A Visit to Tom Bombadil's


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Warning: There are scary scenes and spoilers in this story.

Authors Note: There is a pro life message and a little religion in this story.

Goldberry was in the kitchen of her and Tom Bombadil's house getting dinner ready for the arrival of their guests. Last week Tom sent a bird to deliver the invitation to come over his house, and he received a reply saying that they accepted his invitation. Goldberry was exited about the hobbits visit. She couldn't wait to see them again; they were delightful creatures who brightened up their already happy home when they came to her and Tom Bombadil's house at the beginning of the quest, and she hoped that they would brighten up their home again. She was also glad that she and Tom gave them rest from their weary travels and refreshments to help them continue on the dangerous quest.

She wondered what tales they are going to tell her about the dangerous but necessary quest and what is happening in their shire. She and Tom already knew a lot about the quest because Gandalf talked about it to them when he visited them. Still, it would be nice to hear about it from their guests, and they might tell parts of it that Gandalf did not mention or know.

Goldberry was making pancakes and fruit for dinner. She took a rolling pin out of the cabinet and began to flatten the dough that was on the table by pushing the rolling pin hard on it and rolling up and down on it until it became flat. She also moved it in the directions that will create a circle. When she was finished with that she place it on the frying pan and let it fry until it became a golden brown. She was getting other pancakes ready while the pancake was frying.

When the pancake was ready she took it out with a spatula and placed it on the plate. Then she sprinkled some powered sugar on top of it to add a little more flavor to the pancake She did the same with the other pancakes.

Goldberry was looking at the bowl of mixed fruit that she made earlier that day; the mixed fruit consisted of pieces of apples and pears mixed with all kinds of berries. Tom Bomadil came home yesterday with a bunch of fruit and a song for her; for he always had a song for her when he went out on his daily travels in the woods. Goldberry on the other hand usually stayed near the house except in the spring when she went to the Withywindle River, her true home for she was made from the river.

While she was looking at the bowl of fruit, her thoughts turned to her husband whom she loved very much and the hobbits he was escorting home. She knew that lots of trees in the forest were dangerous especially Old Man Willow who had the hobbits in his clutches the last time they traveled in the woods and almost killed them. She was glad that Tom saved them from him, and she hoped that they would never encounter Old Man Willow again.

Please come home safely, she thought.

Old Man Willow did not forget the day that Tom saved the hobbits from his clutches and hated him for it. He planned his revenge on them with the help of some of the evil trees.

Meanwhile Tom was walking with the hobbits towards his home. They were surrounded by all kinds of trees including chestnut, elm, maple, and oak, most of them were hostile towards the hobbits and they showed it by angrily shaking their leaves and branches , but most of them dared not try to harm the hobbits because they were under Tom Bombadil's protect. However, a few of them dropped their branches on the ground near them as a way of threatening them. The hobbits were glad that Tom Bombadil was with them because they knew how dangerous those trees were.

"This forest is just as scary as before; perhaps even scarier," Pippin said to Merry. "I shudder to think of what the trees can do to us."

"I know, but we have Tom protecting us," said Merry.

"That we do," said Sam. "I have not forgotten how we were lead to Old Man Willow and how Old Man Willow almost drowned Frodo. Two years ago."

"And crushed us," said Merry.

"Can we talk about something more cheerful?" suggested Frodo, who shook a little at the memory.

They walked for about 30 minutes until they came upon a group of tree saplings with a few older trees standing behind them protectively. Their grim stances and shaking of their branches made the hobbits think of what the older trees can do if they should harm there young. They were as fierce as mother bears and tigers.

"I can't wait till we get to your house again," said Frodo. "And see Goldberry again. The last time we were there we enjoyed your company so much and rested so well that we did not want to leave."

"I'm glad that you gave us shelter from those dangerous trees," said Sam. "Otherwise we would not have been able to continue our quest, and I would not have been able to help Frodo."

They turned towards the right and passed by a group of chestnut trees that were growing close to each other.

"I have never felt more relaxed in any place except for Rivendell and Lothlorien," said Merry.

"And the best part about your home was the food. I loved how your wife cooked. She made the sweetest honey comb, the most savory bread with butter, and gave us the juiciest of berries," added Pippin who thought about the food in his head so well that he could almost taste it.

"Don't forget the water," said Frodo. "It tasted better than wine."

"I'm glad you like my wife's cooking," said Tom who laughed a little in delight.

"Goldberry and I were glad of your company too, for you made our bright and cheery home even brighter and cheerier."

Tom Bombadil and the hobbits walked for about another ten minutes while chattering with each other about different things. The hobbits did most of the talking. Tom did not talk as much as the hobbits, but when he did it was usually with wisdom. They came upon a small hill and climbed it. Then they walked a few feet more until they came to a large bush. Tom stopped walking for a few seconds.

