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Bonds – Chapter 1

"Wow, today is the day!" A young lady with hair as vibrant as a Charmander's tail, grinned as she looked up at her parents. "I can't believe it's actually today! I've been waiting for so long!" Her violet eyes – a shade she shared with her mother – glimmered with the same innocence and determination every young trainer would possess as she sped toward the large laboratory upon the hill, its windmill looking even more beckoning than usual.

"Slow down, Mito." The girl's father smiled at his baby girl and held onto her hand, ruffling her hair as she pouted.

Her mother held onto Mito's other hand, "The Pokémon aren't going anywhere, and Professor Oak promised to let you have a Charmander." Namikaze Kushina couldn't help but smile at how giddy and excited her daughter was being – she acted much more childish and innocent than her older brother. "And we're still early; the official start of Pokémon Starter Day is for another twenty minutes."

Mito was still pouting, "I just want to meet my Charmander faster."

Namikaze Minato shared a smile with his wife before he patted his daughter's head, "Be patient, Mito. I'm sure you and your Charmander will love each other, just like your brother and his."

Mito smiled, "I hope so."

Every year, Professor Oak – the foremost expert in Pokémon Research – would take up the task of giving new trainers their starter Pokémon. As per tradition, the trainers in the Kanto Region had a choice of a Charmander, a Bulbasaur, or a Squirtle, a fire type, a grass type and a water type respectively. So, every year on the same day, many young aspiring young trainers will visit Pallet Town in order to receive their first Pokémon from Professor Oak. It would be the first of many steps on the path of being a Pokémon Trainer, and like many others, Namikaze Mito was officially starting her journey. She had waited with great anticipation. Ever since she first saw Professor Oak give away starters a year ago, she had been counting the days. And after three-hundred and sixty-five pieces of chocolate – one each day – she finally made it to her day. Just like her brother, she would get her own Charmander and start taking the world by storm.

Although, while the girl was ecstatic, her parents weren't as comfortable.

Kushina glanced at her husband looked into his azure blue eyes, both conveying a silent message: they were both worried. Mito was not like her extremely determined and well-read brother whose sole purpose was to become the strongest. While Mito enjoyed her time with their pet Natsu – a young Growlithe – and played around her friends, her brother was reading dozens upon dozens of books about Pokémon and Battle Strategy. By the time he was ten he had most graduate students outclassed. Before he even received his Charmander he had already planned which Pokémon he needed to catch and where he would catch them. He had lists of teams that he designed for each Gym in the Kanto and even the Johto Region. The boy had even planned out a schedule for when he needed to train to battle against the Elite Four. He was in a class of his own and Mito, fortunately or unfortunately, wasn't like him at all.

Deep inside, Kushina and Minato were a little relieved that only one of their babies was so aggressively determined. While they were extremely proud of what their son had achieve in such a young age, they knew what he went through in the process.

"You know, Mito, sweetie, you don't have to be a Pokémon Trainer." Kushina tried her best to look innocent as she casually spoke her mind, "You can always be more like your mother and become a Pokémon Coordinator. We are not nearly as violent as trainers and instead of hurting your Pokémon in battle, we make them very cute and pretty and have them perform amazing works of art!"

"I know, mom, but I want to try being a trainer first. Naru-nii is a trainer and I want to see how it really is like!"

Minato wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulders and kissed her cheek, "It's okay," he whispered. "She's our daughter; she'll be fine." He looked down at his baby girl, who was still giddy and oblivious, "She's a smart and strong girl, just like her mother."

Kushina sighed and rested against her husband, "I guess so."

It was a wonder on its own that Mito had such a normal childhood. As the daughter of the Benihime and the Kiroi Senko, she was very lucky that the annoying reporters don't know about her or their little home in Pallet Town. Namikaze Kushina wasn't a simple coordinator with several ribbons; she was the International Champion with full collections of ribbons from every region. From Kanto to Kalos, nearly everyone would have, at one point or another, heard about the beauty of the Benihime and her Pokémon. With a specialty with the color red, she outclassed all her competition with her flawless technique and unique style. Kushina had been voted the Most Beautiful Woman alive for three years straight at the height of her career and was sought after by countless suitors all over the world. And twenty-two years ago, countless men around the world wept at the news of her marriage to Namikaze Minato, one of the most well-known scientists in the world.

