"Aaaaaahhhh!" The screams of pain bounced off the walls of the elevator. 'Oh God!' Echoing out of the phone. Gibbs breathed a shaky breath, sweating, his lips a thin line, his eyes red and a tad watery from hearing the wails of his surrogate daughter as she was trying to bring forth another life. Abby was holding his hand. She patted the top of it with her other hand in comfort. McGee and Dr. Mallard were standing nearby, the paramedics holding and conversing through the phone. "It's going to be okay." Said Bishop as she came near. "Ziva's tougher than this, she'll make it through." The group nodded though that statement won't prove true until the baby was born. For now all they could do was sit wait. Hours of no chasing down crooks, no soldiers to be rescued, no tasks to complete. For hours all they did, was wait. "Come on Ziva, push push push!" The Dr's said, Abby and Bishop joining in their mantra as they encouraged the mother to be.

Ziva pushed with all her might, sweating and straining where she lay on the floor of that little elevator, her hands clutching her belly and holding her legs back as she lurched forward. "Aaaaaaaauuugh!" She roared. She had been pushing for a couple hours straight and she was draining of strength. Tony looked up, wiping sweat from his face, the first two buttons of his pail green stripped shirt undone, his sleeves rolled above his elbows. "Our baby's almost here Zi! It's barely crowning here. Breath!" Tony showed and Ziva imitated him, her chest heaving, body trembling with effort. Set in a messy ponytail, wet bits of dark hair plastered to her forehead, Ziva was exhausted from pushing so much. Her strength was depleting fast. "I can't do this much longer!" His wife exclaimed as she then pushed again, tears coming from her eyes, salty sweat making them sting.

Soon after another contraction started and the couple got ready again. Ziva screamed as she pushed hard. Tony grinned a little. "That's it Ziva, the baby's coming! It's coming!" "I know it's coming!" Ziva yelled at him, contraction over. She leaned back against the wall of the elevator, breathing hard, perspiration on her face and neck, gasping for air. "It's hard to breath." Tony nodded in agreement but assured her. "You're doing good Ziva. You're almost there." The mother to be rolled her eyes. "That is what you said three pushes ago!" Tony nodded. "Yeah but this time I really mean it." He turned his head to the cell phone.

'The baby is crowning.. I can see it. It's right here.' The second paramedic nodded. "Okay Ziva I need you to give me a big push alright? You're doing wonderful. You're doing great." "Your almost there Ziva." Bishop joined in. "Come on Ziva! You can do it." Added Abby and McGee. "Ready? Push push push 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!" Commanded the Dr. 'Aaaaaagh! Uuughnnnmmm! OW!' Was heard on the other side. 'The head is out!' Exclaimed Tony.

DiNozzo cradled his child's head in his hands. He looked at his wife. "Do you want to feel it?" Ziva, though tired, nodded her head and Tony guided her hand between her legs till it rested on their newborn's head. Her eyes widened in awe. "Oh my gosh." She said in amazement. Suddenly a contraction hit and Ziva called out again in agony. The pain crippling her as she pushed, her face turning red with exertion. But to no avail. It didn't come. "It stopped. The baby's not coming!" Tony exclaimed. 'Where is the cord?' One of the paramedics asked. DiNozzo looked but didn't see anything that looked like a cord. "I don't see it!"

Panic was drumming in Ziva's throat, shaking her head from side to side. "I don't think I can do this anymore!" Tony leaned forward and caressed her face. "Yes you can...Yes you can!" Ziva took a big breath. "Tonyyyyyyyyyy!" She sobbed aloud in anguish. 'Push Ziva! Push hard!' The others encouraged. 'Don't give up now.' said Abby. "Aaaaahhh!" Ziva lurched forward, pushing out the infant's shoulders with everything she had left, knowing the rest of the baby will follow. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" She threw her head back, tears coming from her eyes and down her sweaty face, her whole body trembling violently until the baby's body finally slid out of hers, Tony catching it in his waiting hands.

After a few moments of complete silence. "Waaa! WAAAA! Waaaa!" He smiled the biggest and brightest smile anyone's ever seen. Ziva was sobbing, gasping for breath, reaching out with shaky arms for their little one. "It's a girl." He barely whispered, tears coming from his eyes. He was just in awe. "It's a girl!" He announced to the phone.

The group cheered and whooped and hollered. Many hugs were exchanged and handshakes. "Yaaay!" Abby jumped up and down as she and Bishop embraced, McGee joining in. Gibbs and Ducky let out their relief and hugged, then shook hands with Director Vance. "Congratulations you two." He said I to the phone. 'Thank you director.' Tony replied.

Carefully Tony placed their newborn daughter on Ziva's chest. "Oh shalom Tateleh." The new mother wrapped her arms around her child and held her skin to skin against her chest. There was amniotic fluid, goo and blood from the baby's previous dwelling but that didn't matter. The newborns wails quieted and she slowly opened her eyes, squinting them in the dim light. She looked up into the face of who held her...and recognition was immediate. Ziva smiled through her tears and nodded. "Yes. I'm your Immah." She sniffled. "I'm here and I love you so much. We've waited a long time for you." Ziva proudly her daughter's head to her lips and kissed her lovingly. Tony was sitting next to his wife, he gently caressed his daughters head, which the infant respoded by turning it slightly. "She's very alert." Said Ziva. "Just like her mom. She's perfect Ziva." The two locked eyes and then kissed deeply and I love you-s were exchanged.

Crack! Screech, Screech!

The couple looked to see the elevator doors inching open, protesting loudly, heavy gloved fingers and a light from a fireman's helmet peaking through. More hands shows as the doors opened more and the paramedics carefully climbed in with the supplies. The newborn was reluctantly let go from Ziva's arms after Tony cut the cord that bonded their daughter to her so she could be cleaned up and checked over to make sure everything was alright. While one was working on the baby, the other paramedic helped Ziva deliver the placenta and placed in a container. After both mother and child were cleaned up they were reunited. The little girl was wrapped properly in a little blanket, a little pink hat atop the infants small head. Ziva was allowed to feed her daughter befor they moved her. It took a couple of tries but the infant eventually latched on and suckled almost greedly from waiting so long.

Before long a gurney was brought up and the men were able to get Ziva and the newborn on it and strapped her in. They got her out and then carefully went downstairs to the parking garage and into the ambulance. Tony got in with them and sat next to his family. "We'll meet you at Walter Reed, DiNozzo." Said Gibbs. Tony gave a thumbs up as the doors closed and the bus pulled out. After a few seconds the power came back on. Everyone looked around as lights and machines flickered to life. Gibbs looked back at his team standing there. "Well come on, lets go." And with that the group got in their cars and followed the ambulance, a little convoy of vehicles on its way to the hospital.