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"Yes sir, he has just made contact with the Tythos agent."

"Good, when can I expect the boy?"

"Assuming my master follows your orders to the letter, which he rarely does, you should have him soon."

"And if he doesn't follow my orders?"

"Then I believe the adventure will be much more interesting."

"...your master is insane. Do you know that?"

"Of course my Lord, but what fun would he be without it?"

Tythos Consular Class Corvette, Hyperspace

1100 Hours, 13 BBY

Taranto wasn't sure what to think. Now that he had a moment to process what had just happened, he started to wonder whether or not he made the right choice. Last night, he discovered that his best friend was secretly a spy for an organization out to kidnap him. Without much thought, he had agreed to not only help her escape, but also go along with her. He had opened fire on storm troopers and aided a Jedi who sliced through organic soldiers without much thought. He had stood up to a terrorist who had tried to kidnap him and strangled a janitor with a mere thought. Basically he had helped a traitor to the Empire and branded himself a traitor and would probably be executed for treason if he ever returned. He had ruined his educational career and any chance he had of the normal life that he had craved. Why? All because he had trusted a fourteen year old girl who was cute.

"Hey Taranto, can you help me for a sec?"

Speak of the devil and she will respond. He looked up to see the girl clutching her head. She pointed to a box on a shelf. "Do you mind grabbing that first aid kit?"

"Oh right," he quickly grabbed the box. That's right, both of them had been injured by the explosion, and Ra'chelle had taken a blow to the head. "Here you go."

The girl smiled. "Thanks, but once I'm done, don't forget to get yourself checked out."

The boy stretched his head nervously. "He he, well we didn't quite cover that yet."

The girl stared at him in shock. "What? You mean those military instructors never taught you how to patch each other up? No wonder storm troopers are so wimpy! They get hurt and they can't help themselves, so they just lay there dying."

She sighed. "Here, help me with the bandages and I'll show you how to take care of yourself."

Before he could protest, the girl had sat down next to him, very close, as in making skin contact. The girl's torn uniform allowed the girl's bare arms to brush up with his, allowing the adolescent boy to feel the warmth of her body. He blushed slightly at the warmth and close proximity. "Hey Taranto, you there?"

The boy looked up to see a roll of bandages, disinfectant wipes, and a spray bottle of bacta placed in his face. "What am I supposed to do with these?"

Ra'chelle turned her head and pushed her hair away, allowing the boy to see a bloodied wound on the back of her head. Taranto felt his stomach churn at the sight of so much blood. However Ra'chelle didn't seem fazed. "Use the wipes to clean off the blood, then spray it with the bacta, and then wrap the bandages around my head."

"Err...ok." With shaking hands, the boy slowly wiped the cloth over the wound, watching with disgust as the cloth quickly reddened with blood. After a few strokes, the wipe was completely soaked with blood, he now he could clearly make out the wound. He heard a slight gasp from Ra'chelle. He was so nervous from the blood that he nearly jumped. "Oh my gosh are you alright?"

"Yeah" the girl relied through gritted teeth. "It just stings a bit, perfectly normal. Just hurry it up, it really stings."

"Err...right." The boy quickly grabbed the second wipe and proceeded to wipe as much blood and dirt away from the wound. Once he found no more bleeding and dirt, he grabbed the spray bottle, held it close to wound and pulled the trigger. To his surprise, the girl cried out in pain, slamming her head into his face. "Ouch! Why did you have to spray so much? Why...oh right...you're only supposed to spray a little bit."

The boy's cheeks reddened in embarrassment. "Sorry!"

She sighed. "It's alright, just be a bit gentler."

Taranto resumed to clean the wound and began wrapping the bandages around the red haired girl's head with her guidance. After a few minutes, the top of the girl's head was successfully cleaned and bandaged.

"Thanks Taranto, now let me help you bandage yourself."

Taranto nodded, he had noticed several cuts and small pains across his face, arms, and legs. "Ok, let's do this."

Ra'chelle bent down but before she began to apply the wipes she stopped. "Taranto, have you ever had bacta applied to your injuries?"

"Err...no, just basic antibacterial sprays."

"Dang, um...bacta is a lot stronger than antibacterial drugs, because they don't have any painkillers inside. This is just pure bacta. So...just try to stay still and bear with me."

