About an hour later at the hospital Ziva and the baby were checked over, cleaned up, and taken care of so the 'family' could com into their room. After her first feeding and diaper change, the newborn was placed back in Ziva's arms. Tony was siting next to his wife on the bed. Though tired, Ziva was awake and alert, kissing her daughters head and gently talking to her.

The team were there, going ooh and aah over the new addition, passing the infant from one set of arms to another. After all that being passed around, the little girl decided she wanted Mumma and fussed loudly. Tim was holding her and he carefully placed the baby back in her mother's arms. Ziva cradled her child to her chest. "So have you thought of a name yet?" Asked Abby. The couple looked at each other and smiled, then looked to the group. "Her name is Maria Leah DiNozzo." Said Tony proudly, looking down at his little girl with love in his eyes. Ziva looked up at him and caught his stare. She locked eyes with him and DiNozzo closed the small gap between them, kissing her deeply on the lips. Never mind that the entire team was present.

After the kiss Ziva laughed as she looked down at their daughter in her arms. She gently rocked Maria and soon the newborn was sleeping. Ziva yawned tiredly and Gibbs came near. Smiling, he leaned down and kissed her forehead. "You should get some sleep Ziver...it's been a long evening." The new mother looked to her husband, who nodded in agreement. Zive then also nodded and A nurse rolled a basinet nearby and gently took the newborn and placed her in the little crib and little Maria was sound asleep. After many hugs the team members one by one said their goodbyes and extra congrats to the new parents.

After saying the last goodbye to Gibbs, DiNozzo looked back to the bed where Ziva lay. She was falling asleep, her eyes drooping as she watched over their little one. He smiled warmly and went to get side. "Hey." She looked up at him and miles. "Is there room for two?" Ziva chuckles wearily and positions herself, a little painfully, so there was room for Tony and he climbed in, careful not to disturb her too much as he was certain she was going to be sore for a while.

Ziva looked at him as they snuggled together. Tony smiled back and caressed her cheek, moving a lock of hair from her face. "You okay?" Ziva nodded. "Just tired." Tony chuckled, smirking. "Well we've had a trying day. The storm, then the elevator, power out, etc, etc, etc." He finished in the 'king and I' accent. Ziva laughed quietly and lade her head on Tony's chest, sighing heavily, listening to Maria make little gurgle noises in her sleep. "Sleep Ziva." Said Tony. "She'll be hungry again soon and you need your rest." Ziva looked up at him then rested a hand on her belly. A little less big now but still prominent stomach. "It's interesting. I'm so happy she's here now, and I can finally hold her. But I miss her being inside already." Tony placed his hand over hers. "I bet. But I'm glad she's here too. And let me guess...I'm on diaper duty?" Ziva snorted, smiling. "Not all of the time." "Just most of the time." Tony chided, receiving a smack to his arm. "Hey." "Ssshhhh. The baby is sleeping." Tony looked at her with a mock pout expression. Ziva kissed the end of his nose. "I love you Tony." He smiled and wrapped his arms around her as they settled for the night. "I love you too Zi."

The End

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