The Kiroi Senko, a man many people were confused about initially. But after the Hiraishin Teleportation Systems were installed into every single Pokémon Centre, Pokémart and Research Centre in the world, everyone knew the name Kiroi Senko. Minato Namikaze had singlehandedly changed the world with his invention and refaced reality in the Pokémon World. Because of Hiraishin, the number of saved Pokémon, the amount of sold goods and countless other statistics increased dramatically – he was personally proud that there was a 90% increase of Pokémon saved in the world. Perhaps it was his love for Pokémon, his passion for making lives better, or his handsomeness, but he managed to snag Kushina and made her his wife. The world was shocked at the announcement, but unfortunately for the press and fortunately for the newlyweds, that was the last the press ever heard from them. Kushina retired from professional competition and Minato moved from his Research Centre, not to be heard from again. Well, up until a few years ago…

"Come on, mom, dad!" Mito pulled her parents along as they reached the front of the lab, "We're here!"

Kushina smiled, "Don't run on stairs, Mito."

There were already a mass of people around the lab, most were parents of the other children waiting for the professor. All of Oak's trainees and assistants were busy running around the place and his two grandchildren were also present. Daisy Oak was busy grooming the Pokémon around the lab, making all of them as happy as possible. Gary Oak, on the other hand, was busy talking to a bunch of girls. After deciding to end his Pokémon Trainer career a year ago and to start his life as a researcher, he had been helping his grandfather around the lab. Pallet Town was becoming increasingly lively nowadays.

"Hey, Kushina, Minato!" The kind mother smiled down at Mito, "And hello, Mito!"

"Hello, Aunt Delia!"

The Namikazes smiled at their sweet neighbor, "Hey, Delia!" Kushina walked up to her best friend of twenty years with a beautiful smile, "You're here too?"

"Ash came home last night!" Delia smiled excitedly, making her friends smile, "He finished his journey in the Hoenn Region and came back with some of his friends. Professor Birch and May and Max came to visit along with Misty and Brock. It's like a reunion today!"

Minato grinned, "That sounds great!"

"Where's Ash?" asked Kushina.

"Over here, Aunt Kushina!" Ash Ketchum, a fourteen year old boy that grew up in the house right next to the Namikazes, ran up to his aunt and uncle. "Uncle Minato!" The boy had grown quite a bit since he left four years ago on his journey and stood at the height of Minato's shoulders. He was still wearing the same style of clothes, making the Namikaze smiled at his innocence. "And Mito! Wow, I can't believe you're getting your Pokémon already!"

"That's right, Ash!" Mito grinned up at her childhood friend, who was still taller than her. "And hi, Pikachu!"

The electric mouse Pokémon chirped and jumped down to the girl's arms, "Pika, Pikachu!"

"Uncle, Auntie, let me introduce you." Ash gestured back to his friends with a smile, "This is May and Max, the son and daughter of Normal, the Gym Leader of the Petalburg Gym. And I think you've met Misty and Brock before."

"Nice to meet you all," replied Minato with a charming smile.

"Hello again, Mr. and Mrs. Namikaze," said Misty and Brock.

Kushina nodded, but raised an eyebrow when she noticed May gawking at her with widened eyes. Her jaw was hanging open as she trembled in shock at the sight of Kushina, the baby Squirtle in her arms was looking up at her confused. Max was confused at first as well, but soon he realized what his sister noticed…and his jaw swiftly fell.

"Y-Y-You…" May slowly raised a finger, "Y-You are K-K-Kushina Uz…Uz…"

"I go by Kushina Namikaze now, sweetie."

Misty and Brock chuckled at their reactions. They were the same when they first came to Pallet Town with Ash as few years ago. It was very hard to believe that the most celebrated Pokémon Coordinator and the world most wealthy scientist would be living so simple in a small town, as Ash's next door neighbor no less. Misty could still remember asking Kushina to give her some beauty tips, and she still uses the techniques she learnt that day. Perhaps she could get May to ask for some tips so she could listen in – she didn't want to ask a second time. And of course, as an aspiring Pokémon Breeder and Doctor, Brock respected Minato greatly. He was so jealous that Ash got to grow up next to such amazing people.

Max gulped and looked up at Minato, "Then that must mean you're M-Minato Namikaze?"

The blond man chuckled, "Yes I am, Max. It's nice to meet you."

The boy shock one of his idol's hand, "N-Nice to meet you too, sir."

