~Elizabeth's POV~

Elizabeth Midford loved Ciel Phantomhive more than anyone else in her perfect life, even her big brother, Edward. She was always protective over the boy, being extremely clingy to ensure that he wouldn't slip from her grasp. However, Lizzy knew that he didn't feel the very same way about her. He constantly pushed her away, acting as if he was on top of the world, a king among the closely knit family related to the Phantomhive's. To her, he was her king. But he just didn't seem to be satisfied, or even notice, her feelings for him.

As soon as he asked her to leave the room when he and Lau were talking, she didn't know what to feel. Was he actually concerned for her innocence? Or, did he just want her out of his sight.

Either way, Elizabeth planned to find out.

She would get him the best gift ever. She would impress him, make him fall for her as was wished upon them by her late aunt and uncle. They would travel the world together, loving each other and bring to the world the next heir to the Phantomhive's.

But before she could do that, she needed a plan.

That was why she snuck out of the manor, undetected.

~Ciel's POV~

As Ciel made his way through the forests surrounding the Phantomhive manor, he wondered how quickly Sebastian would notice he was missing. He tried to keep things as clean as possible, so that it would be evident that he wasn't kidnapped, but he knew that he would have a lot of explaining to do when he got back.

Would Sebastian be mad enough that he would sever all ties with him? He hoped not. Ciel was doing this with purely good intentions, and planned to do it alone. People believed that he couldn't do a thing without his amazingly competent butler, and he wished to prove that he could be independent. Of course he felt bad, his love would surely be panicking over this, especially after what had just happened with the murders and possession.

Whilst lost in thought, he realized that he made it to his destination: The Phantomhive Family tomb. Inside housed the Earls and their wives and children who bravely served the Queen, and surrounding it was where servants who served those Earls were buried and put to rest.

Ciel walked over to where the person he sought was waiting, the Undertaker. The grey-haired man sat atop a headstone, grinning as an open coffin was placed in a hole in front of him. Ciel looked down in the hole, only to see the recently deceased Tanaka inside, lying in a bed of roses. A mound of dirt was nearby, and sticking out of it a shovel.

The Undertaker continued to smile, chuckling slightly at Ciel's somber and melancholy expression. "Is everything satisfactory, Milord? I even carved the direct quote you asked for within the stone, now isn't that top quality service?"

"It's satisfactory," Ciel agreed, no emotion tugging at his delicate features as he handed the psycho man a pouch of coins. "Here is your payment, you can go about your way now."

The Undertaker radiated a feeling of confusion, even though you couldn't see his eyes. "Milord…are you going to leave the coffin open like this? It'll reek of the dead after a while."

"I'll take care of it," Ciel snapped. "Now leave."

The Undertaker shrugged, before laughing and waving himself off.

Ciel sighed, distaste souring his expression. Now that he was alone again, he questioned his intentions. Surely his family, or even the servants would rather do this?

Shaking his head, he pushed those thoughts away as he fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. He removed his coat and vest, even loosening his bowtie. There was no turning back now.

Ciel was one of the only ones left who knew Tanaka well, all the way back since the boy was first born, in fact. And now he planned to be the one to put his ex-butler to rest. He pushed the casket's cover over his body, shedding a small tear as he remembered the good times he had with Old Man Tanaka.

Ciel gripped the shovel, taking a shaky breath.

This was going to be a long day.

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