The rest of the week passed without much incident until Thursday when Dolores Umbridge tried to kick professor Trelawney off the school grounds.

While most the student body did not particularly like or even know the Divination professor they did not like the overly sadistic methods of Umbridge or Umbitch as many called her behind her back.

Umbridge was foiled by Dumbledore, who reminded the ministry worker that while she had the authority to remove the staff members from their positions she did not have the authority to remove them from the school grounds. This lead to the toad to start fuming while Professor McGonagall helped Trelawney back into the school. That would have been that except the toad let the whole school know that she was not the only person at the school who thought that the Divination professor was a fake. She pointed out that Professor Skywalker questioned Trelawney's ability's.

The toads rant was cut short however by the fact McGonagall pointed out that what professor

Skywalker said was that prophecies could not be taken at face value.

Umbridge was left sputtering as McGonagall helped Professor Trelawney back into the school.

Later in Divination class Lavender Brown asked Professor Trelawney what MS. Umbridge was talking about.

Professor Trelawney was in too big of a state to teach the class that day so she was basically letting the class either have a study period or read the chapter in their text book about tarot cards. She did however decide to enlighten the class on a little fact she was aware of.

"Class you may have heard what Ms. Umbridge said in the Great Hall earlier."

The entire class nodded.

Lavender Brown was the only one who spoke. "MS. Umbridge insulted your abilities and said something about Professor Skywalker saying you put too much faith in your abilities. Though, what The Defense against the dark arts professor has to do with this I have no idea."

Professor Trelawney adjusted her glasses then asked for everyone's attention. "Children do you all remember when I told you back in our first year together that unless you are born with the sight there is only so much I can teach you?"

The class all nodded.

"Well our young American Professor has the ability but chooses to ignore it. I'm thinking his first few visions were extremely traumatic so he chooses to write them off as bad dreams.

This is when Malfoy razed his hand. "With all due respect professor, but it seems to me that it is not an exact science. I mean you have been predicted back in our third year that one of our classmates would leave the class by the end of the year and Hermione Granger quit. In that case, you were correct, however you also predicted that Harry would die by the end of the year and here we are two years later and he is still breathing."

Draco's comment earned him a glare from Harry.

Draco then tried to recover himself. "I mean I am glad you are still with us Harry. I am just giving an example to prove what was most likely Professor Skywalker's argument. I mean, let's not forget Professor McGonagall said that Professor Trelawney predicts a student's imminent demise every year and most have made it to graduation."

The Divination Professor had this look on her face as if she believed everyone in the room was against her. "Well if you all must know; Professor Skywalker has the sight but he does not believe in the ability but he either ignores it or attempts to change the outcome."

"How do you know that the new professor can see the future?" Neville looked confused.

"Well Children if you have the gift you can recognize it in others. Some however like our new DADA Professor see it more as a curse my guess is the first time he became aware of the gift he saw something horrible." Trelawney then looked at the time. "Class dismissed."

There was ten minutes left in class but given as no one really learned much in this class they were not about to argue. They all packed up their bags and made their way down the ladder, that lead down from the Divination tower.

Harry hoped that was the last he was going to hear about, what he was calling, the Trelawney vs. Skywalker debate. Unfortunately, Parvati Patil brought it up In DADA when professor Skywalker was trying to teach the class about mixing magical defense techniques with muggle Martial Arts. Most of the class was finding this interesting until Parvati asked, not to politely, Harry noted, what this argument going on between he and Professor Trelawney was about?

Professor Skywalker sighed. "Ok That was a privet conversation between the staff that the ministry lackey took it out of context. Allow me to clear things up. Professor Trelawney is correct, in her assumption that I do have some precognitive ability. Unlike what is considered normal for most people with this ability however, I tend to see alternative pathways. This means I can see the most likely outcome based on the actions people take.

Hermione looked confused. "How is that different then what The Divination professor does?"

Professor Skywalker seemed to be trying the best way to explain this. Professor Trelawney only sees part of the equation shell we say you know A+B=C But part of it is missing she only sees it as A=C. This may lead to the belief that if A occurs C is destined to occur however what she and most other seers fail to realize is if that event B does not occur then event C is either less likely or completely unlikely to occur." Professor Skywalker explained this with a series of Diagrams on the board. When I see something, I see all potential chains of events sometimes I can prevent something other times other things will happen no matter what. Even if one can see the future things are not set in stone. For this reason, you need to decide whether some things are worth stressing over based on what information you have available. If the information you have is incomplete sometimes it is best to just let things play out normally as opposed to trying to force or prevent an issue. Is everyone fallowing what I am saying?"

This is when Lavender razed her hand. "What if you got a vision that you were going to die?"

"We all die someday Miss Brown. May I ask did this vision give you the how or the where?" Professor Skywalker gave Lavender a look that said, "proceed with caution."

Lavender shook her head. "No."

"The professor then continued, "For the sake of the argument, does this vision tell you when?"

Lavender nodded.

The professor thought for a moment. "So, let say based on the limited information we have you can take one of two paths. You can either spend what time you have left doing the things you love or what you always wanted to do but were too afraid to do it. Another option you can hide in your house and lock the door and not talk to anyone to avoid your fate. What seems the better option to you?" Professor Skywalker asked.

The entire class was silent.
Luke knew he had hit the point home. That was until the Lavender and the rest of Trelawney's fan club decide to continue the class debate.

"If you have the ability professor why are you so against it?" The rest of the class could hear the accusatory tone in Lavender Brown's voice.

The class watched as the professor sat on his desk, his posture was relaxed but there was something in his eyes that spoke of pain. "If you all must know I had a relative that kept getting visions of the people he cared about dying in horrible ways. While one of those visions turned out to be true the other had been fabricated by an individual who was well versed in mind manipulation. The person receiving the visions went to extreme methods to prevent the death of the person he loved. Rather than going to his mentor for help he took the advice of someone he should never had listened to. Would any one like to guess what happened?"