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" cried May loudly, making her friends cringe. "I'VE WATCHED ALL OF YOUR PERFORMANCES ON TV AND I LOVE ALL OF THEM!" May shook Kushina's hand with both hands, making the lady giggle at how cute she was. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS?! OH MY GOSH, YOU STILL LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS!"

Minato chuckled and pulled his wife close, "Yep, she is."

Mito gagged and shook her head, "Can we get our Pokémon now?"

"Can I please have your autograph?!" asked May, slightly calmer after Ash shushed her.

Kushina smiled, "Of course, May."

May was practically gushing, "I-I want to be a Pokémon Coordinator as well and it's really an honor to meet you, Mrs. Namikaze." She looked at the girl who looked a little younger than her who looked like a mini-version of Kushina, "And this must be your daughter! She's really pretty too!" Max blushed a little as he looked at Mito. "Sorry, I-I'm rambling."

"It's okay, sweetie." Kushina signed May's notepad and smiled when she hugged it close, "And I'll give you some tips later."

May nearly fainted and couldn't even reply.

"So how was the Hoenn Region, Ash?" asked Minato with a small smile, "I heard there are many amazing Pokémon there."

"It was really awesome, uncle! I love the Hoenn Region!" Ash smiled at May and Max, "We made some great friends over there and added some strong members to our teams." The boy was so excited, it made Minato and Kushina smile, "I'll show you them later in the lab."

"Great, I'll show you some new inventions as well."

Max nearly passed out, "C-Can I come too?!"

Minato chuckled and patted Max's head, "Of course, Max."

"Okay, everybody!" came the voice of Professor Oak, "Please come inside in an orderly fashion. We have many Pokémon prepared for all the young trainers today." Dressed in his usual lab coat, red shirt and khakis, the Professor looked as intellectual and kind as usual, and his smile only made everyone feel at ease. "Follow Daisy, Gary and myself – they will lead you all to the proper places inside."

Mito grinned and tugged her mother's hand, "Yay, let's go!"

But for some reason, before everyone could even reach the doors, the ground started to shake violently. Professor Oak nearly fell down the stairs from the small quake, and would have if Gary didn't grab his arm in time. Minato pulled Mito and Kushina into his arms and held them tight, but was looking around to see what in the world was causing the quake. Almost the entire crowd fell to the ground and started to scramble to their feet and away from the structures. Ash crowded with his friends as he held onto his mom, keep her safe, but the ground wouldn't stop shaking.

Slowly, the shaking started to weaken and the crowd managed to make their way to the open grass field. There were still constant tremors, but it was faint enough that most people could stand on their feet. But even from the field they could see that many things in the lab had been knocked off and broken, including many bookshelves and even some computers. Even the stacks of Pokéballs were knocked over and were rolling all over the lab floor. All the other trainees inside the lab rushed out, carrying as many Pokéballs as they could.

"Professor, it's happening again!" Tracy, one of Ash's travel partners rushed out with his drawing pad, looking pale in shock. "But it's even more drastic than before; now they're using Earthquake attacks now!"

Gary groaned, "Damn, this is bad."

"What's going on, Professor?" asked Minato.

Ash nodded along, "Yeah, is someone attacking us? Is it Team Rocket again?"

"No, it's some of the Pokémon we keep in one of the fields." Professor Oak stood and dusted his jacket, "They are extremely high-level Pokémon and we keep them in their own field – it is the largest field we have. It's at the very back of the property and is kept safely away from all the other Pokémon, but they have started to fight with each other recently." He gave Minato and Kushina a look, "We tried calming them down with tranquilizers or with the Hypnosis attack of other Pokémon, but they are far too skilled. We had already sent over a dozen Alakazam and Gengar to the Pokémon in the past week and we still couldn't do anything. The Pokémon we have here are nowhere near trained enough to keep all of them down, even Gary's."

Gary scoffed, "Don't blame me."

"Whose Pokémon is it?" asked Ash, shocked that Gary's Pokémon couldn't do anything.

Professor Oak sighed, "It's Naruto's."

"It's Naru-nii's?!"

Kushina bit her lips as Minato sighed. It had been quite a long while since Naruto had come home, even to visit his family and Pokémon. It really wasn't a surprise that his Pokémon would start fighting. Not only had their master not been there for them for a long while, the very structure in which they were trained would make them clash. Naruto built the teams he had designed since he was a child and trained them independent of each other. Each team of six had a leader – the strongest of the six – and it would lead and coordinate the rest of the group – they were built like cohorts, each with a Centurion. And with Pokémon at such high levels, it would only be natural that they clash without their praetor.

