Chapter 1: We Learn A, B, C and D

A for Angel

Almost in the middle of the night, with the moon in the dark sky crescent-shaped, some clouds floating around, and the sky shine dimly, the whole team of Inazuma Japan, except Fubuki, Tobitaka and Hijikata gathered at the lounge area of the cottage. They all have uptight face respectively.

"W-We can't let anything happen to Fubuki-san!" Tachimukai said.

Kidou nodded his head solemnly. "I agree. Although this might seem like a matter that can be put aside, we cannot afford to take any risk."

"For now, we had Tobitaka and Hijiikata standing guard in front of Fubuki's room." Goenji said. "But we can't let this go on. We need a permanent solution."

"What do you think, Endou?" Kazemaru asked, and everyone turned to the captain they looked up to.

Endou stared down hard at the seemingly innocent paper laid on the wooden floor in front of him.

It was a hot pink love letter decorated with glitters, hearts and lipstick stains. The creepy letter ended with "Some day, I will come and get you. Chuu~"

Endou's clenched his fist up. "We must protect him at all cost."

Meanwhile, Fudou watched his team members calmly discussing about how to protect Fubuki's 'innocence and chastity' from this mysterious and creepy admirer. His eyebrow twitched. "Who do you think he is?! An angel?!"

B for Both Ways

The last practice session of the day has just ended and the Inazuma Japan members were taking a short break before heading back to their cottage for a nice bath and delicious dinner when Goenji suddenly broke the unexpected news.

Or maybe he was just pulling their leg.

But that couldn't be! He's not the kind of guy to crack jokes!

Aha! They're just probably too exhausted that their brain and ears couldn't process whatever Goenji said like usual.

That must be it!

It has to be...

All was silence for some awkward minutes before-

"You're not into me, are you?" Kazemaru asked, looking afraid of what the answer might be. Past experience, maybe?

Goenji turned to him with a solemn face. "No, never."

A relieved sigh came from the ponytail defender, with Kogure, Someoka, Hijikata and Tsunami snickering behind him.

"So...why did you only tell us now? You could have told us before!" Hiroto asked curiously.

They were stunned when they saw light red blush appeared on their ace striker's face. "Fidio's coming over tomorrow."


No one managed to catch Endou before the poor goalkeeper fell to the ground.

C for Caring Managers

"Mou, Fudou-sempai! You should have been more careful! I told you not to practice in the forest by yourself! Can't you ask someone to accompany you?!" Haruna chastised Fudou Akio as she landed herself on his left, a first aid kit on her lap. The Mohawk boy was sitting on the couch, holding a piece of cloth on the left side of his forehead to stop anymore blood oozing out from the aching cut.

"Will you just shut it and take care of this damn cut already, onna?!"

"How dare you tell me to shut it?! I'm not the one with blood dripping out of my forehead because I'm being stubborn, you asshole!"

She retaliated angrily and pressed the disinfection soaked-cotton a little too hard on the cut.

"Itai! Oi, onna! Can't you be a little more gentle?!"

"Quit your whining already! It is your fault for not listening to my advice! Now just deal with it!"

"Why would I listen to your advise, anyway?! I decide where I want to train myself!" Fudou retorted, crossing his arms defiantly.

He expected her to talk back.

Or scream at him in frustration.

Or glare at him grudgingly.

Or at least glare at him.

But he didn't expect to see a red, tear-stained face.

"F-Fudou-sempai..." She choked a sob, "Please...take better care of yourself. No good will do if you get hurt while we're still in the tournament."

Fudou sighed and his gaze soften. He pulled the smaller, shaking body closer and wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry for worrying you. I promise to be more careful."

A smug smirk curved up his lips when he saw Kidou thrashing violently in Tsunami, Toramaru and Sakuma's hold from the hanging mirror's reflection.

D for Deep Sleep

Disregarding the usual routine of knocking the door first, Aki simply barged into Endou's bedroom with a scowl on her face. She walked in, ignoring the dirty clothes, unfinished snacks and candy wrappers scattered on the floor and went straight to the side of the bed. She had her arms akimbo as she stared down at the sleeping form of the captain. The goalkeeper was snoring loudly, blissfully unaware of the other presence in his room. The female manager let out a sigh before she reached out her hand and shook him gently.

"Endou-kun, wake up. It's almost time for breakfast."

No response.

"Hurry up and get ready. Almost everyone's downstairs already!"

Endou scratched his cheek.

"Endou-kun, open your eyes and WAKE UP! Endou-kun!"

A grunt left Endou's lips at the loud screeching voice and he...scratched his butt.

An exasperated sigh came from Aki, shoulders slumped down as she was almost prepared to raise the white flag. Almost.

She arranged her fingers into her mouth and whistled sharply.

Fuyuka, Haruna, Natsumi and and Megane came in, each holding a pail full of water with another fellow manager.

Aki whistled sharply for the second time, and both pails were emptied out on Endou's body.

"TSUNAMI!" Endou jumped out of bed with eyes widen in pure panic.

Downstairs, Tsunami Jousuke chocked on his rice.

I hope you all enjoy this!