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Chapter II: Adapting/ Brave New World

Ignoring the confused spluttering of her classmates about the fact that her familiar could speak and the repeated denials that she, of all people, had succeeded, Louise approached her summoned golem with a feeling akin to trepidation. Most golems that square-class mages could create were easily 20 meters tall. This one looked about the same height as many of those ones, maybe a meter shorter. And yet, it looked infinitely more threatening than what she'd heard of those square-class golems.

It seemed self sufficient as well, which was a major bonus in every way.

Her eyes flickered towards Mr. Colbert behind her, whose face was scrunched up in thought until he noticed her eyes were upon him. The man cleared his throat.

"Continue with the ritual, Ms. Valliere." he said.

Turning her gaze towards the golem's face, she took a deep breath. Slowly, she lowered herself downwards to meet the golem's foot and incanted:

"Pentagon of the five powers, bless this humble being and make it my familiar."

Lips met cold steel for a brief moment of contact, and then the contract was sealed. A blue light emanated from the back of it's left hand in the shape of various runes that she could not read, before it faded away, leaving behind those same runes.

Silence reigned for a few moments, before it was shattered by the indignant screams of her classmates, unable to believe, unable to comprehend the sight before them.

"That's an act! It has to be!"

"Zero couldn't possibly have summoned this!"

"It's all a trick, it's all a trick..."

Louise, however, had tuned out her classmates, simply staring at the majestic being as it lent it's hand towards her. She gulped. Was it really offering to take her to class? On it's hand?

It's head tilted slightly to the side, a surprisingly human gesture, before it asked:

"Do you have somewhere you wish to go to, Ms...?"

She blinked. She really needed to get used to the fact that it spoke.

"L-Louise. Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière."

A low, guttural sound echoed throughout the clearing before Louise realised that the golem was laughing. She flushed a deep shade of red, opening her mouth to tell the insolent familiar to shut up before it stopped laughing and spoke:

"That's quite a mouthful, Louise. Where I come from, things such as I don't have those kinds of names." it said, amusement clearly evident in it's voice. The pink haired mage took three seconds to process the words, before:

"You have a name?" Skepticism dripped from every word. Golems did not usually have names. The earthen constructs were easy to create, but hard to maintain. It was rare for a mage to keep using up his willpower to maintain one, let alone give it a name.

Then again, this one was self sufficient and an absolute masterpiece, so maybe it did deserve a name.

"You already know what my name is, seeing as you called it out earlier." The golem replied drily. It took Louise yet another three seconds for her to brain to process the words, before it hit her.

"Unicorn...the beast of legend, said to only let the purest of girls ride it and is said to represent possibility." She had to thank Cattleya for that one. Her beloved older sister loved all kinds of strange and exotic creatures.

"Indeed . However, I don't know if you're...pure enough to ride me." She swore the golem would've smiled if it had a mouth. Louise stamped her foot in irritation.

"Don't tease me, stupid familiar!" In response, Unicorn lifted it's hands and raised them up to about shoulder height in a disarming gesture.

"If you say so, Louise."

"It's not Louise to you, it's master! Dear Founder, why is this golem so insolent!?" Louise huffed, folding her arms and turning away.

A cough interrupted their argument. Both golem and human turned towards the source, which happened to be Mr. Colbert. A small bead of sweat made it's way down his forehead from the combined stares of Unicorn and Louise. The poor professor gulped.

"If you two are done arguing, this class may disperse for the day. You may now return to your dorms and get to know your familiars." This snapped the rest of the nobles out of their reverie, and they began to leave the courtyard. Soon, this left the strange pair by themselves.

Once again, Unicorn lent it's palm to Louise.

"Do you wish to go back to your room, Lou-master?"

"Hmph! Fine. Take me there, familiar!"

The exchange between the so called golem and it's master, however, had not gone unnoticed.

Currently, Siesta was staring up at the summoned being making it's way to the dorms with it's pink haired master with mixed parts horror and awe. Tales told by her great-grandfather and her father drifted through her mind, with only one sentence repeating over and over.

"A Federation Mobile Suit..." she whispered. Tales that she thought false became true with this revelation. Suddenly, it felt as if the weight of the world was upon her, and the young maid sank to the ground.

With the arrival of this one Mobile Suit, the whole of Halkeginia could be plunged into war. Slowly but surely, she picked herself up from the ground, and made her way back to the kitchen upon shaky legs, trying to banish the thought from her mind.

Soon enough, night had fallen. The students of the Academy were sleeping soundly within it's stone walls, along with their familiars. There was one exception: Unicorn.

The Mobile Suit looked up to the skies. There was not one, but two moons. Stars hovered above, but pinpricks of light against the backdrop of darkness. However, those paled in comparison to the two large moons that hung along with them as well.

"Where am I?" It came out as nothing more than a whisper. This was not Earth. Earth did not have two large moons. Luna II wasn't even half the size of the Moon, so that was out. Unicorn shook it's head.

One moment it had been floating in space, the next it was on solid ground, facing Louise. From what little information it had gleaned from talking to the pink haired mage as they made their way to her dorm, it had been summoned using the 'Contract Servant' spell.

Which apparently involved ripping it from the middle of space through 'magic' and brought it down to the Academy in an instant, destroying several laws of physics and passing through time and space to end up on the courtyard.

Unicorn sighed, a surprisingly human mannerism even as it sat down, leaning against the Academy's main tower. This was a strange place indeed.

It's green eyes began to dull, before fading completely, indicating it had gone off to sleep, much like the rest of the Academy's population.

"-the Unicorn shall grant you powers unrivalled. It should then open the way to Laplace's Box."

"Laplace's Box?" she finds herself asking.

" A dark curse that has enslaved the Vist Family for a hundred years. But if used right, then it will bring light to this Universal Century."

"That being...?"

"Anna..." a small gasp escapes her lips as the man before her mentions her mother's name. "She didn't want this curse to bind you, so she took you away from me..." He reaches for her cheek with a single bloodstained hand.

"She must hate me...as must you as well. But you must go forth! Fear not, for if you trust in the possibilities within, and try with all your might, the path will show itself to you!" His hand caresses her cheek gently, leaving a trail of blood as she bats it away.

"No...it's too late for that! It's selfish!"

"Please forgive me...I wanted to spend more...so much more..." the man throws himself out of the cockpit, the same hand outstretched towards her even as she looks on in horror.

And then she says the word she has wanted to say for so long.


Fire engulfs his figure, before the cockpit door slams down-

-and Louise wakes up, cold sweat trailing down her face as she tried to comprehend what that dream was about.