Ziva decided to visit NCIS Headquarters one day after a couple months of being on maternity leave. She confirmed with her husband and Tony said that there weren't any current cases, just paper work, so it would be alright to visit. Though DiNozzo questioned himself later if a visit while in her ninth month of pregnancy was a good idea, he knew she was missing her surrogate family and didn't want to be alone. She was craving company. He just hoped Gibbs didn't smack him on the back of the head.


He looked outside as thunder clapped. The storm was getting bad. "Aw man! And Ziva's driving in that." "Ziva's driving in what, DiNozzo?" Gibbs questioned as he looked at the newspaper, taking a sip of his coffee. Tony gulped, eyes wide a little before he straightened his tie. It was suddenly too tight as he put on a brave face. "Uh. She, Uh-" Gibbs looked over his reading glasses at him. "Spit it out!" "Ziva's coming over for a visit, Boss!" Tony blurted.

Bishop and McGee's faces were a little shocked. "Ziva is visiting while in her ninth...as in the last month of pregnancy?..Are you crazy?" Bishop asked. "She's crazier." Tony answered, and with a grin I might add. He loved his ninja so much he'd let her go to the moon and back. He'd give her the moon like George Bailey said to Mary in 'It's a Wonderful Life.' "Did you just say she's driving? She shouldn't be. Not in her condition." Tim was flustered. A look of 'How could you?' written on his face. Tony held up his hands. "Guys she's not going to let her condition hinder her. What Ziva wants to do she'll do. She's already been very cooperative with our suggestions and the Dr's. orders and followed them to the letter." Tim sighed. "Yeah but she's not Wonder Woman. She could hurt herself." Tony nodded. "You don't think I don't know that Tim? She's been at home for 4 and 1/2 months and really hasn't seen anyone," Tony quickly turned to Gibbs. "besides you boss..and Ducky, doing his Dr. stuff. But the point is when she talked to me this morning about visiting I decided to let her have a day out of the house." He slowly walked back to his desk and sat down. "Granted I prefer it should have been sooner, but -" Riiing! Riiiiinng! Tony answered his phone.

"Special Agent Anthony DiNoz-" Tony paused mid greeting, his eyes slowly going wide as the person on the other end was talking to him. "I'll be right down." Quickly hanging up, Tony went towards the elevator. "Ziva forgot to bring an umbrella." "Have fun." Commented Gibbs as he turned the page of his newspaper. "Don't get wet." Chided McGee at Tony, who made a face as the doors closed. Bishop watched the silver doors and kept watching after the ding before Gibbs interrupted her thoughts. "Something on your mind, Bishop?" The blond turned back around, brow furrowed, thinking. "I'm not sure. For some reason my stomach just flip flopped..like something's gonna happen." At that moment thunder cracked loudly. "First gut feeling Bishop?" Commented Tim. Thunder rolled again and the building lights and computers flashed a little, causing everyone to look around. McGee looked up from his computer to the ceiling. "This storm's gotta be heading above us."

Meanwhile DiNozzo was outside with his very pregnant wife heading back inside NCIS Headquarteres. Both were completely soaked to the skin as they walked through parking garage and entered the elevator. "So much for the umbrella." Ziva huffed, wringing out her dripping hair and clothes. Tony nodded as he wiped his face, little droplets flying as he pushed the button for the squadroom and the elevator started its ascent. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lanyard with a visitor tag on it, handing it to Ziva. "Here." She took it and placed it around her neck after removing her lavender purple sweater jacket. She was wearing black maternity pants and a thin, dark turquoise blue v neck shirt, the sleeves stopping a little past her elbows, her large belly clearly showing in the low drop position.

Ziva then took a long intake of breath, her hands resting on her belly, massaging it. Tony paused and stared at her. "You alright?" Ziva only nodded as she breathed through her nose. "Just a contraction." Her husband nodded, knowing what their Dr. had told them when these light crampings/low contractions had started. The first stages of labor vary from woman to woman but can be very short or last for many days. "You're dilated at what, two, three centimeters?" DiNozzo asked. "Now three." Tony's eyebrows rose a tad and he pursed his closed lips, nodding. "When the nurse visited to see if I'd be okay to be about for today, she checked." Ziva explained. Silence followed as the elevator continued, then suddenly the lights flickered. Ziva put a hand on her husband's arm, standing in a stance of readiness. Memories from a couple years ago flooding back to her. Tony saw her face flash fear and brought her close, holding her. "Hey, nothing's going to happe-" SCREECH!

"Tony!" "Ziva!" The couple grabbed onto each other as the elevator cabin suddenly jolted to a stop and the lights went out, making them struggle to stay upright and grab onto the side railings.

The lights went out in the squadroom and groans sounded from the people within. Tim stared at his computer. "No, no, no, no!" He threw his hands up to the sides of the screen. "I was almost finished with the last file." he wined. Bishop was next to him holding a different file and patted his shoulder. "So close and yet so far." Gibbs rose from his chair and flipped out his cell. "Who are you calling Gibbs?" She asked. "DiNozzo." The silver haired fox answered as he put the cell to his ear, walking towards the elevator.

Tony was looking Ziva over, making sure she was okay and calm after what just happened. "You alright?" He asked as he held her face in his hands. Ziva nodded, closing her eyes and taking slow breaths through pursed lips. "I am fine, Tony. The baby's fine. We are okay." She assured him. At that moment his cell rang and he answered after looking at the ID. "Boss?" 'You guys alright?' DiNozzo heard Gibbs ask. Tony nodded. "Yeah, just a little shaken up." Ziva whacked him in the arm.

'Ow! Honey!' Gibbs smirked as he stood in front of the elevator. Bishop and McGee went and stood in front of the window, looking out at the rain hitting hard against the glass, the bushes swaying back and forth in a frenzy.