After several minutes filled with agonizing screams and curses the shy boy didn't even realize he knew, Taranto had been more or less patched up. "Did we really have to do that?"

"Heh heh, yeah, even back at base they tend not to provide painkillers. A lot of healers believe in manning up and just handling the pain, especially when it comes to unnatural cures."

Taranto cocked his head up. "You mentioned this base. Would now be a good time to tell me what exactly I've gotten into?"

Ra'chelle nodded. "I guess I owe you one. I was being very vague earlier because I didn't want Victor to know too much about who I am. Plus I'm not the best person at explaining our group. There's a lot of better people who can explain it in better words."

Taranto shook his head. "Just tell me the best you can, I can't take this waiting any longer."

The girl cracked a smile. "The masters would say patience makes a true warrior. But anyways, I'm part of an organization called the Tythos. We've been around since far before the reorganization of the Republic. Our goal is to sabotage and prevent the Revanites from galactic takeover. Believe me, the Revanites are everywhere and in very influential positions. It takes a lot of Tythos agents to keep them at bay."

"You're a Jedi aren't you? I saw the light saber and..."

The girl nodded, pulling the metal cylinder from her belt. "Yes, I'm a Jedi Apprentice. Many Tythos agents are. The Tythos were started by a cult of Jedi who left the main Order to serve as a covert unit who worked outside of the Republic's authority. Tythos Jedi do not answer to anyone and their sole purpose is to battle Revanites and stop them from causing a coup and overthrowing the government."

Taranto tried to process the new information. "So you're taking me to their base. What's going to happen to me then?"

"Well hopefully they'll offer you refuge and train you. You're incredibly gifted in the Force and they'd be fools to not accept you. Who knows, I might even help you a bit."

Taranto considered the idea for a while. He had always admired the Jedi Order and being given the opportunity to become one in the midst of a them where they had been banned and purged was a once in a lifetime opportunity. "Ok, then, I guess I'll give it a try."

The girl smiled and hugged the boy. "That's great."

"Ouch" Taranto moaned.

"Oops, sorry, you must have bruised your ribs." The girl noted.

"If you two lovebirds are finished, can I have you two get ready for landing?" A voice interrupted.

Almost instantly the two realized how close they were sitting while embracing each other. Taranto felt his cheeks heating up and noticed the girl's cheeks as well. They are almost as red as his. Did that mean? Nah that was preposterous! Nobody would like him like that. The two broke away awkwardly. When Taranto looked towards the direction of the voice to see a boy a little older than him, maybe fifteen. The boy had darker skin with black hair. He wore a light tan shirt with a dark brown hoodie and black slacks. What drew Taranto's eyes was the oversized pistol holstered to his belt.

The girl growled. "Dustill what are you doing here?"

"You never questioned who the pilot was?" The boy laughed.

"Where is Agent Rain?"

"She left to clean up the mess you two got yourselves into. She seemed pretty pissed."

"Yeah," the girl nodded, "That sounds like her. Oh well, I guess that Inquisitor we met will have an unforgettable experience."

"Um..." Taranto tapped Ra'chelle's shoulder. "Who is he?"

"Oh, right. Taranto, this is..."

"Allow me!" The teenager interjected. "The names Dustil Okar, top notch pilot, marksman, operative, card player, and not bad with the ladies if I do say so myself."

He grinned slyly at the girl, which for some reason made the new boy feel angered. "So Ra'chelle, who's your boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend!" The girl stuttered, despite her cheeks blushing slightly.

Taranto took initiative and walked up. "I'm Taranto Shan."

"Hmm...why are you here Mr. Shan." The boy muttered, slowly thumbing his blaster threateningly. "You see, either you're her boyfriend that she decided to bring with her or you're some sort of threat to us. So which is it?"

Taranto stood frozen. That blaster was huge! How could a sixteen year old boy even carry that big of a blaster? Ra'chelle on the other hand groaned. "Seriously Dustil? He's not my boyfriend. He's the Revanite's target."

"Really? Well then, I guess I can work with that, but why? Why is he the one?" Dustil muttered, moving his hand away from his blaster. Taranto let out a sigh of releif.

