A Visit to Tom Bombadi's

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"That's what you think."

Old Man Willow turned around and saw to his disappointment, Tom and the hobbits standing very close to the edge of the clearing.

"How is it possible that you were able to find us in this good hiding place? My friends confused the trail."

"There is no place that you can hide from me in this forest, and did you really think that confused trails would stop me from finding you?"

"It doesn't matter whether or not you found me now because your powers have weakened, and I am no longer afraid of you."

"My powers have not grown weaker," Tom answered.

"Then why was I able to kidnap a hobbit from your house?"

"Because I did not use strong enough magic to protect it, your powers have grown without my realizing it."

"Then my powers are stronger than yours."

"Not really, you forget that my powers come from Eru and nobody's powers are stronger than his."

Old Man Willow's leaves shook with laughter. "Mine are growing all the time and someday they will be stronger than yours maybe they are stronger now.

"You are arrogant to think that," said Tom.

All the while the other hobbits were dismayed when they saw a wide eyed Pippin struggling frantically in Old Man Willow's branch.

"Let go of him!" Merry yelled looking like he wanted to tear Old Man Willow's branches off.


"What has he ever done to you," Frodo asked angrily.

"Yes, what has he, or any of the hobbits ever done to you?" Tom repeated.

"What have they done to us?" asked in a tone that says that Tom should know the obvious answer. "You know what their kind has done to us. They chopped our trees, broke our branches, and burned our leaves. My family was killed by creatures that walk on two legs."

"These hobbits have never harmed any tree in this forest," Tom answered.

"They trespassed in my forest, and no two legged creature is aloud in it."

"Let him go! Let him go now!" Merry screamed.

"Easy, Merry," Frodo said quietly while he put a hand on his shoulder. "Tom is handling this."

"It is for me to say who is or who isn't allowed in my forest. Now let him go, or I'll sing notes that will freeze your roots."

Pippin's eyes became wider and he struggled more frantically. "Please don't let him hurt me!"

"You can't stop me," Old Man Willow said arrogantly.

Just as he was about to begin to squeeze Pippin to death, Tom sang a few notes that froze a few of his roots. Realizing how strong Tom's magic was he dropped Pippin and moved away from him. The other hobbits came rushing to him, and they picked him up off the ground.

All three of them were fusing over him by brushing his clothes and talking to him at the same time. "Are you alright Pippin? Did he hurt you? Are there any injuries?"

"I'm fine," Pippin said.

"We were so worried," Merry said while he grabbed Pippin in his arms.

Frodo and Merry joined in the hug. Tom watched them for a few minutes holding each other and letting their tears fall from their eyes. They were so relieved that Pippin was safe that they couldn't say anything. Tom shed a few tears himself. After a while they let go of each other and they walked towards Tom.

"Thank you for saving Pippin's life," said Merry.

"It was my pleasure," said Tom. "I'm very fond of you hobbits and don't want anything to happen to you."

"We appreciate your kindness," said Frodo. "I wish there was something we can do for you."

"Let's go back to my house," said Tom.

The dark sky began to get lighter while the hobbits began to walk back to Tom's house.

The End.