Ash nodded along, "Oh, now I understand. No wonder our Pokémon couldn't do much."

"Who is that?" asked May.

Mito smiled a little sadly, "My big brother."

"Wait…" muttered Max. "Wait, wait, wait, wait!" The boy was becoming increasingly loud and excited, "If he's your brother that means he's your parents' son." Minato and Kushina pursed their lips as Mito sighed, "H-His name is Naruto…Naruto Namikaze! Oh my god, Naruto Namikaze!" It was Max's turn to gush, "I-I thought it was a fake rumor, but they said that Naruto Namikaze is your son! I can't believe it's really true!"

"Who are you talking about?" asked May again.

Max just looked at his sister annoyed, "I can't believe you don't recognize the name! Naruto Namikaze, the previous Kanto and Johto Region Champion!"

The girl looked surprised and looked over at Minato and Kushina, "Champion?"

Misty and Brock were also shocked; even they didn't know that Ash knew the previous Champion of their region. They had never faced Naruto as Gym Leaders, but they had certainly heard from their respective father and siblings about how powerful and skilled he was. "You mean you actually know him, Ash? Why didn't you tell us?!"

"You never asked," Ash said with a shrug before he smiled fondly and turned back to May, "Naruto was the Champion after he defeated the Elite Four a few years back." It had been a long time since Ash had seen his and Gary's childhood hero. Growing up next to Naruto was amazing; not only did Ash get to watch him train all his starter Pokémon, he got to learn a lot as well. Ash will never forget the day he and Gary watched Naruto train two of his teams at once by having them battle each other. It was amazing to see – perfection in the making. "He grew up here in Pallet Town, but no one really knows about it."

Max was giddy and was jumping up and down, "He's the youngest Champion in history! I did a whole report on him in school back in Petalburg." Professor Oak smiled and nodded, "He was only twelve years old when he took the entire Region by storm. He defeated every single gym in Kanto and Johto before he attended the Indigo League, and he beat every single opponent he came upon without losing a single Pokémon. And when he was sixteen, he used his right as the winner of the Indigo League to officially challenge the Elite Four!"

"Only sixteen? And he won?!" May was shocked that she never heard of someone like that before.

"Yep!" Max grinned, "It was broadcasted live throughout the Kanto and Johto Region and even a part of the Hoenn Region! I watched it with dad at home."

Gary actually smiled, "We all watched it too. The entire town was basically shut down when everyone decided to gather in the town hall to watch Naruto."

"He defeated Lorelei and Bruno almost effortlessly!" The young Petalburg son recited the results like his favorite story, "He challenged them to triple battles, which is much harder for a trainer. I thought the Elite Four would destroy him, but he somehow had these amazing original attacks and outclassed them. After four rounds of triple battles, he defeated the first two Elite Four!" Minato smiled proudly at his son's accomplishments, "Even Agatha, the oldest of the Elite Four, didn't last too long against him; she managed to defeat some of his Pokémon, but he still won in the end."

"Then the six-on-six battle against Lance," said Ash with excitement. "That was the best thing I've ever seen!"

"I was standing the whole time; even dad was cheering next to me!" Max laughed at his sister, "To think that you and mom missed it because you guys went shopping!"

May huffed as Mito grinned, "My favorite is Naru-nii's chained Sky Attacks."

"I prefer his instantaneous attacks," added Minato with a smirk.

Kushina scoffed, "You only like that because he named it after you – Hiraishin."

"Wow, he sounds so amazing…" muttered May, wondering how this entire family was so awesome.

Suddenly the ground started to shake again, and was even stronger than last time. Everyone immediately sat down on the open ground and tried to wait it out, but the Professor and all his assistants were worried for the structure of their laboratory. Then, to make matters worse, a loud explosion came from where the far fields were located. Blasts to fire and light could be seen from where the people were huddled and Pidgey were scattering from the distant forests, all sensing a clash of titans. Other Pokémon from other fields were also starting to jump out of their fences and toward where the group was, all trying to run from the battle.

