesed, " You are he then? The dark lord Voldemort that everyone is sooo afraid of? I have been expecting you Thomas Marvolo Riddle. Now don't look so surprised it was purely logical to infer that you would be coming here as the prophecy could only be referring to one of three individuals: Neville Longbottom, Elijah Potter, or myself. It was the obvious tactical decision to dispose of two less well defended, more easily accessible targets instead of the one lesser target, which you will likely send death eaters after anyways." Lord Voldemort looked at the young boy shocked at his intelligence and his knowledge; he asked the child, " How do you a mere child know of all this?" Harry responded smirking slightly, " The adults especially Dumbledore talk far too much about things that they believe are beyond the comprehension of children right in front of them, specifically me. Dumbledore mentions your true name and heritage all too often while I am either in the room or in a room adjacent from which I may hear that which is said." The dark lord shook his head and looked somewhat remorseful ( or as remorseful as a deranged, snake-faced sociopath can look ) then he said, " It is a shame I have to kill you now - you would have been a great asset to my cause but alas it is not to be. You shall die now child. Avada Kedavra!" A sickly green light shot from Voldemort's wand and rushed towards Harry. The moment that it contacted him a small explosion occurred and the killing curse rebounded back at the dark lord. Lord Voldemort screamed as his spirit was torn from his mortal body. Harry fell back then and his consciousness slowly faded into black. An hour later the Potters arrived back home and were shocked at the state of the manor. They quickly ran up the stairs to Elijah's bedroom and found him crying with a small cut on his arm. They also saw Harry on the floor unconscious - Lily walked over and checked for a pulse when she found one she immediately rushed over to Elijah. Several minutes later Albus Dumbledore arrived with the order of the phoenix. He looked at both children and quickly lifted up Elijah Potter saying that he was the boy-who-lived and the chosen one. Little Harry sat in the background glaring balefully at the small crowd gathering around his half-brother. He would show them all who was truly the chosen one and then they would regret this fallacy.

Author Note: This is just a prologue to this story. The story will be AU and will not follow the Teen Wolf storyline much I am simply using the characters and some of the abilities seen in the show. To those of you who are unclear about Harry's age in this prologue and Elijah's age Harry is 4 yrs. old and Elijah is 1 yr old.