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1 The New Term

It had been a tough few weeks for Harry. He had almost been expelled and he found out that the Daily Prophet had been saying that he was telling lies. He also found out that Dumbledore had some kind of secret group dedicated to fighting Voldemort, that his friends were apparently involved in but no one saw the need to tell him about. He was not even sure school this year was even going to be safe with Voldemort being back to full strength. Then there was the fact that the school had never been safe to begin with. There was always a case of some teacher up to no good or some monster running around the school. The one exception to this was Professor Lupin, but he had been sacked when the news about his condition had been made public. Harry was practically dreading to find out who Dumbledore hired this year. While he was lost in thought Herminie and Ron came into the compartment after performing their rounds as prefects.

"I swear Ron I have no clue why McGonagall made you a perfect you are clearly not interested in enforcing the rules and when it comes to positions of power you're a tyrant!"

"Maybe she sees my potential." Ron puffed out his chest.

"Either that or Dumbledore made her in truth I think any other boy in our year would have been a better choice." Hermione looked like she was getting a headache.

"Watch it Granger!" Ron snarled.

It was at this point Harry decided to speak up. "What is going on with you two term has not even started yet and you were already fighting?"

Hermione looked over at Harry. "Well as you know Ron is not the most responsible person in our year and when he was walking past a group of second year Slytherin's and said he would make sure they were expelled just for bumping into him. At least that was his plan until they paid him off."

Harry raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Ron took a bribe?"

This made Hermione even madder. "There was no bribing involved it was extortion Ron was threatening to report them if they did not pay him ten Galleons each."

"Please tell me that they didn't actually pay," Harry groaned.

"Of course not I put a stop to it," Hermione huffed.

At this Ron looked as if someone had slapped him in the face. "What do you two care they were just a bunch of snakes," Ron snapped.

"Who were three years younger than you!" shrieked Hermione.

At this Ron stood up and stormed out of the compartment. Harry at this point decided to change subjects. "So Hermione what do you think the new D.A.D.A teacher is going to be like this year?"

"We might not even have one that position is hard to fill and there was no book assigned for the class."

It was another several hours before they reached Hogsmeade Station. The trip was pretty uneventful, unless you count the several occasions that Harry caught people whispering behind his back and then there were the strange creatures pulling the carriages that surprisingly out of him and his friends only he could see. A Ravenclaw girl named Luna said she could see them too but seeing as she also was reading her magazine upside down Harry was not reassured.

When they got to the Great Hall Harry noticed that there were at least three changes in the staff. The first was Hagrid was missing and the woman who subbed for him last year was in his spot. He also saw the toad faced women Umbridge from his expulsion hearing. He wondered what she was doing here. He hoped she was not teaching any subject. He pointed both things out to Ron and Hermione who just shrugged.

This just left the third individual who was between Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall and looked to be having what Harry guessed was some kind of debate with the two of them. Harry noticed he could not be any older than his late twenties or early thirties which made him younger then the rest of the staff his hair was brownish blond and unlike most wizards Harry had seen his clothes resembled something out of a martial arts movie. He also noticed that the professors blue eyes seemed to be studying everything and taking note of everything. Hermione seemed to notice the change in staff as well and seemed equally interested. Ron on the other hand was to intent on stuffing his face to pay attention.

Hermione Looked disgusted and was trying not to pay attention to Ron. Fred and George who were sitting across from them Seamed to be thinking the same thing as Hermione. Ginny for her part was flirting with Colin Creevey and did not seem to care.

After about a minute of watching Ron George finally spoke up. "Ron the way you are going on people would think mom and dad couldn't feed you."

"Shut up George we both know mom can't cook!" Ron looked at his brother with venom in his eyes.

"This is when Fred spoke up. "I happen to like mom's cooking just because mom and dad have to stick to a budget so we can afford school does not mean you have a right to insult her because you do not like corned Beef and shepherd's pie."

Ron was getting agitated. "It's your fault you know you two, Bill, Charlie, Percy and Ginny. I always get your hand me downs. Ginny gets things she can actually call her own because she is the only girl. You two are constantly causing massive amounts of property damage that mom and dad constantly having to pay for!"

This outburst was so loud it got the attention of most of the occupants in the Great Hall, members of the staff included. Harry noted McGonagall looked embarrassed a member of her house would behave in such a way, Snape gave Ron the same frosty expression he always gave him, Umbridge seemed to be taking notes and the new teacher that Harry was still trying to get a read on had his melted ice colored eyes fixed on Ron as if he was studying him. Studying may not have been the right word it was more the gaze of a jungle cat assessing a threat. Harry watched the Professor's and Umbridge for a few seconds awaiting the outcome of Ron's outburst. Ron on the other hand saw the new teacher staring at him and quickly put his head down after only locking eye's with him for a fraction of a second. He felt like the man could see right into his soul and he did not like what he had seen. This caused Ron to shiver.

After Ron's outburst Dumbledore decided to give the start of term announcements if for no other reason than to try dissolve the tension. "Before we turn in for the night I have a few announcements please note that the Forbidden forest is off limits to all students." We also have two new teachers this year as well as another addition to the staff. Professor Grubbly-Plank will be filling in for Professor Hagrid in Care Of Magical Creatures till further notice. The ministry also sees it fit to have Ms. Umbrage here to check on the running's of the school please note well she is not a teacher here she has as much authority as any member of the staff. Now as far as the Position of –"

Dumbledore did not finish his statement as he had been interrupted by Umbridge. "Thank you for that introduction Headmaster. As you know I am here because the ministry has been very disturbed by the running of the school of late. You have made several changes to the curriculum as of late that the ministry finds inappropriate as well as several choices in staff the ministry finds appalling. Plus, the rumors that a certain Dark Lord has returned must stop. This is a lie."

Harry noticed that the yet unnamed professor was now studying Umbridge, only in this case it was like watching a tiger debating whether it was worth his time to attack a mouse. In truth the professor looked very bored while at the same time looking for an opening."

"The Ministry only has-"

It was at this moment that the yet unnamed professor decided to, for lack of a better term, verbally pounce on Umbridge. "So basically the Ministry expects these children to fallow you like lemmings I guess they should be thankful there are no cliffs on the grounds then."

Umbridge looked offended. "How dare you question my authority especially when it is clear you are not from here. "

"Someone that believes totalitarianism and racism went out of style the moment they were conceived."

While Umbridge was trying to find her voice Dumbledore decided to finish his introductions. "As I was saying Professor Skywalker will be filling the post of D.A.D.A. Professor this year while on sabbatical from his usual teaching position to travel abroad. "

Umbridge looked at the D.A.D.A professor up and down. "Seeing as you will be filling the post mind telling me why you refused to use the ministry approved text book."

"Because I find it insulting to the student's intelligence. The book contained things we teach our five year olds where I'm from," Professor Skywalker stated a matter of factly.

"And where is that Professor?"


"American that explains so much," Umbridge sneered.

"If it would help I spent time in Japan and France and the instructors their said the same thing," Professor Skywalker shrugged.

It was at this moment that Dumbledore could not take it anymore and dismissed the students to the dorms.

Harry and Hermione were secretly wondering what this year would bring while Ron seemed to be shivering from making eye contact with Professor Skywalker. One thing was for sure this year would be interesting.

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A/n if any of you wondered why Luke said he was from Arizona it is because he is undercover and very few wizards even know what a Jedi is. Classes start next chapter and things will get interesting. This will also expect many more fights Between Umbridge and Skywalker, Lets just say she keeps finding a way to "Darken his disposition."