Ash and Gary noticed some of their own Pokémon and went to gather them around. With four dozen Tauraus, one large Snorlax, and countless of other Pokémon, the situation was not made better. Now, in the middle of the large grass clearing, a mass of people and Pokémon gathered, all trying to think of ways to stop the battle before it destroys the lab, or worse, the entire town.

Tracy looked terrified, "Professor, what should we do?"

Oak sighed, "I really don't know." He looked over at Minato, who also wore a frown. "Can you calm them down? You've meet most of them and they know who you are. Maybe you and Kushina can command them."

Minato sighed, "It won't work. Naruto's Pokémon will only listen to Naruto; he's trained them to the extreme to that regard. No one but him will ever command them." The father of two could still remember the time when Naruto's Pokémon was guarding one of his laboratories and some thieves were stupid enough to infiltrate it. Those so called Team Rocket Goons were nearly killed by Naruto's Garchomp, and would have died if Naruto hadn't stopped it in time.

Kushina pursed her lips, "I'll try calling him again." Their whole family had been trying to get a hold of Naruto for a long while and they had been calling his number extensively for the past few weeks. Mito really wanted him to see her first Pokémon and wanted him to come home for her birthday. The girl herself had called her brother countless times, but unfortunately, no one ever answered. "I've been trying to call him for weeks already, though, so don't get your hopes up that he'll answer." With her red PokéNav, Kushina used her speed-dial number two, and it started to ring. "Yep, still no answer."

"I think the battle is coming this way!" cried Ash loudly.

A sonic-boom nearly knocked everyone to their backs as a Garchomp blasted its way through the skies, its roar deafening. Its body casted a large shadow onto the ground as it spread its wings as it glared at his opponent hovering a small distant away. A ball of orange energy gathered in its mouth before he shot it higher into the sky. The orb of power blasted apart in small fragments and fell to the earth like meteors.

"It's Draco Meteor!" Minato quickly pulled his wife and daughter close, "We have to run!"

But the attack weren't meant for them, and the blasts of energy were barreling at the very large Tyranitar standing strong behind the group. The massive and incredible strong Pokémon took the blasts head on, creating a huge dust cloud and causing tremors to run through the earth. It roared back defiantly, not injured at all – its defensive power was far too strong. It charged its own orange energy in its mouth, but instead of Draco Meteor, it was Hyper Beam. The devastating beam blasted the dust cloud away and shot up to the sky, blowing away some clouds with its power.

Garchomp growled and refused to dodge; instead it charged up a Dragon Rage attack.

The orange and blue beams collided and a huge shockwave was emitted. Mito was in awe as she looked up to see a maelstrom of energy that filled the morning sky. She knew that Garchomp and Tyranitar were no regular Pokémon; they were Pokémon trained by her brother for years and had power that stood nearly unrivaled in the Kanto and Johto Regions. No regular Pokémon could cause such effortless destruction. But the realization just made her clear on how dangerous the situation really was. They could destroy Pallet Town on their own, not to mention that Garchomp and Tyranitar were both leaders of two of her brother's team – cohorts – and could command their subordinates if they wanted to.

Gary stood and grunted, "Blastoise, use Hydro Pump on Tyranitar!" The grandson of Oak's strongest Pokémon were huddled around the group, and it locked its cannons on the bigger, stronger and older Pokémon.

"Blast!" it cried out as it shot two jets of water at the ground-type Pokémon.

Tyranitar barely paid attention to the incoming attack and dodged it with speed that a Pokémon of its size shouldn't have. Gary watched on in shock and horror as Tyranitar was covered in electricity and blasted his Blastoise with a Thunderbolt. The bolt of yellow electricity tore through the ground and struck Blastoise with blinding speeds. It sent Blastoise flying through the air and into the ground, knocking it out with only one attack. Tyranitar seemed to scoff before he turned its attention back to Garchomp.

Everyone was in shock as Gary ran to his starter Pokémon, "B-Blastoise!" Misty and Brock ran after Gary to help, both worried for their own Pokémon.

Ash gritted his teeth in frustration, knowing full well how powerful Gary's Blastoise should be, "O-One hit K.O." He was angry and knew he had to do something as well, "Snorlax, full-power Mega Punch on Tyranitar!"

"Ash, no!" cried Minato.

Max agreed, "Ash, that Tyranitar is far too strong!"

The ground shook as Snorlax sped toward Tyranitar, angry that it disturbed its peaceful sleeping and snacking time. Its fist glowed with energy and it cried out defiantly, "LAX!"

As if to spite its opponent, Tyranitar charged its own Mega Punch with its left fist – its weaker fist – and only backhanded into Snorlax's attack. The Sleeping Pokémon was immediately halted in its tracks and felt itself being forced back entirely – his attack didn't even hurt Tyranitar. Ash watched with widened eyes as his most physically powerful Pokémon was swatted away like a fly and was sent flying back into a tree, uprooting it as a result.

"Snorlax!" cried Ash helplessly.

May was trembling, "Snorlax and Blastoise…defeated with one attack."

Minato stood and grunted, "We have to leave this place; it is too dangerous to stay here now!"

Mito held onto her mother's hand and was almost crying, "M-Mom, why are Naru-nii's Pokémon doing this?"

"Don't worry, sweetie," said Kushina as she hugged her baby girl close, "They're just frustrated and they'll return to normal in a little while."

The group was slowly migrating away from the battle, but with each clash of Tyranitar and Garchomp, tremors and shockwaves were sent blasting outwardly, knocking everyone down each time. And no matter which direction the group moves, it seemed that the battle would follow them. The scope and area of the battle was just far too wide, and with Garchomp's speed, there was just no way to escape its way. Mito and all the other young trainers were huddled with their parents, wondering if the older trainers could do something. But seeing how Gary and Ash's physically strongest Pokémon were knocked away like nothing, they didn't have much hope.

Professor Oak was observing the battle closely and was trying to think of some solution. "Garchomp's temper has always been bad, and so has Tyranitar's, but for them to fight this seriously, something must have happened." There had always been small shoving and roughhousing, but none had ever been so devastating. Never had Garchomp been so agitated it'd use Draco Meteor nor had Tyranitar ever used its full-powered Hyper Beam – if that beam had struck the ground instead, the collateral damage would have been horrific. "But no matter, we have to get out of their vicinity."

Minato nodded, "I'm on it already." The blond scientist was tinkering on his PokéNav and somehow managed to teleport a Pokéball to his hand. "This is my new invention: a portable teleporting device that can be installed into your PokéNav." Max, despite the situation, looked giddy at the invention. "But I'll explain more, later." He threw the Pokéball on the ground, "Alakazam!"


"Teleport the people away!" Alakazam could only teleport a maximum of two people at a time, and Minato gestured to Mito and Kushina first. "Take Mito and Kushina back to the house." But before Alakazam could even walk over to its master's family, the ground shook again. "Hurry!" cried Minato as he fell to the ground. The shaking wasn't just tremors, it was one of Tyranitar's Earthquake attacks, and it was at full-power.

"Minato, come here!" yelled Kushina as she pulled her husband close, holding Mito with her other arm.

"Alakazam, hurry up!"

Professor Oak fell and felt shivers when he saw what the two powerful Pokémon were preparing. "We have to run, now! They're both charging a Giga Impact!"

True to the Professor's word, Tyranitar and Garchomp were both glowing and a wild torrent of energy warped around their bodies. Garchomp swooped down to the ground and, with a burst of speed, charged forward with another sonic-boom – attacking at the speed of sound. Tyranitar, on the other hand, charged as fast as it could, and while it was not nearly as fast as Garchomp, it used its massive mass to raise its momentum.

In a split-second, dragon met ground.

But for some reason, there was no impact explosion.

"Whew, that was close!" The group all had their heads down, preparing for the impact, but slowly started to look up at the lack of explosion and the new voice. "Is everyone okay?" The voice sounded worrisome and concerned, but was also relieved, "I'm so sorry about those two."

Minato and Kushina stared up at the owner of the voice with widened eyes, "N-Naruto?"

Two separate, but equally loud booms sounded out from the distance, one from the west and another from the east. The newcomer, with spiky blond hair that was very much like Minato's, but had shorter bangs. He looked a lot like Minato as well, but had Kushina's rounder face and eye-shape. Wearing a pair of grey jeans held together by a white belt, a pair of clean black sandals, and a simple black sleeveless shirt with an orange whirlpool design, Naruto, the previous Champion of Kanto and Johto, and the most famous prodigy in the Pokémon World, smiled down at his family lovingly.

"Naru-nii!" cried Mito as she jumped from the ground and into her older brother's arms.