"Hello? His last name is Shan. Like as in Bastilla Shan, the meditator, and Satele Shan, the visionary. He's the descendent of Revan. So he's gifted."

"Hmm...I see. I never thought the Shan line would produce another Sensitive, not after Theran."

"What do you mean?" Taranto asked curiously. Who was Theran?

"Nothing," the older boy muttered, "You should get some rest. We'll be entering Tython in a few hours."

At that moment, Taranto realized how tired he was. He hadn't got any sleep since midnight and had been running on pure adrenaline the last few hours. He sat down on a reasonably comfortable seat and lay back his head and let the darkness overtake him.

Imperial Academy, Anaxes

700 Hours, 13 BBY

Vowrawn observed the group of the scene before him. Several Stormtroopers, an Imperial Agent, and an Inquisitor stood in general silence and shock. How pitiful they were, so ignorant to the situation before them. If he were in command, he would have took advantage of the fight and attempted to capture both of them, despite that being impossible.

Finally the agent couldn't stand the silence any longer. "Excuse me. You in the dark robe! I don't know who you are, but you can't just barge in, damage Imperial Property, choke our janitor, and aid traitors to the Empire and expect to get away with it. I order you to surrender."

So the agent had spunk did he?

Vowrawn sighed. "This is none of your business. You may leave."

The agent was taken aback. "Excuse me? Did you just to me to go away?"

"I think so, however, technically I asked you politely to leave."

The agent's face turned beat red. "You can't just order me around like that! I'm an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau and will not obey rabble like you."

Did he not just see him choke that failure of an agent or defeat a semi trained Tythos padawan? How dense was this guy? Here he was trying to have a peaceful resolution and this agent refuses to listen to reason. Don't get Vowrawn wrong, he has no problem with mass killing, he just feels like it's a waste of time and energy when you could just agree to disagree and walk away. Sadly, this agent wasn not giving him much of a choice.

"Listen, I'm leaving. I'd suggest you do the same." The red skinned warrior offered as he turned his back towards the group. It was much more interesting this way: deceive the opponent to believing he had given up and vulnerable, and then striking when they least expected it. Those poor Imperials had no imagination and creativity. They did not deserve to win. On the other hand, that boy stood up to him with nothing more than an empty rifle and his own feelings directed towards the girl. That was interesting; the beginning of a beautiful love story. He couldn't wait to see the end of this one. The last Tythos agent he vanquished had a lover as well, to whom he personally dealt with first. That Jedi was the first challenge he had had in over fifty years and he had savored every moment of the battle. Now he hoped to be given the opportunity to have another great challenge. Not from the Imperials, no of course not, but being given a chance to battle the Revanchist, especially when he had been fully trained in the Tythos arts would be a challenge to die for.

"Nonsense. You may not leave!" The agent gestured towards the Inquisitor. "Take care of him!"

The gray skinned acolyte drew his double saber and charged towards the Sith Lord, rage burning through the acolyte's veins. Vowrawn sighed. This would be very boring...unless he made it interesting. Rather than drawing his saber, he proceeded to dodge the wild attacks with relative ease, merely side stepping to the left or right. This only further frustrated the Inquisitor, who couldn't grasp how in the world this ancient looking man seemed to dodge his powerful attacks like it was nothing.

Vowrawn proceeded to dance with the Inquisitor for a full two minutes before deciding to end the battle. He waited for the Inquisitor to overextend himself before grabbing him by the saber hilt and Force Throwing him into a series of crates. The Inquisitor crashed at high speed into the stack of crates and groaned.

The agent couldn't believe it. This man hadn't even bothered drawing his lightsaber and proceeded to beat up his Inquisitor like his was a doll. Actually, he hadn't even touched the Inquisitor and now the he lay in a pile of crates.

"As you can see, your so called Force User is sloppy and uncoordinated. He has a long way to go before even calling himself an acolyte. In fact, that child had a better chance at defeating me than your man there." The red skinned warrior pointed out. "You should consider walking away before I show you what it truly means to be Sith."

Sith? Wasn't that what the Emperor was? This guy had the same powers as the Emperor? A sane person would have realized he was way in over his head and backed when he had the chance, but this agent was not sane anymore. "How dare you insult the Emperor's chosen? You will pay for that!"

