They would have made Ponyboy a sandwich.

Tim pulled him up. "They clobber ya' pretty hard, kid...?!"

"Nah, I didn't stay to find out," he chuckled.

They both had a good laugh, but Tim wanted to walk him home along with Curly.

The boys talked about everything while the other walked silently, looking for any trouble.

To say Darry was mad was an understatement cause he walked home alone.

"Where's your head...!?" "They just jumped me," he grumbled.

"Listen, they'll send you to a Foster home so fast your head will SPIN...!"

She had ringlets. They fell below her shoulders and went in. She had a big fat bang over one Icy Blue eye and never buttoned up her shirt. Evie smoked away as she glared at a small group of Soc girls giggling by Soda's truck. He was flirting BIG TIME and she can't wait to tell Sandy.

These Soc girls believed they were the baddest. And hottest girls in Tulsa.

"Hey Soda- Pop," said Mariah. She led the girls and sat on his hood. "Tell us about how you scared off David..."

"Mariah, go home...," she yelled fed up.

She threw away her cigarette and walked over.

"Evelyn," she mocked. "Butt OUT!"

They both faced each other angry. "You threw pop all over me, remember...?" "You went off with the Greasers!" "Because, money wasn't coming in...! And I didn't want to be a Soc...!"

"And that's what ended our friendship! You! Always judging ME...!"

"Because you don't get it! I don't belong in your FAN- CLUB!"