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"So what you're saying is that it's both possible and impossible? How is that even remotely helpful?"

"I didn't say I'd be helpful, Love, just that I'd found something."

Felicity glares at the British Warlock. They've been looking into this for almost a year now, ever since the earthquake leveled half the Glades, taking just as many lives with it this time. They'd stopped it, but they hadn't at the same time. She's learning to live with that.

But this? It's not something she can just drop. She's never been good at letting go and she hates mysteries. And this whole going back in time thing? That's a big mystery.

"This is time travel we're talking about. It's not exactly cut and dry, especially when mystical powers are involved." Constantine lights a cigarette. "Sorry, Lovely. To me it seems like a one-way trip. I have no idea what threw you back in time in the first place. Hate to break it to you but it not likely to happen again. The chances are, if you die, that's it. Done. Bam. The end. I've seen souls that linger and it never turns out well. Can't say I've ever seen a case of time travel like this one, let alone two."

Felicity sighs. "So, not a time loop? No chance of waking up from the point we left?"

Constantine lets out a slow exhale, lazily shaping the smoke. "No offense but why would you want to? From what you've said, it doesn't seem that great there."

Felicity turns to stare out over the rooftops of the city, and the spot where a great number of buildings once stood. They're rubble now. The clean up crews are working slowly but surely, clearing away the destruction to make way for a new life.

She ignores Constantine's question, her mind already rushing ahead to another one. "You said you've never seen anything like this, so why? Why would this happen to us?"

He glances at her and shrugs. "I've seen a lot of crazy things, things you wouldn't believe. But the only thing I can think of is that your souls are connected, that his called to you through the dimensions to pull you back to him."

It's not the craziest thing she's ever heard. Heck, it's not something completely out there with everything that went on with Darhk. That doesn't mean she's buying it as an excuse. She snorts. "But how did he come back? Wait. Did you say…his soul?"

"Don't knock it, Love. I've seen it: it's like a perfect run, two people so in sync with each other they practically read each other's minds. From what I can tell, you and Oliver have that. Seems as good a reason as any."

Felicity wraps her arms around herself in a hug against the chillin the air, feeling the memories of a thousand hugs from much stronger arms that always made her feel warm and fuzzy. And as bizarre as the idea is, it is a reason. Constantine does have a point. She just doesn't like to think about that, doesn't like to think about what she's lost and what she still can lose.

"So this is it? That's the only reason we fell back in time? No how or why or anything? It's just time to stop looking?"

Constantine flicks the end off his cigarette. "I've been around enough to know that the universe works by designs. Sometimes you find answers when you stop looking. Sometimes you never find answers. You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth."

Felicity turns away from the view. "I'm not good at waiting for answers I might never get. Somehow, someway, time travel is possible. It happened - more than once."

"If I ever find something, you'll be my first call, Love. And if you ever get tired of Tall and Broody, you know my number."

She shakes her head in annoyance at the continued lack of answers but she can't help the laugh that escapes her with Constantine's antics, the sad cloud she'd descended into breaking at his humor. "I'll tell him you offered."

"And where is my taciturn amigo?"

Felicity grins at him. "The bachelor party is tonight."

"Ah, strip clubs and booze. You worried, sweetheart? Heard he used to be quite the player." Constantine flicks his cigarette butt across the roof with a smirk.

Felicity kicks at the roof, with a small smile. "Not at all."

Oliver's only doing this for Tommy, hosting a bachelor party for his best friend on his last night as an unmarried man. She knows he has no desire to go to a strip club, no need to go out for a wild night. His version of a wild night is patrolling the city until 3 a.m.

Constantine snorts. "Yeah, I wouldn't be worried about him either. Well, seems like my work is done here. Don't be a stranger."

Felicity watches him go from the top of the roof, breathing in the cool, fresh air. She takes another moment, a peaceful moment all to herself. She needs to leave soon, to rejoin the rest of the world. The Glades still aren't safe with night falling. She already spotted a couple shady characters on the walk here, at least one with a gun. She could easily call anyone – Oliver, Sara, Digg, Lyla, Roy – and they would come pick her up, even if all she said was that she didn't feel safe walking to her car. Heck, Oliver and Digg would probably prefer if she did.

She keeps one hand on her cell phone as she walks down the stairs at a leisurely pace, and the other hand on her Taser. Digg and Lyla were trying to get her to carry a gun. She's a pretty decent shot, but just the idea of killing someone at close range brings back flashbacks to Havenrock.

