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Tony is bored. Bored. Its not that he doesn't have anything to do, it's the fact he doesn't want to do any of those things. He wishes that he would have something happen. ANYTH- He stops himself, the last thing he needs is to jinx himself with an alien invasion. So what does a bored genius billionaire philanthropist do in these situations? Get in one of his cars and go for a drive. It takes him half a second to realize that his cars have been tinkered with again. with a screech of rubber he throws the Audi into a U-turn and floors it back to the tower. He's no longer bored.

He skids into the parking garage. And leaps out of the car. Somebodys messed with his car, and he has them on tape.

"JARVIS! Pull up the security tapes for the Audi!" After a second (He really needs to fix that delay) another holographic screen pops up over his work space. Tony shoves all of the holo-screens to one side then enlarges it. He pressed the play button, the screen is still dark.

"JARVIS display time."

The time appeared at the corner, Tony puts it on speed x2, then x4 then x8. When he notices a blur he stops it. He is greeted with Capsicles face, with a ratchet wrench in one hand and manipulating a holo-screen with the other "No way!" he couldn't believe this. He fast-forwarded and checks the other cars, Steve again. Steve, Steve, Steve it was Capsicle who was fixing his cars!? This is unbelievable. What if Steve had damaged his cars?! His precious toys?! "JARVIS! please tell me that they are ok!"

"Your cars are all in working order Sir" came JARVIS's swift reply. Tony can not, can not, just accept this.

'Steve? Technologically challenged STEVE? That doesn't make any sense unless…'

"JARVIS? did you let Steve work on my cars?" Tony looks back at the tapes the holo-screen catching his eye "And did you help him work on my cars?" he finished incredulously.

JARVIS hummed unhappily "Yes sir. However Captai- Steve needed very minimal assistance."

"What?! you're on first name basis with the guy too?! what is this world coming to?! JARVIS! So not okay"

He paces his workshop, it's so not ok to touch his stuff, what if he had broken something! Still irritated he rushes back up to the main floor of the tower. The rest of the team is playing some sort of board game, (Pictionary? no different type of drawing game) Tony marches up to Steve, "Okay Mr. Wise-Guy, what the heck do you think you're doing?!" Steve looks honestly confused.

"Playing Telestrations?" he offers and Tony sputters

"No, not that. What do you think you're doing with my cars" a tad bit of panic starts to show up on Steve face.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about…" Steve starts, Tony cuts him off.

"Of course you do! You've been messing with my cars for weeks! Months even! Don't tell me that I can't notice when there is a difference with my cars! Because there's definitely a difference!" Tony pauses to take a breath, "Don't you dare try and leave this room!" he continues, looking up just in time to see Steve almost making his escape. "This conversation is not over!" But it's too late, Steve's already gone.

"Sooo, did it really mess up your cars that much? I'm surprised, you couldnt just fix them in like 3 seconds?" offers Clint.

"No! That's the thing he actually made them better!" Tony shot back as he left the room simultaneously calling for JARVIS.


He's really messed up this time, hasn't he? He just couldn't resist could he messing with Tony's cars and now hes gone and ruined everything. He was walking quickly (jogging) down the hallway, almost to the elevator and on his fifth repetition of How could you be so stupid, you know you know, that every single time you do anything outside the battlefield it ends poorly for you so why the heck did you think that messing with Tony Stark's cars would be a remotely good idea! rant, when he hears quick footsteps behind him. He finally reached at the elevator, jamming the call button harshly.

"Come on, come on." He muttered to himself.

"JARVIS, don't open the elevator" shouts Tony from down the hall.

Steve jabs the button again and feels the smallest amount of betrayal when it doesn't open (later JARVIS will apologise, and explain even though he gets along with Steve, well, his creator's orders always come first.)

Tony catches up to him "Steve," he says "you didn't let me finish." Steve looks at him warily. "What you did to the cars? It was amazing!"

"It was just basic maintenance…" Steve responds hesitantly.

"Basic maintenance! That was not basic maintenance! You have a magic touch!" Tony shouts, already trying to drag Steve into his lab. (Steve's not entirely sure how he got there, JARVIS is sneaky)

"We are going to play with my cars now! Bruce is my science buddy and you're going to be my mechanic buddy!" Tony excitably babbles. Steve feels relief, he isn't going to be kicked out of the tower.


The team watch the confrontation play out on the TV, courtesy of JARVIS. "Well at least we won't have to worry about them fighting as much" offers Clint. Natasha just gives a raised eyebrow in response.



Steve skids into the garage at the Tower at a decidedly unsafe speed at an angle to the ground that should have been impossible.

"Tony hide me!" Steve shouts as he jumps off his bike and practically hides under his desk. Tony raises an eyebrow as he shuts the garage

"Okay…." he says "If you're all done hiding can we work on my new Audi R8 e-tron? It's not even released yet! and it is a sweet ride, but I want to add some improvements to it…"

(Pepper later tells the team that a couple of street racers and a biker gang had been hanging around the tower asking for a blond on a black motorcycle. Steve pretends not to hear and when asked point blank about it later, he smiled and said "well it's not my fault they're sore losers…" leaving the team gaping in shock as he made his get-a-way. And when Tony starts laughing, he just pulls up the security footage from earlier that day showing the Captains interesting entry)

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