Albus Dumbledore cast a sad look to the doorstep where Rosalie Potter slept peacefully and whispered, "Good luck Rosalie Potter." Then with a twirl of his robe, he was gone.

5 years later

"You're nothing but a pitiful excuse for a person!" Vernon Dursley slurred to the cowering red haired girl. Petunia Dursley, a stick thin blond with a long neck and watery blue eyes (which was a great contrast to her husband's bulging stomach, greasy black hair and squinty brown eyes), watched in contempt at the girl who looked too much like her sister for comfort.

"'M sorry, Unc' Vernon." The five year old whimpered, green eyes that looked like liquid fire peered up at her Uncle. Petunia smiled. Fear is a beautiful trait.

"No you aren't!" Vernon snarled. "You pathetic girl! We should've killed you!" Petunia watched in grim fascination as her husband's chocolate brown eyes soon held a strange, almost evil, light. He chuckled darkly. "Pet, hand me my gun, will you?" Petunia smiled larger at her dear husband.

"Yes, dear." She murmured, plucking the shotgun off of the rack on the wall, silver glinting in the light. Vernon took the gun, nearly stumbling with it and cocked it, turning the sobbing red haired girl. "Goodbye, Lily." Petunia murmured once more, a happy feeling treading through her chest.

CRACK! The gun shot the devil child in the chest and Petunia watched in glee as she crumpled and blood poured down her thin dress.

Jack Skellington sighed. He loved his life, he truly did. He had the most wonderful wife, the greatest job in the world...but something was missing. He dropped his skeleton head on his hand.

He didn't glance up when Zero bumped his shoulder. "Not now, Zero." Jack waved the ghostly pup away. Zero huffed, floating off where he saw the flash of red. Sally had brighter red hair, not like this.

The floating animal poked his nose behind a grave, Rosalie, and found himself face to face with a skeleton girl. Her bones were bleached white like his master's but she had high cheekbones and a pretty face. Hollowed out eyes glowed green as dark red hair fell near her knees in tangles. She wore a ratty white dress that had blood over the middle and bony legs and arms poked out from them.

Zero nuzzled the afraid girl who sniffed before giggling loudly. Zero's nose glowed brighter.

"Zero?" Jack sighed, feeling bad for what he'd said to the ghostly mutt. He walked towards the area where Zero had disappeared and stopped to stare in surprise at the little skeleton girl.

Bone thin with a ragged white gown, long red hair so much like his Sally's but so must ragged and darker and wild and hollowed out eye sockets...Another skeleton...just like him.

The girl stared at him and Jack thought she looked around 5. Squatting down, he stared at the girl kindly as Zero nuzzled against her cheekbone. "Hello." He greeted. She gripped Zero. "My name is Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King." She frowned, confusion obvious on her face. "Where are you parents?"

"I-I don't know, sir." The little girl whispered, burying her head in Zero's translucent fur. "I was bad and Unc' Vernon hurted me with his gun." She stressed out the last word, gun, with difficulty and that made Jack's chest clench up (as much as a skeleton's chest can clench up). "Aunt Petunia said they died in a car crash, though, because daddy was a lazy dunk and mummy was a horrible prostitute."

Jack was alarmed. What kind of creatures would tell a little girl that her parents were drunks and prostitutes? Horrible, he figured.

"How about this." Jack proposed. "You come with me and we'll have my wife, Sally, cook you some food while I ask the Mayor about you." The little girl looked wary. "My wife is a wonderful cook and she has crayons and paper." The little girl perked up."Plus, I need someone to watch Zero while I speak with Mr. Mayor."

She looked decided, nodding firmly.

"May I ask your name?" Jack asked, straightening up.

The girl peered up at him, hollowed out eye sockets glowing an eery green. "Rosalie, sir. Rosalie Lily Potter."

"Alright, Rosa, we're off!" Jack said cheerfully, taking the tiny skeletores hand.

Sally tucked a lock of bright red hair behind her ear. Her cloth ear, mind you. She peered out the window once more. Jack was getting antsy.


Sighing Sally smoothed down her dress. It was a brand new one that had caught her eye and Jack had immediately bought. Knee length, black with a v-neck, mid sleeves and white spider-web like designs across the bodice and hem. She had it paired up with a her socks and boots and her black and silver wedding ring.

She placed her head on her hand and peered out the window to breathe a sigh of relief when she saw Jack and two other beings she couldn't quite place striding up the stairs.

"Sally, I don't suppose you could make some food for our little guest? Oh, the mayor too!" Jack called, sounding extremely cheerful. Oh dear, Sally thought.

The three strode in. Well, Mr. Mayor shuffled in with a large book, leather bound and a deep emerald with silver cursive and Jack flaunted in. A tiny skeleton girl with long dark red hair and green glowing eye sockets walked in silently, Zero somehow in her thin arms.

"Sally, this is Rosalie. Rosalie, this is my beautiful wife, Sally." Jack introduced. Sally smiled down at the tiny girl who gripped Jack's pant leg. "Food, Sally?"

"Oh, of course." Sally said getting to work. Jack set the small girl on a stool and turned to the mayor who had plopped down digging through the large book.

"Found her, Jack!" The Mayor said giddily. "Page 6034, section 267, line 24: Rosalie Lily Potter, age 5 years old. Vernon Mark Dursley, Rosalie's biological uncle, killed Ms. Potter with his shotgun. They dumped her off in a pig farm where the pigs ate the meat off her bones but left said bones. The pig farmer, Alex Turner, was gone for several days but when he came back, he was horrified and called the police. The government identified her as the missing Potter and Vernon and Petunia Dursley were arrested and their son, a Mr. Dudley Dursley, was adopted by a nurse named Erin Wayne."

Sally had made soup for little Rosalie and had plopped the young girl down on a chair and started to feed it the starving skeleton. "What about her parents?"

"Dead. Lilian Mira Potter nee Evans and James Charlus Potter died by the hands of the Dark Wizard Voldemort." Jack and Sally looked shocked as the Mayor continued. "She apparently is the Saviour of the Wizarding World and there is a "prophecy" saying she'll defeat him."

"You say prophecy as if it is..."

"Fake." The Mayor confirmed. "Albus Dumbledore, the Leader of the Light, formed a fake prophecy. He intends on killing off Rosalie when she is around 17 or 18 years old." The couple looked furious.

"Soup." Rosalie tugged on Sally's dress with a pout. Sally smiled and fed the tot more soup. Jack hid a smile before turning serious.

"I will not let her get hurt."Jack said firmly. Rosalie gripped Sally's hand and Sally looked down, eyes softening as the hollowed sockets glowed an emerald green.

"I won't either." Sally said softly.

The Mayor looked from the two to the satisfied skeleton toddler. "You're going to adopt her?" He asked incredulously.

"If she would like us to." Jack said, turning to the girl who blinked up. "Rosalie, would you like us to adopt you as our daughter?" He asked softly, kneeling next to the table.

Her eye sockets widened. "Really?'' She whispered. "No take back?"

"No take back." Jack swore.

Rosalie's mouth stretched into a wide grin. "Yes. Yes. Yes!" She said sounding ecstatic.

The Mayor beamed, "I hereby dub you Rosalie Skellington, The Pumpkin Princess!"