She gets to the car without any issues, sending Oliver a quick text telling him to have fun, that she'll be running comms for Sara and then heading home.

They end up calling it an early night, neither willing to risk the bride's wrath by showing up late to her special day. Sara wanted to crash the bachelor party, but Felicity nixed that idea, saying she was too tired and headed home.

She collapses into bed as soon as she got there, without even enough energy to kick off her shoes.

Years ago, Oliver and Tommy had once planned out each of their bachelor parties. Two nights of pure debauchery before they would inevitably be forced to settle down with some woman that fit society's idea of who they should marry. They had joked about it, coming up with the most outlandish ideas they could all in an attempt to outdo every party they'd ever gone to.

So it hadn't come as a surprise when Tommy had asked him to be his best man. Although he could have waited until after Laurel had said yes. Not that Oliver doubted she would say yes to his best friend. After all, Tommy and Laurel had been inseparable ever since the Undertaking. Still, it came as a shock when Tommy dragged him away from Queen Consolidated for "lunch". Oliver hadn't expected to be dragged into a jewelry store to look at engagement rings.

Which had led to an interesting conversation when Oliver came home and his mother cornered him, demanding to know what business he had proposing to a girl he'd been dating for two months, and what business he had proposing when he was still in recovery from his fight with Malcolm.

And then she'd sighed and told him she'd schedule a trip to the Queen Family Vault for the next day because no daughter-in-law of hers was going to wear something without a bit of history.

He and Felicity were taking it slow. At first it was his injuries that necessitated that. He'd lost a lot of blood when Malcolm's blade slipped, biting into his shoulder instead of severing his head from his neck. His left arm was out of commission for a long time and he'd been forced to use a wheelchair for his recovering knee since crutches were not an option.

Felicity had been there for him the whole way, offering her own little insights and support. And when he'd finally gotten back to his feet – slowly, far slower than he would like – they'd moved in together. He'd found the loft after three weeks looking. Felicity hadn't been with him when the agent called, hadn't seen it with her own eyes, but the apartment had been perfect.

When he had taken her to check it out the next day, she'd been fighting a smile since they pulled up to the building. When he pressed the button for the penthouse she'd had the audacity to laugh.

"What?" He'd finally asked after three-quarters of the way to the penthouse.

She turned to him with a brilliant smile, leaning into him. "You're taking me to the Loft."

He smiles back at her even as his brows bunch in confusion. "How did you know?"

She slips her arms around one of his, intertwining their fingers. "Because we lived here. It had your perfect kitchen and plenty of space. Plus, the view was to die for."

Oliver agrees, yet there's something more, something she's holding back. "But…"

"But," she sighs, pressing a kiss to his shoulder, "but it's full of memories that you don't have. I just think we should keep looking, to find something new, for both of us."

He could never say no to her, which is how they ended up in the spacious apartment on the other side of town. It was closer to the Glades, and their new lair – which he still refused to call the Arrow Cave despite everyone else adopting the name.

It was a new apartment building, made to recent earthquake standards. It wasn't quite as spacious as the loft, but it had huge windows, a beautiful view, and what Felicity called "his kitchen." He'd quickly realized she really hadn't been exaggerating her cooking skills - or lack thereof - when she tried to make him breakfast on his birthday.

But it was home.

Home was that immediate comfort he felt as he stepped through the door and was enveloped by that mixture of unidentifiable scents, that warm mingling of him and Felicity. It's a relief after the noise and flashing lights of a newly refurbished Verdant where they had hosted Tommy's bachelor party. The apartment was dark, but Felicity's jacket thrown carelessly over the back of a chair and her purse slipping haphazardly off the counter tell him she's already back. He smiles softly as he walks down the hall to their room.

City lights filter through the window, illuminating his beloved sprawled on the bed. One shoe dangles off her foot, hanging on by the very toe. Her blouse gapes open as if she tried to take it off and fell asleep in the middle of the action. He shakes his head with a fond smile as he gently pulls Felicity's shoes completely from her feet, massaging them briefly. She hums contentedly.


He brushes her hair back from her face as he leans up to press a kiss to her lips. "Yeah, it's me."

"You're back already?" She clasps her arms behind his neck. "What about your crazy party?"