"We should go to the Withywindle Valley and get some water lilies. I promised my lovely wife that I will bring some home to her."

"But Old Man Willow is there," said Sam while shuddering at the memory of him.

"Do not worry, Sam," said Tom we won't even go near him, and besides he can't harm you as long as I am with you."

They were walking past many trees for over an hour; some of them grew close together and others did not. When they walked between the trees that were growing apart they were able to see the sun that was shinning brightly in the sky and the sun warmed them. When they came upon a clearing they saw a stream of crystal clear water flowing over the rocks. Some wild flowers including anemones, blue bells, and water lilies were growing near the water. Some of the lilies were floating in the water.

"Come friends," he said to them while he pranced towards the water. "You can wade in the stream while I gather the lilies."

The hobbits walked in the beautiful stream until it was halfway up their knees then they began to wade in it.

Although it was late September and the weather started to get colder, they enjoyed splashing around in it because the sun warmed-water felt delicious. Pippin kicked some water on Merry and laughed when the water hit his blue breaches and yellow shirt.

"I'm going to get you for this!" Merry exclaimed laughing who splashed even more water at Pippin than Pippin splashed at him.

Some of the water got Frodo.

"Hey! That's my new shirt!"

"Sorry, Frodo," Merry laughed; proving that he wasn't sorry at all.

"Well two can play at this game," said Frodo who bent over and splashed a large amount of water at Merry.

Pippin laughed at Merry when he saw that Merry's breeches and shirt were even wetter.

"So you dare laugh at me Pippin," he said with laughter in his voice. He splashed even more water on Pippin.

"Come and join us, Sam," said Frodo.

Sam needed no second invitation and joined in on the fun. The hobbits were splashing each other so much that their clothes became soaked and water was dripping out of their hair like water fall.

While the hobbits were having fun and acting like children, Tom was humming a merry tune while gathering the water lilies. He was making up a new song for Goldberry. When he was finished gathering the lilies, he walked back to where the hobbits were and noticed how soaked they were.

"You merry folk must really been having fun," said Tom with bright eyes, and a smile on his face. "You must get yourselves dry before you can eat at the dinner table. Goldberry has some towels and dry clothes for you to wear."

"We have some extra clothes ourselves," Frodo said while he and the other hobbits picked up the bags of clothes that they have been carrying.

"It's time to continue our walk to my house."

Tom and the hobbits began to skip gaily in the woods for ten minutes until they approached Tom Bombadil's house.

Goldberry was looking out the window of the parlor and saw Tom prancing towards her house with a bunch of lilies in his hands; behind him the soaked hobbits were chattering happily with each other.

The hobbits must have had a lot of fun, she thought good-naturedly. I'll have to go inside the closet and bring some towels out for them.

Just as she was about to head towards the linen closet the door opened and Tom entered it. He gave her some lilies and sang another lovely song for her.

"Thank you my love," she said to her husband while she kissed him on the right cheek. "And welcome to our home again," she said to the hobbits. "It's a pleasure to have your merry company again."

"It's a pleasure to see you too," said Frodo speaking for all of the hobbits.

"I noticed how wet you are," she said to them. "It looked like you were having lots of fun in that stream."

"We certainly did," Merry agreed.

"I'll get some towels for you and you can go into the guest rooms and dry yourselves off."

Goldberry walked out of the parlor for a few minutes and returned with a bunch of towels. When she gave the towels to the hobbits they walked out of the parlor.

While the hobbits were in the guest rooms drying themselves off with towels and changing into dry clothes tom and Goldberry were walking in the kitchen with their arms around each other.

When Goldberry opened the kitchen door their noses were hit with sweet scent that came from pancakes, fruit, honey, and flowers. When they stepped inside the room, Tom saw a stack of pancakes on the table with a bowl of mixed fruit on one side and a plate of white bread with a bar of butter and a small jar of honey next to it. Towards the right end of the table was a large pitcher of berry juice. In the middle of the table was a bunch of wild flowers including iron weeds, golden rods, black eyed susans, and asters. There were also water lilies floating in a dish on the window sill.

"You always knew how to add the right variety of flowers," Tom said while admiring her flower arrangement. "And your dinner looks even better."

"I hope the food tastes as delicious as it looks and smells," she said.

She took a bunch of plates out of the cabinet and began to place on the table in front of each chair. When she was finished with that she put a small bowl next to each plate. Tom was helping her by placing silver wear and glasses next to the plates and bowls. When they finished setting up the table, Goldberry slid a spatula under the pancakes and put a few of them on each plate while Tom scooped some fruit in the small bowls with a very large spoon. Goldberry sliced the bread and placed a slice on the edge of each plate, and Tom poured juice in all of the glasses. When they were finished, the hobbits arrived in dry clothes and toweled-dry hair.

To be continued