The young Namikaze laughed and lifted his baby sister into his arms, hugging her close and tightly. "Oh, I've missed you so much, Mito." He kissed Mito's forehead as he placed her on the ground, "And you've grown so tall! You're nearly reach my shoulder now!"

Mito had tears welling in her eyes as she clutched onto her brother's shirt, "I've missed you too, Naru-nii."


Minato also looked stern as he stood to face his son, "Your mother is right, Naruto. We were worried and you should have at least replied to our calls!"

Naruto merely nursed his head with a sheepish smile, "I'm sorry, mom, dad, but you know how bad I am with these things." He smiled and pulled his mother into a hug and reached for his father's arm, "I lose my PokéNav every day and sometimes I just forget stuff when I'm concentrating." Kushina wrapped her arms around her baby boy and Minato patted his shoulder, both emotional. "But I remembered to come back today!" He smiled at Mito, who was still holding onto the back his shirt, "I would never miss Mito's tenth birthday and see her get her first Pokémon!"

"You're not leaving for at least a month, you hear me!" ordered Kushina crying.

Minato nodded, "Yes, you're staying at home."

Naruto chuckled and shrugged, "Sure, happy to." He hugged his mother tighter and smiled at his father, "I've missed everyone."

"Naruto," muttered Professor Oak with a soft smile, "It's good to have you back."

"It's good to be back, old man!" The champ chuckled at the destruction around the area, "Sorry about Sora and Tsuchi; I didn't know they'd cause so much trouble and danger for everyone." Naruto finally caught sight of Ash and Gary, "And wow! Mito isn't the only one who grew up. Ash and Gary are young men now!"

Ash smiled up at his childhood hero, "It's good to see you, Naruto."

"Yeah, it's about time you got back," muttered Gary with a smirk and crossed arms.

"Where did Garchomp and Tyranitar go?" wondered Misty out loud.

Naruto smiled at the girl and snapped his fingers, "I sent them away. They both just crashed into the ground over there." There was a flash and Garchomp and Tyranitar were back, both tattered with dirt and clearly still angry. They were growling at each other and were still in fighting stances, but the Espeon and Umbreon standing next to them and their paws on them, just in case. "Yami and Hikari are very fast and precise," said Naruto, gesturing to Umbreon and Espeon respectively. "They both trailed behind Sora and Tsuchi and barely teleported them out." Naruto patted his Umbreon's head proudly, "Sora is my fastest Pokémon and Yami almost didn't make it in time; thankfully Yami was smart enough to teleport near Tsuchi to catch up to him."

Max looked at the Umbreon in awe, "Wow, such skill in teleportation."

Tyranitar and Garchomp started to snarl louder, "Both of you, stop it right now!" Immediately, the two titans were silenced and stepped away from each other, "Come here!" They both bowed their head, looking almost sorry as Naruto glared at them, "I am very disappointed in both you. I don't care who did what; both of you put everyone in danger and that is not how I trained you!" Garchomp and Tyranitar bowed their heads even lower, just like they would when they were just Gible and Larvitar. "Now get back to the field and stay there; neither of you will be having dinner tonight!" Begrudgingly, they both slumped back into fields, neither raising their heads. "And if I find either of you causing any more trouble, I will let Amaterasu teach you both a lesson!" For some reason unknown to the others, Tyranitar and Garchomp slumped faster away.

Max looked up at Naruto with stars in his eyes, "Wow…"

Misty, Brock and May were all shocked at how Naruto could tame such powerful Pokémon so easily – it was as if they were puppy Growlithe. But they were all also surprised that Naruto was so carefree and casual; they were all expecting him to be much more serious and intimidating. His reputation to around Kanto certainly made him out to be a scary and ruthless character.

Naruto turned back and smiled when Mito ran to hold his hand, "Well, what'd I miss?"

Professor Oak chuckled almost awkwardly, "I guess we should get back to giving out starter Pokémon…"

Kushina and Minato smiled and looked at each other, 'Our son is home.'

The End!

This is new second attempt at a Pokémon x Naruto crossover, and I think this one will be a lot better than the last one. I have been quite bored with PJO lately, so I've decided to start a new project in a new universe. But don't worry, "A Father's Love" and "A Young God" will be updated next. I personally love those two stories and will never give them up.

The pairing for this story has already been decided, but it will be hidden until the right time. The Naruto in this story is still vastly unknown, but more information will be revealed about him in the upcoming chapters.