He nuzzles his nose against hers, stealing another kiss. "Turns out it wasn't really a crazy party." Slowly, she wakes up a little more, demanding another kiss as she tries to pull him closer. Oliver pulls back a little. "We need to get you out of those clothes."

Felicity runs her hands over his arms. "Hm, we can totally do that."

Oliver chuckles and pulls back. "Not what I meant, honey. You're exhausted."

"And you know just the thing to wake me up."

The sleep slips from her eyes as she rubs against him. He groans and pulls back. "We have to wake up early. We cannot be late for Tommy and Laurel's wedding."

Felicity pouts. "Fine."

Oliver chuckles and leans back in for another kiss. And another, until he loses himself in her touch, in her taste. She's his whole world.

He never could say no to her.

"We're going to be late!" Felicity cries from the bathroom.

Oliver chuckles as he pours a travel mug of coffee, adding a little cream and sugar. Felicity comes flying into the room, shoes in hand and hair in a flurry of curls as she spins around until her eyes land on Oliver. Before she can continue her freak out anymore, Oliver passes her a banana.

She stares at it for a moment in confusion before her bright blue eyes meet his. Then he holds up a granola bar and the mug. "I think we can make it."

"You are amazing, incredible, and I love you," she whispers in wonder as she takes the mug from him with all the care she would handle one of the precious gadgets.

"Are you talking to me or the coffee?" Oliver jokes. His hand lands on her lower back as they head out of the apartment.

She considers him as she leans back against the wall of the elevator. Her eyes linger suggestively on him before she shrugs and takes a long sip from her mug. "Definitely the coffee."

Oliver grins, shaking his head as the elevator doors open. "So that's it? Coffee's better than your boyfriend?"

"Coffee didn't keep me up half the night," Felicity counters, smiling impishly at him.

He shakes his head. "No. It certainly did not, but as I recall, someone was eager last night."

She turns and smiles innocently at him. "Who? Me?"

The happiness on her face takes his breath away. Every time. This was what he had wanted to accomplish when he came back, he had wanted to make everyone he loved happy. And here he was, miraculously surviving a second Undertaking, along with all his friends and family.

He couldn't even imagine a future like this before he fell back in time. It was an impossible dream back then, the kind of thing that saved him from his darkest nightmares. It had been a fantasy. Now, it was his life.

Felicity's hand squeezing his pulls him out of his daydream so he can open the passenger door for her. She lifts his hand to her cheek and presses a kiss to his palm.

As usual, she knows exactly what he's thinking without him having to say a word. He lets his thumb run over her cheek and brushes a strand of hair behind her ear. He has to pull away in order to move around the car. If they don't leave now, they'll never make it to the restaurant in time for pictures and he's not messing up his job as best man. But as soon as he climbs behind the wheel and starts the car, he reclaims her hand and presses a kiss to her knuckles.

"I love you."

She smiles back at him. "I love you, too."

The music over the radio fills the cab of the car, and Felicity keeps up a steady stream of chatter, her hand absently drifting over to land on his or run up his arm. It starts out innocent, but each lingering touch, each stroke of her fingers stirs something in him. With her, he always has trouble getting his emotions under control.

He takes a deep breath as he parks the car. She doesn't realize she's moved on to squeezing his thigh. He can tell because she's babbling on about how her latest project is going to change the world. Gently, he lifts her hand from his leg and intertwines their fingers. "Honey, if we don't get out of the car now, we're going to miss the wedding."

"I thought we were early," she counters with a flirtatious smile, leaning forward.

So maybe she did know what she was doing.

"We are," Oliver agrees, closing the distance between them to press a kiss to her lips. She chases him as he pulls away, but he makes sure there's distance between them. "But if we don't get out of this car now, we're going to have a repeat of last night."

Her bright red bottom lip juts out in a pout. "Fine. But only because Tommy would kill us both if we missed it."

Oliver moves first, walking around the car to open the door for Felicity. She hooks her arm through his.

"So? What's first? Pictures of the wedding party? You, Tommy, and your ex-girlfriend?" Felicity teases.

"Ha ha," Oliver deadpans. It wasn't funny the first couple times she made it. Lately his life seems like a perpetual joke: like Donna Smoak dating Quentin Lance. At first, he was amused when Donna burst into their apartment announcing she had met someone. And then she'd brought Quentin to dinner and all Felicity did was laugh hysterically at his face.

"Actually," he glances at Tommy and Thea laughing by a rose bush, "Tommy wants you in the pictures."

