A/N – A note before you read (If you are new, at the time I am writing this it has been 3 months since I posted the prologue)… This story features many moments that are directly from the original canon story. I am aware that many people hate this, but if you are one, don't read. Don't even bother reading the original parts if you aren't going to read the whole thing. Thank you. Now, for those who plan on reading, here is JOSIAIT!

~Ciel's POV~

Suffocating swirls of smoke encased the air as ten year-old Ciel Phantomhive sprinted through the carpeted hallways of the Phantomhive Manor. His frantic pants and hacking coughs joined with the chorus of roaring flames. The said licks of flame climbed up the walls, destroying precious memories and leaving behind a harsh glow in its wake.

"Somebody!" He screeched between coughs as he choked on the thick smoke. "Hey! Where did everyone go?!"

Panic overwhelmed Ciel as he kept running. No one else was around, not even the loyal servants of the house. Then again, neither was Ciel's parents. Sparks flew between the wooden floorboards, stinging Ciel's bare feet. The window no longer showed the enchanting forest, instead, a wall of fire greeted him.

Ciel skidded to an abrupt halt in front of his father's study, and burst through the polished oak door. What he saw was not at all what he expected. A pool of blood was what first graced his vision, with a black German shepherd lid down in the centre.

"Sebastian…?" Ciel gasped as he glanced around the room. Finally, his eyes rested upon a couple of human bodies. One male, with hair the same colour as Ciel's, a dark greyish colour. The other had long blonde hair, with sapphire blue eyes staring straight at the wall. A sense of dread filled inside of Ciel. "Father! Mother!"

Ciel ran out of the room, trying to find a possible way to escape the manor along with the fire. "Someone help me!" he shouted. "Everyone's going to die!"

As he turned a corner, a figure in black stood at the end of the hallway. It was Tanaka, the head butler of the Phantomhive Household. Ciel ran towards him, pleased to finally see someone who could help him.

"Tanaka! Help me!" Ciel screamed.

"You must not come over here!" Tanaka cried, he aged face a mask of fear and dread. "Please, run away, Lord Ciel. This is all too awful for y—" Tanaka fell to the ground, a knife sticking out of his back.

"Tana—" Ciel yelled, but he was cut off as the figure that stabbed Tanaka whacked him in the head.


"Let's take him with us. He'll fetch a good price."

"There's this thing called idle curiosity, and it's got deep pockets."

"Ohh… What have we here? Rare, right? This is more than two persons' worth! Cheers, Guv."

Ciel was forced down on his stomach upon a metal pedestal, his arms and legs bound. He tried to scream, but after days of barely any food and water, his voice nearly left him.

"I shall brand you with the mark of the noble beast." The man who bought him exclaimed with a creepy smile.

Finally, a pained shriek tore from Ciel's throat as a burning iron was pressed onto his back.

Let me out. Let me out. Let me out of here.

"See, you've gotten so much lovelier now."

It hurts. It's all dirty. I want to go home. Father. Mother. God. Please.

"Now let us begin the noble mass once more this evening." Hooded figures surrounded Ciel as he sat with his arms around his knees inside the cage.

Why? Why must we be-!

He was dragged out of the cage and was pushed back onto the pedestal. One of the hooded figures held a knife.

No one's coming to save me.

The knife was plunged into Ciel's stomach.

There is no such thing as God in this world! KILL. KILL. KILL. KILL. KILL.

"—oh?" a new voice appeared. "Well, well. What a tiny master this is."

Ciel glanced up, only to see a swirl of black feathers gather around a black shadow. The hooded figures leaned away, looking scared of the shadow.

"You have summoned me." said the voice. "That fact will not change for all eternity… And the sacrifice that has been made will never return.

"Now!" the figure walked towards Ciel. "Make your choice."

"I command you!" Ciel screamed, grasping for his chance at vengeance.