The entire class was silent. They knew where the professor was going with this and for most of them their stomachs lurched.

The Professor sighed. "My relative wound up causing the death of the person were trying to protect. He ultimately destroyed his family. Among other things."

The class all fell silent knowing that this topic was most likely panful to talk about.

The professor watched the class for a moment to make sure there were no more questions before speaking. "Do to resent events I am assigning a little research project to the class. I would like you all to write a paper on how factors such as fear or outside manipulation can mess with the accuracy of abilities like precognition or the sight as your Divination professor calls it. Bothe your text books for this class touch on the subject but I would like you to use other sources as well, so you have a better understanding on the subject. The paper must be three roles of parchment long and I want a fourth role of parchment which sights your sources. You have next six weeks to work on this on top of any other homework I assign for the class."

The entire class groaned. They all knew the assignment was partly a punishment due to their classmate's actions. They were not looking forward to this assignment being added to their already huge stack of work for their other classes.

The class was let out about twenty minutes early because too late for them to get back on topic. Hermione also seemed to pick up on the fact that, despite his relaxed body language, the professor was coming off as rather tense. Most of the class did not seem to notice however.

After what most of the class dubbed one of the most uncomfortable DADA classes ever Harry and Hermione met Draco and Neville in the library to get a jump on their research project.

While in the library Harry and Draco were talking about the first few classes.

"Is it just me or is there a strange argument going on between the DADA and the Divination Professors?" Draco looked confused.

"Given the fact that a comment from the toad seems to be the initial starting point of this I'm guessing we do not have all the facts." Harry pointed out. "At least we have Hogsmeade to look forward to. "

"Amen to that." Draco opened a notebook as Neville and Hermione came to the table each carrying a huge stack of books.

"These books all cross-reference Legilimency with Divination." Hermione put her stack of books on the table.

"These books contain information on any type of plants that can induce dreams or hallucinations." Neville put his smaller stack of books on the table next to Hermione's. "Let's not forget what the professor said about outside factors."

"Between these and our textbooks for both Divination and Defense against the Dark Arts I think we all have a good point of reference." Harry looked at the group So let's get a jump on this so we can enjoy our weekend.

The group worked for next hour or so sorting through the books to see what would be useful to them. They then worked on their other assignments before the library closed, For the evening

At some point in the study session" Hermione heard Harry say he could go for some chocolate Ice cream. She looked in Harry's general direction. "Sorry Harry but unless you are planning to sneak into the kitchen you cannot get any Ice cream right now."

Harry looked at her confused. "I never said I wonted ice cream. I was thinking it but I did not say it out loud."

"Hermione looked confused. "Really?"

"Harry is telling the truth he never said that out loud." Neville looked concerned "This is getting strange.

Draco looked at the group. "You know I had a similar experience right around the time Lunna was attacked."

Harry looked thoughtful. "You know this between this combined with the fact that my mother was adopted Things are getting strange. We only seem to get more questions but no answers."

The group did not see Ron Weasley hiding behind a bookcase listening to the entire conversation. He quickly left to report the conversation to Dumbledore.

When the weekend came Harry and Hermione waited by the dour of the great hall for Mara. To show up.

When Mara got to the great hall She past Luke a nervous look before walking over to meet with Harry. Mara liked to think she was a confident person but when it came to expressing her emotions she had problems do to being raised as a weapon her whole life. This was probably one of the reasons it took Luke so long to realize she liked him. She took a deep breath before walking over to meet her nephew.

When the small group got to the village they poked around a bunch of the shops like Honeydukes and Zonko's. They then went to the three broomsticks for lunch. And Harry learned that he and his aunt did not seem to have an ideal chilled hood either do to unusual circumstances. Mara did not get into it but what she did tell him was that there was a war and she had been trained to be a weapon.

"So how is it that you got through it?" Harry asked.

"it took a few years but I got some good friends." Mara gave Harry a look the funny thing is some of my best friends were on the opposite sides of the conflict during the war."

Harry looked confused. "Doesn't that make things difficult for your to get along.?"

"We are all different people now and have had time to reevaluate things," Mara explained. "A person I thought I wonted dead is someone I cannot see myself without . I guess the universe is funny that way."

Harry nodded in understanding. While he would not say he was completely at the point of fully trusting Malfoy he would admit these past few months had given him something to think about when it came to determining a person's true character.

Hermione for the most part stayed silent just observing the interaction between Harry and Mara.

At the end of the day Harry and Mara met up in McGonagall's office because she stated she would like a report on how the bonding went. The deputy Headmistress was pleased to hear that for a first bonding experience it went well. Mara promised Harry that she would come to his next Quidditch game the fallowing weekend.

Professor McGonagall Then gave Harry a note to give Hermione before dismissing him to the dorm.

When Harry got back to the dorm he gave the note to Hermione who skimmed it quickly.

"What's that about?" Harry looked confused

"All the note said is that he wanted to speak with me after class on Friday. It does not say about what specifically."

"Ok that's interesting."

Hermione decided to change the subject. "So what do you think of your aunt?"

Harry thought for a moment. "We are still getting to know each other but I kind of like her."

That's good though I wish I knew what was going on right now it is like there are three different conspiracy's going on right now and I do not know who to trust right now. Speaking of who to trust. Which reminds me have you spoken to Sirus or Lupin lately?"

Harry thought for a moment. "Now that you mention it I have not heard from them since we left the order headquarters at the end of the summer. Do you think they are ok?"

In London at a small coffee shop Remus and Sirus sat at a table across from a man who they think said his name kyle.

"So tell me what you know about Dumbledore?"