"What? Me?"

Oliver laughs at her skeptical look. She forget that he's seen them together. He knows how close they are. He's witnessed it firsthand. "You're like a sister to him. Of course he wants you in the family photo."

"But now he actually has a sister." She points at Thea as she takes a selfie with Tommy, both of them making funny faces. She stares wistfully at them.

"If you think that makes you any less special, you really don't know Tommy at all." Oliver grins at her when she looks sharply up at him.

"Smoaky! Ollie! Get over here!" Tommy calls. "It's picture time!"

"And that's our cue."

"So, Smoaky, when do you think it'll be your turn?"

Felicity shakes her head, laughing at Tommy's question, as they sway on the dance floor. "An hour after you tied the knot, you're asking me when I'm going to get married."

"Come on. Even before the family pictures, you and Oliver couldn't take your eyes off each other. I was a little preoccupied with the most beautiful woman in the room during the ceremony, but I'm sure you two were making heart eyes the whole time. Honestly, I'm surprised he didn't go ring shopping with me."

She laughs. "What makes you think he didn't?"

"Well, for one, he better have asked me for help. He was the first person I told and I expect him to return the favor," Tommy says defensively.

Felicity glances at Oliver over Tommy's shoulder. He's dancing with Laurel, but his eyes drift to hers as they turn. His special smile lights up his face, a slow change that starts with a flickering light in his eyes and a twitch at the corner of his lips. It's positively radiant.

It's the look he had when he proposed to her in her future. This is a man completely in love with her, and this time she knows they have no secrets from each other so it's a thousand time better.

"Something tells me he won't be giving me a new ring." The one he had proposed with last time had been Moira's. Oliver hadn't told her more than that, but she had a feeling it had been in the Queen family for generations and that she really didn't want to know how much it was worth.

Tommy stops in the middle of the dance floor. "WHAT?"

She can feel eyes on them as she stumbles in an effort to not step on his toes. She looks up at him with an impish smile. "What?"

He narrows his eyes. "You know something, Smoak. What is it?"

They start swaying again by tacit agreement. She might be barely passable at dancing, but Felicity's not going to throw off everyone else by stopping in the middle of the dance floor. She remains steadfastly silent on Oliver's proposal plans. She hasn't seen a ring, but she had seen that damn soufflé recipe. She'd left a post it on the same page, saying that if he proposed to her with food – and the added choking hazard – she would say no on principle. He'd responded with a green post-it on her pillow saying "If it's you asking…"

There had been some great sex that night.

"Oh. No. Don't get that look," Tommy protests, gripping her shoulders adamantly. "You need to stop thinking about sex with my best friend, right now."

"Tommy," Felicity says with a laugh.

"Nope. We're not talking about that. You're like my sister and I do not want to think about that."

Felicity shakes her head with a smile. "I'm not thinking about sex."

"You're a terrible liar."

She can't bring herself ashamed. It is good sex after all, and after Tommy walked into the Lair unannounced Oliver's first day back at training and got an eyeful, she's less embarrassed to be caught thinking about sex. At least she's not shirtless and draped over his best friend.

"Well, the song's over in thirty seconds, and you can go back to your beautiful bride." And she can sneak off with her gorgeous boyfriend for a good make out in the maze-

"Don't even think about it." Tommy glares at her. "Oliver is not getting out of his speech and you are not sneaking off."

Felicity smiles innocently. "I wouldn't skip your wedding, Merlyn. This is your day. And it's perfect."

He grins, glancing back at his bride. "Yeah, it really is."

That look is how she knows Tommy and Laurel are going to be happy. They never had the chance in her timeline: Oliver had screwed things up (literally – kind of), and then Tommy died and Laurel when off the deep end. She'd been a bit nervous for the two of them in the aftermath of the Undertaking. Obviously, Oliver wasn't giving any mixed messages about his feelings, so that wasn't an issue. And Felicity had only even been sort-of-friends with Laurel in her timeline. Their relationship here was rocky…to say the least.

For a while there, Laurel had seemed jealous of her relationship with Oliver, of how close they were. It had led to a few awkward group dates while Oliver was recovering. Without the mission, Felicity really didn't know how to start a conversation with Laurel. They had been friends once, but the pain of her death was still fresh.

