Hello! Here's a one-shot focused around Courtney, based on the song Blown Away by Carrie Underwood. I was listening to it one day when the idea hit me, so I wrote it down and acted upon it. So here's the result, and I hope you enjoy!

Courtney sighed as she stared out the window of the bus. Even through her earbuds, she could hear the thunder crack across the sky, accenting the lightning flashes that preceded them. She idly turned up the volume on her mp3 in an attempt to drown it out.

The warning had gone out yesterday that today would possibly be the day of a twister, but Courtney didn't truly believe it until she got into work that day. She'd stepped into the office, only to have sirens blare through the building, warning of the twister ready to hit. Fortunately, it was reported that the twister was hours away, so Courtney had enough time to catch a bus home before the service was unavailable.

As she looked out the window, she saw the clouds gathering in the sky. She imagined them to be like her mind, turbulent and unrelenting as she thought of her plan once she got home. She knew what awaited her, and she imagined that if anyone was watching her, they would see her eyes flashing like the lightning against the storm clouds outside. She'd been biding her time, and it had finally paid off. It was finally time to leave Oklahoma, and everything that tied her there.

As she entered her home, she found her tie to her home exactly where she thought he'd be; passed out on the couch, a drink in his hand. Courtney sighed as she took a long look at the man she'd been with these last few years.

He still had many of his recognisable features, though they were scruffier now. His clothing showed what type of lifestyle he had now, with a stained white tank top and baggy ripped jeans being his apparel. Courtney knew the rips weren't part of the design, but were a result of the bar brawls he took part in. He had heavy bags under his eyes and if they were open, Courtney would see dull blue instead of the bright teal she had fallen in love with. Oddly enough, he still had the red high top shoes he'd always had, though they were faded and falling apart now.

She walked over and sat in front of his chest, pushing him back to make room. He barely stirred, a result of his heavy drinking. She ran her hands through his hair as she recalled the day Duncan had taken her in.

It was a horrible day for Courtney, and the start of a new beginning. It was the day her parents died.

Back in Vancouver, Canada, Courtney had been out to lunch with a few of her friends when she received a phone call. As she took the call, she was directed to find the nearest TV. She went inside and saw a news report detailing a car crash on the highway, with two dead and a third injured. The two dead were her mother and father. The crash had been the result of a drunk driver in a truck veering into the wrong lane and smashing into them head-on. Naturally, Courtney drove straight home, not even bothering to acknowledge her friends or pay her part of the bill.

She burst through the front door, expecting to see her parents there, home after their business trip. Unfortunately, they weren't, and Courtney broke down as a result.

Not an hour later, Courtney received another phone call, this time from a concerned Duncan, who had seen the news. After learning her location, Duncan rushed to comfort her, and she sat weeping in his arms until she passed out.

When she woke, she found Duncan nearby, watching her. They embraced, and then Duncan asked the question that changed everything.

"What are you going to do now, Princess?" Courtney didn't even hesitate.

"I'm going to get out of here." Devastated that she lost both of her parents, Courtney didn't think she could stand being in the house she grew up in with her family. This led to Duncan suggesting Courtney move in with him, but Courtney said she wanted out completely. Duncan's next suggestion, Courtney decided, was perfect. Duncan's brother had a house in a small town in Oklahoma, America, that he didn't use, and Duncan could arrange for them to live there. After making this decision, Courtney and Duncan made the move, ready for a new life in the United States. Unfortunately, this is also where everything turned sour.

Upon moving in, Courtney, who had graduated high school top of her class and had been studying law, found a secretary job at a small law firm, and Duncan a job in a workshop dealing with cars. They decided to save their money for a better opportunity, where Courtney could become a lawyer and Duncan by her side. It seemed perfect in Courtney's eyes, and she couldn't be happier.

But, being familiar to the place, since he'd visited his brother when he'd lived there, Duncan quickly took to the rebellious side of life. Any attempts Courtney made to correct Duncan fell on deaf ears, and Duncan was arrested multiple times on charges such as theft, assault and later on, driving under the influence. Soon enough, Duncan brought it all home, showing up at odd hours roaring drunk. One time he had swung a bottle at her, and she learned to lock herself in their shared room when he came home drunk. More often than not, Courtney slept alone at night. She vowed to escape Duncan one day, and leave Oklahoma for good. She didn't know where she'd go, but it would be where he'd never find her.

Courtney pulled her hands out of Duncan's mohawk and stood up, giving him a disdainful look.

"Looks like today's the day." Courtney said out loud. Duncan didn't respond, of course, but Courtney liked to express herself when she had the opportunity, and with Duncan, that was when he was unconscious. She walked into their room and grabbed a suitcase from the closet. She quickly piled her stuff into it, leaving anything that would remind her of him out. Her hands faltered when they landed on a picture of her and Duncan, smiling together with Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, DJ and Gwen at Camp Wawanakwa. She picked it up, aiming to throw it onto the ground and smash it, but her fingers kept running over their happy faces and she eventually decided to keep it as a memento.

After she'd packed everything, she reached into the closet a second time and picked out a duffel bag. She opened it, revealing many rolls of cash, the efforts of her saving up for a better life. Of course, Duncan was supposed to be saving, too, but he spent all his on alcohol and she wasn't even sure if he had a credible job anymore. She would need this money if she wanted to escape.

Having gathered everything she needed, she headed out of the room and toward the cellar door, where she would wait out the twister. As she opened the door, she glanced back at Duncan, still passed out. She knew what would happen if she left him there. If he was found, it would probably be classified as her taking shelter, but she would call it sweet revenge. A smirk made its way to her face.

"Goodbye, Dunkie." She then went down into the cellar and locked the door.

Hours upon hours later, Courtney heard the wind die down, signifying that the twister had finally passed. Safe as she was in the cellar, the wind was so loud she thought she would go deaf.

Tentatively, and unknowing of what she'd find, Courtney opened the cellar door and ascended the stairs, case and duffel bag in hand. She gasped upon laying her eyes on the scene.

It was destroyed. All that was left of anything they'd ever had was a pile of rubble. Courtney couldn't help but poke around, looking for any keepsakes. However, she was unable to find anything worthwhile that was still intact.

Tears trickled down her face as she truly realised the gravity of the situation. But even so, she had a small smile on her face. If it was all destroyed, she'd have to relocate. Of course, she couldn't just leave right away, because everything would be down as a result of the twister, but once she was able to, she thought that a visit to Vancouver was long overdue. She'd left her sister to take care of everything back then, and it was about time to explain herself.

Once she'd looked for objects, she looked around for any sign of Duncan. But, of course, she wouldn't find anything. She decided to ignore the small bloodstain she found on a bit of rubble. Strangely enough, even after everything he'd put her through, her heart panged upon realising he was gone for good, but it was also a relief to be freed from his drunken rages.

Once she'd adjusted to the conditions, Courtney decided it was time to leave. As she stepped over all the rubble to the street, she noticed something. She let out a laugh when she realised that the front door hadn't been blown away. She recalled all the times that door had been slammed, either by her or by Duncan, and how ironic that after all the abuse it had been though, it was one of two things still left intact, herself being the other.

Now that she'd finally considered herself done with that house, Courtney let out a long sigh of utter relief. Head held up high, Courtney walked down the street, ready for her future after letting her past be blown away.

And there you have it! Courtney finally got away from her abusive boyfriend and is ready to move on! A morbid way to move on, sure, but whatever works works, I guess.

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