"You ain't good for me anymore, Soda..."

Soda glared at the sitting sun from the hood of his vehicle.

Man, what a bitch.

He didn't smoke. He didn't drink. Yet, Sandy wanted all Greaser.

She expected him to join her in failure.

When all he wanted was to be free.

Free from the fights. Drunks. Socs. Free of society. With Sandy. She wanted tough. Drinker. Smoker.

Hence coming to Florida, sitting alone on a car watching the Sunset just like Pony described.

"Nothing Gold can stay."

Sandy. Did she expect too much? Was she hoping to change a boy because Evie almost lost to a Soc...? Some Katherine Reynolds. A preppy Tulsa cheerleader.

Was she afraid of her insecurity?

Or even if it wasn't love?

But the safety net he became.

'Evie was really beautiful,' thought Steve sighing. Her hair was waving around her face and it was dark and silky. A deep rich black with bright Blue eyes to contrast.

She had really pale skin. She had a big bang and big curls that furled in at the bottom.

She had an angry look on her face.

"Sandy dumped Soda!"

Marissa walked in stunned hearing her crush got dumped.

By a whore she warned him about.

She walked up to the cashier and his girl. "I told ya! She is E-VIL!"

Steve wanted a drink. These ladies and their talk was about to lead to 'Him' being involved.

Sandy got ready to go. She ran back and hugged her grandma. "I won't stay up all night," she promised.