Disclaimer: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn and it's parent setting, the Universal Century, belong to Harutoshi Fukui and Yoshiyuki Tomino, while Zero no Tsukaima/The Familiar of Zero belongs to Noburu Yamaguchi.

Note: Mail is the ZnT version of meters.

The Unicorn will be keeping two extra beam gatlings for extra firepower, and it is not what it seems to be...

Edit at 28/2/15: Changed the measurements from mail to meters, as it's too much of a hassle to convert the two and vice versa.


A Mobile Suit Gundam Unicornt and Familiar of Zero crossover

Chapter I: Summoning/Possibility

That barbaric Zerbst had summoned a salamander. From the Fireountains, no less. Inwardly, she seethed. No doubt that Kirche would be rubbing that fact in everyone's faces, her especially. She'd summon one even better than that stupid salamander!

'If you manage to summon a familiar, that is...' a stray, self-deprecating thought whispered in her mind. Immediately, she clamped down upon that thought with all her mental might. She would summon a familiar, and show them that she was not Louise the Zero!

"Is that everyone?" Jean Colbert, a balding, middle aged man and her teacher, called out to the assembly. Murmurs broke out, and while Louise was scanning the crowd, she caught the malicious glint in Kirche's eyes when their gazes locked against each other for a brief moment. Cold sweat broke out on her forehead when the Germanian cupped a single hand around her mouth and announced to the entire crowd:

"I do believe Louise has to summon her familiar!"

Immediately, all eyes turned towards her, and the confidence she had been building up ever so slowly in anticipation of summoning her familiar melted away to sheer terror. Slowly, almost mechanically, she made her way towards the front, ignoring the cautious whisperings of her fellow nobles.

"She'll screw it up, I'm sure of it."

"We are talking about Louise after all..."

Her fists clenched and unclenched, the only outward sign that she was trying to calm herself and ignore them, even as she marched through the crowd. Finally, she stopped in front of the very same spot that many familiars had appeared throughout the ages. Looking towards Colbert, who gave her a slight tilt of the head as a sign to continue even as the whispers of the assembly grew louder and fiercer, Louise positioned her wand the same way the others had when summoning their familiars, and began to chant.

"I beg of you..."

The sounds of feet shuffling backwards drifted towards her ears, a sign that her peers had begun to move backwards - 'because they think I'm gonna screw up this spell' - but she paid them no attention. To break her concentration now was to fail, and she did not need failure.

"My familiar spirit who lives somewhere in the universe..."

"Hey, what kind of spell is that? That's not Summon Servant at all!" a student whispered to another.

"It's some other spell, but I don't know what it is...Well, if Zero needs another spell to summon even one familiar, she'll need it." the other student replied.

"Oh sacred, beautiful and strong familiar!" Towards the end, her voice wavered. Fear rushed throughout her body.

'Focus! You're almost done! Don't let their words get to you!'

A strange, foreign sensation grew from the pit of her stomach, racing all the way to her wand, unable to break free. It pushed desperately against the invisible wall, to no avail.

'I need to finish the incantation!'

"I desire and plead from my heart..."

The power began to well up against the wand, trying to break free but unable to-

"Answer to my guidance!"

-and it was released in one, great explosion that sent the crowd flying a few feet away. Great bouts of brown soil were ripped from the ground and into the air by the sheer force of the explosion, and began to rain down upon the assembly as small chunks the size of a fist.

"You failed again, Zero!"

"Why can't you get even one spell right?"

"Your success rate will always be zero!"

Colbert, who had recovered faster than the students, attempted to calm them down, but they were far too angry to listen to the man. They flung horrific verbal abuse at the poor young girl, who was on the ground, keeping herself up with her hands while staring at the spot where she had cast the Contract Servant spell with only one thought in her mind.

'I failed.'

That same, accursed thought rebounded through her mind, taunting her, sapping all her strength and causing her hands to wobble and give out, sending her head falling against the earth. She wanted to scream, to throw a tantrum. But she couldn't.

The second years crowded around her, screaming at her face, cursing her for her failure.

Louise did nothing to stop them from doing so.

'Why should I? I'm going to be kicked out of the Academy for this. This...this was my last chance. And I failed. Just like the last time I cast a spell. And the time before.'

Tears born of anger and frustration begin to well up in the corners of her eyes. What would her father say? What would her mother say?

A loud groan interrupted the barrage of insults. Confused, Louise picked herself off the ground, looking at the dust cloud in front of her and her classmates.

"What's happening? I thought Zero didn't summon anythi-" the student was cut off by a massive hand sweeping through the dust cloud she had wrought, dispelling it with the motion, revealing it in all it's majestic glory.

A golem, far more beautiful than any square-class mage could ever create.

It lacked the bulk that many would associate golems with, instead opting for a much more sleeker look. White dominated it's frame, covering most of the golem save for the joints, which were a metal grey. A shield adorned it's left arm, while what seemed like two muskets with four barrels were attached to the sides of it's backpack. Another musket was attached to the very middle of the backpack as well.

But those weren't the most striking feature. No, it's most noticable feature was atop it's head: a single, three meter long white horn that extended from the base of it's forehead upwards, pointing towards the sky.

The word sprang from her lips, so fast that she couldn't control it.


The legendary beast, said to only allow the purest girls to ride upon it...and represented possibility.

And as if had heard, the golem's head turned towards her, green eyes gleaming. Her classmates scrambled backwards as it approaches with slow, thundering steps which shook the ground. Eventually, it came to a stop before her, looking down at her battered form with something akin to worry in it's eyes.

Then it did something that surprised them all.

It kneeled.

Kneeled before her. Before Louise the Zero.

Tears, not of anger nor of frustration, but happiness, replace the ones that were flowing down her cheeks before.

Her classmates and teacher are too shocked, too dumbfounded to say anything. Their insults died in their throats and their minds began to process the sight before them.

"Are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

Not long after the golem uttered those words, the courtyard exploded into chaos.