He gestured to the troopers, who promptly raised the rifles. "Open fire!"

Vowrawn watched in slight annoyance as the blaster bolts flew around him, however they were no threat to a fully trained Sith Juggernaut. He merely expended the smallest amount of the Force to create a barrier around him and started making his way towards the agent.

The agent gasped in astonishment. The blaster bolts were hitting him, however they didn't seem to faze him a bit. Who was this guy? Not even Lord Vader could do that!

Before he could respond, Vowrawn acted. With a mere raise of his hand, the entire squad of Stormtroopers felt an invisible hand squeezing their necks. The troopers stopped firing as their hands immediately flew to their necks. Vowrawn squeezed his hands slightly and the necks snapped with a satisfying crunch. Then he set his eyes on the Agent. Before the agent could make his getaway, he hurled the still levitating armored corpses at the agent, crushing him under their weight. The agent died soon after.

Vowrawn sighed in resignation. He had really hoped this would have been a challenge. However no Imperial could present a good challenge to him. If he wanted a challenge, he would have to find a Tythos agent. Any Tythos Jedi would be far more of a challenge than these rabble. He almost felt sorry for them.

"I take it you're impressed." He called out loud.

Almost instantaneously, a small form dropped from the wall behind him. When he stood up, he was revealed to be a teenage boy about five eight with blonde hair just covering his purple eyes. He wore a less armored version of Vowrawn's suit and had a sleek looking double saber hanging from his belt. "The Master will not be pleased with your failure to bring him the boy."

"Since when have you cared about the Master's wishes?"

"I haven't. But you have to admit, I do enjoy having you as my master and I would prefer to not lose you."

Vowrawn cracked a smile at his pupil's smart remark. "Very well then my young acolyte. What is your opinion on my actions."

The blonde acolyte frowned as he recalled the past hour. "Your entrance wasn't explosive enough. I would have preferred you killed the Imperials in the explosion. They do not deserve such mercy."

"I still killed them."

"However, you gave them the honor of dying in battle. I would have not."

"Since when have you cared what happens to our enemies?"

"I have not. I merely pointed out what I saw and what I would have improved."

"And of the Tythos?"

"The boy was a mystery. I wouldn't have believed he was the descendent of Revan if I wasn't informed previously. His powers are faint at first, but if you dig deeper, you will find a reservoir waiting to flow out."

"And of the girl?"


"I can sense your emotions and feelings, just spit it out."

"She's...different. I've never met a Tythos before. Are they all like that?"

"Yes and no. She is a Jedi, and that makes her our sworn enemy. However, she has an affinity to the Force I haven't sensed since...well, the Clone Wars. I'll tell you that story another time."

"I see."

"I sense you have more to say."

A long pause followed. Vowrawn sighed. "Well, come on. Out with it."


Vowrawn sighed. "I knew it."

"Vowrawn, I should have know you were behind this."

Master and student turned to see a slim blonde woman. She had blue eyes with a faint yellow gleam inside them. She wore a gray uniform marking her as an Inquisitor. Vowrawn smiled sheepishly. "Ah, Agent Rain, here to try to kill me again?"

"Don't get me started Vowrawn. You're lucky I'm not in the mood right now." The woman scoffed.

"Whatever happened to that flirtatious young teenager whom I entangled with out last encounter? I seem to remember the growls quite vividly."

"I'm too tired to do that right now. Listen, I'm not here to fight you. I bought you as much time as I could. You got five minutes to get off world before a hundred Stormtroopers and a dozen walkers charge into this courtyard."

"Master, who is she?" The boy asked curiously, "I do not recognize her, yet the Force flows freely through her."

"Right now, all you need to know boy is that she is an associate." Vowrawn explained.

"If you even put it as that. Now go!" The woman ordered. "You're at four minutes forty seconds."

"I'll be looking forward to our next meeting." Vowrawn smiled.

The woman rolled her eyes. "Yes and so will I. Now go!"

"Sir, we have a confirmed encounter with Revanites."

"Which ones?"

"Not so sure. Just dropped down to hold off the Imps."

"Keep them off our tails then await extraction."

"The usual point?"


"Fine, I'll see if I can find a way to Nar Shadaa."

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