Until she ran into Laurel in the café around the corner from Verdant. It had been a coincidence, purely incidental, but it ended up being perfect. It had been around the time Tommy was going to propose and Laurel thought he was pulling away. They ended up having a great heart to heart at Verdant before they were interrupted by Oliver and Tommy.

Felicity still wouldn't call them the best of friends, but they didn't need their significant others around to get along anymore, which she had to say was an improvement.

Then there was the mutual bonding when they realized their parents were dating at a Save the Glades fundraiser gala. That had been…well, fun definitely wasn't the word, but it hadn't been a total disaster either so that was nice.

She was just trying not to look in the general direction of the band where her mother and Quentin were giggling. Only years of stomaching her mother flirting with patrons for larger tips has prepared her for watching her mother actually flirt. It still makes her gag a little in the back of her throat.

"You know you're my family, right?" Tommy asks quietly as the song ends. "You and your mom. I don't know if I would be in such a good place today if it weren't for you guys."

Felicity squeezes his hands and tries not to look into Tommy's eyes because she knows that she will cry. "You're a good man, Thomas Merlyn."

"But I'm not sure I could have made it past my father's part in the Undertaking if you hadn't been there for me and Laurel." He hugs her, continuing to sway even though the song has changed. "You're a better person than I deserve. You're a better person than Oliver deserves."

"I'm really not," she whispers back. "I'm just happy you're happy."

He laughs. "I'm more than happy. This might be the best day of my life."

Felicity smiles, releasing him. "Then go dance with your wife."

Tommy's face lights up. "Wife. I like the sound of that."

"Get out of here." Felicity chuckles as she pushes him towards Laurel. He doesn't even look back as he takes his new bride in his arms. Oliver sidles up behind her and she leans back into his chest, not taking her eyes from the bride and groom as they twirl and laugh on the dance floor.

"They look happy," he whispers in her ear, wrapping his arms around her. "We did that."

Felicity grins, looking up at him. "You did. You're the one who saved Tommy."

"I almost died," he counters, leaning down to press a kiss to her exposed shoulder. "300 people still died."

"But you didn't and the damage was worst in a non-residential area. Tommy and Laurel are alive. Malcolm won't live to kill another day." She lists. Then she sighs. "If you want me to be sorry for that, I can't be, even if he was Tommy's father."

Oliver holds her just a little tighter. "I'm glad I didn't have to be the one to do it."

It's a quiet confession she can only hear because his mouth is right next to her ear. She runs her hands over his arms, grateful for the comfort he offers.

"You never told me what Constantine said."

She laughs lightly. "You really want to talk about that here?"

"So no captivating answers?"

Felicity twists in his arms. She clasps her hands behind his neck, trying not to think about how they're definitely pressed too closely together for any sort of propriety. She rises on her tiptoes to press a kiss to his lips before she takes a step back and leaves some space between them.

"He said something about our souls being connected and more mystic mumbo jumbo. So, basically, after a year of searching, all we know is that it was mystical, our souls are connected – apparently – and as far as we know, this is our new reality."

"Well, considering my last memory is of falling off a cliff toward almost certain death, I think I like this timeline so much better."

Felicity sinks into his kiss, closing the distance between them again as if they're not still swaying on the side of the dance floor with an audience.

"Oh, brother mine!"

Felicity squeaks in surprise, jumping away from Oliver and covering her mouth as she stares bug-eyed at Thea. She takes great pleasure in breaking up their little moments, more pleasure than a little sister should probably get. Oliver says it's payback for how he's cock-blocked her since his return from the Island.

He's also far less easily embarrassed, which is why his arms are still around her, already pulling her back against his side as if nothing's happened.

"Thea," he says calmly. "Did you need something?"

"It's time for your speech, best man, which means, I get to keep your lovely girlfriend company." Thea slips her arm through Felicity's and smiles brightly at Oliver. Felicity drags her hand down his arm to grip his fingers.

"Go, move them to tears. I'll be here, waiting for you." She beams at him when he leans in to press a kiss to her cheek.

"I love you."

"I love you," she mouths back as Oliver makes his way to the stage, grabbing a glass of champagne along the way.

The first thing he does when he gets to the mic is wink at her from across the room. Damn does she love that man.


"I can't believe we had to leave early because of a hostage situation that only took thirty minutes to handle."

Oliver grins as he kicks the bike into gear, listening to Felicity babble in his ear.

"It was nice of the robbers to wait until after your speech, but couldn't they have held off another fifteen minutes? Then we could have had cake."

