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Harry knocked on the door to McGonagall's office, not knowing what to expect. He knew he had been getting in trouble with Umbridge but he they have not had an altercation in a while. He also wondered if this had anything to do with the fight at the Quidditch game yesterday but unlike most cases He and Draco had been trying to break up the fight as opposed to one of them being the primary instigator.

Harry thought back to the last few months. The fact that he and Hermione were on the outs with Ron was not so surprising in retrospect, seeing as they always seemed to be arguing about something. He never thought he would be on friendly terms with Draco Malfoy. Heck, he never thought he would refer to Malfoy by his first name. Though he supposed life was strange that way. The matter at hand however was giving him flashbacks to about a month or so ago when Professor Skywalker had confronted him about Umbridge's detentions.

After about waiting outside for a minute professor McGonagall told him to enter. When he opened the door, he found McGonagall in her office with Professor Skywalker and Ms. Jade. "Yup," Harry thought, "If you switched out Ms. Jade for Madam Pomfrey this would be almost exactly the same situation."

"Mr. Potter Maybe you should sit down." Professor McGonagall pointed to the empty chair across from Ms. Jade. "What I am about to tell you may come as a bit of a shock."

"What is it you have to tell me professor?" Harry sat in the designated seat.

"Well Mr. Potter I think the first thing you need to know is that Professor Skywalker was brought here at my suggestion to fill the DADA post," McGonagall explained.

"Yes, professor I'm aware. I am assuming it was to prevent the ministry from appointing someone who was not qualified for the position"

"That is the reason I gave the headmaster", McGonagall explained. "The real reason however was that the other heads of house and eye felt that the headmaster has been making some extremely questionable decisions over the years and we wanted someone to look into it. The problem is we were not sure who we could trust within Wizarding Britten or the other European communities so I called in a favor of an old friend."

Harry nodded in understanding. He himself had found some of his "mentor's" actions questionable over the years but do to his limited understanding of the wizarding world he did not know how to deal with it. "But how did you get Dumbledore to except a foreign teacher especially seeing according to my understanding the American Wizarding Community functions differently than Britten?"

This was when Professor Skywalker decided to speak up. "When his other option was Deloris Umbridge a foreign teacher that seems to be an expert in wandless magic seemed the better option. Plus, your deputy head Mistress hinted that defeating dark lords is kind of a specialty of mine."

Harry was cereus by this. "How many?"

Professor Skywalker thought for a moment. "Two or three depending on how you look at it one was kind of by proxy and he didn't stay dead so my friends and I had to deal with it again."

"Don't you mean him?" Professor McGonagall looked confused.

"No" This had been the first-time Mara had spoken. "It is more accurate to describe the one Luke is talking about to refer to that person otherwise would imply they were capable of compassion. This individual was not."

"Back to the matter at hand," Professor McGonagall continued. "While Professor Skywalker and his friends were looking into some of the Headmaster's more questionable activities they came across something interesting."

Harry looked confused "Associates? I've only seen Ms. Jade around."

That is because while Mara and I have been investigating the school Kyle has been following up on other leads," Luke explained.

Harry watched his DADA professor carefully he could tell that the professor was trying to figure out how to word the next bit of information, as if he thought whatever he was about to tell Harry would come as a shock. After about thirty seconds of no one speaking Harry decided he could not take the silence. "Whatever the three of you want to tell me just say it. Whatever it is, cannot be any more surprising than finding out I'm a wizard or that I'm supposedly the savior of the wizarding world."

After this declaration, the three adults just looked at each other as if deciding which one of them was going to tell him. After a silent conversation, it was decided that Professor McGonagall should be the one to tell him. "Well Harry it would appear that your mother was adopted. You have no blood relation to Petunia Dursley what so ever. It has also come to the attention of everyone involved in this investigation that the headmaster was aware of this fact."

Harry took this all in. A person he was supposed respect and who he had seen as a mentor had knowingly left him in an abusive situation for all these years with the excuse that his mother's blood was the only thing protecting him when there was really no blood between him and his alleged aunt at all. "So, are you telling me that I may have other family out there somewhere?"

"That is the other thing Mr. Potter," Professor McGonagall "Professor McGonagall discovered after a little more investigating Professor Skywalker managed to track down your mother had a twin sister. Apparently, Dumbledore only required one of the twins for whatever his plan was so his actions lead to their separation. Professor Skywalker managed to locate the other twin."

Harry took this all in. "So, who and where are they?"

This is when Mara razed her hand. "I am as surprised and disappointed to discover I had a sister I will never get to know."

Harry was not sure how to process this. Considering everything that had happened over the years he figured this was just another thing to add to the, this should not really surprise me, list. There was just one part about this that bothered him. "How did you figure this out?"

"I ran a blood test", Luke explained, "After seeing a picture of your mother that was in a file that Kyle gave me I got suspicious so after the fight at the game yesterday. I took the blood from the tissue used to clean your cuts. Mara and I then compared it to here's. We had permission from professor McGonagall to do this, we are all sorry we could not tell you what was going on."

"Harry took this all in. What happens now?" Harry took a deep breath.

"Well eventually we hope to figure out what Dumbledore is up to and put a stop to it," Mara explained. As far as this revelation of us being related I would like to get to know you better. Regardless of what happens all of us agreed to make sure you do not go back to the Dursley's. There is more to this story but we all agreed to hold off on that for a while so you can at least get used to the idea of having a relative you didn't know about."

Harry accepted this. He could tell his aunt was not used to expressing her emotions but that she wanted to try to have a relationship with him but she was not going to force the issue. He also knew that regardless how this went he understood they were telling the truth about making sure he did not have to return to the Dursley's. After about a moment he spoke. "I would like to get to know you too."

"Mr. Potter I am going to excuse you from classes tomorrow. I think you need some time to take this all in," Professor McGonagall said. "Maybe you should go to bed early."

Harry got up to leave before Professor Skywalker stopped him. "One more thing Harry." He pulled a small pouch out of his pocket. "This was your mothers Kyle found it with her adoption records. Harry opened the pouch and found a small silver pendent inside. "Mara and I thought you should have this."

With that Harry went to his dorm with a lot to think about.

Later that night Harry sat with his new group of friends in the library and filled them in on what the professors had told him.

"So, let me get this straight," Draco was trying to process the information. "What Harry was telling them. "Your mother was adopted?"

"Yes," Harry was still trying to rap his mind around the information as well.

"So, Ms. Jade is your aunt? You know now that you mention it I see the resemblance."

"You know Harry this means to an extent Professor Skywalker and his friends are working on the same thing we are maybe we should let him know what we are doing." Nevil looked around to see what the rest of the group thought.

"It might be premature for that." Hermione was remembering all the other teachers over the years with hidden agendas. Professor Skywalker had shown them some of his cards but not all of them. Hermione also pointed out that professor Moody had seemed to be helping Harry last year and they all remembered how that turned out. "I would feel better if we could get a look at those books that were removed from the library. I feel those would help answer some of those questions."

"While unless we can get into Dumbledore's office or another professor has a copy of ether of those books we are out of luck," Harry pointed out.

"You have a point and those books are so old I would not even know who might have them in their privet collections," Hermione stated. it would help if we knew more about the content. That would at least tell us which if any of the faculty have a copy."

"Even if another faculty member has those books it does not mean they will let us see them. Let's not forget a good chunk of the faculty is loyal to the Headmaster," Draco pointed out. "This would mean we would have to break into their office."

Draco brought up a good point and while the Idea was not unfamiliar to Harry and Hermione they kind of wanted to go a whole year without committing another act of breaking and entering.

"We will figure it out," Harry looked determined to get to the bottom of this. His face then suddenly shifted into a smirk. "On another note, how long do you think it will take the headmaster to get his beard back to normal?"

"Who knows," the whole group said at once. At that point, everyone burst out laughing. This unfortunately got the whole group kicked out of the library so they had to break up their study session short.

On the way, back to the dorm Harry and Hermione talked about all that had happened and Harry asked her a favor.

"Hermione, would you mind coming with me on Saturday to get to know my aunt? She thinks it would make things less uncomfortable if I brought a friend."

Hermione nodded her head in understanding. "Sure." She understood why Harry might not want to be alone with Ms. Jade for the first few times they were together.

Harry and Hermione walked back to their dorm and Harry was wondering why he could not have a quiet year for once. He was so emotionally tired that he forgot to do that meditation technique Professor Skywalker had shown him. That night he dreamed of a long corridor with an unmarked door.