"You know you didn't have to come with me? You could have handled this from your phone." He weaves through traffic as he makes his way back to the Lair. Tommy had given him a quick nod after Quentin had gotten the page from the station. He and Felicity had slipped out the back door after that. Sara had been stuck in the middle of her speech.

"Did you seriously just suggest I leave you to face bank robbers on your own?" Felicity demands.

"But you missed the cake," he teases as he rounds the corner. "And all the questions about when we're tying the knot."

"And don't forget that your sister thinks I'm pregnant because I wasn't drinking the champagne."

Oliver laughs, even as his heart swells. He can see it, years from now: Felicity with a swollen belly waddling around their apartment, him rubbing her feet after a long day at work, a crib he put together himself with one of those spinning mobiles hanging over it. "There's still time. We can go back."

Everyone will assume they had disappeared for sex anyway.

Felicity snorts. "Uh-uh, I don't think so, Mister. You got hurt."

"It's a scratch," Oliver dismisses as he parks the bike in their hidden garage. He glances down at the graze on his upper arm. It won't even need stitches. "A lucky shot."

"All it takes is one lucky shot," her voice transitions from in his comm to right in front of him as the door in front of him swings open, "and then you're dead."

He points at the small slice. "It's nothing."

"It's not nothing," she insists, dragging him over to the medical bay. "Sit."

Oliver drops to the metal stool, allowing Felicity to help him out of his jacket and clean the scratch that really does not need stitches. Her hair is pulled back in a messy bun, locks of it tumbling out as she bends over his arm to dab at the cut.

He takes the time to admire her dress, the dark green dress he's been glossing over all day because he knows that the moment he focuses on it is the moment he's going to zero in on only that. The dress clings to her curves and God, is she beautiful. He wants to run his hands over her. His uninjured hand slides down her side to cup her ass.

"Oliver!" She slaps away his hand. "I am trying to help you."

He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her closer. "I told you: I'm fine. And I haven't had the chance to appreciate your dress the way I should."

Felicity rolls her eyes and slaps a band-aid on his arm. "You're incorrigible."

"Have I told you how gorgeous you look today?"

She smiles at him, running her hands up his arms. "Maybe a couple times."

"Good," he whispers, standing and pulling her closer. "So what do you say we break Digg's no-sex-in-the Lair-rule?"

She grins up at him, moving to straddle his lap.

He waits for her to move, for her to close the distance between their lips. And she does: slowly. Once.


Then she pulls back further. Her lips part in awe as she stares down at him, her hands running over his face, into his hair, down his arms. Her thumb traces his lips.

She's standing on a precipice and Oliver hangs back, waiting for her to take the final step. This is her choice. When she finally takes the leap, she says the last two words he ever thought he would hear from her sweet, sweet lips:

"Marry me?"

The breath catches in his throat. Two words and he's speechless. He had had a plan. He was going to ask her over a home cooked meal or on the anniversary of the day they met. Both. This kind of ruins his plans.

"I know the guy's supposed to be the one to ask, and you had a truly amazing speech last time. This is probably as far from romantic as it gets, but I just had to ask. I mean, it just came flying out. I didn't mean to ask that. God, I feel so stu-"

"Yes." Only shock stopped him from interrupting her babble sooner. To hell with his plans! This is more them, anyway.

"Yes?" She frowns.

"Yes, I'll marry you." He grins as a smile overtakes her face.

"Really? You just…" She grabs his face and kisses him, laughing. "We're getting married?"

Oliver stares at her, unable to process the intense joy. "I've…" He gestures back in the general direction of his tux where it's crumpled on the bed in the corner. "I got a ring."

Felicity beams, her hands running over his chest. "We can deal with that later. Right now, I can think of more important things."

He chuckles, pulling her with him toward the cot. It's slow going as they stumble along in between kisses, pressed up against each other. He doesn't want to lose contact with any part of her body. She's warm and pliable under his hands, her moans music to his ears.

She's all he ever needed in this life.

All of a sudden, she draws away from him, pushing back on his chest. "Do you think we can do this? Is this a mistake? Oh, God, did I ask too early?

Oliver lips twitch upwards in a grin. "No. I think we've got this: Together."

Felicity pulls him down to close the distance between them with another kiss before she whispers the one word that tells him they are going to be fine through whatever comes their way, the one word that confirms that everything he's done – that they've done – in this new timeline is worth it. They will make it through everything: